Octavia Morgan Obrie

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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Octavia Morgan Kuga
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:

9 ABY (age 36)

Physical Description





5 Feet 1 Inch


120 pounds





Personal Information

Cethgus Kuga, Sanguinius Tsucyra, Her Clan, Her family


Ewoks,specially the demented tribe on Corellia

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Chronology & Political Information



Aedile of House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis


Dark Brotherhood Era


Clan Plagueis



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Character History

The Beginning

Octavia Morgan Obrie was born to Baku Obrie & Fable Deova-Obrie on Corellia in the year 9 ABY.She is the second oldest out of 7 children,(Baku Jr.,Octavia,Brodie,Stryka ,Darin ,Riyec ,and Astarii ) and is the oldest female out of the lot.

Octavia excelled in her basic studies. She would tinker around with things, taking them apart just to see how they work and then putting them back together effortlessly, as if she has memorized each piece.Due to this, she earned money for her family by fixing things for neighbors and friends. It was obvious that the young girl had a gift; the extent, however, wouldn't be known until later.

The Verification

When she was about thirteen Octavia's father, Baku got a job on Nar Shadda, thus moving the family to the moon. The young teen was extremely distraught due to the move. She had stopped doing the things she loved; including fixing her trinkets and baking things. Her anger had become evident, and to try to calm her, her parents sent her on a slight hiatus back to her home world to spend time with her grandparents.

Her hiatus back to Corellia was doing the young teen well. She had come out of the shell she had put up once she saw her friends and family and she began to do the things she loved once more. Towards the end of her trip however, things began to go wrong. She was having premonitions of things to come, and feelings of horrible things that were to happen.

One morning her grandparents dragged her out of bed to go with them into the forest to collect fruits to sell in the market. Despite her bad feelings and her warning her family went into the forest anyway. Splitting off from her grandparents she had been by herself for about an hour when she heard the screams of her grandmother. Running down the path she was greeted to the sight of her grandparents sprawled on the ground and were surrounded by small furry, bear looking creatures. Today, she still doesn't remember what happened after that, but she had apparently, with her anger and rage, she made one of the furry creatures explode before running into the market for help, where she collapsed.

She was taken to the hospital, and when she awoke she was greeted by her parents and a doctor. They told her what had happened, and even though her parents knew she had the force within her, they withheld the information from her until she was a bit older.

Good Times, Bad Times

The Good Times

Octavia began her training at 15 years old, however it was limited due to her commitment to her family. She stayed on Nar Shadda and worked in her mothers bakery to help the business grow and they moved into a larger apartment building which offered more room for her growing family. During this time the 15 year old came to know Bal Demona, the 16 year old boy who lived down the hall. Kind sweet and caring, Octavia was drawn to him, and could tell he was a force sensitive such as herself. They became close and dated for many years. Once she was done with her basic training they got married when she was 19 and he was 20 in a lavish ceremony that her family hosted. However, soon enough things would begin to fall apart.

The Bad Times

As both of them were strong with the Force they both were excepted to the Brotherhood to learn the ways of the dark side, which please them both. However, the young couple were not sorted into the same order, which meant they saw little of each other. On Top of that, the now 20 year old Octavia was pregnant, and mostly home by herself to study the order of the Krath, while Bal was out doing his training for the Obelisk. Beginning to get more and more upset, the Krath in training began to take up some fighting lessons to relieve the stress of her husband being gone and the idea of having the child by herself. During one of her training exercises she was jabbed hard with a training blade and collapsed. Taken to the hospital wing she lost the child within the hour.

While she was recovering she tried to get a hold of her husband and couldn't, and once she did, he couldn't (or wouldn't, Octavia wasn't sure which the case was) come home. Left to morn by herself she went home for a short time to morn the loss of her child, and at that point the loss of her marriage as well.

A New Beginning

Once she got the papers for her divorce finalized, the ex Mrs. Demona changed her name back to Obrie to start a new lease on life.And the first step she took was becoming a Flight Leader for her House's battle team, Exar's Shadow. With her new position she excelled, getting promoted to Protector in the process.


How Funny It Is That We Confused Hate and Love

Her new found confidence caught the attention of leaders and many others, including the eye of Cethgus Kuga, the Battle Team Leader at the time. Unfortunately, things kicked off with a rocky start for the duo because of the combination of his cockiness and her temper. However the team worked well together, and they were married right before the start of the GJW9.

The War... And It's Toll

Entering the war, the young Guardian didn't know what to expect. She had never been one for heavy combat, and despite having a bad temper,she wasn't keen on violence. She quickly learned, however, the war was all about violence and combat. Octavia was on the ground in the first part of the war, clearing the area of battle druids and Vong forces. Here, she learned to tweak her skills, and began to really understand how to use the light saber she had been given.

Surviving the first leg of the war and realizing that she wasn't fond of hand to hand combat she decided that she wanted to be of more use to the cause. Seeking out ways to be more productive she quickly volunteered to be in the Flight Corps. Despite not knowing a thing about flying, the young Guardian picked the skill up quickly, and was one of the Gold squardon during the last battle of the 9th GJW.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

Flight Leader For Exar's Shadow

Outstanding Achievements

Anything you're proud of.


  • She is Terribly afraid of Ewoks.
  • She recently learned how to fly.
  • Wants to take over the Clan someday.
  • Has trust issues.