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Production information

Corellian Corvette

Technical specifications
Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2


50 40


Scholae Palatinae ship

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Vessel Info

The Corellian Engineering Corporation's CR90 is an extremely successful design, meant for fast and efficient transport and light warship duties. Due to the highly modifiable nature of most CEC designs, there exists many modified versions of this ship out in the galaxy.


The Victory has an extremely long history, and indeed it was one of the first of the CR90’s to leave the Corellian shipyards. Originally assigned to the Elrood Sector Fleet, she spent quite a bit of time as the personal ship assigned to Moff Forha S’mdal under the command of Captain Jon Baveg. During this time, it handily managed to fight off quite a few pirate attacks, proving the concept of the CR90 class. It also managed to participate during the hunt for the Rebels, notably during the time right before the battles of Yavin and the Imperial victory on Hoth. During the battle of Endor it was being overhauled, so it was not able to participate during that battle, and during that time she received a new Captain, a certain Maskee Hevill. The ship then was part of the fighting withdrawal during the Rebel offensive, and finally was then assigned to the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet during its’ creation. It was then assigned by the EH Quartermaster’s Office to the nascent Intelligence Division, which then took it upon itself to modify the ship. The internal cargo space and crew quarters were seriously reduced to add in additional turbolaser and laser batteries to the ship. To make up for the crew shortfall, the Intelligence Division also heavily automated the ship, bringing down the crew compliment down from 104 to 50. Right after the re-commissioning of the ship, it was then assigned to help out with the brand new House Scholae Palatinae that was being formed up within the Dark Brotherhood. Since many of the initial members were Intelligence Division members, this proved to be a good thing. After the initial assignment to the House (And later on when it expanded to Clan-level), it was able to participate in more battles that any other ship in the Clan fleet, always managing to avoid any serious damage.

Its' last commander was quite the change from the ship's previous commander, Captain Sheila Rescando. She was Captain Kayna Noscondra, Captain Rescando's previous Executive Officer. A former TIE Interceptor pilot, she worked her way up the line of command fairly quickly, proving herself at each step along the way. The Seventh Great Jedi War gave her the opportunity to prove her worth at the command of the Victory, since Captain Rescando was temporarily assigned to other duties. She was a very methodical and careful commander, never taking a course of action without thinking the consequences through first.

The Alien Incursion

The Victory spend quite some time in action during the Incursion, usually in an anti-starfighter role and flank formation security. It weathered the initial attacks well enough, and helped to blunt the initial push in Clan space with her usual customary efficiency. This changed soon enough, however.

Operation: Reclamation

Upon orders by then-Consul Braecen Kaeth, the Victory accompanied the Excidium and a few other Clan ships to chase down the remnants of the fleet that had devastated Caina. Out of the small task force, the Victory was essentially damage free, although they were running short on crew, a by-product of re-balancing crews around to help with the running repairs on other Clan vessels. Upon detection and initial engagement of two frigate analog warships, they sprung their trap with a cruiser analog with interdiction capabilities jumping in at their rear hemisphere. Realizing that they were out-gunned, the Victory was ordered to cover the Ogmio's Whip per standard operating procedure. However, the Whip was lost to concentrated fire. With the trap sprung, and the cruiser analog projecting a gravity well, the Victory was ordered to depart the system as fast as possible, which meant to cross the flight path of the cruiser to clear the well. The Victory initially did well against the cruiser, managing to juke their way out of long and medium range shots, but close in the ship was mercilessly mauled, despite her speed. Trying to desperately to reach hyperspace, it finally died at the hands of the cruiser, with the loss of all hands.


The Victory was taking an active role in escort and transport operations for the Clan. Previously, due to the small nature of Clan Scholae Palatinae's capital ship fleet, it was mainly the backup warship to the Excidium in many Clan engagements. With the addition of larger ships to the Clan fleet, the Victory was then able to cover important cargo runs performed by the Clans' transport fleet. Also, due to the crew being highly experienced, it also served as the first ship assignment to new crew members joining the Clan fleet for the first time.

In full-scale Clan fleet operations, the Victory was usually tasked with protecting the Ogmio's Whip, or flanking operations. Depending on the threat, it also operated in an anti-starfighter role, although that task was rarely done.

Finally, the last and vital role that the Victory was tasked to perform includes special operation missions. Its' relatively small size and fast speed made it an ideal ship for this mission. The Clan Summit had been considering the addition of sensor stealthing the ship for this purpose, but the extremely high cost of it made that option not attractive.