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42 BBY (age 78)

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1.68 m


70 kg





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Naga Sadow

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"Everybody has something to hide, I'm the one they hire to find out what that is."

Darkblade is an Anzati Dark Jedi whom resided mostly in Clan Naga Sadow. Darkblade’s troubled past brought him to the doorsteps of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and found solice in Clan Arcona. He was an apprentice to Meleu Karthdo, and was knighted in late 32 ABY. Upon reaching Knighthood, Darkblade was given the position of Docent within the Shadow Academy and left Arcona to join Naga Sadow. In 34 ABY he became Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. After his resignation in 35 ABY Darkblade roamed the Dark Brotherhood, where he joined Clan Taldryan briefly, before returning to Clan Naga Sadow and settling into House Marka Ragnos in 36 ABY.

Character History

Early Life

Akku Seii the Master Assassin who trained Darkblade on Anzat. c. 27 BBY

Darkblade has taken special care to erase most of his early history before arriving at the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Being a highly trained assassin, having as little information floating about the Galaxy as possible was most preferred. The only things known about Darkblade is that he was born on the home planet of the Anzati in the year 42 BBY and it is written in the planet of Anzat's history that Darkblade had been taught at an early age by the renowned assassin trainer; Akku Seii. He proved himself a considerably gifted and talented assassin. On one of his missions it was revealed he had Force affinity, choking his victim in a fit of rage without laying a single finger on his opponent. Other Anzati began to realize that Darkblade was "special", and once word broke out that Darkblade was gifted in the ways of the Force, he involuntarily fled the planet, as he had become a target by many for 'soup'. Getting off the planet had proven tricky, and had it not been for his assassins training, patience, some luck and his ability to analyze situations, he never would have made it off the planet alive.

The Calling of the Dark Side

Darkblade roamed the Galaxy for years after his escape from Anzat in 2 ABY. At the mere age of 44 he was considered a young adult and still had much growth potential. Realizing he had a distinct advantage over others in his profession as a Force user, Darkblade decided to become a bounty hunter. Things went well for him and he was able to survive comfortably throughout the years. In 8 ABY he was paired with a female human bounty hunter named Kaja, on a mission to the planet called Ruul. The planet had been strip-mined by a score of human slaves transported by the former Galactic Empire. Upon arrival on the planet, the scars it bared caused much grief with the young Anzat’s companion and he opened up to her, offering comfort and companionship. During their time on Ruul they formed a strong connection and bond, albeit Kaja not knowing he was an Anzat thinking that he too was a human.

The duo were sent to the Tarkin Detention Facility to extract a highly important prisoner. Their reconnaissance work taking most of the time, as the facility was still heavily guarded. Getting inside and back out with the prisoner proved easy work and the pair had escaped the planet before any alarms were raised. During the trip back to the pre-planned gathering point to drop off the prisoner and gather their credits, the prisoner revealed to be an old Galactic Empire serviceman who had been in control of transporting the hundreds of thousands of slaves to Ruul. He had been so efficient that his services were needed for another sort of expedition by the contract givers who had hired the duo to bust him out. This enraged Kaja, yet she held herself firm. The Anzat, however, sensed her anger and this in turn angered him, seeing his partner clearly distressed and unable to do anything about it. Darkblade took matters into his own hands and flew into a fit of rage, feeding off of Kaja's anger, beating the former Imperial prisoner to a gibbering mess before bringing his screaming body to the airlock and ejecting him into space. The female bounty hunter was shocked at first but thought quickly and punched in new coordinates to escape the wrath of their employers. Together they fled into the Galaxy, Darkblade once again becoming a refugee. However, he was not alone this time and the comfort that Kaja brought to the Anzat kept further outrages in check.

During the next twenty years the duo traveled far and wide, eventually forgetting their past transgressions and living a comfortable and loving life on the planet Coruscant. Darkblade worked his way into politics, discreetly having “convinced” certain figures to allow him into the political world through keen use of his mind control abilities and unintentional use of the Force. It was in the year of 29 ABY that the past finally caught up with the Anzat, ensuring his life would never be the same.

Coming home from work one day, he sensed something wrong right after closing the front door to his house. As he walked into the living room, he saw something he would never forget. Their old contractor stood holding a gun to Kaja's head in the middle of the living room. That scene triggered something in his body and the Anzat fell into a trance-like state as he walked towards his old boss. He Force pulled the gun from his former boss' hand, as it raced towards him through the air Darkblade let out a rage induced howl, once the gun was in his hands he fired the clip empty into his former contractors body. Ensuring not to strike any vital organs to keep his victim alive, the assassin bent down and revealed to everyone what he really was. His boss died with the most horrified look on his face, much to Darkblade’s delight. Kaja gave a bloodcurdling scream and had the empty gun pointed at Darkblade. Rising slowly, knowing the gun was empty but still hurt at the notion she would point a gun at him, Darkblade tried to reason with her. Suffice to say things did not go well and she left him, making it clear that she did not want anything to do with him ever again.

The Anzat was alone once again, deeply scarred and emotionally unstable. He had fed for the first time on someones 'soup', the urge became irresistible in his current state. In the weeks that followed, Coruscant was trifled with multiple murders including high placed politicians. It did not take long for them to track down the murderer. Darkblade barely escaped with his life as he miraculously stole a ship and roamed throughout the Galaxy once again. The young Anzat vowed to find his place in the Galaxy and retrieve what he had lost. A faint tugging feeling was ever present in the assassin that eventually brought him to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, finally arriving at their doorstep in 32 ABY.

Clan Arcona

The Anzat assassin was recognized as a Force user instantly and underwent tests to see if he was worthy enough of the Brotherhoods time. Darkblade was assigned to clan Arcona and quickly became a fiercely loyal member.

Darkblade as a young Journeymen in 32 ABY.

Darkblade was assigned a Master who went under the name of Meleu Karthdo. Meleu tutored and trained Darkblade relentlessly in the forms of lightsaber combat and hand-to-hand combat. Not being much of a fighter and rather striking only when necessary, it was a hard period for the assassin to master these skills. In his spare time Darkblade could be regularly found in the Shadow Academy libraries. Here he felt at home, allowing himself to escape his past life in the books of power and knowledge. Lyspair had become his new refuge and the books his path to power. As an acute learner, Darkblade coveted knowledge above physical power. During many of his study sessions he encountered members of the Sith Order who were only there to pick fights and laugh at the Shadow Academy followers. This caused a deep and unfettered hatred for the Sith Order and to this day the Anzat has no tolerance for any followers of the Sith.

Darkblade hated reporting to Meleu whenever they needed to train and one day had a hefty discussion about the Rule of Two during a sparring session. The outcome of the discussion disgruntled the Anzat and he slowly began to drift away from his Master, only answering to Meleu’s com-link requests when absolutely needed, ignoring his Master’s calls otherwise.

Wanting to commit himself more to the clan, the Krath joined the Nighthawk Battle Team. Here he was assigned as junior analyst alongside Chief Analyst Celahir Erinos. The Anzat had spent some time with the Nighthawk crew, but once the Arcona Civil War broke out the Anzat assassin was the only one to support the Quaestors, and had to flee the ship. The Arcona Civil War saw Meleu and Darkblade pitted against each other, and whilst the Anzat fought for what he believed in, Meleu bested the Krath with ease. This did not help their relationship at all, and Darkblade was forced into hiding on Lyspair under the nose of his Master, who was stationed as Magistrate to the Headmaster. Once the Civil War had finished and things had smoothed over the Anzat reappeared. Meleu and Darkblade had put aside their differences and Meleu trained the Anzat to Knighthood within weeks of his return in the final month of 32 ABY.

Darkblade had heard the Nighthawk was in need of a new Chief Analyst aboard the Nighthawk, and reached out to its commanding officer Arcia Cortel. Past transgressions had been forgiven and he was welcomed aboard the Nighthawk once again, this time as their new Chief Analyst. He felt comfortable with his position and had more time to brood on his past and how far he had come. The feeling strong that one day soon he would be powerful enough to search for his long lost mate, and convince her that she had been wrong all those years ago.

However, it quickly became clear that the Anzat felt limited, wanting to climb higher up the ladder in order to be able to access more information towards his goal of finding his former partner. Having exhausted all the resources he had in Arcona, the assassin felt it was time to look elsewhere and achieve his goal through other means. His eyes fell on Clan Naga Sadow, even though they had had a tough war and not gained much prestige during GJW XI, the recent shift in leadership and permanent clanning of the Brotherhood seemed like a respectable choice. With many leadership positions open, the Krath felt this was his chance, and made his move.

Whilst aboard the Nighthawk the Anzat staged an execution of himself in order to join Clan Naga Sadow unnoticed. After he was sucked out of the airlock, the Nighthawk powered up and left him behind. Using the power of the Force, the young Krath was able to envelop himself in a bubble of the Dark Side, which allowed him to survive for a few minutes until his shuttle arrived and brought him back inside to safety. Feeling weak and tired, the Anzat fell into a slumber and remained asleep for the entire duration of the trip until he had arrived at the doorsteps of Naga Sadow. He had to pay a hefty sum to the pilot, but was grateful his gamble had paid off. With a fresh view on the future the assassin felt confident he would find what he was looking for within the walls of his new home.

Clan Naga Sadow

Upon being accepted into the Clan, Darkblade made it a priority to cement a seat of power in order to be able to use the resources and access to information to continue his search for his former partner. Accepting a position as Black Guard to the then Consul Locke Sonjie, the Anzat was able to access data that brought him closer to located his former partner. This started his path down the Dark Side, although unknowingly at the time. During his time as a member within the Clan, Darkblade proved himself during a gladiatorial contest known as the Proving Grounds, in which he placed first and was proclaimed the winner. To this day he is the undisputed Champion of the Clan and patiently awaits the next Champion to try to claim this title. After this event, the Anzat was approached to take on the Battleteam Sergeant position of Shadow's Bane. The decision to take on the role was quickly rewarded with the position of Battleteam Leader shortly thereafter.


During the event known as Awakenings which primarily found place on Dentavii Prime in the Orian System, Darkblade had chosen to side with Locke Sonjie and prevent Marcus Kiriyu and Darth Vexatus from claiming power that would threaten the entire Clan. The objective was to secure shards of great power that amplified the holder's Force abilities greatly. Eventually having the shards secured and brought back to safety, the event held a significant change in Darkblade's role towards the path of the Dark Side.

The asteroid belt where Darkblade once again succumbed to his feeding instincts, Dentavii Prime.

It was here that he had first attempted to feed on a fellow Sadowan, Scarlet had been on Locke's side as was Darkblade, but she had failed to bring the shard she had been entrusted with to safety. Instead, Bentre Stahoes had taken the shard from her and used its power for his own. With Bentre fighting the Anzat in his empowered state, Darkblade was injured during the brief duel. Bentre Stahoes had fled from the team sent out to hunt him down, leaving an injured Darkblade behind that could no longer keep his primal instincts in check whom proceeded to try to feed on Scarlet. Whilst Sanguinius had arrived in time to stop him from feeding on Scarlet, the arrival of Tasha'Vel Versea changed the game.

Tasha had sided with Marcus Kiriyu and betrayed her Clan. Although she was Sang's Apprentice, Sang had no choice but to leave her behind to duel the Anzat who had lost his self control. As Sang raced off to intercept Bentre Stahoes, the duel between the Twi'lek and the Anzat began. Tasha was distracted as she tried to focus on saving Scarlet and herself, which proved too difficult as the Anzat quickly gained the upper hand and subdued the Twi'lek. Finally succumbing to his instincts he fed on the Sadowan. However, her grandfather's spirit still resided within the Twi'lek, who sacrificed his own life force to satisfy the Anzat's hunger. Darkblade had left Tasha and Scarlet behind to chase after Sang in order to provide help in reclaiming the shard from Bentre. Whilst this endeavor had failed, the entirety of the event came to a conclusion on Dentavii Prime with each side taking few casualties and Muz Ashen putting a stop to Darth Vexatus and Marcus Kiriyu.

In the end, Awakenings had indeed awakened the monster within Darkblade. His path towards the Dark Side seemed ever closer and only a matter of time. It was after these events that Darkblade questioned his alignment and motives. His second feeding incident had left him empowered and uncaring, despite the mutual respect he shared with fellow Sadowans. Unknowingly to him, the consequences of these actions would come back to haunt Darkblade in the future. Marcus Kiriyu does not know that the Anzat had fed on his apprentice, and to this day it has remained a secret only shared between the members who were present.

Clan Plagueis

After the Awakenings event, Darkblade extended his contacts throughout the Galaxy, coming to the conclusion that Clan Plagueis might hold answers for his search. Packing up his stuff, the Assassin departed for Plagueis in late 33 ABY, leaving the Battleteam in the capable hands of his Apprentice, Aexod Burgoo.

Leaving Naga Sadow behind, Darkblade took the position of Aedile of House Karness Muur under the command of Eiko as the Quaestor. This tenure was short however, as the then Grey Jedi did not feel welcomed in the Clan. Always having to watch his back, the cruelty of the Dark Jedi serving in Clan Plagueis to anyone they saw beneath them did not appeal to him. Quickly realizing his error, Darkblade made plans to escape the hostile environment and move back to his familiar home of Naga Sadow.

During a recon mission that had the whole Clan's attention in Anchorage space, Darkblade was able to slip away without causing a scene. He did not doubt that the Plagueins noticed his departure, but it seemed they neither cared nor felt it worthwhile to pursue the Anzat. This suited him well and he was able to reach Sadowan territory where he was quickly picked up and brought before the Clan and its Summit. There, he begged for his life and in exchange for information the Anzat was allowed to live.

Home Again And The Path To Darkness

Darkblade in his Quaestor chambers of House Shar Dakhan in early 34 ABY.

Darkblade was unsure about what would happen to him, as he thought he might be seen as a traitor after leaving the Clan without much notice before. He was surprised when the Summit offered him a pardon, and proposed he take the role of Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan in early 34 ABY. Finally having the opportunity he had yearned for upon entering the Brotherhood, the Anzat quickly accepted the proposal and was shuttled off to Aeotheran. The HQ of the Quaestor's office at that time was the The Lion's Tooth in Seng Karash. Darkblade despised this place as it was known to warp the minds of the residing Quaestor's.

Setting up office immediately, Darkblade ensured that his Aedile Bentre Stahoes made sure things ran smoothly within the Clan, whilst he could continue his research. However, having come to a dead end and low on personal funds, the assassin had to find other ways to procure reliable knowledge. He realized that gaining information firsthand was much more reliable and fell into the habit of strong arming people who had intelligence. On a certain occasion he had ordered the kidnapping of a refugee who had claimed to know the whereabouts of his partner. The refugee refused to share what he knew unless he was paid handsomely.

Darkblade contemplated on using Clan funds for this, but let the idea go as he could not justify the funding towards the Summit. Instead he ordered the refugee taken into custody and brought to The Lion's Tooth. Here he offered the refugee a chance to tell what he knew freely, with the promise of rewards in the future once Darkblade was financially stable. His offer was declined, which pushed Darkblade over the edge. He was so close to finally having the last bit of information that would unite him with his lost partner, and one person stood in his way. The decision was simple and came frighteningly fast for the Anzat. He ordered the refugee to be tied down and what proceeded next is something best left undescribed.

Suffice to say, the lust for power and the means he would go through to achieve what he desperately wanted, drove the Grey Jedi down the path to the Dark Side. No longer where there moral restraints holding him back, for the power he felt over others when he stood next to them, probing their mind and tearing them apart piece by piece psychologically only fueled his need for greater power. Finally having the last piece to a puzzle which had taken him years to piece together, the Anzat started to set plans in motion which would reunite him with "her" at long last. During this time Darkblade offered his services to the Clan as a torturer and information broker, trying to ensure that all information went through him first. The Assassin sometimes withholds information from the Summit for as of yet unknown reasons.

Operation: Firestorm

During the retaliation into Dominion territory after Sadow territory had been invaded, Darkblade was sent to the Hammer of Cha'kota which was in orbit around the planet Agua'tah. Locke Sonjie, Bentre Stahoes, Aexod Burgoo and Aul Celsus, the latter two Darkblade's Apprentices, made up the strike team. Their goal was to retrieve The Dominion's fleet leader and return with the captured leader in order to learn more about the Dominion. Briefly after landing in the hanger bay area to start their mission, they were ambushed by Dominion forces, and made contact with an elite Trandoshan unit. Were it not for Aul Celsus quick thinking and use of their environment, the mission would probably have ended right then and there with the squad being torn to shreds. In the end they were able to best the unit, and continue on their mission. However, during the assault the Hammer of Cha'kota was shot down and crash landing in the shallow waters of the planet Agua'tah, breaking up the team in the process.

With the team split up, Bentre and Locke were searching for a way to shut down the still active weapons system of the Hammer, whilst Darkblade, Aexod and Aul continued their way to the bridge. There, the Anzat confronted the Iktotchi fleet leader, known as To'ka, but was not able to capture her. She escaped through the shattered view port and plummeted to the surface below out of sight. Darkblade presumes her dead and has reported her as dead to the Clan. The Anzat turned his focus on capturing her brother, Arr'ka who is also a high ranking persona in The Dominion. Meanwhile they had received reinforcements with Methyas L'eonheart at their lead. With the Iktotchi's brother secured and captured, Darkblade threatened the surrounding members to keep quiet about the brothers capture, as he wants to interrogate him himself and use that information to his advantage. Time will tell if the secret remains so, or if the Summit will catch wind of his treachery.

Operation: Homeland

After the invasion by the Dominion territory, it became apparent that Aeotheran was ill suited for defending against attacks. Bentre Stahoes, the then Aedile of Shar Dakhan, had convinced Darkblade to setup a mock simulation, in order to provide much needed experience for the soldiers and new Journeymen. The event started off well, but quickly devolved into chaos and fighting in the streets as members of the Warhost acted against orders, attacking the Lion's Tooth. Several Dominion Clawdites had infiltrated the ranks and were causing mass confusion as battles erupted all over the streets of Seng Karash in mid 34 ABY.

Unbeknownst to all, Darkblade had been subdued and knocked unconscious a few days before the mock simulation. The Anzat was tied up and thrown into an office that was rarely used, where he was kept sedated. One of his captors shape-shifted to mimic the Quaestor and proceeded to carry on the charade of acting leader of House Shar Dakhan. It wasn't until the event had finished with the attempted assassination on Darkblade by his Aedile, Bentre Stahoes, that the truth came to light. With the errant Aedile believing Darkblade to be himself, the Sith Warrior plunged his lightsaber through the back of, what he presumed to be, the Anzat. Luckily for Darkblade, the Clawdite had taken the blow and revealed its true self as it crumpled to the floor. It then became apparent that the Anzat had been impersonated and a team led by Lilith quickly found the unconscious Quaestor and revived him. Meanwhile, Bentre Stahoes had fallen into a coma due to all the stress and was taken captive and placed under heavy surveillance in the medical lab to await his punishment as soon as Darkblade was awake and stable.

After much deliberation and persuasion from not only Lilith, but also Firith'rar, Darkblade allowed Tasha'Vel Versea to take Bentre to the Versea Estate's on Ryloth. The only condition Darkblade asked for was to be regularly updated on Bentre's status and well being. For if he were to become a threat once again to the Quaestor, himself or the House, the Anzat would see to it that the traitor Aedile paid for it with his life. As a reward for Lilith's quick finding of the Quaestor, the Anzat sent her to the Temple of Blood on Sepros to start her Black Guard training in order to become his personal bodyguard for the months to follow. During this time the Quaestor ran the House without the service of an Aedile. Only after much pressure from the Summit did he finally agree to take on Zachary O'Maille as the replacement of Bentre Stahoes.

Shattered Ties

Darkblade on Mygeeto fighting Palatinean soldiers to secure an ancient Sith artifact's cache.

With the betrayal of Clan Scholae Palatinae over a shipload of artifacts, CSP had shown they were no longer interested in keeping their friendly ties with Clan Naga Sadow. After a failed attempt from CSP to kill the CNS Consul and ProConsul, Darkblade felt it was time to act. No longer would he sit back and fight for his own agenda. This was a time to unite and show that they were not a force to be trifled with or taken lightly. Summoning a strike force, Darkblade, Marcus Kiriyu, Qyreia Arronen and Armad went to the surface of Mygeeto to extract Aul Celsus and secure a cache of the artifacts that Aul had been tracking just before the betrayal. Darkblade's apprentice was luckily unscathed when they reached him, but they were quickly thrust into battle as forces of both the Sadowan Warhost Fleet and Scholae Palatinae had converged on the artifact's location just over a hill where they were located.

Darkblade had quickly devised a plan that would hopefully turn the tide of battle in their favor and secure the cache for CNS. The Anzat had taken a safe position overlooking the battle field and where he would be able to bolster the Warhost Fleet's forces through the use of Battle Meditation. As his fellow Sadowans entered battle, the reckless behavior of Marcus Kiriyu almost cost him his life. The eager Savant had thrust himself at the enemy Captain's squad hoping to kill him and strike a moral blow to the CSP forces. Whilst being able to kill off three of the soldiers, they recuperated and turned the ferocity of the attack back upon Marcus. Darkblade was forced to concentrate his Battle Meditation on Marcus, causing the rest of the troops to lose their advantage through his skill. Marcus survived the encounter albeit barely and their forces were quickly surrounded. The Sadowan troops were forced to take cover around a transport ship and make their last stand.

As fresh reinforcements arrived for the Palatinaen forces, they were also accompanied by two Dark Jedi. Although they were outnumbered, the surviving forces of the Warhost mounted a bold counter attack. As the group moved forward, bolstered once again by the Battle Meditation of Darkblade, it seemed like they would be able to push their way out and possibly defeat the enemy forces. However, as luck would have it, the ensuing firefight caused a lot of chaos and destruction, with blaster bolts flying every which way as they tried to find their marks. A stray bolt had managed to graze Darkblade, causing him to collapse and lose consciousness, once again ending the Force fueled passion that kept the fighting spirits high.

Knowing they had lost the battle, Aul Celsus urged the group to load up in the transport ship and leave the world, lest they wanted to be cannon fodder. The group quickly agreed, carrying the Quaestor and retreated into the ship, Qyreia in the pilots seat whilst Armad provided assistance as co-pilot. As they made it off world, the bitter sting of defeat hung like a cloud over everyone's head as the rest of the Clan began to report their failures through the CNS newsfeed.

Leadership for Kel Rasha

After Shattered Ties and the stinging defeat at the hands of Scholae Palatinae, Darkblade focused on Aeotheran and the rebuilding of it's second largest city, Kel Rasha. He deemed it necessary to treat it just like Seng Karash, and initiated a campaign to have the population of Kel Rasha elect a mayor. Sending two teams supporting different Mayoral candidates, they were tasked with rooting out the remaining crime syndicates attempting to thwart the elections. Aul Celsus managed to sit down with the local leader and beat him in a game of pazaak, which led to the disbanding of the gang, and they were sent "offworld". Unbeknownst to all except Darkblade, they were actually sent into a dying star riding them forever. With Seng Karash and Kel Rasha now crime free, the cities would be able to prosper, allowing a third city to be raised under the name of Myrmidon. The winning mayor was The Traveler, who turned out to be the father of Maya Nikeisha, whom was the other running mayoral candidate.

Roaming the Brotherhood

After the Iron Legion attacked and destroyed the majority of the CNS fleet in early 35 ABY, Darkblade felt it was time for a change of scenery. Believing CNS to be weak, and feeling responsible for the death of Marcus Kiriyu, Darkblade left Aeotheran and retired as Quaestor, relinquishing his duties to his then Aedile and apprentice, Evelynn Wyrm. Darkblade set his sights on Clan Taldryan and joined their ranks. However, feeling unwelcome and not trusted enough to be given opportunities to help, he left Taldryan within weeks of joining and roamed within the confines of Brotherhood space. It was during this time that the Anzat perfected his torture techniques. Picking up odd jobs for small gangs and using the opportunities presented to better his technique and ability to siphon information from broken minds.

After a few months of petty and odd jobs, Darkblade returned to CNS.

Final Move

As Darkblade returned to Clan Naga Sadow, he did so with a vengeance. Cold and calculating, he began to manipulate the strings to remove the weak links in the Clan. Darkblade believed that this would be the only way to rebuild the Clan and to keep it from failing again.


Darkblade has slowly begun to understand that making friends within the Brotherhood is beneficial to moving up the ranks. Upon reaching Knighthood in 32 ABY the young Anzat looked towards his future and realized he would need close ties with certain influential people in order to make it to the top.

Meleu Karthdo

Meleu Karthdo is a powerful Sith Warrior who was Darkblade's first and only Master in 32 ABY. Meleu was tasked with training the young Krath and although the Anzat was eager at first to learn from the Warrior, a dispute during a training duel about the Rule of Two troubled the assassin and caused him to distrust his Master. Their relationship went further downhill, as the Anzat avoided his Master as much as possible, preferring the libraries of the Shadow Academy on Lyspair over the mentoring of Meleu. During the Civil War their relationship hit rock bottom. Darkblade supported the Quaestors, whilst Meleu supported the Arconans. They crossed paths and a battle ensued, which Meleu won with ease. However, their relationship rekindled upon forgiving each other, with Meleu finishing his training of the Krath. In late 32 ABY Darkblade was Knighted, and the two have been seen together on many occasions talking and discussing important topics.

Meleu was Darkblade's source of knowledge and respected him immensely despite their past differences. As of 34 ABY their relationship had all but disappeared, and Darkblade no longer feels the Master/Apprentice bond as he did before. As such, the Anzat has revoked the symbiotic bond they once shared, becoming Masterless.

Marcus Kiriyu

A member who had been around before the time Darkblade joined the Brotherhood, Marcus Kiriyu and the Anzat have been seen together on many occasions as friends upon Darkblade joining Clan Naga Sadow. They tend to spar together and talk about whatever has sparked their interest, and is seen as a close ally by Darkblade. Marcus has always been respectful towards Darkblade, and with this being rare in the Brotherhood, the assassin has grown fond of him. As far as trust can go within the Brotherhood, the Rollmaster of Naga Sadow currently has the most.

After Marcus' death in early 35 ABY, Darkblade couldn't help but feel responsible and departed CNS with heavy heart, removing himself from Quaestor and joining Clan Talydran to escape the torment of his friends death.

Evelynn Wyrm

Evelynn Wyrm was the first of Darkblade's Apprentices whom reached Knighthood under his tutelage in early 33 ABY. Their bond was strained during the start of Evelynn's training which resulted in a duel on Shili. Evelynn, only a Neophyte at that time, had tried to kill Darkblade but was unsuccessful in her attempt. Later in 33 ABY after Evelynn had been Knighted and on a mission to Hoth with Darkblade, she saved her Master's life after a powerful spirit had taken over Darkblade's body. Besting her Master in a duel and briefly bringing him back to his senses, Evelynn convinced the Anzat to blow up the artifact they had been searching for, which was the cause of the evil spirit that had taken over his body. The backlash knocked Darkblade unconscious, and his Apprentice carried him back through the treacherous caves to safety.

Their bond is still strong, although they do not get as much time to see each other as the Anzat would like to. Being his first Apprentice, Darkblade has a stronger sense of responsibility over Evelynn and continues to have high expectations of her.

In 34 ABY Evelynn Wyrm moved to Clan Arcona though this did not negatively impact their relationship. After only a few months his wayward apprentice returned to Clan Naga Sadow. After becoming Darkblade's Aedile in late 34 ABY, Darkblade prepared Evelynn to take on the burdon of Quaestor, which was passed on to her in early 35 ABY after Darkblade left for Clan Taldryan. Pleased with the CNS Summit following the Anzat's plans blindly, Darkblade ensured he had deeply rooted connections throughout CNS even after his departure.

Aul Celsus

Aul Celsus is the second Apprentice under the tutelage of Darkblade. Aul has proven himself as a very powerful individual. Although young and having just finished his Journeyman trials, he shows great potential and is an eager learner. Aul reached Knighthood in early 34 ABY and assumed the mantle of Battle Team Leader of Shadow's Bane. This is the second Apprentice the Anzat has had which has followed in his footsteps.

Although Aul is a scientist, his shying away from the Dark Side has put some strain on the bond that Darkblade usually has with his apprentices. Not wishing to turn him, the Anzat has let the issue go for now and awaits the day the human will become a more valuable tool.

During Operation: Firestorm, Aul had proven himself valuable, saving the lives of his Master and Consul with quick thinking. After the events the scientist was Knighted and became a full fledged member of Naga Sadow.

Aul Celsus then continued to prove himself useful throughout his tenure in Clan Naga Sadow through various triumphs and accomplishments. Aul served briefly as the Anzat's Aedile before having to resign and making way for Darkblade's first apprentice, Aexod Burgoo. Darkblade likes to keep Aul nearby in order to manipulate him for his own gain.

After a fallout in early 36 ABY, Aul Celsus revoked Darkblade as his Master and disappeared. His whereabouts are unknown and to this day Darkblade feels remorse at losing his Apprentice.


Darkblade's combat attire.

Darkblade is relatively normal for his species. Being of average height, his build is somewhat less imposing than that of his brethren. He isn't as well muscled or strong compared to other Anzati, and has had to get through life with his sharp wits and handsome looks. With radiant brown eyes and a smile that some say is blinding, females of most species tend to like to talk and mingle with the young Anzat. Having strong muscled legs due to his years of training in running and athletics, Darkblades's body seems somewhat out of proportion compared to his upper body which isn't very toned at all. The Anzat is a little self conscious about this and makes sure he wears robes at all times to hide this from his friends and enemies. Only a few have seen Darkblade in the buff, and during these moments the young Anzat has shown no signs of being uncomfortable with his body.

He tends to keep his proboscis hidden, as he prefers to be able to talk to others without them staring or becoming distracted by his tentacles. Eye contact is important to the Anzat, and is the last person to break eye contact in any situation. The only time he allows his proboscis to be seen is when he is adding a menacing appearance to anyone he is threatening or intimidating, or when he is getting ready to feed on a hapless meal.

Darkblade's combat robes allow him to move freely during combat and provides him with moderate protection from sharp pointy objects in the vital areas. Before a duel or any sort of combat, he usually discards his cloak for better mobility. Whilst on stealth missions he favors these robes as it gives him the ability to hide his face with the cloak or blend into a crowd relatively easy.

Weapons and Armaments

Darkblade's Sith Sword
Darkblade's custom saber.

Darkblade constructed his first lightsaber upon reaching Knighthood in late 32 ABY. The Anzat was pleased with his first attempt and had given it a name, although which name it had been given is unknown as he has not yet spoken it aloud or in the presence of others. Some people whisper that it is in memory of his lost partner, Kaja. Others speculate it has been named in retrospect to his deep hatred of the Jedi.

The blade is a hue of purple, signifying his allegiance to the former Krath Order. The hilt is made of durasteel polished to give it a more shiny effect. The grip was carved out and replaced with phrik, mimicking the same materials of his former Masters lightsaber. The grip was then dyed purple, which comforts the young Krath as it signifies to him how close he was to his Order, always at hand and guiding him in battle.

In 34 ABY Darkblade created a new lightsaber to embody his current status as Quaestor and The Serpent of Clan Naga Sadow. The silvery hilt uses the same materials as his previous saber, finding the quality more than acceptable and familiar to work with. The bottom half is dyed a light brown with the ignition switch located on the bottom. The most prominent feature is that of a snake entwined around the hilt ending at the top of the lightsaber with its maw open where the blade extends from. Some may find the lightsaber uncomfortable to wield due to the snake, yet Darkblade has been able to place the snake in such a way that it does not hinder his grasp at all, allowing him to get an even better grip due to the coarseness of it.

Occasionally the Anzat equips his lanvarok, although this is uncommon, as the clunky weapon does not feel as comfortable as he would like. Attempted modifications to make the weapon more useful have failed, causing Darkblade to eschew the weapon in most scenarios. The times he does use it though have offered him very little in the sense of offensive behavior. Darkblade has very bad aim and usually misses his target unless it is standing right in front of him, less than a meter away. On the times he is lucky to hit is target from afar, it is nothing more than a glancing blow, tearing clothes or robes but never making full contact with the body.

Darkblade also acquired a Sith Sword through intensive studies and map searching in the Shadow Acadamy. After years of looking for clues and hints he was finally able to locate the precise location of this rare and powerful artifact and set out to claim it as his own in 34 ABY. Darkblade is one of few owners of a Sith Sword in the Dark Brotherhood below the status of an Elder. The blade is not often wielded by the Anzat, as he finds the sword distasteful. Currently it is stashed away during most occasions, only being taken out during informal gatherings as a show of his accomplishments, but it has little more value then that to him.

Warbanner and Sigil

Darkblade's personal warbanner.

Darkblade's warbanner is made from satin cloth with a purple background to signify his former association with the Krath Order before they were purged. He still cherishes his time in the Order and believes they should not be forgotten. On the left side of the banner the word "Professor" is written in Sith text on a sash, and on the right side "Shadow Academy". This signifies his allegiance and dedication to the Shadow Academy, where he spent most of his time as a young Journeymen. The top of the banner is adorned with tassets from each society that Darkblade has made great accomplishments in. The center medallion holds the logo of the Brotherhood.

The sigil is that of a snake in a skull. This represents Darkblade's abilities to pry through the minds of his enemies, eventually learning whatever secrets they hold. Starting through the jaws and then going through each eye socket to end up looking at you symbolizes his strength of will to first make a subject speak what he needs to know. Once Darkblade has what he seeks, he then proceeds to break down the mind of the subject even further, eventually turning them either into an empty husk or one of his new information brokers. Eventually they become his eyes and speak his words to further his own ambitions and goals. The scars on the skull represent the amount of pain someone will go through should they fall into his hands for the wrong reasons. If they survive they will not forget their ordeal in their current lifetime.

People who have been fortunate enough not to be strapped down to one of his tables mock the symbol and find it silly. Some have come to understand what it truly stands for and fear the sight of the image. Whatever people may think, Darkblade is extremely proud of his sigil and what it represents wearing it boldly for everyone to see.

Positions Held

The positions below show Darkblade's achievements within the Brotherhood. As is usual for younger members, Darkblade has started at the bottom of the rung and worked his way towards numerous postions within the Brotherhood. The determined Anzat has vowed to create as best a place as possible for himself and those close to him. He is constantly striving to achieve more and is ever so slowly making the right connections within the Brotherhood in order to one day hopefully secure a seat of power as head of a Clan. Whilst this would preferably be within his home clan of Naga Sadow, the Dark Jedi has no problem with being put anywhere else if it means he is helping to strengthen the Brotherhood in the end.

Positions Held
Before Position After
  Chronicler of Holocrons
36 ABY
Atra Ventus Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan
34 ABY
Aexod Burgoo
dbb0t Professor of Novitiate Hall
34 ABY
??? Aedile of House Karness Muur
33 ABY
Kalon Tsucyra Entar
Sebz Battleteam Leader of Shadow's Bane
33 ABY
Aexod Burgoo
Sebz Battleteam Sergeant of Shadow's Bane
33 ABY
Solus Gar Docent of HTML Primer
32 ABY
Celahir Erinos Chief Analyst of Nighthawk
32 ABY