Alpha's Omega

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Alpha's Omega
Unit Information

Since 139 BBY


Mercenary unit

  • Guerilla Warfare
  • Urban Combat
  • Electronic Subterfuge


  • Thett Omega
  • Zak Sallis
  • Fakot Odramord
  • Xanem Lantor
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Alpha's Omega is a predominantly Anzat mercenary group in the employ of the Thuron Monarchy and it's many associates. They are a well trained and well organized group of professional soldiers who follow a strict code of conduct with clients and marks alike. Their current mission is capturing and/or eliminating the Knights of Allusis strike team.




Rise to fame


Clone Wars


Imperial employ


Fall from grace


Vong war


The Thuron Monarchy



Commander Thett Omega


Biographical Information

  • Homeworld: AnzatJulea
  • Birth: 344 BBY

Physical Description

  • Species: Anzati
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.95m
  • Weight: 91kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Gray

Personal Information

  • Fighting Style(s): Dulon
  • Position: C.O.

Short Biography

Centuries of seeing nothing but strife and bloodshed has turned Thett Omega into a cold and heartless man. Being an Anzati, being cold and heartless is the routine and mundane, but Anzati usually stick with their own kind on their own planet and only leave to feed. Thett Omega, however, had other plans. Being a part of a noble family on Anzat, Thett had access to military training and expert martial artists that conditioned Thett’s body and mind, tempering him into a killing machine. Realizing that the planet of Anzat had no use for the only thing Thett was trained to do, he recruited a number of his friends and acquaintances to leave Anzat and travel the stars with him. Some said no, but a surprising amount of his younger friends and associates gladly joined him and left Anzat for good.

Years passed and Thett always had a steady stream of work coming his way for him and his team. Hired by various organizations, corporations, and even a few religious societies, Thett began picking up contacts and resources across the galaxy. These contacts allowed Thett to get the best armor and weaponry for his men, as well as being able to ensure they were up to snuff on their training.

by: Kah Manet

Lieutenant Zak Sallis


Biographical Information

  • Homeworld: Julea
  • Birth: 5 BBY

Physical Description

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.85m
  • Weight: 86.18kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Gray

Personal Information

  • Fighting Style(s): Dulon
  • Position: X.O.

Biography How does one become a member of a mercenary group? Some see it as a lucrative paycheck. Others see it as an opportunity to feel powerful. Yet a small group see it as the most effective way to correct a wrong. Zak Sallis belonged to the latter group, a small group of men. Zak was a man of good character and strong beliefs. As a young man, Zak Sallis had attended the prestigious Coruscani Pilot Institute. After serving a year in the Imperial Navy, Zak returned home and was commissioned an officer of the Julea Colonial Militia.

After fifteen years in the Militia, almost forty years old, Zac resigned his commission in protest of the campaign that was destroying the Militia. The governor’s plan to annex a large part of the Julea rich in minerals was causing a large backlash from the city network of Zabrak colonists already living there. Already scarce resources were being depleted in attempts to destroy Zabrak cities. The propaganda machine was congratulating the soldiers on razing smaller settlements in the more rural parts of the land. Settlements filled not with soldiers, but farmers, women, children. The death of children were being celebrated. When Julea soldiers encountered their Zabrak counterparts, the results were always the same. Men thrust in combat came out of the meat grinder damaged and barren to the extent that their parents barely recognized them.

Winding up in a Cantina a spaceport away from Julea, Zak was offered a job by Alpha’s Omega. While mercenaries, he felt he could make a difference by training the men and training them in the ideals that he had been raised to live by: Right Mind, Right Act, and Right Outcome. Zak Sallis is respected by his men. Even for a group of cutthroat mercenaries out to make a quick paycheck, his professionalism with a subtle hint of eccentric thought leads to some interesting speculation about who he was on Julea.

The Jedi were a problem to Zak. The occupation of Harakoa, which have been arrogantly renamed New Tython after the Jedi, was unjust in his eyes. He saw it as another conquest designed to stir people up about what they were entitled to. He saw the Jedi as the harbinger of these thoughts, dismissing the idea that they were there to preserve the peace. The Jedi were there to keep the status quo on dominating an otherwise unremarkable race. And that didn’t sit right with Zak.

by: Aerin Taggart

Lieutenant Fakot Odramord


Biographical Information

  • Homeworld: Devaron
  • Birth: 2 BBY

Physical Description

  • Species: Devaronian
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 85 kg
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Rust red

Personal Information

  • Fighting Style(s):
  • Position:


Born on Devaron in 2 BBY in the city of Montellian Serat, he quickly found his family moved out by his mother at its destruction shortly after his birth. His father was part of the Devaronian Army and spent his time in battle, only ever sending credits and stories back but never visiting. His mother raised him alone and taught him everything he needed to know about taking care of himself.

From an early age he was an explorer. Spending his free time when not tied up in his studies exploring every last rock of the Blue Mountains. He even started up a small explorer and mapping club with friends and got his first experience with leadership. It was not surprising to anyone that he joined the Devaronian Army himself at the first chance he got. Fakot had all the right tools to make a great scout for the Army. Excelling in every mission thrown his way by upper command. However, it was his own personal touches and side quests that got him into early trouble. Constantly taking open interpretation to his orders and taking liberties with his freedoms to do his own thing on top of what was expected of him.

With the recent memory of the butcher of Montellian Serat still fresh in every Devaronian’s mind, it was a trait that was seen as reckless and dangerous. Already frustrated by the rigid structure of the Army, and feeling constrained, these extra complaints caused him to leave the Army for good to follow his own path. Still needing to satisfy his desire to explore, as well as provide a steady flow of credits back to his family on Devoron, Fakot joined up with the first mercenary group he encountered in his travels. It was a new lifestyle at a new pace, which sent a spark of vigor in him that he had never experienced before.

Alpha's Omega was looking for fresh blood to fill their ranks as they looked to build their influence and resume. A skilled and ambitious Devaronian with military training was just what they needed to finally find success. He immediately became a rising star with his flawless ability to execute on his missions. Flourishing in his new role as a mercenary where his special antics were approved of and not shunned he quickly got attention of the group leadership. It was only a short year before he found himself closely tied to the leaders with his own pick of the available missions. He quickly began to understand the political power structure of the group and used it to his advantage to explore areas he wanted most.

Along with this success, came free advertising at word of their results, and recruiting was at an all time high. Higher quality members were joining with greater talents furthering their success. However it wasn’t long before even that wasn’t enough. Not satisfied with the available options for him and the risk involved, and recognizing the strength of his own position, Fakot grabbed for more. Forcing the current lieutenant of the 2nd batallion to step aside from political pressures of the membership and his own close allies he found himself at the top. As a lieutenant his results spoke for themselves. The credits that poured into Alpha's Omega were enough to keep any mercenary happy and for them to look the other way as he would pursue his own ambitious agendas regardless of how reckless.

Personality and Traits

Fakot is always busy with something and his mind caught in some other world. It gives an impression of being aloof and never really present in the room if you were to meet him. Yet his speech is specific and deliberate showing his attention to detail. It would be hard to deny his cleverness with any amount of time spent with him.

When things get rough his attention becomes locked in. His intensity shows through in his face and actions as he becomes immediately present in the here and now. This switch is carefully learned by his closest allies, as a way to gauge his attitude and feelings.

When combat situations arise, he prefers the use of blaster rifles but is equally skilled with blaster pistols. Having become an incredibly skilled marksman during his time in the Army and even better with the more unorthodox style he picked up during the subsequent mercenary years. With a blaster in his hands he is incredibly deadly. A skill that suited him well and aided in many of his successes on his missions and kept him alive.


Fakot has a rust colored complexion, and is hairless with the signature Deraonian horns protruding from the top of his head. He has sharp incisor teeth which add to his aggressive appearance that makes many even more uncomfortable in his presence.

He chooses to wear dark heavy mercenary armor protecting most of his body, and moves very comfortably in it, likely attributed to his physical fitness and strength and time spent working with several of his closer bounty hunter allies.

by: Evant Taelyan

Lieutenant Xanem Lantor


Biographical Information

  • Homeworld: Panatha
  • Birth: 0 BBY

Physical Description

  • Species: Epicanthix
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 64 Kg
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Green

Personal Information

  • Fighting Style(s): Teras Kasi
  • Position: Lieutenant, 4th Company


Growing up on Panatha, Xanem was one of the more intelligent kids in his neighborhood. Xanem family was on the poor end of society, but they tried to provide him with the best that they could muster up. Going through school he tried his hardest to be one of the top students that he could be where he ended up as the seventh highest person in his class. Not being in the top five of his class Xanem could not get a free ride to the University like he wanted.

Not really having the money to head to university Xanem enlisted in the Panatha military. At the time of his enlistment only the infantry was open for more recruits. Going through boot camp he rose above all of the other recruits in almost every field of study. He was originally going to serve just the basic term but after graduation of boot camp he figured he would make it a life career.

Quickly rising up in the ranks of the enlisted men Xanem was put in charge of a squad of infantrymen. His regiment was called up to be deployed to help some Jedi to fight a battle to claim the planet for its people from the remnants of the Empire. During the final and bloody battle Xanem's squad and two others was trapped under a building thanks to an explosion, being left for dead he and the rest of the men barely made it out alive thanks to the people of the planet reconstruction. The whole series of event left Xanem with a scar on his face and he and the other men officially declared dead on the planet Panatha. Given a chance to heal he and the rest of the men was given a ship in thanks for their services to leave the planet.

Being left with nothing but a ship that the group of men and women decided to rename the ship to be called Yaimpar. With a mutal vote and Xanem being the highest ranking person he was put in charge of the group. Not long after that they found a new home, after Alpha's Omega recruited them into the fold. With Alpha's Omega they became a group of mercenaries for hire to earn some credit to buy better gear and equipment for them to take revenge on those who have done them wrong, by leaving them trapped under that building.

Physical Characteristics

Xanem is your average looking Epicanthix. The most noticeable feature one can see is on his face. At a quick glance one will see he is a brown haired green eyed male, but at a closer look one will see a scar that goes from the middle of his right check, across the nose and above his left eye. Xanem wears black boots, black pants with a black long sleeve shirt and a sleeve less black trench coat. On his waist he has a belt that holsters two pistols and on his back he has a rifle slung.

by: Sa Ool

Ships and equipment

Alpha's Omega has a small fleet of corvettes listed below. These ships were acquired in different ways over the years and some are very old, however they are in good combat condition. Almost all of these ships are modified in one way or another.

The Diligence

The Diligence

A modified Marauder-class corvette, The Diligence is the unit's capital ship and main headquarters. The Diligence was a pirate vessel before Thett and his crew acquired it in 28 ABY through shady contracts. It is currently the most powerful vessel in Omega's fleet.

The modification on the ship are extensive, and illegal for the most part. It was fitted with extra firepower, giving it a boost in 150% combat effectiveness. It's power plant was modified as well, to accommodate the extra power drain. It's fitted with an extra hangar for another squadron of Omega's A-wings.

The ships standard complement consists of a skeleton crew of 70 and a droid complement of 20 astro-droids.