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Clan Scholae Palatinae
General information
  • Commander Wrath of Praetorian Squadron
  • Maverick
  • Assorted members of Praetorian Squadron

Judecca, Cocytus System

Historical information
Formed from:

House Scholae Palatinae


13 ABY


To Clan level 19 ABY and 38 ABY


To House level 33 ABY

Other information
Notable members:

Dark Brotherhood


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Clan Scholae Palatinae, often just referred to as CSP, is one of the seven Clans of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Scholae Palatinae began as Clan Scholae Palatinae, before its fragmentation into a House in 33 ABY, then return to a Clan in 38 ABY under the decree of Grandmaster Pravus.

For a summary of this Clan, see the Scholae Palatinae Prospectus.


This is the chronological account of the history and legend of the group known as Scholae Palatinae.

The Fall of an Empire and the Rise of a House

Scholae Palatinaes beginnings go back to the days of the Emperor at the height of his power. Gathering a group of Dark Jedi that served with Imperial Intelligence at the time, he charged them with the safe keeping of his various storehouses of knowledge. They were to be the ultimate guards, stronger even than the Royal Guards. They were later aptly named the Emperor’s Guards.

However, in time the Emperor was overthrown and his throne fell into oblivion. Betrayed by his own creation, his entire Empire was forced back. System after system fell to the so-called New Republic, and soon all that was left was a mere shadow of what had been the mighty Galactic Empire. During this time, a remnant of the Empire, the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet, reigned supreme in one section of Imperial Space. Amongst those in the service of the Fleet was the vaunted Intelligence Division, whom had reformed from the debacle at Endor and served as the eyes and ears of then Grand Admiral Ronin, commander of the Emperor’s Hammer. In a raid on the Imperial Palace, an Intelligence Branch Leader found information of vital importance. This information detailed the formation of the Emperor’s Guards and its’ mission, but the information did not say what had become of the group of Dark Jedi. Passing along this information to the Dark Brotherhood Council, they took what they found and formed a new group of the Emperor’s Guards, called House Scholae Palatinae. The people that founded this House were again Dark Jedi selected from the ranks of the Intelligence Branch of service.

The Forming of a Clan

Starting out small, Scholae Palatinae was based on the planet of Ashtar in the Setii System. The House grew and so did its power, soon becoming a major player in the politics of the Brotherhood. House Scholae Palatinae eventually reached a point where forming a Clan was a necessity. Gathering enough members for a Clan, Scholae Palatinae formed three Houses under the banner of Clan Scholae Palatinae.

The militant Dorimad Sol was a House named after a famous Dark Jedi of ages past whose skill in both Dark Side lore and with a lightsabre was legendary.

The second House was named Acclivis Draco, or the Dragon Guard. Another idea of the Emperor's that was never implemented due to his untimely death, the Dragon Guard were supposed to be a legion of Force-using stormtroopers, far superior to the Imperial Royal Guard.

The third and final House was called Caliburnus, after a mythical sword that could kill with one blow. Many legends told of this “Caliburnus” and scholars today agree that this is one of the first references to a lightsaber, whose lethality is well known.

Clan Scholae Palatina (CSP) soon grew very powerful, and managed to win itself the Victory-class Star Destroyer Excidium, as well as the Modified Corvette Victory, both of which are now the cornerstones of the Clan Fleet. During this time, the Clan moved their home planet, as Ashtar underwent extreme tectonic upheaval and necessitated a move to another planet. The planet of Hela was chosen amongst all the unoccupied worlds. It was a violent world, where its’ proximity to a small yellow dwarf star bathed the planet in radiation, causing nothing to live there. There on that inhospitable world, Diablo Keep was constructed and would serve as a base for Clan operations.

The Death and Rebirth of a Clan

This stage of growth and euphoria was not to continue however, as Clan Scholae Palatinae underwent a fall that would shake the Brotherhood to the core and result in great changes. The following is an account by a surviving member of the fallen Clan:

During the dark winter of a Great Jedi War, tensions between the Consul and several members of Scholae Palatinae exploded into violence. During this time, the Star Chamber destroyed Clan Scholae Palatinae. The reasons are unknown, and are lost to history.

For the members of the Clan the tides of fate had decreed the following: Two Houses were moved into Clan Arcona, their members being mind wiped first. While there, many horrors were inflicted upon the incoming Houses, of which they never forgot. The third House, Caliburnus, was totally destroyed. Thor, the home planet of House Caliburnus, was bombarded, killing many of the House members and forcing the remainder to flee into the wastelands of the icy planet. Caliburnus was soon forgotten and neglected, many assuming that the remnants had died. In that, everyone was wrong, for they had indeed survived.

Probes sent to the planet years later by the Intelligence Division Directorate reported a strange sight. The buildings that had once been reduced to rubble in the bombardment were standing again, their tall spires challenging those who had betrayed them long before. An ambassador was promptly sent by the Brotherhood to meet with this rogue House. The meeting was inconclusive at best, for the Dark Brotherhood envoys were suspicious of the House members, who were cold and distant to all outsiders. Exactly what the mandate of Caliburnus was, none have been able to ascertain, though their dark past hints towards an even darker future.

Judecca, Scholae Palatinae's homeworld

House Caliburnus became independent, unable to accept the rule of a Clan. They represented the fallen legacy of the Great Scholae Palatinae and found it an affront to bow to another. It was said that the members had not forgotten the Betrayal, as they had come to know the fall and were biding their time before they struck. Eventually their courage and sheer refusal to bow to anyone else earned them the right to rebuild their shattered Clan, their birthright to which they were long denied. Eventually the Dark Council realized the wisdom of bringing back Scholae Palatinae, and in time, House Acclivis Draco and House Dorimad Sol were reunited with House Caliburnus, and together they reformed the new Clan Scholae Palatinae.

It was during this time that House Caliburnus mounted an operation that would have vast repercussions. Feeling as the sole heirs of the birthright of the Clan’s history, and knowing that their other two sister Houses were unaware of what had transpired in the past, they sequestered the entire Clan for a month. The highest ranking Jedi went to each member, and reversed the mind-wipes. It was from here that the horrors of what Arcona had done to Acclivis Draco and Dorimad Sol were first found. Enraged, the Clan Summit deemed it necessary to keep the rage in check, since the Star Chamber would not allow Arcona to fall to their onslaught. Arcona was now the most hated of all Clans, and to this day all that join Scholae Palatinae are inducted with the knowledge that one day their vengeance will be sated.

To head off any possible conflicts, the Clan Summit issued an assignment to all that were in the Clan. Since so much of their history had been lost, they had to reclaim what was theirs. It was during this time that much of what we know about the history of Clan Scholae Palatinae was recovered. Unfortunately, not much of the history of Dorimad Sol was salvaged, but Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus was another story. This is what they found.

The Creation of House Caliburnus

House Caliburnus was originally created by the Emperor's Hammer's Intelligence Division to be their force-wielding hand of justice, however as time went on, Caliburnus grew far beyond its original purpose, to become one of the most powerful Dark Side forces in the galaxy. As time passed, the House lost much of its connection with the Intelligence Division and became instead an influential House of the One Clan of the Dark Brotherhood.

The Shield of Caliburnus

For centuries, on every planet in existence, espionage, demolition, and subterfuge have been the weaponry of both good and evil. In a time when the Emperor's Hammer stood poised to strike at the heart of the New Republic, the need for an elite, Force-capable group of agents to use these weapons was never greater.

The Consul of Clan Scholae Palatinae responded to the call for such a group and dedicated one of the new Houses of his Clan for this purpose. The Sith of Clan Scholae Palatinae would serve not only their Clan and the Brotherhood, but also the Emperor’s Hammer as whole.

This House has borrowed its name from an ancient blade recorded in histories throughout the galaxy. According to legend, the blade literally had a mind of its own; it never failed to strike a deathblow. Even in the hands of the most inexperienced swordsman, the blades sharp edge found purchase in its opponent. This weapon was called Caliburnus. Looking back on the old records, historians have come to agree that the Caliburnus legend is a reference to one of the first lightsabers. Such a powerful and strange weapon could easily inspire such awe and fear.

The weapon’s earliest known owner is Belia Darzu who either created the weapon or found and modified it. That question is still left unanswered by the numerous scholars and historians who studied the weapon. After Darzu’s death, the weapon passed through many hands including several Dark Lords of the Sith, but it disappeared after Darth Vectivus died. Even Darth Sidious coveted the weapon and organized many searches for the lightsaber. But after many years of searching for the coveted weapon, it was found on Korriban and was claimed by an unknown Dark Jedi. The weapon itself, however, was not at peace with its new owner and disappeared again, to wait for the proper guardians of Caliburnus. Today, the name of Caliburnus still insights fear into those who hear the name uttered.

Thus was the birth of House Caliburnus.

The Birth of the Dragon Guard

During the months before the Empire's defeat at Endor, a secret report was filed away in the Emperor's personal archives on Coruscant. The report was a critique on two of the Emperor's elite units, the Imperial Royal Guard (IRG) and the original group of Jedi under the banner of Scholae Palatinae.

The report reassured that the Guard and Scholae Palatinae would retain their original duties of guarding the Emperor, high Imperial officials, and secret bases, as well as remaining the elite fighting force that the Emperor could call upon if necessary.

The Seal of Acclivis Draco

However, the report criticized certain aspects of both groups: The Royal Guard, though numerous and in possession of great prowess in combat, were not the Force capable men of Scholae Palatinae and therefore did not have their skills and ability. The members of Scholae Palatinae, though powerful and feared, were not numerous enough to be effective.

In the conclusion, the report called for the merging of the Imperial Guard and Scholae Palatinae Jedi into a united body. No longer were they to serve as solitary agents on planets like Wayland and Byss or simply as a superior group of stormtrooper bodyguards, but the two united bodies would serve as an elite unit in all military areas, able to operate under any condition or situation. In essence, the united group would serve the rolls of stormtroopers, pilots, leaders, diplomats, and bodyguards, and would perform all their former duties and more, this time aided with the Force and in substantial numbers. The writer of the report called this new group the “Dragon Guard.”

Unfortunately, the plans for the Dragon Guard were never carried out, as the murder of our beloved Emperor wrested these plans away. However, during the initial expansion of Clan Scholae Palatinae, the Consul at the time received this information and took inspiration from it. Forming a new House under the ideals of the Dragon Guard, Acclivis Draco was born.

Although growing alongside Scholae Palatinae, it had been stripped of its association with the Clan and when the Star Chamber intervened they were forced into service with Clan Arcona. Although at first Arcona kept up appearances of brotherly concern over their two new Houses, when the Council was not looking, the Clan inflicted terrible punishment towards the members of Acclivis Draco and House Caliburnus. Arcona believed that they would be the instrument of the Star Chamber and further punish those that had already been taught a lesson. For years this was kept a Clan secret, but eventually the word got out when Scholae Palatinae was reborn.

The Attack on the Clan

During the rebirth of Scholae Palatinae, a directive from the Dark Council ordered that each House be aligned with a specific order. The members of Acclivis Draco, determined to never again lose what they had learned, became incessant guardians and keepers of information, and their alignment to the Krath Order became clear. In time, Acclivis Draco grew powerful enough to become the dominant House of the Clan, creating a friendly rivalry with Caliburnus over that privilege.

So began the legend of Drynwyn's Flame. As time passed, the Ebon Cloak Phyle (now known as a Battleteam of Acclivis Draco grew in both strength and number, though none had yet ascended to the rank of Jedi Hunter. And so it came to pass that the House's size became sufficient to accommodate a second Phyle.

Iceman, a Guardian, was appointed as the new Phyle's Tetrarch. A few members of the House were assigned as Tyros of the Phyle, for in those days, Houses could have members that were not assigned to any Phyle. The Tyros included the Novice J'Lek, who kept his surname in secret, as it was not yet time for the Brotherhood to know who he was. Quowal, later known as one of the Phyle’s greatest Tetrarchs, came later.

In his studies, Quaestor Annuvin had discovered references to the ancient lightsaber known as Drynwyn's Flame. The Flame was a willful blade that could choose its master, enhancing his skill in combat. But the Flame was known to grow weary of its masters, leading the wielder to a fateful demise. And so it was that Annuvin directed his entire House to seek the Flame, and like moths did the House pursue it, evacuating from their homeworld in droves. It was only by happenstance that then Proselyte J'Lek remained behind.

The rival Clans saw a chance to strike at the temporarily weakened Scholae Palatinae. With Acclivis Draco supposedly absent from its halls, it was thought to be an easy task to send in a squadron of fighters to obliterate Scholae Palatinae's Krath House. With a third of Scholae Palatinae destroyed, the rest of the Clan would swiftly collapse. The Dark Council would not be able to act swiftly enough to stop the carnage once this idea was set in motion. One Clan dared to act on this idea, though its identity was never determined. Scholae Palatinae always assumed that Arcona were the ones responsible for this treachery. However, they made a fatal miscalculation...

Meanwhile, the Krath of Scholae Palatinae had located the fabled Flame. While it was not an easy task, the Dark Jedi of House Acclivis Draco managed to “appropriate” the lightsaber from a New Republic research facility where it lay under strong guard. Victorious, the Krath turned homeward.

House Acclivis Draco was not in ruins when the Dark Jedi returned. J'Lek, now an Proselyte, had managed to rig a mere shuttle for battle by linking the craft's onboard computer with a dust-laden flight simulator. What seemed to be an easy victory for the unknown assailants of House Acclivis Draco became a stalemate when faced with a Lambda-class Shuttle linked with an AI set to “Massacre.” The tides turned for the aggressors when the VSD Excidium, the Clan's formerly mothballed capital ship, arrived, with squadrons from House Caliburnus in tow.

Thus, the aggressors were thwarted and Drynwyn's Flame was safely delivered to the Halls of House Acclivis Draco.

As a reward for the excellent work exhibited by the unnamed Phyle’s efforts, Quaestor Annuvin named the Phyle Drynwyn's Flame, charging them with the safeguarding of the lightsaber that was their namesake. To this day this remains their duty.

The Exodus

Slowly but surely, the Clan continued to grow, and in some situations proved to be a dominant force within the Brotherhood. Their newfound freedom united all of its members together, and they vowed to never again be separated from their brothers and sisters. All was well until one fateful summer. The following is an excerpt from a Dark Jedi's diary around the time of The Exodus:

My Student at the time was a rising star within Acclivis Draco. Taking on the most daunting tasks, she completed them all, a renowned scholar within the Clan and powerful in the Force. In some ways I take this to be my own personal failure. I had at that time neglected my time with the Clan, focusing my energies in battling the enemies of the Brotherhood elsewhere.

During this time, much turmoil was simmering within the Clans. Already, plans were being set that would not only guide but also divide us, although this was not to be revealed except for a handful of the most farsighted Dark Jedi. Others took this time to further antagonize and exploit those beneath them, not knowing that their time of judgment was soon to arrive. We are getting ahead of ourselves, however. Suffice to say that my very own Student was hideously disrespected and humiliated publicly, much to the dismay of many and to the righteous outrage of many others. This was commonplace back in those days, when those in power abused their positions to humiliate anyone who did not agree with them or toady up to them. Oddly enough, those within the Brotherhood that wished to keep us down in the misery of injustice did not notice that this event was the one that broke the patience of many. After attempting to rectify the situation from within, they were viciously put down, verifying that the then-current leadership had been corrupted beyond redemption. In essence, they had broken faith with those that they were supposed to serve and protect.

The logo of the Emperor's Hammer

Moving quickly, lest their plans be known too soon, the Brotherhood revolted. Under the wise leadership of The Seven, the Brotherhood, minus the ultra-loyal Clan Alvaak, departed their homes in a single day under the Cloak of the Dark Side. For Clan Scholae Palatinae, this meant packing up their belongings, using all available ships, and departing EH-controlled space to coordinates provided by The Seven. The Exodus, as it has been called, remains one of the most impressive displays of logistical accomplishments that to this day has not been matched.

Unfortunately, once word of the reason for the move was found, some members balked at joining the so-called Rebel Brotherhood, preferring to remain behind. Unwilling to harm those that were their brothers and sisters, the Clan leadership allowed them safe passage to systems controlled by the Emperor's Hammer. In this way, the Clan lost a third of its members. However, the Clan was not willing to leave behind the spoils of their work, and all Clan structures that remained behind were completely razed to the ground. This scorched earth policy ensured that there would be no evidence that would remain behind that could possibly harm the Clan.

It was during this move that a small space battle was fought with elements of the Clan fleet and the elite Praetorian Squadron, which the Clan won. Beyond that small battle, everything went off without a hitch for the Clan. Others were not so lucky, as desperate combat actions were fought in the darkness, and many loyal Hammer soldiers were killed in a last-ditch effort to contain the Brotherhood.

Arriving at last to the Cocytus System, the system that had been given to the Clan by The Seven, they settled in. Since the system was mostly uninhabited, the Clan easily overpowered what natives were there, and set about to rebuild their homes. However, not all was calm.

The sudden departure, the loss of so many leaders and members, the general instability of the Brotherhood as a whole, and fear of any possible retaliation by the Emperor's Hammer all lead to possibly the worst year that the Clan had experienced. During this year alone, the Clan cycled through more than three Consuls, Proconsuls, and many Quaestors and Aediles. This shaky government caused all sorts of chaos within the Clan, and with leaders being replaced almost on a weekly basis no one knew what to do or to whom to go.

Scholae Palatinae came very close to losing their identity as a Clan, and it was extremely fortunate that there was no combat action during this first year, for surely the Brotherhood's members would have perished easily. As it was, those members that remained that had some experience tried valiantly to hold things together, and for the most part they succeeded. Due to the lack of members, many parts of the Clan were disbanded, and whatever members these units had were assigned to others that needed shoring up. Slowly, the Clan took hold of their new home, and their confidence in their situation and with the new order of things grew. More and more began to see the fruits of the vision of The Seven, and it was good.

Return to Glory

The Independence Games 2004

With the First Independence Games announced, the Clan finally had a hopeful gleam in their eye about the future of Scholea Palatinae. Competition was fierce, but the Clan acquitted themselves very well, earning third place amongst all of the Clans of the Brotherhood. This finally sealed the unity of the Clan, and with then-Consul Numaril Asfågeln and Proconsul Arania Aquillarum Lawakiro, both highly experienced members, it lead the way for the Clan to finally heal and surge forward.

Stable leadership by Consul Vail Unteminar and Proconsul Arania Aquillarum Lawakiro gave the Clan a chance to focus their energies on growing new leaders, and the Proconsul herself, due to her long-standing loyalty and exceptional combat skill and prowess, was during this time awarded the Clan surname of Palpatine, an honor that is beyond compare.

The pair led the Clan through a raging epidemic that swept through the Brotherhood’s ranks, forcing them to turn against their neighbor. The disease forced the Brotherhood into a state of civil war and the Dark Council crumbled as Deputy Grand Master Jac Cotelin fell to the growing ranks of infected Dark Jedi. At first, CSP was subtly manipulated by the mysterious Dark Jedi Master Kem-Shu Maeda who forced Consul Unteminar to make a declaration of war on Exar Kun. However, Proconsul Arania was eventually able to intervene and Scholae Palatinae patched up the misunderstanding with Clan Exar Kun. Fortunately, this turned into an alliance to battle the other Clans including the allied Clans Arcona and Taldryan.

The armies of the Brotherhood and the legions of the infected clashed while the Dark Councilors, untainted by the growing fire seemingly controlled by Maeda, met and guided Lord Firefox who was able to locate the cause of the disease, long dead Sith Lord Okemi’s husk, and destroy it with the Sword of Ferran. Instantaneously, the disease was cured from the scores of members affected and the Brotherhood, though still shaken, was returning back to its normal routines. At this time, the Clans renewed their vow of allegiance to the Iron Throne and the unity of the Brotherhood was sealed.

Following the Fifth Great Jedi War, all showed that Scholae Palatinae would not roll over and die. Although not always the clear cut victor, the Clan had cut their teeth, and gave a chance for all of the new members that had joined its ranks a chance to prove their loyalty and worth.

After several months, when overall peace and prosperity had settled itself over the Brotherhood, an urgent message was sent to the from the office of the Krath High Priestess Alanna concerning several artifacts vanishing from the Shadow Academy’s library. The artifacts stolen were all from the K’hamar’a, a people who had destroyed themselves in their Force-induced madness. The Brotherhood figured out that the artifacts had sent out a signal through the Force, calling their owners. Only through a special ritual were some of the highest ranking Krath, including former High Priestess and long-time Scholae Palatinae member Arania Lawakiro, able to “overwrite” the artifacts’ “memories,” convincing them that the Krath were their rightful owners.

But still, there was a great disturbance in the Force Several Dark Jedi believed that among them was a Light Jedi, serving as a double agent for the New Republic. This feeling of hostility had been first instilled among CSP when Lord Marshal Jin Long, also known as Michael Halcyon, revealed his true identity and fled Brotherhood space. There were several thorough investigations, but no official evidence was found that could justify a Light Jedi hiding in the ranks of the Brotherhood. Although there was suspicion at first, things were able to cool down when no other event hinting of treason occurred.

In time, Vail Unteminar bowed out as an accomplished and memorable Consul, and former Dorimad Sol Quaestor, Vally Aquillarum Tamalar, stepped into power. With the orderly transition of authority, the Clan flexed their power by showing their combat prowess at the yearly Independence Games, and earned high rankings. These Independence Games were a joint effort between the Brotherhood and our close ally, the Rebel Squadrons. Vally's reign was stable and was marked by the increase of new members eager to learn the ways of the Force.

But eventually Vally stepped down and with his departure, the Dark Council saw fit to assign Timbal Palpatine to a leadership position within the Clan. Seeing a need for new members to learn more about the accomplishments of their mighty Clan, CSP took it upon themselves to ensure that their history was taught fervently and condensed to a single point, as to avoid the loss of records that had plagued them from the beginning. This return to their roots had the effect of unifying the Clan to a point that had not been seen since the Golden Age of the Clan. It was during this time that Proconsul Arania Aquillarum Lawakiro Palpatine finally departed from her long-held position, with the gratitude of the entire Clan seeing her off. In her place, Dakari Tamalar, then-Quaestor of House Dorimad Sol, stepped in and filled the vacant position.

Before Arania departed, she and Timbal Palpatineled the Clan through the “Invasion of Coratua,” a bloody season of successive battles between the Brotherhood and a group of pirates who had seized several combat droid factories on Coratua IV. Each Clan occupied a section of the area surrounding the factories and once the pirates were wiped out, the Clans began fighting each other for the spoils. In the end, the Dark Council intervened and the Clans each received many reprogrammed droids taken from the planet.

But the dictates of the Force pressed upon then-Consul Timbal, and he finally relented, peacefully passing along his duties to his Proconsul, Dakari Tamalar. He in turn selected Brujah Tamalar as his Proconsul, and so the Clan continued on its way.

The Aranna Incident, as it would later be known, began as a simple training exercise to determine the strength of the fleets of the Clans Naga Sadow, Plagueis, Tarentum and Scholae Palatinae. However, Clan Plagueis, wishing to be seen as the most powerful Clan of the four, sent Envoys to the other Clans to access ship systems and sabotage them. After the Corsair, Tarentum’s flagship, accidentally crippled the Valkyrie, a cruiser belonging to Scholae Palatinae, the puzzle pieces were jammed into place in the minds of the Clan leaders and alliances were immediately called upon. Naga Sadow and Tarentum faced Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae, each Clan ready for full-scale conflict. After a brief struggle, the combined fleets of Naga Sadow and Tarentum succeeded in defeating Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae. The goal of the exercise was complete and the Clans went home to wait for the next chance in destroying their opposition and showing their worth.

Shortly after the conclusion of the Aranna Incident, strange events occurred all across Brotherhood space and the Clans blamed each other for their losses. To add to the confusion and pointing fingers, sources confirmed the existence of two Grand Masters Jac Cotelins. Each Jac Cotelin claimed to be the original and the baffled Clans took sides with either the “red” or “blue” Jac. In time, both sides battled at Antei and in the aftermath of the destruction, one Jac emerged from the ruined Dark Hall claiming to have brought both halves together. Uncertainty reigned over the Brotherhood at first, but in time, their doubts were shaken off.

Brujah served for a short four months, but in that time he made his own mark on the Clan. With the new vacancy, Dakari appointed Braecen Kaeth, Acclivis Draco’s Quaestor, as his next Proconsul. Braecen had served for a little over two months when Dakari also felt the calling of the Force, and departed. As is usual, Braecen was then appointed Consul, and a Clan stalwart, Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine, was appointed.

Braecen’s leadership to date has included a great many projects, one being the review of all Clan assets, recording them for posterity. Furthermore, his actions have also included the establishment of various social circles for the Clan to compete with one another, ensuring that their energies are focused upon the betterment of the Clan. In turn, Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine was tasked with ensuring the happiness and morale of the Clan.

Nearly a month after Braecen’s appointment, the two then-Houses Acclivis Draco and Caliburnus held a contest to determine dominance that neared the cusp of war, threatening to disrupt the peace that had settled itself over the Clan Scholae Palatinae after the lengthy Sixth Great Jedi War. Luckily, the two Houses stopped their conflict in order to aid Judecca, as a unified force, which was under attack during the climax of their battle on Antenora. The intra-Clan fighting ended, but another conflict was set in motion behind the veil of Brotherhood intrigue.


Second Darkness

At length, the Clans and their fleets were summoned to Antei by Grand Master Sarin in order to test them in light of the worrying rumors of an extra-galactic invasion. Under the codename Operation Second Darkness, Sarin persuaded the clans that the object of the exercise was to judge which Clan was most fit to guard the Shroud. Scholae Palatinae fought hard, earning a well deserved second, a great improvement on their previous Vendetta placing. Believing themselves able to relax, the Clans congregated on the Dark Council’s VSD Vae Victus for the award ceremony. The Royal Clan had barely left the ship before a titanic fleet entered the Antei system, a fleet commanded by the Yuuzhan Vong.

On board the VSD Excidium, Braecen Kaeth ordered the Arconan Eye of the Abyss crippled to prevent the enemy from pursuing his fleet, regardless of the wider impact such an action would have. In desperation, the Clans were ordered into the Shroud, famous for it’s negative effect on navigation. Drunk and terrified for his wife, the Quaestor Thran Occasus of House Caliburnus was locked away until Rasilvenaira, could soothe him. At a hastily called meeting, Impetus and Adam Anderson were named Dark Paladins before Natth a’Niel and Ood revealed a critical finding: The small void that the Vong Fighters created to shield themselves from enemy hits could be overcome by three perfectly timed blasts.

Once again, Braecen decided to utilise the Arconan fleet to his Clan’s advantage, deciding to keep their fleet as a buffer between Scholae Palatinae and the Yuuzhan Vong. Beyond this, the Deputy Grand Master, Muz Ashen had been captured and was at that very moment being tortured in the Embrace of Pain, having valiantly covered the Clan withdrawal. The battered fleet limped back to the Cocytus System to find it ravaged by the Yuuzhan Vong. To make matters worse, a blood-thirsty Timbal had pursued the Clan Fleet, destroyed Emperor’s Sword and was running on a destructive rampage around the system. The Royal Clan was saved from further destruction by the direct order of the Grand Master, commanding that all forces cease fire. Sarin initiated the Braata Option, necessitating the evacuation and abandonment of Antei.

Reclamation of Judecca

With the Braata option in play, the Royal Clan turned its attention back to its own ravaged system. Braecen gave orders for the Dark Jedi to reclaim their system, only to be usurped by Phoenix who believed that the Consul had lost his grip on sanity. Taking Lucien as his Proconsul, Phoenix led the armies down to Judecca whilst Braecen led the fleet on a mad game of hide-and-seek with the Vong. A team of Dark Jedi were sent to the Meditation Shrine on Judecca with orders to retrieve three of their own held captive there. They were successful and the Vong in that area were exterminated.

Lucien then initiated Operation Dragon’s Claw, sending House Acclivis Draco to re-take the Valley of Silence on Antenora, House Caliburnus to retake the Alberigo Outpost, and House Dorimad Sol to destroy a Vongforming station on Caina. All three were successful but before they could lick their wounds, Phoenix received a garbled communication from Braecen that changed the nature of the war. Only knowing that it had something to do with Vong Shapers, he gave orders to each Quaestor to capture a Shaper.

RevengeX was ordered to retake the Temple of the Rakata which was believed to contain a group of shapers. Rasilvenaira was sent to cleanse the Blood Forest on Ptolomea and capture a Shaper there. Koskian and Dorimad Sol, caught in the midst of the Vong-infested Caina had the pick of many Shapers but caught one from the group he was engaged in fighting. During the Shaper operation, a team of Dark Jedi cleared the Judeccan moon Brutus which the Vong had taken as their jump point to Judecca.

Nebula-Class Star Destroyer

Each Quaestor came to the Consul with a Shaper in tow and after five strenuous hours of torture, the first one broke. It revealed that the Vong army had planned to close as many trade routes to other Brotherhood planets as possible, believing that the Clan was tied up at Antei. As the battles ended, a sizable fleet jumped out of hyperspace, led by Braecen at the helm of a Nebula-class Star Destroyer. The former Consul then left the system, heading to Clan Plagueis to take the role of Consul there as Phoenix took was promoted from Proconsul to Consul.

Uneasy Alliances

In the Jusadih system, reports began to emerge of sightings of Yuuzhan Vong on the borders of Clan Plagueis space territory. The new Consul of Plagueis, Braecen Kaeth sent word to the Consul of Scholae Palatinae, Phoenix d'Tana Palpatine asking him for assistance.

Phoenix agreed and assembled the Clan’s ships. Upon the arrival of the fleet to the Jusadih system, they sensed a void in the nearby Nimban system. They suspected that the Yuuzhan Vong had somehow managed to learn about their fleet, but it later turned out to be the expeditionary task force of Clan Arcona, led by its Consul, Mejas Doto who had combined the power of the Arconan Elders to cloak the fleet and it’s Force presence.

Clan Arcona's Insignia

The Arconans had a spy in the Scholae Palatinae army and learned that their fleet was leaving the Cocytus System, so they came to the system in order to strike its fleet down and take over their territory as a new home, instead of the one they lost due to Yuuzhan Vong attack.

Soulfire Brigade infiltrated Excidium II in order to sabotage it, but thanks to a hasty discussion with Angelo Dante, Mejas realised his elite were in shackles. He had no choice but to propose an alliance with Scholae Palatinae to wipe the Vong out.

However, it was only a mask to conceal his true plans. Soulfire Brigade was still aboard the CSP flagship, waiting for the proper moment to intervene. The battle with the Yuuzhan Vong fleet lasted for several hours and the joint forces of the Clans were victorious. It was at that moment, when Soulfire Brigade took over a turbolaser array and fired upon Plagueis warships.

The battle was almost poised to resume again, when the armada of the Dark Brotherhood, which had been called by the treacherous summit of Clan Arcona, arrived to settle the escalating conflict. Today, members of the Royal Clan all wonder what the result of the battle would have been between Clan Scholae Palatinae and Clan Plagueis, had it been allowed to begin.

Rise of a Rebellion

It came to pass that soon after the alliance between Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae, Phoenix d'Tana Palpatineretired, leaving the position of Consul to Lucien. Lucien took as his Proconsul the silver-tongued Thran Occasus, which many considered dangerous given how much he coveted the throne. Lucien held the throne for a year, ushering in a brief period of stability. This was brought to an end swiftly by the rise of a rebellion, a cliqued class war waged by disillusioned workers hitting out at the “bourgeoisie”. Bombings took place along with kidnappings and assassinations, all targeted against the Imperial administration. Lucien abdicated, many believe due to Thran’s influence which earned him the title of “the Usurper”. However, all thoughts of the rebellion were struck from the Clan’s mind when a communiqué from the Grand Master arrived…


Nearly three years after the Fall of Antei the clans of the Dark Brotherhood were called upon once again by Darth Sarin. He along with the Dark Council had decided to move all the fleets of the Brotherhood through the shroud using the combined power of all the elders. Scholae Palatinae left Radama Void to answer to Sarin’s call to take back Antei. The fleet was guided by the elders for two days, and though tricky, Scholae Palatinae’s fleet managed to get through the Shroud only to come across a new puzzling fact; that the Yuuzhan Vong fleet was completely disabled. During this time, Fleet Admiral Timbal was publicly dismissed by Thran, with Surface Marshal Archangel taking command of the Warspite in his place.

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Warspite

Scholae Palatinae’s forces touched down just seconds before Crask’s forces attacked. A relentless battle ensued at what the Brotherhood called, “Operation Nek” which the clan needed to win to secure the beachhead. Once the beachhead was secure the clan pushed the Jedi forces back until they reached “Objective Revir” which was an anti-aircraft fortification. Once the clan managed to wipe out the remaining Jedi forces within the fortress they found themselves surrounded by Jedi reinforcements. Cut off from the rest of the Brotherhood and extra supplies the clan dug into the fortress to prepare for the coming battle.

During “Operation Granite Dusk,” as it came to be known, hundreds of Jedi and Dark Jedi were slaughtered, but Scholae Palatinae eventually managed to defeat the Jedi forces and push them back, so they could be reinforced by their fellow clan Naga Sadow. Scholae Palatinae was ordered to work with Naga Sadow to complete “Objective Strill” which proved difficult for many of the darksiders from both clans, due to past feuds between the Naga Sadow and CSP. While they battled many Jedi forces it was reported that more than a few of the Dark Jedi from both clans had turned on each other whenever they got the chance and slaughtered one another.

Though hard, the clans managed to complete the objective, and gathered theintelligence that the Brotherhood needed to make a final push to end the war. Scholae Palatinae was ordered to take back “Objective Uller”, the Obelisk “Black Pyramid” called Temple Boyna. A fierce battle took place with Crask’s remaining forces inside the temple putting up a good fight. Outnumbered and out gunned, Crask's forces fell. Scholae Palatinae took back the temple, and the war came to an end shortly after with the death of Omancor Crask. Now all that was left was to rebuild what had been lost.


The absence of the majority of the Dark Jedi had had wide implications on Judecca. The rebellion had grown far bolder, even advertising themselves to the Judeccan public. Rumors spread of financing by a rival Clan, providing better weapons for the insurgents. The rebellion turned its attention to Ptolomea, home to House Caliburnus which at that time was the weakest of the three Houses. A concentrated assault left the House devastated, and Thran gave orders for its immediate closure to save it. The Clan’s Homeland Security was given unlimited scope to do whatever it took to bring the rebellion down. At a great cost of lives, the ringleaders were eventually brought before the Consul for a personal execution.

After years of constant combat, the Dark Jedi and the troopers of the Imperial Armed Forces were beginning to falter. High casualty rates, defections to other clans, and the retirements of many leaders or long term members had taken their toll on the combat effectiveness of the Clan. It was in this down time that a Rite of Supremacy was called to decide who would have the honor of ridding Salas V of an infestation of Killiks.

After a crushing defeat at the hands of Clan Taldryan, Scholae Palatinae managed to hold their own in combat in a free-for-all situation against both Tarentum and Plagueis. Even as the clan finally was able to make progress towards the end of the Rite, Scholae Palatinae finished as the sixth of seven clans only besting Clan Plagueis. The forces of Scholae Palatinae returned to the Cocytus system, dejected and dishonored but looking towards reclaiming their place among the top clans.

In late 33 ABY, the Master at Arms, on the orders of the Grand Master initiated a purge, wiping out those suspected of treason. The results astounded everyone; more than four hundred people disappeared from Brotherhood space. The Clans were decimated and by mutual agreement, Muz Ashen downsized every Clan to an Independent House, the former Houses to Battleteams. Scholae Palatinae had had no choice but to comply. Thran abdicated, leaving the throne for his Proconsul. The old Neti Ood Bnar Sythe'rae became the first Quaestor of House Scholae Palatinae in decades.

The Battleteams of Clan Scholae Palatinae

The Emblem of Acclivis Draco

Battleteam Acclivis Draco

Main article: [[Acclivis Draco|Acclivis Draco]]

Few more hallowed halls of Krath supremacy can be found than in the home of Acclivis Draco, at Dragon's Citadel. This monument to their control over Antenora serves as a reminder of their power, their fortitude, and their understanding of the Dark Arts. Many dangerous Krath have walked those halls, and many more will walk them in the future.

Now, reduced to a simple Battleteam, the Krath of Acclivis Draco must leave their tomes, and fight, for their honour and themselves.

The Shield of Caliburnus

Battleteam Caliburnus

Main article: [[Caliburnus|Caliburnus]]

Caliburnus, once a thriving and powerful Sith House, had fallen from favour with the Clan Summit, after failing to quell a rebellion which led to widespread devestation and death on the planet of Ptolomea. The Clan Summit, enraged at this sheer lack of dedication, dissolved the House immediately, throwing it's members to the four winds.

But now, after the reformation of the Clans into Houses, Caliburnus has risen again, a phoenix from the ashes, to take it's rightful place as First Battleteam of Scholae Palatinae.

Sons and Daughters of Palpatine

Main article: [[Children of Palpatine|Children of Palpatine]]

To earn the Clan title of Palpatine is to receive a badge of honor that is paramount within the walls of Scholae Palatinae. As guardians of the Palpatine line, protectors of his Dark Side knowledge and advocates to the execution of his will - those whom bear the Dark Lord's name do so after establishing themselves as prominent and loyal members of the Royal House, the Royal Family.

Current Palpatines

The Lost Palpatines

Consuls and Proconsuls

Servants of the Clan

Throughout the duration of Clan Scholae Palatinae's existence, great individuals have stepped forward to lead the Clan: through desperate situations, times of reformation or eras of war within the Brotherhood. While enough can never be said for their sacrifices, no legacy that personifies their dedication - they are all held responsible for the Clan as it is today. The Consuls and Proconsuls have been replaced by Quaestors and Aediles after the reduction of Clans into Houses in 33 ABY, and then changed back in 38 ABY when Grandmaster Pravus was elected and made a decree that any Independent Houses were returned to Clan status.

Roll of Clan Leaders

Clan Leaders
Consul Proconsul
Brad J'lek, Krava Dronaal
Karva Dronaal Maverick
Maverick Cuchulain
Cuchulain Saitou
Saitou Darkmage, Khaen, Gidda
Cuchulain Arania Lawakiro Palpatine
Lorad Desmos Arania Lawakiro Palpatine
Vail Aquillarum Unteminar Arnaia Lawakiro Palpatine
Vally Tamalar Arnaia Lawakiro Palpatine
Timbal Palpatine Arania Lawakiro Palpatine, Dakari Tamalar
Dakari Tamalar Burjah Tamalar, Braecen Kaeth
Braecen Kaeth Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine
Phoenix Olkyssagh Palpatine Lucien Kaeth
Lucien Kaeth Thran Occasus
Thran Occasus Angelo Dante, Ood Bnar Sythe'rae

And after it's reorganisation into House Scholae Palatinae:

House Leaders
Quaestor Aedile Rollmaster
Ood Bnar Sythe'rae Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Kalak Ragnose, Archangel
Xen'Mordin Vismorsus Archangel, Rayne, Xan Phraz-Etar, Xantros, Evant Taelyan Rayne, Archangel, Akatsuki, Koryn Thraagus

Upon regaining Clan status:

Clan Leaders
Consul Proconsul "Rollmaster"
Xen'Mordin Palpatine Evant Taelyan Mune Cinteroph
Elincia Rei Braecen Kaeth Mune Cinteroph


The Animals

HSP is generally known amongst the Brotherhood as the "Animal House," either derisively or in acknowledgment of our affinity towards animals. Traditionally the House has had quite a stable of animals amongst them, and function as pets, guards, and in some cases important additions to the House’s rosters, even in an unofficial manner.

From surveillance, to sabotage, to out-right raw combat power, our animals come in extremely handy. Everyone who rises within the House eventually comes to terms with this and embraces this fully, further continuing this strongest of House traditions.

Drinking Traditions

There is one drinking tradition that has almost become sacrosanct amongst the House. This is usually done when a person has received either a promotion or a high-ranking medal. The ceremony is performed without the prior knowledge or consent of the newly awarded person. This involves a member of long-time standing toasting the newly awarded person, then immediately saying, "All drinks on [insert name of newly awarded person here]!" Then all present toss their alcoholic drinks on the newly awarded person, then the member that called "All Drinks" lights the doused newly awarded person on fire. This is usually a source of great merriment to all except the newly awarded person, but the fire is quickly put out, and if there is any damage all the Jedi present join together to heal the person.

Clan Force Powers

The Clan Force Powers are based on the three Holocrons given to the Clan by previous leaders of the Dark Brotherhood.

  • Holocron of Vengeance - This Holocron conveyed the power to summon Imperial Sentinels, monstrous guardians who could protect a powerful enough summoner.
  • Holocron of Detonation - This Holocron conveyed the power to rupture cells, rip skin, or even tear limbs from unwilling bodies. In the hands of the most powerful of the House's Dark Jedi, this is a truly devastating and horrifying weapon.
  • Holocron of Nature - This Holocron conveyed the power to alter the growth of seeds, to command plants and trees at a whim, or cause a sudden 'explosion' of growth or withering around the user.

The Tomes of War

Below is the recounting of the previous wars fought under the Clan or House banner. Examine these victories or defeats well, and learn from them, so we might better ourselves in future.

Vendetta History

Great Jedi Wars

Rites of Supremacy

Other Vendettas/Feuds

  • Dark Jedi Games Scholae Palatinae vs. Taldryan vs. Tarentum - First Place
  • Aranna Incident Tarentum and Naga Sadow vs. Scholae Palatinae and Plagueis - Fourth Place
  • Vengeance Scholae Palatinae vs. Arcona - Lost
  • Uneasy Alliance Scholae Palatinae vs Plagueis vs Arcona - First Place
  • Dark Crusade - 36-37ABY

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