Rohlan's Vision

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Rohlan’s Vision
Production information

Mon Calamari Shipyards

Product line:

Mon Calamari Star Cruisers


MC40a light cruiser


Light cruiser


45,000,000 credits

Technical specifications

600 meters

Max acceleration:

4 MGLT/s

Max speed (space):

>60 MGLT

Engine unit(s):

3 thrusters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 1
  • Backup Class 15

Rated 1696 SBD


Rated 784 RU

  • Turbolaser turrets x 14
  • Concussion missile launchers x 2
    • Standard load: 25 Concussion missile each
  • Ion cannon x 18
  • Heavy Tractor beam projectors x 6

Starfighter Squadron x 1

  • RZ-2 A-wing Interceptor Squadron
  • Captain Du Kasa
  • Crewmen (3,723)
  • Gunners (35)

650 troops

Cargo capacity:

8000 tons of cargo


2 years

  • Light cruiser
  • Carrier
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Vessel Info

The MC40 was a small Mon Calamari cruiser which was widely used by first the Rebel Alliance and then the New Republic. Equipped with powerful shielding, heavy concussion missile launchers, turbolasers, and a support hanger, it served as an excellent multi-role vessel. The class' three engine system gave it far greater speed and maneuverability than its contemporaries such as the MC80a Star Cruiser.


Originally named the Enterprise, the Rohlan's Vision was manufactured in the Mon Calamari shipyards as part of the fledgling New Republic Defense Fleet to help assist with the new government's rule. Stationed as part of a garrison defending the Bakura against further offensives by Imperial or other hostile targets, the vessel primarily saw activity as an exploration ship with some duties in anti-piracy efforts to stabilize the region. It served in this role throughout several major conflicts, and later acted in support of the larger cruisers during major Imperial offensives against Coruscant and later Mon Calamari itself.

The light cruiser was eventually largely disarmed and then sold off as a surplus ship to the private defence fleet of an unnamed backwater planet, where it served as a flagship for the small cluster of corvettes and destroyers guarding the world.


The light cruiser would continue its role as a flagship for some time, until a chance encounter with the forces of Clan Odan-Urr. Newly exiled from New Tython following its destruction and seeking to guard their fleets with more powerful vessels, the Jedi sought supplies and new warships to compliment their existing fleets. Negotiations proved difficult given the resource-starved nature of the clan and their limited value, but a number of deals were soon struck. One of the most surprising among these proved to be an exchange of ships. One of the few undamaged support vessels of the fleet - an aging Quasar Fire-class vessel - was seen as a desirable option given its substantial cargo and fighter carrying capacity. Along with two squadrons of Z-95 Headhunters, the carrier was traded almost directly for the MC40a, which the Odanites soon dubbed the Rohlan's Vision, sharing the name of the ship that they had just traded.


The Rohlan's Vision saw use in a multitude of major battles following the annihilation of New Tython. While the ship was used as a primary cruiser for House Hoth, it typically acted in conjunction with Clan Odan-Urr's flagship, the Solari. Serving as both an escort and support ship, it assisted with guarding the Clan's soldiers in a multitude of battles. Perhaps the most pressing among these was during Odan-Urr's darkest hour, where the survivors of the attempted massacre regrouped and began anew on Kiast. In this capacity, the vessel was utilized in any number of roles, from escorting convoys to serving as a makeshift cargo freighter via its hanger.

As Odan-Urr initiated retaliatory strikes against targets loyal to the Brotherhood, the speed and multi-role nature of the Rohlan's Vision proved beneficial in initiating assaults against heavily defended positions. When working in combination with a squadron of fighters, the cruiser was more than capable of inflicting substantial damage against vessels several times its tonnage. This ability was put to the test on multiple occasions, the least of which being the ill-fated raid on the Edrien shipyards where Odanite and Arconan forces were drawn into a trap. Were it not for ships like the MC40a, it is certain that such a battle would have been an end for the clan.

The Rohlan's Vision continued to serve the Expeditionary Force in multiple battles, culminating in the assault on the Grand Master's flagship. Despite a successful attack, the allied Brotherhood fleet was driven away by a new enemy. This group would soon be identified as The Collective, a faction bent on the wholesale genocide of all Force-sensitive individuals. Nevertheless, the Rohlan's Vision acquitted itself well against their enhanced Strike-class cruisers, and assisted with a victory both during the Battle of Nancora and Meridian Prime.

Temporary Retirement

The service of Rohlan's Vision was paused for a time during late 37 ABY, during a widespread restructuring of Odan-Urr's military, the cruiser was stationed in a shipyard dock where it underwent a series of substantial upgrades. While the ship's overall function and weapons layout went unchanged, most were replaced with more modern variations while secondary functions were fine-tuned. Of note, the aging engine system was removed and replaced with a more advanced design, while the power grid was boosted to support a heightened energy output from its guns. The ship was moved directly into the primary OEF fleet, while the newly formed House Sunrider took the Venerator-class Star Destroyer Sunrider as their new flagship.