Renewal of Hope

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Exodus era.
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Renewal of Hope
Date: 31 ABY
Location: Talus, Corellian system

Talus Defense Forces

  • Governor Garon
  • Commander Yaris

  • Infantry
  • Fixed defense positions

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The Renewal of Hope was a guerrilla-style military campaign during the Dark Crusade launched by House Odan-Urr on the planet Talus. Launched by the Quaestor with the intent of stopping a dangerous civil war with far-reaching consequences for the Galaxy. Meanwhile, the Jedi would be able to seize valuable military assets and supplies for use in reclaiming the Jedi's home world of New Tython following the rise of the Mad King, Cy Thuron, during the Fall of New Tython. It was instrumental in arming and expanding the assets of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, as well as aiding in the arming and training of Harakoans for the planet's liberation.


Revak Kur: "Correct me if I’m wrong, sir. Have we just prevented a war?"
Liam Torun: "It's delayed for the time being. But war is still coming."
Revak Kur and Liam Torun, discussing the aftermath
The wilds of Talus, where the Jedi would retreat and regroup.

During the Dark Crusade, A'lora Kituri, the Farseer of House Odan-Urr, explores a vision granted by the Force concerning twin planets that hide something of great value in their effort to liberate New Tython. She advises High Councilor Liam Torun of her vision and they bring the House's fleet to the Corellian System, in orbit around Talus, a planet gripped in silent rebellion against the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances.

Under the guise of supply vessels, the Jedi attempt to infiltrate the planet, however their ruse is easily uncovered during a game of Djurak by Talus' Governor, Garus. Musing over a glass of Corellian brandy, he lures the Jedi closer to the planet before firing upon them in space with turbolaser batteries hidden on the surface. The Jedi fleet breaks up and scatters, later relocating to the forests of Talus.

With the aid of intelligence videos taken by Jedi infiltrators, Liam learns of a dangerous biological superweapon, a warhead that could wreak devastation against Governor Garus' enemies. Determining that he must be stopped, he orders the Jedi to ignore Garus' weaknesses and instead strike where he is strong. The unexpected shift in tactics catches his forces off-guard, and the Jedi invade a city housing a hidden shipyard. During the infiltration, they encounter the young Jedi Nathan Deciarus who is instructed to aid House Odan-Urr by his master, known only as D'hak.

The Jedi strike force successfully ignites a hidden Tibanna gas manufacturing facility, causing chaos and destruction to the Governor's forces. Coupled with additional strikes led by Lyze Kiel and V'yr Vorsa, the Jedi succeed in seizing control of the shipyard and dismantling Governor Garus' chemical warheads, accumulating in his death at the hands of a remorseful Liam Torun.

In the aftermath of the campaign, the Jedi seized the weapons and equipment concealed in the shipyard and brought them to the planet Haven, where they would begin making their final preparations before returning to New Tython. Their plans would run astray, however, with the capture of the Knights of Allusis.


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