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Tyren Atema
Biographical Information
  • Dantooine
  • Coruscant
Date of Birth:
  • 1 BBY
Date of Death:
  • 37 ABY
Physical Description
  • Human
  • Male
  • 6 ft./183 cm
  • 180 lbs./82 kg
  • Black
  • Green
  • Left eye
Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Green
Lightsaber Form(s):
  • Soresu
  • Makashi
Fighting Style(s):
  • Dulon
  • Kartranin
  • Tu'rek
  • Hapan
Chronology & Political Information
  • Force scholar


Personal Ship:


Known masters:
  • Xilaren Bastra
Known apprentices:


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Tyren Atema was the second son of two Jedi, born in 1. year BBY, five years before the destruction of the Galactic Empire. He was once a thug, bounty hunter and businessman with shady goals and loyalties, but in his later years he had devoted his life fully to the teachings of the Force. He had never claimed his true place in the world; his mind torn between his tortured and anger-filled past and his revelation that there is something more important than his own ego and lust for power – the Force itself. Tyren Atema died in 37 ABY, during the Dark Crusade against the One Sith

Early life

Dantooine 19 BBY-3 ABY

The Atema family

"This is our home. This is the new beginning we dreamt of for a long time."
―Ashira Atema

Two Jedi knights, Jerreth Atema and Ashira Islana survived the „Order 66“ massacre and the insuing Great Jedi Purge. Years after the Emperor’s rise they met on a transport ship en route to planet Dantooine where supposedly a small community of Jedi hid from the Emperor’s wrath.

When they came to Dantooine they found the enclave in ruins, dozens of Jedi slaughtered with but a few survivors. In the midst of the carnage they stood tall and held on to each other for strength.

Eventually falling in love they wowed to rebuild the enclave and open its doors to other refugees and Jedi. With the help of a CorSec agent, a Republic loyalist and Jedi admirer, who helped the enclave with supplies and machinery, they rebuilt it in some of the many caverns on the planet. It was meant to be a safe haven for those that fled the Empire thus it was given a humble name, “Sanctuary”.

After Sanctuary’s completion in the year 5 BBY Jerreth and Ashira married becoming a beacon of light and hope for the people in Sanctuary.

Birth of the twins

"We are the last of the Jedi and our sons will carry that legacy..."
―Jerreth Atema, to his wife Ashira

Not long after the wedding, Ashira became pregnant. Nine months later she gave birth to two twin boys. Their coming to the galaxy was not only joyful for their parents but also for the whole Sanctuary.

Each boy was unique in the Force and promised to be great Jedi - their names, Ylith and Tyren Atema.

The two grew up in a peaceful and Force active society that Sanctuary offered.

Brothers undivided

"Protect your brother, as he protects you."
―Jerreth Atema, to Tyren

Ylith was older, very active, always in search of adventure and danger. Tyren, the younger, was, however, very different from his older brother. He learned meditation at a very early age and thus was more active in views of the Force. He stood by his father mostly, staying in silence while Jerreth spoke of great Jedi deeds and the philosophy of good.

Very early in his life Tyren utilized his Force abilities to do minor tricks, like lifting small objects or creating sparks at will. That gave birth to a sort of jealousy in his brother’s eyes, but even that difference couldn’t keep them apart. The boys became best friends, inseparable, one adding to the other what the other did not have.

Their parents thought them the meaning of good and evil and how to evade evil as best they can. Though they tried to understand this they could not, so they continued their childish, sometimes evil games. Jerreth and Ashira both sensed the boys slight affinity toward the Dark Side of the Force. This worried them greatly since they wished to teach their children the ways of the Jedi.

Ylith was the one that mostly got into trouble, Tyren however was the troublemaker. While he loved to make trouble happen to his older brother he was always there to help him out if the situation got out of hand.

Tyren’s intellect was his strong side. He dodged trouble rather than faced it. He had brains and his brother had brawns so they both grew up side by side, helping one another in times of need.

Coruscant 3 ABY – 23 ABY

A family in ruins

"Mom? Why are you crying?"
―Tyren, seeing his mother in tears after the raid

Three years into the new era, after the devastating defeat of the Empire at Yavin, four years after the twins’ birth, Sanctuary was attacked. The Empire raided the enclave killing anyone they could, with no sufficient weapons to protect themselves the people of Sanctuary ran.

They tried to escape the planet on the same transport that brought Jerreth and Ashira to it years ago. Though the ship was sturdy and well built it could not stand the brutal attack fire from imperial TIE-fighters. It blew up just outside Dantooine’s atmosphere leaving a few escape pods in space. Hundreds died in the raid.

The Atema lived, however, but became separated in the chaos. Ylith was with his father while Ashira took Tyren. The pod floated through space for days, left there by the Empire as a cruel fate – a slow death in the void. Some were taken by the Imperials, some however by pirates and raiders. But their fate would not be death, a smuggler hauled the pod Ashira and Tyren were in hopes of finding quick money. Upon finding the woman and her young son, he pulled out his blaster with an aim to kill. Ashira pulled out her saber and quickly dispatched the threat. They roamed the galaxy in the smuggler’s shipsearch of a place to hide.

They finally hid on Coruscant on one of the lower levels.

Life in the slums

Tyren on Coruscant

"I never knew Coruscant’s underbelly had so many people. They will never find us here..."
―Ashira, arriving on Coruscant

The worst place for a Jedi to go hide was Coruscant, every single Jedi in the galaxy knew that, Ashira however did just that. She fled to Coruscant with Tyren under her wing. They hid in the city slums below the shroud of smog. She was certain that being near the enemy would keep them out of harms way since the place had billions of inhabitants and finding one particular person was improbable. She was wrong.

In the year 6 ABY, after many years of hiding, they were finally found. A squad of storm troopers came into Ashira's and took her away never to be seen or heard from again. Of Tyren however they found no sign. He had run of against his mother’s knowledge to a friend’s home for a sleepover. Homeless, young and helpless he was taken in by Jatarra Dumash. Jatarra was a shop keeper in the slums, very well known to the populace. She watched over him and saw him grow up into a stunning young boy, albeit with extraordinary powers. She first found out about his Force manipulating abilities 8 years later, when Tyren was 14. He had spent a lot of his time in his room doing whatever it was that boys do in puberty, but that time she found him sitting still on his bead and several objects from his room floating around him. Tyren was startled and begged the woman not to tell anyone. When she asked why he did not show her before, he said that was the first time he tried. She promised to keep it a secret if he promised never to do it again. Time passed and the Empire fell, leaving a weak republic in it wake. In the year 23 ABY, when Tyren was 24 years old, he could no longer deny or ignore his heritage and his powers. He said farewell to Jatarra, and promised to return once he had it all figured out. Having spent all his savings on a ticket, he took a commercial flight on a transport ship towards the Outer rim and Yavin, the academy of Jedi he had heard about. Even before they reached their destination, the transport was attacked by an unknown enemy. Tyren escaped with several others in life pods. As his life pod escaped the transport exploded throwing Tyren around and knocking him unconscious. He woke up three days later on the Sword's Sheath, in the Yridia system.

History in The Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Tarentum 23 ABY-24 ABY


"Welcome to The Sword's Sheath"
― Frosty Romanae

During his stay in Gladius, Tyren met the reality of his position. he would submit to their rule and do as he is told, or he would be dumped back into space. he had little choice. Tyren was assigned to Dox Romanae, then a Dark Jedi Knight, who's brutal regime of training left Tyren half-broken and struggling. even though he endured the punishments and training, once Tyren became a Guardian he left Tarentum and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood for a year. This period in his life is now called "The Pilgrimage"

The Pilgrimage 25 ABY

"Our way is not of light or of dark, these are but terms by which small men make excuses for their desires. We are balance."
―The old man

During his time away from the Brotherhood and its affairs Tyren traveled the galaxy from the wasted of Tatooine to the home of the Witches of Dathomir. In the Brotherhood he was becoming reckless, disobedient and that did not please his masters. For that he left, to change. Not long into his journey Tyren found the Old man on an out-of-the-way world in the Outer Rim, he was the last of a religion that preached the legend of a "great dragon", lord of the universe, who ruled all under his strong grip. The Old man praised this ancient deity and predicted Tyren would too. Tyren found the Old man's religion very similar to the teaching of the Unifying force, endorsed by some Jedi in the golden years of the Republic. The "great dragon" was clearly a reference to the Force as a whole – a dominant power in the universe. He stayed with the Old man and learned from his wisdom till his death. With the Old man’s death, Tyren had nothing to look for on the planet, he left and returned to the Brotherhood.

Plagueis 26 ABY

"You will die at my side if you do not press your training, boy."
―Salth Khan commenting Tyren's skills

He did not go back to Tarentum but instead eager to learn about other clans came to House Exar Kun of Clan Plagueis. In hope of a new beginning and the continuing of his training he asked for a master. Sith Battlelord Salth Khan replied to the request. Tyren spent the next year in Clan Plagueis under the brutal regime of his master’s teachings. Khan was a Sith through-and-through and Tyren could never really relate to his lessons. The teachings of the Old man still rang in his ears. He transferred to Clan Naga Sadow, leaving Plagueis behind.

Naga Sadow 26 ABY-29 ABY

"It was right of you to come here. You have much potential."

Disciple of Kressh

When he arrived in House Marka Ragnos he was given a responsibility of leading one of the battleteams. Commanding Ravana Squadron gave Tyren a new insight on the functioning of the Brotherhood. The new experience only made him stronger in his resolve to advance through the ranks. Soon after he was appointed to Aedile of House Ludo Kressh along with Ylith, who he discovered later, was his long lost twin brother.

Quest for knowledge

After the initial doubt in Ylith’s claim to be his twin, Tyren subjected to a DNA test that confirmed it. In the wake of their shocking revelation the two brothers went on a quest to discover their forgotten and hidden past. They roamed the galaxy for clues on where to look, the search eventually led them to Dantooine where they found the shattered Sanctuary. In the rubble they found a holocron that recorded the marriage of Jerreth and Ashira. Amongst the data they found a holovid of their birth, of them playing in the garden, a crest of the Atemas and the vile attack on the Sanctuary.

Now the two brothers understood their past. They placed their family’s banner near the ruins, in remembrance of their parents. Although Jerreth and Ashira were Jedi and their sons Sith their will and wish to save their children was cause enough to remember them.

The two agreed they would bare their true names and never bring dishonor to it.

Battle of Antei and the Orian Invasion

"Your lightsaber, Dark Jedi Knight..."
―Quaestor Ashura Isradia

As many of his brothers had been, Tyren was on the front lines on Antei. Being a Jedi Hunter that he was he had little chance against the overwhelming power of the Aliens, yet he fought bravely and was awarded his own lightsaber. He watched many of his comrades die and even his brother, Ylith, a titan, fell to the Alien weapons. Both brothers pulled out with their heads. Soon afterward he was elected the new Tetrarch of the Night Hawks Battleteam.

After their defeat at Antei the Sadowites returned to Orian where they found an unexpected enemy, the True Brotherhood who had taken over the system. He led his Battleteam on a few special missions for the Summit which came out with critical information for the campaign. Soon enough the Orian Invasion had ended with the destruction of the True Brotherhood and the capture or death of its members. Determined to bring back order to the now scattered ranks of Marka Ragnos, Tyren took up the position of the Commander of Ravana Squadron again. Bringing the Journeymen to their ultimate goal and strengthening Naga Sadows forces became his new objective.


In the long months after the Incursion, Tyren had changed drastically. The fall of Antei and the later Invasion on Orian had a significant effect on him, mentally. His dark personality had become less dormant appearing more often than usual. Tyren did not know what caused this, the Force-devoid Aliens or the death of so many of his comrades. Seeing all that death, Tyren virtually became less and less interested in important things, more and more walking into a kind of indifferent state of mind that didn't care for life or death. He started smoking a lot and found a secret pleasure in it.

Tyren's only true interest was the Herald office and his family and Clan. He worked as the Praetor to the Herald and assisted him and the staff in everything they needed.

A new friendship

A week after his brother took Tyren's old position as the leader of the Night Hawks, an unfamiliar woman walked into his office on Tarthos. The woman was Jade Atema, his brothers fiancée.

They talked for hours about her life and his, about Ylith's and her meeting and Tyren began to like the woman. But something was wrong; he sensed she was different, like him. He sensed she had her darker side chained and enclosed inside her, frequently letting it out.

Nephew and Uncle

Tyren stood, patiently, with Ylith as his son was born. Aragan Atema, a beautiful half-Valheru boy. Tyren became an uncle. He loved his nephew and would gladly protect him with his life should the need occur, since Ylith had a lot of enemies in his former Clans. Along with Aragan the Atema found a new relative, one that they didn't, even in their wildest dreams, expect. Kharon Daragon discovered he was Tyren's and Ylith's uncle being their fathers half-brother. Fate would have it that they found eachouther in the same place.

Battle of Telos

"Remember what we used to say?"....."Jackpot!"
―Tyren and Ylith

In 28 ABY the summit of Naga Sadow issued an immediate plan to destroy an Alien world ship, Domain Amnan, that had entered the Telos system, the jugular of Naga Sadow's supply routes. A plan, under the command of Darth Vexatus and Master Caerick, the Consul, was put into action and the whole suite of Equites and journeymen of the Clan joined in battle on board the living moon.

During their many battles in the belly of the beast, Tyren fought alongside his brother Ylith and his wife Jade along with their apprentices, Sarak Shai and Zaxen, including his own apprentice, Scuslem.

In a battle against the Alien priests, Tyren lost his left eye, one of the creatures having pricked it out of its socket.


After the Alien attack, Ylith had been away from the Clan for some time before returning as... another person, Draken. His interaction with the Force-devoid Aliens changed him, he was less interested in his family and more in destroying the Aliens and gaining power. He had, in Tyren's eyes, betrayed the Atema by leaving his wife, Jade, and his newly born son, Aragan. Ylith's relationship with Xathia didn't help with the situation. The situation escalated when Ylith tried to kill Jade and Aragan. It was by Tyren's help that they escaped the Marakith Skyhook and evaded death.

Ylith left the clan never to return. In the few instances they met, the two nearly avoided bloodshed.

Synergy 29 ABY

The year was 29 ABY and the war against the Aliens was at its height. Yet, some profited from this.

Tyren formed a Company for mining and construction called "Synergy". He situated the headquarters on the planet Khalim, near the Omwat system in the Mid Rim. He saw the future rid of the extra-galactic Aliens and a galaxy full of opportunity. The company was small, employing around 5000 employees: engineers, officers, personnel and the majority of these were miners.

To create his company and finance its infrastructure, Tyren acquired a solid sum of credits from various financial loans, extortions, money laundering, etc.

The company was divided into 3 sections:

  • Mining
  • Military force
  • Construction and engineering

Miners were mostly slaves he acquired from the Hutts or enslaved villagers. Military force operatives were free jacks and people he acquired from various crime lords he killed. The Engineers he acquired the same way as the Military.

Arcona 29 ABY

Tyren left Naga Sadow some time after Ylith. He was tired of the manipulatory politics the leadership had brought upon the Clan. He looked for a new Clan to call home, and so he found one...Arcona. He followed his former apprentice Vorion who had been elected Aedile of House Galeres.

After failing in his role as Quaestor of Qel-Droma he pulled back, into the background for a while. Only when word of Draken, his brother, came to him did he come out of the shadows. Finally the time was right for the two brothers to face of...and end their rivalry once and for all.


"Dear brother, when will you finally learn that you are weaker than you ever were? That is Draken's gift to you..."
―Tyren Atema, mocking Draken

It was a warm day on Shi as the brothers faced each other on the very place Draken used to rule his kingdom, the King's palace.

They had been chasing each other for weeks since Tyren came out of hiding. As would be expected from a Valheru, Draken lead his host's brother to his homworld, for the final, concluding duel that would determine the future of the Atema. Either one, or both would fall, but there would be blood, and they knew it.

The battle was a fierce one, like two opposite poles pushing and pulling against each other, each knowing the others weaknesses. Finally, Draken, the superior fighter gain the upper hand, smothering Tyren to the ground breaking the Krath's hold on his saber. As Draken pulled his brother off the ground he said: "Any last requests?". The only response was a smile on Tyren's face and a stream of blood and spit from his mouth. Draken's disorientation gave Tyren a chance, and he used it. Mustering the Force to his will he enhanced his strength and hit Draken's nose with his brow. The Sith tumbled back even more confused only to recover as Tyren bull rushed him over the high fence. Tyren dangled in the air, holding to a loose piece of metal as he saw his brother disappear into the mist, ten stories below. A single tear fell down his cheek as he damned the demon Draken who had corupted his brother so.

Sworn to the Shadows

"And we are they."

In the year 30 ABY just before the great conflict and the liberation of Antei, Tyren was called into a shady, well organized group of loyal Arconan elites. The Shadesworn were born as the pinnacle of Arcona`s war effort. Their mission would be to prepare the clan for a long awaited mission, the liberation of their home system, Dajorra.

Tyren`s role, as always, was one of a covert nature. He was to organize sleeper cells of commandos from the Synergy military branch and deploy them in every ship of the fleet months prior to the start of the operation. These cells would then upon their activation, place charges on vital systems on the ship, temporarily disabling communication, propulsion and defenses thus spreading utter chaos throughout the Arconan fleet.

Once the operation started and Arcona was flung into chaos, the Shadesworn assumed the role of controlling the ships and stealing of the artifacts in the Arconan vault. While his comrades broke into the vault and took control of most of the fleet, Tyren was left alone facing two Equites of higher caliber, Rho Ozrei d'Tana and Arcturus Gadeskin Xyler. Tyren, surprisingly, proved to be a match to both Equites with his mastery of the art of Soresu.

As the clan began to realize what was going on so did the momentum of the operation subside and the Shadesworn retreated to the Maw Cluster where they would reveal their plan to their comrades. When Vorion, Shadesworn`s leader under Mejas Doto's iron fist, called forth the leaders of the Clan to a meeting they reluctantly came under heavy guard.

It was there and then that the Shadesworn revealed the whole plot to the leaders of the Houses and their other comrades. The Maw led to Dajorra.

Later life 30 ABY - 36 ABY

Exile and Return

For four years, Tyren ran his company from Khalim. His work drove him to new heights and the company flourished. That is until the board of directors became greedy. They wanted Tyren out so they devised a plan. They would hire an assassin to kill him on his own yacht-ship, Jewel of the desert. A crude and ultimetly inefficient method. Tyren killed the assassin but revealed his Dark Jedi nature in the process. Having everything on record, the board decided to change their approach. They knew the Republic security forces searched for any lead or clue to Tyren's criminal doings. They sold the information to the security force for a hefty sum.

The secuity forces ambushed Tyren while he was on a business trip in the Core. He killed every one of the officers sent to arrest him and fled the sector. A Core-wide headhunt was issued, with several Jedi at the lead. He fled into Hutt space for two years, evading the "heat". He faced off the jedi several times but every time he managed to escape. His business was over and his future as anything but a Dark Jedi as well. At least that's what he thought. After the whole thing calmed down and he was sure no one was following him anymore, he returned to Naga Sadow in hopes of finding some much needed respite, but all he found was more politics. He would follow the Clan and see where the future took him.

Unifying Force

In early 36 ABY, just before his return to Naga Sadow, he discovered a curious holojournal on a remote planet called Tar Morden. It described the philosophy of the Unifying force in great detail and it left Tyren perplexed; he had found the very teachings the Old man from his past taught him. He had come full circle. He would hide his revelations and musings from the clan and continue researching the philosophy in secret.

Naga Sadow 36 ABY - Today

Attack on Orian

The surprise attack on Orian was unexpected and caught the Clan completely off guard. Plagueis and Scholae Palatinae exited hyperspace and immediately began their invasion. Their aim was to probe to the Dark Council that they were ready for "Clan status". Clearly they were not. Scholae Palatinae betrayed Plagueis, hoping to eliminate two enemies in one stroke. They failed and the three way battle saw the superior Naga Sadow forces rip apart and drive away the House fleets.

Tyren battled in several battles, most notably the capture and disabling of a Majestic-class cruiser. After the battle ended he aided in rebuilding efforts as well as he could, even going so far as to personally help with physical jobs like rebuilding damaged structures.

Mayda, Tyren's lover

An Old Flame Rekindled

Tyren spent most of his time with the Clan in peaceful meditation or research, all the time listening and learning from Master Bastra's teachings. One day when he came to the Library of Artifacts, hoping to find notes on ancient Jedi techniques, he came upon a sight he had not seen for eight years. There, with the rest of his brothers, he found his past lover, Mayda Ferium - a woman that influenced him profoundly. After their initial greeting which, for the sake of appearances was a bit cold, they met up and seemed to renew their long-forgotten bond. They spent their time away from the Clan in a secluded place, somewhere where they could talk and catch up.

Soon enough the two rekindled their old relationship, becoming lovers once more. Now, devoted to each other, they had the Force on their side and this time Tyren knew their relationship would bloom.

Methyas, Jedi mentor

A New Mentor

Methyas Pepoi L'eonheart, a Jedi Scholar in the ranks of Clan Naga Sadow approached Tyren within the Library of Artifacts on Sepros. He revealed himself as a Jedi and gave Tyren the opportunity he had been waiting for. Methyas proposed that he mentor Tyren and share his knowledge and wisdom with him so they could both bring enlightenment to their Clan. After some discussion and doubt Tyren accepted and showed Methyas the holojournal of his master, Xilaren Bastra. Their meeting was cut short, however, as the Clan mobilized to attack Khar Delba.

The Crusade

Not much is known about his activities during the Dark Crusade. What is certain is that he acted as Black Guard for several Summit members of Clan Naga Sadow and it's Houses. He was killed when an LAAT transport exploded above Khar Delba, in 37 ABY.

DJB Facts

Titles and Positions

OT Tyren Atema (Obelisk)//Marka Ragnos of Naga Sadow [TOR] [GMRG: I] [ACC: II] SB / SC / AC / DC-SP / GN / Cr-2R-3A-3S-6E-8T-4Q / CF-GF / CI-RC / DSS / SI-BL / S:-2C-1Do-2Dk-1P-4U

Important Equipment

Outstanding Achievements

  • Assisted in the creation of the "Rule of Three" Heraldry system
  • Assisted in various projects of the Council as Praetor to the herald
  • Created numerous graphics for members of the club
  • Created the majority of the Spoils of War web comic
  • Received Sapphire Blade for his work in the Herald office



  • None


  • Vorion - Passed the Trials of Knighthood
  • Scuslem - MIA
  • Abominor - MIA
  • Vasili Gallur - MIA
  • Arcana Grim - MIA