Dlarit Navy

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Dlarit Navy
Organizational information
Led by:

Aramis Nestor (Fleet Commander)

Parent organization:

Dlarit Corporation

Chronological and political information

19 ABY

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The Dlarit Navy (DN) is the naval arm of the Dlarit Corporation and incorporates both fleet and starfighter divisions. The navy is led by the fleet commander, who reports to the Governor General of Orian and the rest of the Corporation's executive board. Based in the Orian system, Platform Onyx serves as the main repair and refuelling station for the fleet. While recruitment drives are carried out elsewhere, many of the navy's personnel are plucked from among the Corporation's mining employees, receiving training at the Naval Academy on Tarthos.

The Dlarit Navy is organised around the flag, the Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way, two defense lines, and a mobile reconnaissance fleet. Ordinarily, the navy is charged with the patrol of the Orian system and the surrounding spacelanes to-and-from the nearby super-hyperroute, the Hydian Way, thereby ensuring trade routes remain open. Other than in times of war, the navy's terms of engagement do not not normally allow it to deviate from its day-to-day duties.

When necessarily, the Dlarit Special Operations Group provides trained combat troops and pilots to serve on board the navy's starships. To assist in this end, a permanent commissar is stationed on each cruiser to serve as a liaison between the two units. In addition, a designated surface commander is assigned to each ship to provide captains with a degree of continuity as and when operational requirements call on his or her ship to serve as a troop transport.

Much of the original Dlarit Navy originated from ships stolen from the old Imperial warlords of the Minos Cluster during the Exodus of 19 ABY. However, during the Fall of Antei of 27 ABY, most of the original fleet was devastated and the Orian system remained ill-defended until new vessels under order in the Corporate Sector in the name of Kaldex Transport Inc were completed. With the agreement of Kaldex's owners, the replacement fleet was launched in 28 ABY.

While the fleet grew again in 30 ABY, much of the navy was damaged the following year during the joint Yuuzhan Vong and Peace Brigade siege of the Orian system, leaving many ships in need of severe repair. Thankfully the Yuuzhan Vong War was now over, however the fleet remained beneath full operational efficiency throughout the conquest of Salas V, which left the Corporation ill-prepared for the refugee and Ekind uprisings of 32 and 33 ABY.

Order of Battle

High Command

Fleet Commander Admiral Aramis Nestor

First Fleet

The Special Operations Division

Republic-class Star Destroyer Final Way

CO: Captain Igniv Bahr

Immobilizer 418 cruiser Heretic Sun

CO: Commander Larris Zitrul

Vibre-class corvette Turmoil

CO: Lieutenant Rem Bachtan

Vibre-class corvette Despot

CO: Lieutenant Kel Drassir

Recon Fleet

Enforcer-class picket cruiser Overseer

CO: Commander Kala Miros

Assassin-class corvette Adjudicator

CO: Lieutenant Tor Vaxill

Assassin-class corvette Exile

CO: Lieutenant Ellia Sharlintier

First Orian Defense Line

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Harbinger

CO: Vice Admiral Tomax Bren (formerly Larin Gendash until 29 ABY)

Victory I-class Star Destroyer Covenant

CO: Captain Terr Rineval

Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Scourge

CO: Commander Dalus Rikes

Marauder-class corvette Tarthos Invictus

CO: Lieutenant Sam Vendras

Marauder-class corvette Inquisitor

CO: Lieutenant Cyril Tygh

Second Orian Defense Line

Victory II-class Star Destroyer Orian Legacy

CO: Captain Rill Spainet

Vindicator-class heavy cruiser Immolator

CO: Commander Amerobe Gell

Marauder-class corvette Primus Goluud

CO: Lieutenant Dar Mechal

Marauder-class corvette Reaper's Call

CO: Lieutenant Polis Wellon

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