Clan Ar'Kell

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Rise of the Brotherhood era
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Clan Ar'Kell
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A number of Dark Jedi, including Maxamillian von Oberst

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Clan Ar'Kell was a group of brash, antagonistic, but very well organized Dark Jedi who served the Dark Brotherhood during the early Rise of the Brotherhood era. In the year following Grand Master Crona's retreat from Brotherhood space, the Clan was manipulated by Crona's emissary, Chancellor Morgoth, into striking against the Brotherhood in a string of assassinations and kidnappings that sparked the First Great Jedi War. The conflict ended when the Clan defected from the Brotherhood and formed the New Imperium with Society of Shadows, a cult-like splinter organization under Crona's leadership.

Their actions would prompt Justinian Khyron to form the Grand Master's Royal Guard.

Clan Organization

At the time of its demise, Ar'Kell is believed to have possessed the following structure:

CON: Xar "Sauron" Runis