Nariah Jadon

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Nariah Jadon
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Midnight blue


dark brown

Personal Information
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electronics specialist , smuggler


House Plagueis, Karness Muur, GMRG

Personal Ship:

The SunRage a Space Master-class medium transport

Known masters:

Valerian di Plagia Orzon, Furios, Shikyo, Kal, Koga



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Character Description

Nariah 8338, a human female born on Coruscant in 8 ABY.
She has a golden tan, and dark brown eyes with midnight blue hair which flows like a river of silk down to her lower back. Nariah also has a tattoo of the symbol of plageuis on the back of her neck. She knew very little of her parents they died when she was just a baby. Nariah was found by PRT Josalyn Cregore when she was around 13. Josalyn introduced Nariah to the brotherhood.

Character History


Nariah Jade was born on Coruscant in 8 ABY during that time the city was being visited by the Hapes Consortium. The Consortium gave the city numerous gifts like several captured Imperial Star Destroyers. It was the first time in millennia that the Hapes Consortium even tried to make contact with the rest of the galaxy since the Consortium sealed its borders.

Nariah's parents both served in the New Republic under the leadership of Commander Wedge Antilles and Admiral Ackba. Just one year later during the battle of Bilbringi Nariah's father died during the attack on the fleet. Leaving Nariah's mother to deal with a one year old and her career in the New Republic. The stress of both became to much for the young mother to deal with. Her oath to the Republic won out and Nariah's mother chose to give her up for adoption.

From the time her mother left her to the time she was 13 Nariah lived in the orphan hall on aboard an Acclamator-class assault ship. Nariah's life on board the ship consisted of going to class and exploring every depth of the ship. It fascinated her how the daily workings of the assault ship operated. Nariah would follow crew members around learning their different jobs. She got especially good at the electronics of the ship.

Teen Years

At the age of thirteen Nariah received a hologram that on their next docking at Coruscant Nariah would have to depart the ship. The news had been hard for the young girl to take of course; she had known there would be consequences for the accident. Nariah had been in even more shock once she saw where she would be spending the next few weeks. She had been told that a woman from some brotherhood had shown interest in her test she had taken upon arrival at the orphanage. Test had seemed to be all Nariah was good at, she aced everything with ease. The keepers had even promoted her to advanced classes. The young girl seemed to know what would be on test before the test had even been handed out.

The test on Coruscant though were not academic, they had been more on memory and reflexes. Everything had seemed to be fine with the test, so this mysterious woman’s visit had Nariah’s nerves on edge. The teenage girl slept restlessly on a broken cot. The dreams had started almost the moment Nariah’s eyes had closed. A vision of a temple, a figure cloaked in darkness, their light saber twirled and danced through the wind. The figure stopped and dropped to both knees, hours seemed to go by with no movement. Lighting and thunder crackled throughout the air. It had seemed the figure was in deep meditation, than in an instant the figure had shattered, echoing out a disembodied voice “come to me”.

Nariah woke drenched in a cold sweat. The dreams had been the same every night since she had arrived on the planet. The young girl sat up in bed and looked around her run down surroundings, checking her chronometer, she had only been asleep two hours. Dreams and visions had always been a part of her life, for as long as she could remember they had been there. The dreams had seemed to be a sort of guide. However, in recent nights they had been even more vivid.

The teenager had laid back against the hard mattress and stared out at the moon, surprised it could even penetrate through all the buildings to reach her window, but it gave her peace. Reflecting back on what happen on board the ship, still made her wonder what had happened. The keepers had been testing her nonstop, and yeah her nerves were on edge. It was not like her though to lash out, so to everyone’s surprise when Nariah slammed a keeper into a wall with just a movement of her hand; things had gotten a little tense on the ship after that, not even sure what really happened. However, violence toward keepers was strictly forbidden, so she ended up in this hell hole.

The few days had gone by without incident, even though the dreams were becoming clearer and the dark figure now had a female face it belonged too. The brotherhood woman still had not shown up and Nariah was wondering if she ever would. The days were dragging on and finally on the tenth day of having been cramped in a disgusting room, a beautiful woman had shown up for her. To the teens horrified shock it had been the lady from her dreams.

PRT Josalyn Cregore, had been tracking the teen for a year now, under cover behind enemy lines had not been easy. The order had been looking for new recruits everywhere they could think of. The woman had secretly obtained every test she could get her hands on to make sure her suspicions were correct, and so far she had been accurate. Nariah showed every sign for being a force user even if the girl had no clue; Josalyn needed to get the girl back to the temple where her team could do more test and where Cregore could work with the orphan. This was the start of Nariah's journey and a place where she could harbor her hatred of the Republic for throwing her away and taking her family.

Young Adult Life

Nariah love the idea of a family and stability she found in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. While the Jedi Hunter's ability in the force grew, she also became stronger in saber skills dancing and training for hours in the training fields, her hunger for knowledge was unquestionable also reading, studying, and asking questions.The Krath also did odd jobs for the brotherhood allowing the young woman to save earnings. Nariah also picked up the slicing skill which she became quite skilled at. By the time she was old enough to leave the barracks she had a large amount of credits.

Nariah now a woman bought a complex on a remote planet surrounded by a lush forest.The complex consisted of a large four bed room house, a landing pad, and the most lavish training area. However, most of her training was done outdoors. A very small group of people knew of the place and she liked it that way. Unrest had been brewing in Plagueis for a while and the complex had been her escape. The Jedi Hunter took a few years off, the young woman could not stand to see the only thing she truly cared about destroy its self.

The Krath finally return to find the beloved house in even worst shape, coming back in the middle of the Dark Crusades, seeing Plagueis nearly ripped apart brought a new clarity to the young woman. The Jedi hunter determined to help Plagueis raise above, she vowed one day to lead her brothers and make Plagueis feared throughout the galaxy.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Sith Flight Leader of Satal Keto Transfer Phyle
  • Sith Flight Leader of Satal Victus Brigade
  • Sith Flight Leader of Satal Victus Squadron
  • Sith Flight Member (Primus Pilus)

Outstanding Achievements

  1. Rank of Jedi Hunter
  2. 5 seals of Pain
  3. Dark Maven in Philosophy
  4. Dark Jedi Knight


Interesting or important facts that do not fall under the other two categories.

  1. Nariah has had 5 masters in as many years.