Taldryan Navy

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Taldryan Navy
Unit Information

27 ABY - Present


Taldryan Defense Force




"Qui audet, praevalet" - He who dares, wins.


Silver, Red and Blue


The Gargoyle

  • 27 ABY: Founded
  • Sometime Before 35 ABY: Reorganized into Taldryan Navy
  • 35 ABY: Reorganized into New Taldryan Navy
  • Fleet Admiral TBA
Notable commanders:
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The Taldryan Navy is one of two major branches of the Taldryan Defense Force. It is currently tasked with the preservation and security of Clan Taldryan.


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Taldryan Navy
Fleet Command
Fleet Admiral: TBA
Executive Officer: TBA
Air Marshall: TBA
Taldryan Home Fleet
Destroyers: Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Axios [Craft]Victory-class Star Destroyer Bastion [Craft]Victory-class Star Destroyer Relentless [Craft]
Cruisers: Immobilizer 418-class Heavy Cruiser Orthanc [Craft]Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Karufr's DawnVindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Merach's VeinVindicator-class Heavy Cruiser RevenantVindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Valor
Corvettes: DP20 Frigate AudacityDP20 Frigate ReprisalRaider I-class Corvette RenegadeRaider I-class Corvette Stormwind
House Ektrosis
Small Craft Squadrons: Omega Flight (VT-49 Decimator) • Pursuer Flight (VT-49 Decimator) • Skybolt Flight (Delta-class T-3c Shuttle)
Battle-Team Tavros
Corvettes and Freighters Marauder-class Corvette SpearBaleen-class Heavy Freighter Bulwark
Starfighter Squadrons: Helos Squadron (Z-95 Headhunter)
Sphere of Research and Intelligence
Transports: Baleen-class Heavy Freighter Box of Nidavellir
Detached Forces
Corvettes: DP20 Frigate RetributionRaider II-class Corvette Penumbra
Taldryan Defense Force Taldryan Navy Taldryan Army

Owing to the influence of former Imperial personnel, as of 38 ABY the Taldryan Navy was organised along the lines of an Imperial Navy battle squadron.

Squadron Composition

Destroyer Line:

  • Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Axios
    • 6x TIE/D Defender squadrons

Heavy Attack Line:

  • Victory-class Star Destroyer Bastion
    • 2x TIE/D Defender squadrons
  • Victory-class Star Destroyer Relentless
    • 2x TIE/D Defender squadrons
  • Modified Immobilizer 418-class Heavy Cruiser Orthanc
    • 2x TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter squadrons

Attack Line:

  • Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Karufr’s Dawn
    • 1x TIE/D Defender squadron
    • 1x TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter squadron
  • Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Merach’s Vein
    • 1x TIE/D Defender squadron
    • 1x TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter squadron
  • Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Revenant
    • 1x TIE/D Defender squadron
    • 1x TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter squadron
  • Vindicator-class Heavy Cruiser Valor
    • 1x TIE/D Defender squadron
    • 1x TIE/sf Space Superiority Fighter squadron

Patrol, Pursuit, and Skirmish (PPS) Line:

  • DP20 Frigate Audacity
  • DP20 Frigate Reprisal
  • Raider I-class Corvette Renegade
  • Raider I-class Corvette Stormwind

Typical Task Forces

Peacetime Patrols

During normal patrols of the Caelus System, the Taldryan Navy relied on a standard patrol group composition. One of the fleet’s four Vindicator-class heavy cruisers would be assigned as the patrol group’s command ship. Two ships from the Patrol, Pursuit, and Skirmish Line would be deployed with the Vindicator to assist in intercepting smaller ships.

Wartime Task Forces

For wartime deployments, Taldryan maintained two standard task force compositions. The most frequently-deployed task force, used in medium-sized engagements, was centred on one of Taldryan’s three Star Destroyers. The task force’s flagship would then be reinforced with two Vindicator-class heavy cruisers and the entirety of the Patrol, Pursuit, and Skirmish Line, and if necessary, the fighter complement would be topped up with squadrons seconded from other capital ships. This composition offered both a significant amount of ship-based firepower and a minimum of a full wing of TIE/D Defenders and TIE/sf space superiority fighters. (By default, these task forces would be designated “Task Force Arbiter”, a nod to the Taldryan fleet’s name under Consul Rian Taldrya.)

In the rare instances when greater firepower was needed and neither the Iron Navy nor the forces of other Clans were available, the Taldryan Navy deployed their entire order of battle as a single task force, with the Axios acting as flagship.

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