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6 Feet Four Inches


250 Pounds


Got none, just horns


Orange, corrupted

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Unknown but probably has some

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Atra Ventus



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"I thought I'd find answers along my path... I only found corpses."

Godarrow (pronounced god-arr-row) is a Zabrak with no known birthplace or family. His earliest memories consist of little more than flashes of an escape pod and his later awakening on Antei. Found to be Force Sensitive, Godarrow was trained in the ways of the Sith and later assigned to Clan Naga Sadow. After serving loyally among the Grand Master's Royal Guard, he eventually fell into shadows, searching for the names of his true parents who ensured he would have a chance to survive and grow. Having returned after many years, Godarrow is still without answers, but he has yet to give up.



Beyond the flashes that make up his early memories, the first thing Godarrow remembers is awakening under medical care within the Shadow Academy. He had received severe head trauma, which they theorized lead to his memory loss. Having already determined his affinity for the Force while he was unconscious, Godarrow was quickly indoctrinated. He took to his studies with fervor, filling the empty recesses of his mind with the vast knowledge at hand within the halls of learning. Despite all this, Godarrow was naturally inclined towards the martial training to be had. He eschewed the rank and file of the scholarly learners in favor of saber practice. He strengthened his body and honed his rage to the point that he appeared to be constantly simmering just beneath the surface. He became volatile and a danger to not only the other students, but himself as well. Eventually, he dropped the literary studies entirely and threw himself into the sparring hall. His remaining tenure within the Shadow Academy could be described in three states: resting, eating, training. He had time for little, if anything, else.

His lust for combat carried him into the Antei Combat Center, often watching the matches in progress or attempting to participate himself. Godarrow never managed to become a contender despite his affinity for the subject matter. Instead, he always succumbed to rage and took on his would-be opponents outside of the controlled environment of the Combat Center. One such encounter lead him to his eventual master, Atra Ventus. Mistaking the Judge for any other regular contender within the Center, Godarrow picked a fight with the Umbaran. The result wasn't even worth calling a fight. Once he was able to stand once more, his rage was further stoked by the amused expression on the other man's face. Atra managed to diffuse further conflict by offering to continue Godarrow's training within Naga Sadow and advancing him beyond the pugilist he had become.

Within The Ranks of Sadow

Godarrow's experience within Naga Sadow was akin to what one might call a fast track. He advanced rapidly through the ranks, operating as a Foxtrot Uniform within Naga Sadow's military. Other than for the purposes of extended training he never spent long within the halls of the Temple of Sorrow where he went to ground after each mission. It was quickly determined that he was best suited for the role of a Juggernaut. His seemingly endless rage and natural born endurance coupled together for the perfect storm on the battlefield. In fact, it was in battle that he truly felt alive. His accomplishments were recognized by the Grand Master's Royal Guard and he eventually found himself standing within the upper tier ranks, despite not yet having reached Knighthood himself.

As his power grew, so did his curiosity. He became less comfortable with the holes in his past with each passing day and eventually turned from the Clan and Guard that had granted him purpose for so long. He had to seek out answers on his own, using his own methods. Godarrow couldn't trust in a secondhand account. Filled with the desire to find out the truth of his origins, the Zabrak left the system and disappeared from record.


After 2 ABY cycles, Godarrow finally returned to Naga Sadow without any more answers than he had upon his departure. He opted not to engage any of his former comrades, though few remained, and appeared the very depiction of a haunted man. When confronted by his former master, Godarrow revealed that he had found no answers and only ever more conflict. He begrudgingly admitted to needing the help of the Clan itself if he ever hoped to find the knowledge he craved. Atra agreed to assist him in accessing whatever information was at his disposal, so long as Godarrow agreed to finish his training and, at long last, reach Knighthood.

Physical Description

Godarrow is a tall Zabrak with red skin, covered in black tattoos forming a menacing pattern. His horns form a crown around his skull with a few smaller horns approaching his ears. His teeth are sharpened and vicious, adding a animalistic quality to his face when paired with his Dark Side corrupted eyes. He maintains a completely shaved head with no hair to speak of. His shoulders are broad, adding to his large and muscular frame that is adorned by the armor of the Grand Master's Royal Guard. Though hard to see through his tattoos, his skin is covered with the marks of his training and various campaigns in the form of numerous scars.