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Taldryan is one of seven Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Herein are links to various facets of the Clan.


The members of Clan Taldryan are a diverse group. The character articles for those members can be found here.


Each Clan in the Brotherhood controls diverse territories, such as planets, star systems, or cities. Articles detailing the territories controlled by Clan Taldryan can be found here.


The history of Clan Taldryan is rich and diverse. Articles outlining the various conflicts and other major events specifically involving the Clan can be found here.


Each Clan in the Brotherhood controls their own military forces, and Clan Taldryan is no exception. Articles detailing those units can be found here.


The various Brotherhood Clans own and operate many different starships. Articles regarding the starships under the control of Clan Taldryan can be found here.


Outside of their members, each Clan often has a number of supporting NPCs that are part of their lore. The non-player characters of Clan Taldryan can be found here.

Taldryan Republic
About The Clan
History of Taldryan Taldryan Prospectus Sons & Daughters of Taldryan Taldryan's Vault
Republic Leadership
Clan Supreme Chancellor: Cassandra Oriana TyrisVice-Chancellor: Zenod'ande'rson
Magistrates of the Supreme Chancellor First Magistrate: Alaisy Tir’eivraSecond Magistrate: Meleu Karthdo
Military Forces
Main Taldryan MilitaryTaldryan Defense Force
Naval Forces Taldryan Republic Naval Fleet
Armed Forces Taldryan Republic Armed Forces
A brotherhood within a Brotherhood.


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