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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

15 BBY

Physical Description

Kasa Horansi




2.5 meters


135 kg


sun-bleached white


grey with gold flecks

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Soresu III

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Knight


Dark Brotherhood Era


Scholae Palatinae

Known masters:

Valkas Tamalar Palpatine

Known apprentices:

Ulfsark, Laxtar Nodine



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Character History

15 BBY--Birth of a Reluctant Warrior

Akatsuki and her brothers

Nearly 50 years ago, 15 BBY, in the lush grasslands and plains of Mutanda, Akatsuki was born in a litter of three to Arbjan and Mijsirch. Her father worked at the Justa Starport handing the intergalactic traffic and her mother was a gardener. Akatsuki didn’t attend the academy like other Mutanda youth so this left much time for Akatsuki to run about freely with her brothers Ammonite and Volkatsuki under the bright Kiilaniri sunlight.


Growing up in such a richly resourced land, Akatsuki had no cares or worries as she’d spend her mornings doing her studies, but her afternoons running through the grasslands with games of chase, preparing for the days she’d be expected to hunt. Being a Kasa Horansi, Akatsuki was swift on her feet when she’d opt for all four paws rather than bi-pedal walking. She would enjoy chasing her brothers, her peers and even the occasional small game (though in opposition to her Horansi nature, she didn’t lust for the kill.)

5 BBY--Akatsuki is Growing

Akatsuki at 10

Akatsuki found herself growing quickly. Her stride was long and her grip was powerful. Her once brown fur had become light brown, though she retained her chocolate brown stripes. Her hair, which was at birth golden like her mother’s, had now bleached nearly white from the constant penetration by the Kiilaniri sunlight. Her grey eyes now sparkled with just a few flecks of gold; she swore it helped her stalk and observe as well as track objects of prey.

2 BBY--Teen Dreaming

"You know little one...you cannot stay with your dad and me forever..."
―Arbjan, Akatsuki's mom

One day, when Akatsuki was 13, her mom Arbjan began a conversation with her. “You know little one…”. Akatsuki shuddered; she was doomed to be her mom’s ‘little one’ forever. “You really should be thinking about what you want to do when you leave Mutanda,” she continued, “I mean, you can’t stay with dad and me forever.” Akatsuki sighed. The only thing that sounded good to her was travel and exploration. Her father would often tell her stories of the wide variety of species that would frequent the starport, that was a plus in Akatsuki’s eyes (something other than Horansi.) The way Akatsuki saw it, it was to be some epic adventure where she’d travel the entire Galactic Empire and see it all; though her view of what ‘seeing it all’ was limited by the fact she’d never been off of Mutanda....

Justa Starport

But getting off of Mutanda was exactly what Akatsuki dreamed of. With the words of her mother ringing in her ears, Akatsuki ran all the way to where she could see the starport. She sat in the grassy plain and watched all of the ships come in. In her mind she made up stories about who owned such a magnificent ship and even pictured being on her own starship one day. She saw many species coming and going, and while she ‘didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life’ yet, she knew it was going to be an adventure, maybe travel was the key...

One of her favorite topics in her homeschooling was Astronomy, she seemed to have some pieces to her life's puzzle.

1 ABY--Bird is the Word

At age 15, Akatsuki decided to really test her skills and go on the hunt. She didn’t feel like going on a big chase, so she opted for raiding an Ostrich nest. Akatsuki dropped to all fours and crept up on the nest, slowly approaching step by step. All of a sudden a horrible large-beaked ostrich let out a mighty “SQUANK” and grabbed Akatsuki’s right whiskers in its beak, yanking them out by the root. “Ow!” Akatsuki cried, but then the rules of the game had changed; the ostrich was after her! Akatsuki dropped to all fours again, and went into what she called her ‘third gear’ not her fastest but surely enough to outrun some big angry bird. Her evasive running got her away from trouble this time, but not before losing the whiskers on her right side of her face. Akatsuki looked in a pond at her reflection and thought “this wont do at all,” and proceeded to pluck the whiskers from the left side.

No sooner did she finish the pluck job when “SQUANK!” The running beaked beast was upon her. She leapt to her paws and took off in a full sprint, dodging and weaving as she ran. She made for the jungle. Surely that bird wouldn’t follow her there.

2 ABY--They Meet

"Well aren’t you a funny looking beast!"
―Damon, suspected Jedi

Akatsuki was sitting in the shadow of a large leaf umbrella tree. This would likely be the place where her tree-top hut would be built. There were many places to hide, good things to eat and the safety of the lush foliage. She stopped under a tree and was eating some dates when an odd looking form appeared. “A Jedi!” she thought to herself, “dad has told me even though they'd been killed and went into hiding; there were many suspected Jedi that would often use the starport. The cloaked figure approached.

Large Umbrella Tree

“Well aren’t you a funny looking beast!” proclaimed the hooded figure. “I am not a beast, I am Akatsuki, a Kasa Horansi!” replied Akatsuki. The hooded figure removed the hood and then Akatsuki could see that he was human. “I am Damon, a um Knight, but most of my friends call me Phantom.”

“That’s a funny nickname, why ever would they call you something so frightful?” Akatsuki responded.

“Well you see,” Damon continued, “I have a tendency to remain in the shadows and watch what my opponents do before I react, it really gives you an advantage little one.” ‘Grrrrr again with the little one’, Akatsuki thought. “I see,” said Akatsuki, “however, what if you opt not to fight at all? What if you opt to be peaceful and hang out in nature? What if you choose to just be one with the Force?”

“Ah,” said the suspected Jedi “I see you have much to learn. The truth is, Akatsuki, we all struggle with not only where we fit into the Force, but which side we’re on. As you can see, I am a light-sider,” he continued with a smirk, “one of the good guys I guess you’d say. But there is legend of a Brotherhood, a group or horrible monsters that wish nothing but evil for the whole Universe!”

Akatsuki looked this man up and down, he seemed wise and looked old enough to have done some studies in these things. “Akatsuki, would you accompany me to lunch at the lodge?” “I suppose I could,’ Akatsuki jested, “you are one of the good guys after all.” They began a walk to the hunter’s lodge where there was a wonderful variety of local cuisine. “By the way,“ Damon asked, “what happened to your whiskers?” “Long story, “Akatsuki huffed. “We’ve got time,” he replied and the two entered the lodge.

3 ABY--The Tragic Love Story

One year later, nearly to the day, Akatsuki sat under the Umbrella tree by the drinking pond. Just as he’d promised, she saw the cloaked human approaching. “Hello little one,” Damon shouted to her. Strangely enough, to Akatsuki, she now liked how that sounded coming from this kind spirit.


She too, greeted him in jest, “Hello scary scary phantom.”

He approached her pulling back his cloak hood and revealing he’d grown a full beard. It looked funny to Akatsuki so she giggled, “You’re hairy like me now!” she said, fighting back chuckles.

“I suppose I am beast,” he joked back, remembering their unusual first meeting. “Will you, oh hairy beast, accompany me to lunch?”

Akatsuki let out a growl, albeit jokingly, “I suppose I could tolerate another meal with one of the good guys.”

“Very well then,” he moved his left hand and it moved some shrubbery enough so Akatsuki could see a full picnic spread that he’d already set out.

“How did you do that?” Akatsuki asked.

“It’s a special trick I’ll have to show you sometime…” he responded with a warm smile.

‘I could get used to this’ Akatsuki thought to herself. She really took a liking to this human.

They had a glorious picnic with inter-galactic cuisine. There were fruits and meats and sweets from all around the galaxy. There were things Akatsuki had never heard of much less tasted. Luxurious didn’t begin to describe some of the delicacies offered by this handsome human.


“Now, for some entertainment,” Damon said. He pulled an odd tool out of his holster on his belt. It made an odd buzzing humming noise and glowed a brilliant blue. “What is that thing?” Akatsuki questioned as he sliced one of the vines over head loose and crafted a swing built for two. “Accompany me in a swing beautiful? It’s called a light saber, another trick-like thing” Akatsuki didn’t hesitate and the two remained, swinging, talking and dreaming of a possible future together.

The next day couldn’t come soon enough. Akatsuki stayed up all night, nervous about what the day would hold. The suspected Jedi wanted to meet her family. What would they think of her bringing a human home? It wasn’t unheard of, but it surely wasn’t common. Akatsuki’s dad dealt with humans daily and said ‘they are a tolerable lot’ but not much beyond that. She wondered what her parents would think of this phantom.

They met under the tree. The two greeted in an embrace and began walking back to Akatsuki’s house. She dropped down on all fours and began running. She called back over her shoulder, “C’mon good-guy, aren’t you supposed to be like a super-hero or something?”

Her speed was too much, and he wasn’t going to run. Akatsuki noticed that he didn’t seem amused with her antics so she trotted back by his side. She stood back up on two feet and gave him an apologetic nuzzle on the neck. “No I like when you’re on all fours,” Damon said, “you’re taller than I am when you stand up.” So Akatsuki dropped back down to all fours but kept the pace slow.

They approached the house slowly. “I’m nervous,” Akatsuki said, “I’ve never brought anyone home to meet my parents.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, but don’t worry, most humans are well known or familiar and loved everywhere,” Antoine smiled again. Akatsuki started getting butterflies in her stomach everytime he’d smile like that, she was falling in love.

The introduction to her parents was non-eventful. They told the story of how they met and how they’d been on a few dates. Her parent’s only concerns were if Akatsuki had plans on leaving and traveling with Antoine or if she’d be staying. “We’ll be staying on Mutanda," he said boldly. The couple hadn’t discussed this so Akatsuki glared at him questioning this ‘we’ he was speaking of. “In fact,” Antoine continued. “I’ve purchased some land right by where we met, on the edge of the jungle and our home is being constructed as we speak.” Akatsuki’s eyes couldn’t have gotten any wider, such news! Needless to say, her parents were pleased that such a handsome, young human would take and interest in their daughter so they gave their blessings.

The very next day Antoine or “Phantom” decided it was ‘time’. While going for a walk through the fragrant plumeria patch, he plucked one and knelt on one knee, “Akatsuki, will you be my lifemate?” “Yes!” Akatsuki nearly squealed. She knew she could look at that face, his face, forever.

Plumeria patch where proposal happened.

The union of the two, human and Horansi, was beautiful. Rather than some big ornate celebration, Akatsuki and Antoine settled for a house-warming party. It seemed everyone from Mutanda showed up and Akatsuki was pleased to have so many Horansi and humans at her party. Typically the Horansi don’t care for any non-Horansi so it made her feel like royalty to have such a large gathering. Her fellow Horansi welcomed this large group of mostly human visitors with open arms, and in turn, Antoine and his friends seemed to take kindly to their new friends.

Shortly after their union, Akatsuki soon found herself with cubs and was due to give birth in a mere 60 days. Antoine, on the other hand received a call from his superior, explaining that while they appreciate his moving to Mutanda and expecting, that didn’t mean he could slack on his job. The region he was patrolling was at a time of peace, but apparently his work was never done.

With only a few days to go before his cubs’ birth, he had to bid Akatsuki “until later,” gave her a kiss and set off on his patrol, hoping she didn’t go into labor early, he wanted to be there for her, for his cubs.

Less than a day had passed, Akatsuki was sitting up in a tree, just outside of their new hut. It was right next to the plumeria patch where Damon had committed himself to her. She was singing a lullaby and eating bananas. She dreamed of what her cubs would look like. She was shaken from her day dream when she saw two cloaked figures approaching. “My love is home!” she thought and leapt down.

Sadly, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The two figures were in all black, and were carrying Antoine’s lightsaber and his gauntlet from his left hand. “Nooooooo!” Akatsuki dropped to her knees and sobbed.

Beloved's gauntlet glove.

“We’re sorry ma’am it was supposed to be routine, the starship just crashed is all.” Akatsuki looked at the two with fire in her eyes, she grabbed her deceased love’s belongings from their hands and growled, “Get away! It’s not ‘just crashed’, it’s not going to be ok! He’s dead! He’s dead because of you and his damn loyalty to the Rebel Alliance!” Akatsuki’s eyes flashed with fire. “Go! Leave me be!”

She climbed as high as she could in the tree over their house and put the light saber in a nook in the tree. Shaking her head she mumbled, “high tech gizmo, thing was worthless, obviously.” She held his leather gauntlet gingerly before placing it on her left hand she swore she’d rarely, if ever, take it off again. She then fell asleep in the tree holding tight to his gauntlet remembering his sweet smile and she dreamt of revenge. She knew in her heart that somehow those humans were to blame for her Phantom’s death.

Kaisha & Cazba

The cubs were born the next week. Akatsuki had two cubs, Kaisha and she named her boy cub Cazba. They were happy healthy cubs and were a perfect combination of Akatsuki and her late beloved.

8 ABY--Krath!

Time seemed to pass quickly, Akatsuki spent her time providing for her cubs and hunting for food. The cubs had just turned 5. Akatsuki was gathering fruit and small squirrels in the jungle and came across a strange character. “Helllllo,” the strange creature spoke “I am Vivi, who be you?” Akatsuki looked at the strange furry being. It had pointy ears, and seemed to be making a potion. “I’m Akatsuki, a Kasa Horansi.” She replied. “Krath!” yelled Vivi, “you left out Krath! Like me, you and me, me and you we’re much the same we are!” Akatsuki looked confused, but was interested. “What do you mean Krath?” she asked. “Sit down Horansi, let Vivi enlighten you.”


That conversation would change the course of Akatsuki’s life forever.

Akatsuki sat down with Vivi, who she recognized as being Drall. Vivi was placing items into a large bowl. Some of the items Akatsuki had seen before, some she’d not.

Vivi began to mutter, “Touch of spirit, mental meditation, Vivi will Adumbrate…”

Suddenly a huge near-blinding flash occurred. “Adumbrate?” Akatsuki asked.

“Hush child, Vivi look to see what will be.” Vivi looked into the bowl, and began to meditate. Akatsuki recognized meditation as her Damon had done this to ‘get in touch with the Force.’ Though these kinds of ideas were new to Akatsuki, she was being handed pieces of her own puzzle.

“AHA!” Vivi screeched “A healer by nature, a good empath…but now, you, YOU…” Vivi pointed her long pointy finger at Akatsuki “You will begin to learn how to manipulate, how to corrupt, how to tame, how to overthrow…Ruination, destruction, debasement and revenge!”

Though little of what Vivi was babbling about made sense. The feeling that went behind the talk, it was touching a nerve. Vivi picked up on the fact that Akatsuki had sworn revenge on those she felt responsible for her great sadness.

“Vivi?” Akatsuki asked timidly, “Will you show me more of this, the ways of the Krath?”

“Of course my sweet, you are Vivi’s apprentice now!” Vivi smiled, revealing odd pointy teeth. “Come, let us learn.”

9 ABY--Learning the Krath Way

It wasn’t long until Akatsuki felt quite comfortable with alchemy. She’d create healing potions and teas with ease. She’d prepare balms for when someone got a cut or a burn. Even her nephew, son of her brother Ammonite, benefitted from the healing abilities of his aunt. One day Ammonite’s son, Rikatash was jumping from branch to branch. He’d gotten a little too close to the remnants of a large bonfire (it was a cookout, quite common on Mutanda) He leapt to make a branch on the other side, but missed, falling down into the cinders.

“Arooooooooo,” he wailed. Akatsuki wasn’t far away, training with Vivi, the cubs playing nearby, heard the cry.

Rika after his paw was burned.

“That sounds like Rikatash Vivi, watch the cubs please.” Akatsuki sprung up and ran to where Rikatash sat sobbing. As Akatsuki approached the young cub, she realized he had very serious burns on the pads of his feet. “Aroooooooooooooo,” he yowled again, “I burned my paws,” he said through sobs.

“You wait right here, I can help…” Akatsuki genstured, “I will be right back.” She ran back to Vivi and explained the situation. Vivi told her to use the combination that had aloe vera as well as eucalyptus and to use the coldest water she could find.

Akatsuki ran to the spring with a cup and brought it back. She sad the stoneware cup right in front of Vivi. “Will this do?” Akatsuki asked her Master.

Vivi stuck her long finger in the water. “No child, close your eyes….” Vivi responded. As Akatsuki closed her eyes, she felt the coldest wind come from no where, and when she opened her eyes, the stone ware cup now had frost on the outside. “Vivi show you sometime, but no time now. Make balm go help little one!” Vivi commanded.

Alchemy for the burned paw

Akatsuki knew this balm for burns well, she mixed the minerals and herbs, then put the mash into the icy cold water. She took the composition back to where Rikatash was waiting. “Here Rika,” Akatsuki sat down the frosty mug, “I have something to fix your paws, lay on your back paws up!”

Akatsuki began to smear the balm on the bottoms of his paws. She expected him to yowl from the initial shock of the cold, but he remained quiet. After Akatsuki applied the balm to all four of his paws she sat next to him, they both looked up at that bright Killinari sun and talked. This took the cubs mind off of the pain. After a few hours (they both dozed off) Akatsuki returned to where Vivi was waiting.

“Healed him the Krath did!” Vivi beamed, “Your cubs are snoozing in the tree, Vivi snoozed too. I saw you heal, Vivi knows.”

“It would’ve been easier if you could’ve been there Vivi.” Akatsuki said.

“Our next lessons we will talk about how Vivi can be there but not be there. How you can get information from me and me from you and Vivi and Aka can be in the same place when not in the same place….” the Drall continued on and on but it wasn’t making much sense to Akatsuki.

“I don’t understand Vivi,” Responded the young Krathling.

“You take the cubs home, come back soon, Vivi will show you some things that will change how you see life. Vivi help you in ways you not understand. Vivi will show you special communication.” Vivi smiled a big pointy toothed smile.