Tempest Bravo

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Brotherhood ships under construction at Xa Fel.
In 12 ABY the Dark Brotherhood initiated operation Tempest Bravo. Intelligence operatives acting under the direct orders of Grand Master Firefox infiltrated Imperial logistical and financial centers. These agents, often Imperial Admirals, remained "black" for two years until they were activated hours before the Exodus. Acting under preset orders the infiltrators altered logistical supply routes and redirected financial payments to Dark Brotherhood assets. Within hours the operatives of Tempest Bravo laundered billions of Imperial credits to the Dark Brotherhood and secured its financial independence.

Following the initial successes of Tempest Bravo the program was shut down. The original agents were exfiltrated out of Imperial Space and brought to Antei for extensive debriefing. During the debriefings it was determined that follow-on operations could be conducted using Imperial defectors. Under the command of Dark Brotherhood Intelligence, Tempest Bravo became active once again with Grand Master Jac Cotelin personally serving as the case manager for all future defectors. Within months Grand Master Cotelin secured the defection of countless Imperial Admirals. In each instance these defecting Admirals would redirect assets under their command to the Dark Brotherhood coffers. The capstone of Tempest Bravo came with the defection of then Sector Admiral Sarin who possessed nearly unlimited access to Imperial Remnant assets. The windfall of this final Tempest Bravo operation was the procurement of operational funds for four full fleet battle groups.

In 20 ABY, Grand Master Cotelin positioned the Tempest Bravo funds into a Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) shell organization. The CSA façade provided the means for Lord Cotelin to approach the Kuat Drive Yards (KDY) and begin negotiations for the creation of a new Dark Brotherhood naval fleet. Within a month KDY and the falsified CSA organization had reached an arrangement for ten capital warships to be constructed at the remote Xa Fel facilities.


In 22 ABY, Grand Master Sarin secured the technological services of the Verpine. Transferring the recently completed Dark Brotherhood fleet to Roche, Grand Master Sarin ordered a complete technical upgrade to the new fleet. Two of these upgrades have been declassified for Dark Brotherhood members. These items were classified: SECRET/NOFORN.

STRADEF: The Verpine Generation Two Strategic Defense (STRADEF) Computer Weapon System enables unparalleled defensive capabilities. This system projects a defensive radar globe around all STRADEF-equipped craft. When a foreign object enters the STRADEF defensive globe fleet information systems automatically target and fire the highest probable solution to destroy the foreign object.

Verpine EM1: The Verpine Electromagnetic (EM) Shield Package is an EM-resistant defensive capability designed to withstand ion cannon blasts and electromagnetic attacks. EM1 utilizes dissipation properties spread across a ship’s exterior to defend against otherwise crippling attacks.


In late 22 ABY after years of planning and preparation, the Dark Brotherhood received the first ships that would make up the new fleet. The following ships have been cataloged by Dark Brotherhood logistics and were made known to the general membership. The following is unclassified.