Fall of New Tython

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Exodus era.
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The Pillars Of Menat
Date: 31 ABY
Location: New Tython, Menat Ombo

New Dawn



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As the second part of an ongoing series of canonical tales, The Takeover of New Tython tells the story of the events on New Tython following the immediate end of the Pillars Of Menat leading up into the Dark Crusade and subsequently, the Tythonian Uprising.


In the events prior to the Dark Crusade, the planet of New Tython had found itself locked in a civil war. Spearheading the aggressors, Cy Thuron, aided by the commander of the mercenary army, Ozan Miliet and the recently promoted Feeux, the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force suffered tremendous losses under constant assaults. Under the direction of his mysterious master, Cy Thuron began amassing his forces, forming a regime and marches his troops through New Tython.

Succeeding in capturing the Harakoan High Chieftain Whenua as well as the two Harakoan City Council members, Ministers Matiu and Kiri. Having Ordered his troops to send a message, an entire settlement of Harakoans were slaughtered during a Harakoan festival. Succeeding in disorganizing the Harakoan tribes, Cy Thuron marched his troops onwards towards Menat Ombo, successfully bringing it under his control.

Taken by storm during a Council meeting, all of the City Council members were captured. The Jedi made an attempt to get off-planet with as many refugees and KUDF forces as possible. The Jedi began their escape attempt outside of Menat Ombo by one of the Harakoan villages that had been left in the wake of Cy Thuron’s forces. They decided to make for the city to set free the refugees that had been captured. Several of the Jedi led by Raiju Kang Leader of the Knights of Allusis scaled the outer wall of the city under the cover of darkness. At the same time the another group of Jedi lead by Sight Nortorshin leader of Strike team Ooroo stowed away aboard a resupply transport entering the city.

Both groups made their way towards the Memit district where the refugees were being held as prisoners. It would become a bloody night as the Jedi cut and slashed their way through the occupied Menat Ombo. The actions of several Jedi came dangerously close to the darkness that night. The Jedi reached the refugees in the Memit district and released them from their prison. With the refugees in tow the Jedi began the long fight against soldiers and armor units as they made their way to Ordain Vonoro Spacedock.

Upon reaching the spacedock the Jedi barricaded themselves in and began preparing ships and treating the refugees that had survived the fighting. It stayed like that for the last few hours of the night. As the first rays of the sun shone over the horizon Cy Thuron’s forces began their assault on the Spacedock. The Jedi shaken from the initial volley of artillery fire regained their composure quickly and ushered the refugees into the waiting ships still in the hanger. However, the young Jedi Elleron made the ultimate sacrifice, staying behind to hold off the mercenary forces to ensure the rest of the Jedi and the surviving refugees would be able to escape the planet.

Out of the 4,000 refugees only 2,033 had made it off planet alive, and many were injured from the fighting and mistreatment from Cy Thuron’s forces. In the aftermath, the refugees were relocated to a new, temporary planet while the Jedi began to seek out ways in which to muster enough support to reclaim New Tython.

Last moments of Elleron[1]

Through victory, my chains are broken.

His face was rock-hard with tension as he concentrated everything he had into horrifying his enemies. Where the sweat had trickled down his forehead during the battle, it now fell like salty rain. Denath angled his head to growl over his shoulder. "Get... in." Raiju and Sight glanced at Denath, then at Liam. He nodded, and the wounded Strike Team leaders helped each other stumble into the hangar.

"That's enough, Denath," Liam gently instructed him. "There'll be enough time while they recover to dash inside." Denath may have glanced at him; with eyes like pits of black, it was always hard to tell what Denath was looking at. A blaster bolt buzzed past as the toughest of the soldiers got a grip on themselves.

"Doors only seal from outside... turn the shields up, and you can... fly straight through the roof. I will seal the doors." Denath trembled a little as the focus began to take its toll. More blaster bolts floated past, their aim terrible, as more soldiers began to man up and knuckle down.

The Force shall free me.

"We can't win by falling to the Dark Side. You've bought us enough time. Every Jedi needs to board these ships. You need to come back to the Light and come with us. We can all leave. The House needs its leaders - all of them."

"It's the only way," Denath panted. "We have to do... whatever it takes."

"That's not your body your choosing to throw away!" Liam chastised the Dark Jedi. A moment passed.
The darkness drained from his eyes, leaving behind forest green irises as Elleron regained control. Liam and Morotheri deflected another volley as the soldiers started to charge forward. Elleron paused for a moment as he watched them approach, as he watched Liam and Morotheri defend them. Another explosion echoed to their side, too close for comfort. "You're right, Liam," Elleron acknowledged as they all turned to the hangar. "The House needs its leaders." Elleron gathered whatever strength in the Force remained to him and threw Liam and Morotheri into the hangar. He threw his lightsaber into the external controls, severing them, and the doors sealed shut quickly with a sound like thunder. Elleron sighed and turned to face the soldiers, recalling his lightsaber to his hand. He raised the silver blade in a salute as he recited the Jedi Code.

There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no-


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