Harbinger (Imperial II-class)

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Exodus era.New Order era.
This article is about a former Sadowan ship. You may be looking for the ship that replaced it, the Harbinger (Venator-class).
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Production information

Imperial II-class Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

1,600 Meters

Max acceleration:

>2,300 G

Max speed (space):


Engine unit(s):
  • KDY Destroyer-I ion engine (3)
  • Cygnus Spaceworks Gemon-4 ion engine (4)
Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1, Backup Class 8

Power plant:

SFS I-a2b Solar Ionization Reactor


KDY ISD-72x shield generator domes (2)


Reinforced durasteel armor

Targeting systems:

LeGrange targeting computers

  • Octuple barbette turbolaser cannons (8)
  • Additional turbolaser cannons and batteries (>36)
  • Ion cannons (20)
  • Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (10)

6 Fighter squadrons






Cargo capacity:

36,000 metric tons


6 Years

Other systems:

HoloNet transceiver

  • Destroyer
  • Battleship
  • Carrier
  • Military transport
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The Harbinger was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer formerly under the command of Sanguinius Tsucyra. Second only to the Clan Naga Sadow flagship the Damnation, it was destroyed in 35 ABY and consequently replaced with the Venator-class Harbinger.

Vessel Info

The Imperial II-Class Star Destroyer, the upgrade to the hugely successful Imperial I-Class, represents one of the pinnacles of warship design in the galaxy, and virtually none that have had as much of an impact. The Imperial II class is the measuring stick to which all other warships are compared to.

The Imperial II is designed to be a self-contained fleet of its' own, as well as operate effectively in larger fleet-wide roles. Often, a single Imperial II is enough to pacify a system or keep the peace, and in fact is often designated as a peacekeeping battleship. Widely deployed by first the Galactic Empire and then by the latter governments that took over, it still remains as effective as ever despite the introduction of newer warships.



The Harbinger, like all ships in its class, has a heavily reinforced hull as well as deflector shields and heavy armaments. Equipped with eight octo-barreled turbolasers cannons and Ion cannons the Harbinger is a force to be reckoned with. Equipped with a primary docking bay located at the belly of the ship as well a claws that hold smaller ships in the ventral second docking bay.

Role in the Warhost

The Harbinger is the personal ship of the Clan Proconsul, its role in side of the Warhost is to act as the second ship in command should anything happened to Clan Naga Sadow’s Flagship Damnation.

As one of Sadow's large star destroyers, the Harbinger serves a variety of roles. As a battleship, it leads in deep space combat, possessing a complement of advanced TIE models. It is also equipped with 2000 troops and armor to support them, allowing the Harbinger to support ground operations or to execute them on its own, if necessary. Notably, the Harbinger carries the Warhost's only Floating Fortress. As such, it is uniquely suited for urban warfare, with the sight of the star destroyer above to intimidate would be dissenters.


Battle of Inos

The Battle of Inos refers to the battle between the then two houses of Clan Naga Sadow, House Marka Ragnos and the now dormant house House Ludo Kressh. Taking place on 29 ABY around Inos Moon 18, the climax of the battle saw The Harbinger engaged with the RSD Final Way.


After the events of Horizons, the Harbinger along with the rest of Naga Sadow went to Judecca where they engaged with the fleet of Scholae Palatinae in a fierce battle. Zoraan’s fleet suddenly emerged attacking Scholae Palatinae forces. Naga Sadow, seeing this as an attack on the Brotherhood turned their firepower on the newly arrived force.

Being one of the few ships to survive the near complete destruction of the Naga Sadow Fleet at Jubacca, it was scuttled as decommissioned. However Locke secretly tasked the engineers to refit and restore the Harbinger back to its former glory, this continued under the Consulship of Malik. After a surprise attack on Tarthos in 37 ABY the Harbinger was rushed back into active duty to defend the planet. Once the threat to Tarthos was eliminated the ship was sent to Korriban to serve as the flagship for Naga Sadow, while the Damnation was kept behind to defend the Orian System.

Now the ship regularly patrols the Orian Pipeline, working in conjunction with the INT Abyss to maintain a blockade on the Orian System. When he is on-board, the ship serves as the Proconsul's flagship. Sanguinius made regular trips to the ship to inspect it and it's operations. While he was on-board, he maintained ultimate command of the vessel and any in the vicinity, save when the Consul was present.