Lucien Kaeth Palpatine

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Lucien Kaeth Palpatine
Biographical Information

Killannis Droma

Date of Birth:

0 ABY (Second Day of the First Coming local time)

Date of Death:


Physical Description







90 kg




Ice blue



Personal Information

Braecen Kaeth, Phoenix Palpatine, Thran Occasus


Any who oppose the might of Scholae Palatinae

Lightsaber Color(s):

Light blue saberstaff

Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Teras Kasi

Chronology & Political Information

Military General




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Scholae Palatinae

Personal Ship:

Lambda Class Shuttle



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Lucien Kaeth Palpatine was an Obelisk Exarch within Clan Scholae Palatinae. He held the position of Consul and served as Supreme Commander of the Military of Scholae Palatinae and Chancellor of the Scholae Palatinae Dark Senate. The Adherent of the Kaeth Circle has been seen as greedy, conniving, and political to a fault.

Character History

Lucien was born on the Second Day of the First Coming (Galactic Timeline - 0 ABY) on Killannis Droma. Being a planet in the
Killanis Droma
Republic, Lucien’s force sensitive nature was discovered quickly and by the time he was 3 years old, Lucien was on Coruscant, training to become a Jedi Knight.

Jedi Training

At the age of 6, Lucien was taken as a Padawan Learner by Master Lopus. For the next 12 years, Master Lopus trained Lucien the best he could in the Jedi arts. Three days after his 18th birthday, Lucien was afforded the opportunity to take the Jedi trials, which he passed on the first try.

Jedi Career

Lucien’s Jedi career started off much like any other Jedi’s. He was sent to negotiate various disturbances and coups, all of which were resolved without unnecessary bloodshed. After one such trip to the Outer Rim, Lucien was summoned into the Jedi Temple to meet with the Council.

Family Tree - Exposed!

In his meeting with the Council, it was revealed to Lucien that his parents had given birth to another male child 4 years after Lucien was taken to Coruscant. The Council told Lucien that the determination was made that his younger brother Esca Teiko, was not to be selected for Jedi Training. He was then told that Esca had sought the Force through other channels and was now embroiled in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Lucien, against the wishes of the Council, sought out his younger brother to bring him to justice.

The Bitter Truth

Lucien at once set course for his old homeworld of Killannis Droma, determined to bring the Rogue Teiko to the laws of the Council.

Setting down on the outskirts of the capital city, Lucien saw the greatest worries of the Council brought to light. The entire city was in ruins and ablaze, no survivors to be found. It was immediately certain to Lucien that Esca was responsible for the destruction of not only their hometown, but of their parents as well. He set course for Antei at once.
Killanis Droma in ruins

Capture and the Dark Path

Lucien, being early on in his Jedi career, was not remotely ready for what stood in front of him on his quest to Antei. Once within range of orbital sensors on Eden, Lucien’s craft was disabled and boarded by members of House Byss of Clan Exar Kun. Lucien was immediately taken into custody and set to the task of being a slave. It was apparent to the leadership of CEK that Lucien was far too useful as a Jedi Knight to simply exterminate and this gave Lucien the reprieve he needed to find his wayward brother.

Embracing Emotion

In the slave pits of CEK, Lucien was afforded more time to think that should be allowed. This time for introspect gave Lucien a new outlook on life. Seeing the Dark Jedi working around the pits allowed Lucien a glimpse into how the “other half” lived. The brazen, evil Dark Jedi the Council warned him about were nowhere to be found. Instead, the Dark Jedi he was allowed to observe were in most part kind. The only difference that Lucien saw in the Light and the Dark sides were that the Dark Jedi were allowed to have emotion. They were encouraged to feel anger, fear, loss, and love. The Dark Jedi seemed to believe that the living Force wanted them to feel emotion rather than block it out. They believed that emotion brought them closer to the Force. Lucien would never admit it at this point, but it turned out to be exactly what he was looking for.
Lucien in the beginning

Joining the Ranks

It was only after months of coercion and “torture” that Lucien was even allowed to talk or see his brother Esca. The two had never met face to face, but when Esca walked into the holding cell, there was no doubt in Lucien’s mind that this was the person that the Council wanted so badly to be brought to justice.

After three weeks of excruciating questioning and medical testing, Lucien was finally allowed out of the holding tank. The Dark Jedi no longer considered him a threat and instead were offering him something in return. If Lucien turned on the Council and embraced the Dark Side of the Force, then he would be allowed to live and would be afforded the opportunity to join the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi. This was a decision that did not take Lucien very long to make.


As soon as Lucien entered the Brotherhood, he was noticed as a member that had a ton of potential, but was easily led astray. The Consul of CEK at the time, GM Chi Long, placed Lucien in the trust of Lucien’s brother, Esca Teiko, to undertake Lucien’s training in the Dark Arts. The Former Jedi Knight advanced quickly, gaining the rank of Dark Jedi Knight within two and a half months, collecting awards and medals along the way.
Azyrith War Blade

Serving the Dark Brotherhood

Lucien, at first, was ecstatic about serving the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in any capacity that he could. His first opportunity came as the House Envoy of House Byss. It was here that Lucien learned the most about member development, something that Lucien believes is tantamount to a successful Brotherhood.

After House Envoy came Knight Class Envoy of Clan Exar Kun. Here Lucien learned to delegate responsibility in order to more effectively complete the mission at hand. It was here that Lucien flourished. Under the guidance of Chi Long and Braecen Kunar, Clan Exar Kun became a place where new members knew that they could get the information they needed to advance as quickly as possible.

Assuming the Reins

It was not long after Lucien was appointed as Clan Envoy that Chi called him into his office to explain that they would be merging with Clan Satal Keto in an effort to save both Clans. It was in this meeting that Lucien suggested to Chi that the new Clan be named after Darth Plagueis, the one Sith Lord who could create life from nothing. Lucien felt that Plagueis’ unique understanding of the Force adequately represented the newborn Clan.

Not long after the merge, all hell broke loose. Within weeks, Braecen resigned his post as Proconsul and Chi immediately looked to Lucien to fill the spot. While hesitant, Lucien agreed. The next two weeks were a blur to Lucien as tensions rose within the Brotherhood regarding his Consul.

Approximately two weeks after taking the position of Proconsul, Lucien woke one morning to find a message on his data pad that simply said “It’s all yours. ~Chi” Unsure what to make of the note, he contacted the DGM Mav Cantor and GM Jac Cotelin and Jac informed Lucien that Chi had taken his leave from the Brotherhood and had retreated to parts unknown.

It was during this transmission that Jac offered the position of Consul of Clan Plagueis to Lucien. Once again, Lucien was hesitant, only a month or two earlier having attained the rank of Krath Priest, yet he relented to the Grand Master’s will and took the reins of the burgeoning Clan.

Descent into Oblivion

Wandering the Galaxy

Almost instantaneously, the Clan was wary of the young member taking the helm of such a volatile Clan. This took an immense toll on Lucien, as he went through Proconsuls faster than he had ever seen. Fed up with the way things were going and seeing the Clan stuck in the proverbial mud, Lucien left without saying so much as a word to his Apprentice and Proconsul, Virulence Saj Bezatyne.

Wandering the Galaxy

For the next year after leaving Clan Plagueis for good, Lucien kept in contact with the two members he was most close to, his brother Esca (who had changed his name to Ethran) and Braecen Kunar. Through these contacts, Lucien was placed back in Plagueis for a short time, but never did much to contribute to the Clan as a whole.

After bouncing around the Brotherhood from Arcona to Plagueis, Lucien found his latest home in Scholae Palatinae, where he was welcomed with open arms and forgiveness about the past.

A New Beginning Part 2

With a Clan of support, Lucien was appointed to the position of Clan Envoy of Scholae Palatinae. However, the year away from the Brotherhood had changed Lucien. He had switched orders to Obelisk, to more reflect his act first, research later attitude and subsequently found himself at odds with his own persona. It was not long afterwards that Lucien once again left the Brotherhood in search of himself.

However, this last search did not last long, and he was once again in contact with Braecen Kunar, whom he has known since his very first day in the Brotherhood. Braecen presented Lucien with an offer that he could not refuse and as such, Lucien has returned to CSP as a full-time, active member.
CSP Logo

Shortly after Lucien rejoined CSP, his mentor and friend welcomed him into his inner circle of family and confidants and Lucien assumed the last name of Kaeth. After Braecen left for Clan Plagueis to attempt a turnaround, Lucien was appointed ProConsul of Scholae Palatinae, to serve under Phoenix Palpatine. He has served with distinction in that time, raising his level of interaction and activity within the Clan enough to warrant be awarded with a Sapphire Blade and the rank of Exarch.

After Phoenix went mad seeking power, Lucien brought him before the Senate and held a vote of no-confidence. It was passed unanimously and Lucien was installed as Consul and Emperor of Scholae Palatinae. Shortly thereafter, Lucien was accosted by the Palpatine line and inducted as a Son of Palpatine.

Return to the fold

To be completed over Summer 2009

DJB Facts

Positions Held


  • Consul of Scholae Palatinae
  • Supreme Commander of the Military of Scholae Palatinae
  • Chancellor of the Scholae Palatinae Senate
  • Advisor to the Headmaster of the Dark Brotherhood


  • Proconsul of Clan Scholae Palatinae
  • Grand Marshal of the Military of Scholae Palatinae
  • Vice-Chancellor of the Scholae Palatinae Senate
  • Last Presiding Knight Commander of the Brotherhood
  • Clan Envoy of Scholae Palatinae
  • Consul of Clan Plagueis
  • Proconsul of Clan Plagueis
  • Clan Envoy of Plagueis


  • First Consul of Clan Plagueis that did not also serve as Consul of Clan Exar Kun or Clan Satal Keto.
  • Rarely wears his robes, unless at an official Clan function.
  • Is usually seen in his battle attire.
  • Co-Winner: 2008 CSP Oscar for Best Writer (Tied with Timbal)


  • Winner: 2008 CSP Oscar for Best Summit Member


  • Winner: 2008 CSP Oscar for Best Overall CSP Member


  • Highest number of votes for a single member in the 2008 CSP Oscars with 18.

Preceded by:

Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine

Consul of Scholae Palatinae

30 ABY - Present

Succeeded by:

Thran Occasus

Preceded by:

Phoenix Olkyssagh d'Tana Palpatine

Proconsul of Scholae Palatinae

27 ABY - 30 ABY

Succeeded by:

Thran Occasus

Preceded by:

Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Knight Commander of the Brotherhood

27 - 28 ABY

Succeeded by:

N/A (Last Presiding)

Preceded by:


Consul of Clan Plagueis

23 ABY

Succeeded by:

Kir Taldrya Katarn

Preceded by:

Braecen Kaeth

Proconsul of Clan Plagueis

23 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:


Aedile of House Bane

23 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Braecen Kaeth

Aedile of House Byss

23 ABY

Succeeded by:

N/A (House Closed)