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Disciples of Baas
Unit Information

37 ABY


Stability and Relief Operations


10 Jedi [[1]]


Arca Praxeum


The Disciples


Vodo-Siosk Baas


Caring for those who cannot care for themselves.


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Conciliator Lu`aisha Gresee

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"The dark side has come before, and it will come again. Do not underestimate its power. That is why I have devoted my life to teaching Jedi Knights, to strengthen the light side against the tide of darkness that is sure to come."
―Excerpt from a recording made by Vodo-Siosk Baas

Founded during the fall of Purity Rock, the Disciples of Baas is a Battleteam of House Odan-Urr whose main focus is critical aide and protection of innocents throughout the galaxy. They teach with their wisdom. They defend with their lightsabers. They heal with the Force. They protect with political savvy. They are the Disciples of Baas.



Beginning in 36 ABY the need for a more humanitarian force was growing. Jedi that sought not to fight on a large battlefield or quietly infiltrate an enemy base had no place of their own. They wanted to use their skills to help people directly. The original members of the Disciples devoted their time to honing their skills as Scholars, Diplomats and medical experts, eventually leading to them successfully fulfilling a vital role within House Odan-Urr . In under a year, the Disciples found themselves to be a small but fully functional unit, operating solely in a humanitarian capacity, they often went on diplomatic missions to promote the ideals of peace and prosperity for all, whilst also going on missions to provide aid to those who needed it, whilst maintaining a primary focus on those that lived in New Tython.

Return of the Light

Return of the Light

During the reoccupation of New Tython in 37 ABY these Jedi played a pivotal role in the war by coordinating the relief effort in areas liberated by the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force. They provided food, water and shelter along with medical care. Their Diplomats formed even stronger alliances with the local tribes. The Disciples, as they are called, were the ones who organized the rebuilding on Menat Ombo and similar settlements, after the war.

Once the Arca Praxeum was repaired, they reorganized it and set about introducing its teachings to new Padawans, having a specialised location for the development of Padawans encouraged the Disciples to develop stronger methods of training young force-sensitives and to teach and nourish the values of the Jedi within them. The Disciples became devoted to protecting innocents from tyranny and vowed never again to let another Thuron regime take hold anywhere in the galaxy.

The Eleventh Great Jedi war

Eleventh Great Jedi War

Following a short period of peace, the Eleventh Great Jedi War descended upon the House. For the most part, many of them had to abandon their pacifist ideals in order to help their fellow Jedi. The Disciples found themselves stretched thin trying to fulfil their duties to the House as soldiers, diplomats and healers. Almost all of the disciples who had any medical training were put under tremendous pressure, tending to wounded on the front-lines whilst simultaneously being called to pursue diplomatic efforts with the allies of House Odan-Urr , whilst all members who had sought different professions were all needed as soldiers to fight alongside their Jedi brothers and sisters. Culminating in the Disciples primarily taking part in small skirmishes and missions acting as support for soldiers and other Jedi squads.


Vodo-Siosk Baas

Master Vodo-Siosk Baas

Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas was a Krevaaki male who served the Jedi Order during the time of the Old Sith Wars. Baas was a warrior, historian and lightsaber expert. His most notable achievement was the creation of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine. He devoted his life to training future Jedi to combat the forces of the dark side. His apprentices include legendary Jedi Master Nomi Sunrider and the future Dark Lord of the Sith, Exar Kun.

When his final apprentice, Exar Kun, fell to the dark side, Master Baas confronted his wayward apprentice on the floor of the Galactic Senate. Baas’ combat skills and connection to the Force was so strong that he was able to duel Kun to a standstill using only a wooden quarterstaff against Kun’s lightsaber. Kun eventually killed his former master, but Baas returned as a spirit thousands of years later to help a group of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker’s students on Yavin 4 finally defeat Exar Kun by permanently banishing the Sith Lord’s spirit.

Master Baas stands to this day as one of the greatest Masters of the Jedi Order. His contributions to the Jedi Order as a warrior, scholar, and teacher will never be forgotten. The Disciples of Baas take their name and Master Baas as their patron in honor of his impact across the spectrum of Jedi disciplines.

Tactics and Operations

"These are the moments we strive for, when the hope of victory becomes real. When we can see peace on the horizon."
―Grand Master Satele Shan

Every Jedi can perform each of the five main roles. Although some choose a specialization to focus on.

  • Enlightenment- Educate those who lack facilities of learning
  • Protection- Protects HOU Summit members as well as maintains security of the Arca Praxeum and other HOU assets
  • Healing- Can be deployed to any theater to provide medical care in areas of war, natural disasters or poverty
  • Stability- Organizes relief and reconstructions efforts
  • Diplomacy- Forms alliances, creating treaties and other political activity

These "professions" are the specialization each Jedi may choose to align themselves with. These are not official positions that can be held, but more unofficial roles that the Jedi use to hone their skills. They may specialize one or more if they choose.


This includes the Archivists, Archaeologists, Researchers, Lore Keepers, Instructors and other knowledge related fields. Teachers collect, organize, analyze and share all of the knowledge in HOU. Working alongside Diplomats, they instruct local inhabitants on governing themselves. Working alongside the Rollmaster, they welcome and support new members; helping them to get settled into their new home.


Act as Special Security and Investigators. Maintains security of HOU assets as well as assesses both internal and external threats. They are also the personal bodyguards of Summit members. Peacekeepers can be deployed to protect Diplomats, Teachers or Healers in hostile areas and can coordinate K.U.D.F. in those areas. Often work along with Healers to provide logistical support of supplies and construct shelters to those in need.


The Jedi who specialize in the healing arts also supply food, water and shelter to areas stricken by war, famine, or any natural disasters. They also maintain the medical facilities in Menat Ombo. On the battlefield they provide emergency medical care to solders.


They are the voice of the Summit. When special attention isn't required from Summit members, the Diplomats travel the galaxy establishing peace-treaties, forming alliances, negotiating hostage release and creating laws to be enforced by the Peacekeepers. They create stability in havoc stricken areas by re-establishing a government body. Alongside Teachers, they instruct locals on how to govern themselves after a tyrannical government has been removed from power.


  • Respect is of the utmost importance. Disciples will show respect at all times and work to encourage and support each other.
  • Activity is a large part of this Battleteam. Those who are absent for a length of time will be removed from the Battleteam. If you are unable to maintain activity due to real-life events, contact the Chief Consular.


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