Bastions Of Knowledge

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Exodus era.
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Bastions Of Knowledge
Date: 31 ABY
Location: New Tython
  • Unknown Mercenary group

  • Unknown

  • Mercenary Infantry

  • Several
  • Several

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The Bastions Of Knowledge, or the Mercenary Crisis, was penned by Councilor Morotheri Mithfaron as an interim chapter to the canonical saga of The Pillars Of Menat which chronicles the struggles and adventures of the early Jedi Order of Odan-Urr as recorded in the year 31 ABY. This chapter of events leads into the Fall of New Tython.


The Jedi Order, having earlier ceded the government previously to the new City Council was itself uprooted from Ooroo Abbey (which had acted as a Jedi temple since the Orders founding) and moved to the Halls of the Watchmen. A shining beacon of hope and promise for the Jedi Order in the form of a Praxeum became established in the east of the city.

The Jedi, now acting solely as mediators, ambassadors, and guardians of the peace were granted limited privileges in the realm of martial force, but were instilled through the office of the High Councilor a detachment of units from within K.U.D.F. The units Commander Deo Sol works in conjunction with the Knights Of Urr and the City Council.

The newly constructed Praxeum and Library, funded to safeguard and archive Jedi knowledge and several darkside artifacts became the focus of a surprise attack by an as of yet unknown military group. Combatants rushed into the city assaulting it with blaster fire and explosives; at least one known force-wielding aggressor is known to be present.

The target of the assault seems to have been the vaults of the Library from which was stolen the invaluable Holocron Of Antiquities, a device containing ancient knowledge of Odan-Urr and several of his contemporaries. Unaware of the identity or aims of the aggressors, High Councilor Drodik initiated the Odanites to investigate and report on the attack and whereabouts of the Holocron.

With little evidence to go on the Odanites struggled to link the attack to any one faction or even a trail to start on. Cy and his renegades were seemingly disbanded or lying low, and the New Dawn were themselves preoccupied with carving a life out in the wilderness.

Jedi Sentinel Kaira Rohana eventually came by word from a Harakoan contact of a suspicious human male who had sustained several injuries during apprehension. Kaira traveled to investigate and found the man to be valid enough of a lead to bring to the attention of the High Councilor. She brought the individual in for questioning to which he claimed Drodik to be a violent warlord. The man refused to name himself but claimed he was one of many. That moment an attack on the Praxeum grounds erupted again as well as blaster fire outside the Halls of the Watchmen themselves.

A brutal battle waged between the (theorized) Mercenary army and K.U.D.F. as well as several Jedi into the morning, after which the attacking forces retreated having completed their attack run. Several casualties were inflicted on but the strength and autonomy of Menat Ombo's new government had shone through the valor and responsiveness of its military Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force. The attackers were repelled by morning.

In the aftermath of the attack runs, the Jedi were themselves victim to a strange illness which manifested in 30.8 ABY.


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