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The Harbingers
General information

Kazmir Natas


Omega Kira, Artorias



Historical information

37 ABY

Other information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"Our message is carried by the wailing of sorrow."
―Harbingers motto

The Harbingers are a multipurpose Battleteam in House Dinaari of Clan Taldryan. It was formed during the Dark Crusades, while Taldryan was still a single House, to fill in some key gaps in the intel that Taldryan knew about the One Sith that weren't known as well as providing covert operations, assassinations, and an elite task force that could be deployed anywhere in the galaxy on a moments notice without anyone being any wiser. When the Taldryan Summit approached Kazmir Natas about being the Quaestor of House Dinaari he agreed, as long as The Harbingers were placed under his control. To this he placed Decimo Inferni in charge of the Battleteam, as the first Harbinger Prime.

Currently The Harbingers has been shut down due to inactivity.


Kazmir Natas, Founder of Harbingers

To expand on history, break it down into various parts:

  • Creation/Planning (someone came up with the idea. What is the backstory there? Kaz going to Rian/Yacks with a proposal to expand on the Clan's need for an elite, covert unit to match the increased reliance on intelligence information during the Dark Crusades.
  • Actually setting up the team and its first members. Since it's a new BT, celebrate the first leader chosen and the first handful of members (think the first X-Men team or something)
  • If they haven't had any action yet, just prep for a historical account of what will happen in Crusades 2.0 (just a heading for now, leave it unfinished).

Despite Taldryan boasting one of the largest and most effective intelligence networks this side of the Galaxy, sometimes Military Intelligence just is sub-par. A fact that during the Crusade versus the One Sith became blatantly obvious. For this reason the Harbingers were assembled and trained to handle sensitive covert operations that would be near impossible or suicidal for standard military operatives.

Another key aspect of the unit is its multi-functionality and heavy training in all aspects of combat. Once again, despite Taldryan's impressive fleet and military, Force-assisted pilots were a missing component in frequent bouts for space supremacy. (This is not history, but more of an explanation behind what the team is.)


The Harbingers are a natural counterpart to the Wardens (, a BT in Dinaari's sister House of Ektrosis -- never assume the reader knows all these things). Where the Wardens frequently see use as a form of guardian unit for Taldryan and its dominion, the Harbingers serve as the cloak and dagger - quelling threats through immoral means. (expand on what type of threats and what type of means.)

Multifaceted and highly trained. (expand on the type of training they do. physical, mental, Force, piloting, etc. How often they do it. Where. Who they train with (other members of the Clan? TalEx?)

The Harbingers may see use as a Force-enhanced flight squadron, an intelligence network, a death squad, or even secret police. (each of these can be expanded on a bit. Say when and why they would be used for each. When does Tal need an elite flight squadron? Why would we pick harbingers to play the role?)

Due to the sensitive nature of their work, the identities of individual members are kept highly secret.


The Harbingers have no set headquarters. A multitude of planetary safe houses and hidden compartments on fleet ships serve as briefing rooms and armories. Much like like smugglers dens, the locations are kept secret and descriptions are classified; however some public details have been released.

Planetary Safe Houses

Entrance to an abandoned Harbingers safe house

Planetary safe houses are nondescript buildings located near or around unlicensed space ports. Though seemingly like a normal building; typically a secret entrance within the building lets members gain access to the small, usually under ground, room. This is only the first security level; beyond which lays a series of complex tunnels that bring members to typical spaces like an armory, a secure vault for credits or other important items, or sleeping quarters. The necessities at these locations are stocked by various individuals; non members to the team. They are unknowing of the means, but are paid highly to keep the location and inventory of these sites a secret and stocked with inventory. These locations are critical to mission success; and therefore; are a major expense to the battle team.

Fleet Safe Rooms

Fleet safe rooms, on the other hand, are not set locations within ships. They are transient; ever changing as to avoid detection from non members. Through a series of classified runes and markings, members are informed as to where these locations are. These locations are typically leaner than that of planetary safe houses, perhaps a bag with a small cash of armaments and credits tucked behind a loose panel; or behind a large object. Larger scale safe rooms exist on capital ships, typically when a former member is the commander of the ship. They bare no markings or identifying marks to the battle team, and may be used by non members without any knowledge that they in-fact, house a much larger secret. Unfortunately there is no knowing where all of these locations are, though larger caches are tracked by the leadership of the battle team.


Early on in the Crusade, the Harbingers were trained by veteran pilots to make up the gap left by the old Hyperion Flight. Their Force-enhanced spatial awareness and reflexes giving the Harbingers an added edge during dogfights.

Their covert training was supplied by hired help working in conjunction with an unnamed Taldryanite. (Again, expand on the training. What it entails.)


Despite their military role, the Harbingers work separate from the Taldryan forces. They are something bigger, something better.

This allows the unit to tap into military resources as they see fit. Given the jurisdiction by the summit, the Harbingers can lay claim to any equipment within their proximity. An example of this is commandeering a squadron of X-wings without the express given consent of the on-board ship officers. This also allows the battle team to become agile and sleek. Making Battle Team headquarters, and hangers useless.

(fact check that with Rian/Yacks?)

Standard Issue Equipment

Battle team members are issued very little "standard" equipment. Battle armor is provided after the initial ceremony of indoctrination into the battle team. Members are allowed to personally select their battle armor, as to give little recognition to the battle team as possible. Non-uniformity is the uniform of a Harbinger.

Personal Equipment

All members of the battle team are required to remove any identifying marks on their personal equipment used within the battle teams assignments. Anonymity is one of the greatest aspects to the battle team, and members are expected to maintain that. There is one exception; the Battle Team Leader; who stands as the public face of the battle team. Though not adorned with Harbingers logos on his battle armor, he is issued a medallion to keep on his person at all times; as a recognition of leadership; which bears the mark of the Harbingers.

Leadership Hall

Though battle team members typically reserve themselves; and only let a select few know they are members of the team, the leaders are pushed to the forefront of publicity. Those who have lead the team take a certain level of pride, knowing that they were the public face of the battle team. Their names are published record and associated with the team. Each carrying a special medallion, identifying them as a current or past leader of the select group known as the Harbingers. Below is a roster of the leadership of the team, including their dates of service.

Leadership Roll
Name Service Dates
Decimo Inferni February 21, 2014 - May 30, 2014
Armags C'Hiesa May 30, 2014 - October 2nd, 2014
Omega Kira October 3rd, 2014 - May 25,2015
Corax Jun 3, 2015 - Aug 4, 2015
Sean Desmond Aug 4, 2015 - Aug 17, 2015


  • The original Battleteam Logo was designed by Shadow Taldrya
  • The Battleteam Motto was made by Ondur Lkaetur
  • The new Battleteam Logo was designed by the Herald Staff member Vyr