Taldryan Order of Battle

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The large number of assets Taldryan possesses make up the Taldryan Expansionary Force which provide all the military support the Clan needs. For more information on how the House's Armed Forces function, check out Taldryan's Military.

Order of Battle

Battle Group I - Vanguard

Cotelin-class Star Destroyer Justice
Main article: Taldryan Battlegroup I

Cotelin-class Star Destroyer (CSD) Justice

Bothan Assault Cruiser Dark Prophet II

Bothan Assault Cruiser (BAC) Dark Prophet II

Vindicator-class heavy cruiser (VIN) Valor

Lancer Class Frigates Fury and Vengeance

Lancer Class Frigate (L/FRG) Fury

Lancer Class Frigate (L/FRG) Vengeance

VT-49 Decimator (VT-49) Legacy

VT-49 Decimator (VT-49) Sentinel

Battle Group II - Vigilance

Bakura-class Star Destroyer Relentless
Main article: Taldryan Battlegroup II

Bakura-class Destroyer (BSD) Relentless

Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser (MJHC) Compulsor

Vindicator Class Heavy Cruiser (VIN) Honor

Modified Interdictor Orthanc

Modified Immobilizer 418 Interdictor Cruiser (M/INT) Orthanc

Acclamator I-class assault ship (ACC) Paragon

Taldryan Home Fleet: Kr'Tal

Corellian Gunships Flamewind and Stormwind
Main article: Taldryan Home Fleet

Corellian Gunship (GSP) Flamewind

Corellian Gunship (GSP) Stormwind

Cardan III-class space station Archanis' Redoubt

Cardan III-class space station Citadel Alpha

Taldryan Home Fleet: Rybanloth

Main article: Taldryan Home Fleet

Cardan III-class space station Rybanloth I

Taldryan Ground Forces

Cotelin Regiment

Main article: Cotelin Regiment

Katarn Regiment

Main article: Katarn Regiment

Arkarso Regiment

Main article: Arkarso Regiment

Military Assets List

Naval Assets

Star Destroyers / Battleships

Heavy Cruisers


  • None



  • Light Corvette (L/CRV) Starwind

Assault Craft

Transports & Shuttles

Starfighters & Bombers


Bombers & Gunships

Space Stations

Space Stations

Ground Forces




Unique Units

  • 5000x Massassi Warriors (2 Tribes: The Derriphan and the Typhojem Tribe.)







Taldryan Defense Force
Strategic Operations Council
Supreme Commander: Seraine "Erinyes" Ténama
War Marshall: Lee Starr
Fleet Admiral: NPC TBA Air Marshall: NPC TBA Grand General: Tironos Athan
Taldryan Navy
Command: CO: Fleet Admiral
Units: Task Force XeshTask Force Yiry
Task Force Zerek
Taldryan Army
Command: CO: Grand General
Units: 1st Armored Regiment2nd Armored Regiment
3rd Assault Regiment4th Assault Regiment
1st Combat Aerospace Regiment
Taldryan Defense Force Taldryan Navy Taldryan Army