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Cy Thuron
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37 ABY

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5' 10


160 lbs.


Dark Brown/Graying



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New Dawn

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Cy Thuron was a Sith Warrior and an enemy of Odan-Urr. Founder of the New Dawn political movement, which conquered New Tython in 36 ABY, Cy would go on to proclaim himself the planet's King. Cy Thuron died in 37 ABY, at the hands of Jedi Mirus Hi'ija, during the reclamation of New Tython.


First Sightings

Very little is known of this enigmatic figure who in recent months has revolutionized the social atmosphere on New Tython. Known by the name Cy Thuron, although this is assumed to be an alias, it is unknown how or when Cy made the journey to New Tython. He is reputed to have lived in the bush and forests outside the settlement which eventually became Menat Ombo as early as 17 ABY.

The figure remained relatively silent for a number of years living as an isolationist in various areas of wilderness, particularly around a small cave system located by the Sabina River. The cave system and what is believed to be Cy's dwelling was rediscovered by the Acolytes of Urr in 36 ABY. Early reports from settling colonists claimed initially a creature would stalk the encampments at night. The settlers, believing the creature would eventually overcome its curiosities and threaten the camp, set out on hunting parties to track what they believed to be a nocturnal predator. Although only food and supplies were stolen, the settlers wantonly pursued the animal. Eventually it was discovered the creature was no animal but a man starved and destitute barely living off the wilderness.

The early settlers claimed to have given the man food and work, although he soon disappeared without a trace. Surviving settlers from the camp say that the bushman was quiet and soft spoken although he spoke Galactic Basic fluently. A few years passed and the area which eventually became Menat Ombo grew into the capital city. The streets and various boroughs spread out over the countryside. The activity of the bustling new city drove off the bushman into the wilds further north of the area. Tythonians and Harakoans alike would often see Cy roaming the countryside as they passed into the city over the Sabina Bridge. Eventually he earned the moniker The Mad Hermit as a natural response from the local citizens when he was approached speaking incoherently in tongues and warding travelers away from the land near the mud hut he'd built into the side of a hill.

The Mad Hermit

It is unclear what became of the Mad Hermit when Brotherhood forces brought war to the peaceful planet. What is known is that following the end of the war and reconstruction, Cy finally emerged from his self-imposed isolation as a critic of the Jedi government. Using his unique notoriety, Cy became a magnet for Menat Ombo's conscience. Nearly overnight the hermit garnered a wide array of supporters who backed Cy's extreme stance.

Over the next few weeks, Cy's following and support comprised nearly a fourth of the entire civilian populace. Holding demonstrations in the Visulu Market Forum, Cy used his position to openly challenge the new government. In response to the upstart, the Jedi recognized their responsibility and ceded the government to a civilian city council. With this political victory over the Jedi, Cy's agenda switched to a darker tone as he openly confronted the issue of the native and urbanized Harakoans. Seen as savages by the majority of New Tythonians, Cy played into their beliefs, eliciting from them their hate of the natives to garner even more support. Soon afterwards Cy's supporters had gone from a small albeit steadily growing mob to an entity capable of true disorder.

The extremist capacity of the group was demonstrated in the Forum in response to the new government granting Harakoans equal rights as New Tythonian humans. At the rally, the Mad Hermit called for violence against the Harakoans and a lone Harakoan man was stoned to death. Rioting erupted, pitting Cy's malevolent supporters against the equally influential peace movement headed by New Tythonian farmer turned activist Gideon Varos.


With an arrest warrant issued Cy disappeared once again bringing peace and calm to Menat Ombo. The respite following the violence was short-lived, however, when an explosion rocked Ooroo Abbey, killing several citizens, Menat Council member Marten and even famed Jedi High Councilor Ji. Sometime later Cy's supporters rallied together forming the secessionist movement The People's New Dawn with Ozan Miliet as their leader. Miliet and his forces protested from the shadows for awhile, until Miliet himself was found stabbed to death in the Memit District. After this, the movement largely quieted down, with members going into hiding or even leaving the planet entirely.

During this exile, the New Dawn came together in secret, contacting mercenary and private military groups. Cy made contact with a mysterious Sith Lord, himself just recently freed from carbonite imprisonment, and began studying the tenets of the Sith Code in secret. Alongside this, he and his forces contacted several known piratical and mercenary bands of starships, assembling a small but deadly fleet to assist in overwhelming the city. Shortly thereafter, Cy was able to assemble his fleet just outside of Tythonian space and await the next departure of the Jedi.

King of New Tython

At the close of 36 ABY, the Disciples of Odan-Urr moved against the Dark Brotherhood in the engagement known as the Dark Crusade; it was at this time that Thuron's forces struck. Sweeping in on the night side of the planet, Cy targeted the Harakoan tribes first, going after their largest concentrations and crippling their forces with superior numbers and technological advantages. These, alongside several acts considered war crimes throughout the galaxy, allowed the primitive tribes to be quickly scattered and crushed. After this, Cy's forces swept through to the colonist settlements of the planet, jamming or destroying all communication towers on the isolated world and overwhelming local militias. With the departure of much of the planet's forces, they were able to conquer all major settlements within a single night.

Cy Thuron declared himself King of New Tython a few days into the new year. He personally executed the ruling body of Menat Ombo using his newly-built lightsaber, ordering the execution or internment of the planet's other ruling bodies. His first orders saw the city walled off, followed by the closing of the Memit District as a temporary holding zone. He ordered the complete destruction of the It'kla District, going so far as to have his soldiers utilize incendiary and chemical weaponry to ensure every trace of Jedi habitation was gone. When the Jedi, under a new Quaestor, returned to the planet, they met too much resistance to retake the city, and were able to free only a few thousand refugees. Their escape on the Arthos sent him into a mad rage, causing him to execute his captains and lieutenants. Afterward, he put the mercenary Alek Mirr in command after he survived an encounter with Aedile Mithfaron. Mirr would go on to restructure the new army, cementing Thuron's powers as King.

Following the Fall of New Tython, King Thuron's rule saw very little resistance. After being processed, the citizens of each colony were either contained in an internment facility or allowed back into their new lives, following an oath of fealty to their new King. He ordered the demolishing of Ooroo Abbey, ordering the construction of a Palace in its place and the building of an elaborate black Throne. Cy would go on to wear his lightsaber publicly, alongside refined garments and an elaborate electrum crown; he ordered the expansion of the planet's capital city, transforming it into a military fortress and aiming to make it a city of grandeur. Authorizing contracts with elements like Czerka Corp and other discreet groups, he was able to consolidate and expand the power and wealth of his new regime. As his power and control grew, he would oversee the worsening of conditions for the civilians on-world, and would personally execute the masterminds of local resistance attempts. This discouraged his enemies, while allowing those who supported him to rise up and quickly come to enjoy their new King's approval.

Descent and Death of the Mad King

Eventually the Jedi returned to New Tython and started to reclaim it. It started with Kah Manet freeing the Chairman of the Elder Council, Bilghul. At the same time in the Command Center of the Dac Compound, Sentinel Scout Revak Kur captured the command staff. The Jedi now had control of the Dac Compound and proceeded to set up a command post to plan their next attack. The ground-work for a treaty was also laid between Quaestor Liam Torun and Muughim Viik. However, the return to New Tython came with great cost. Along with other allies, Jedi Jonuss Rai lost his life amidst the retaking. The Jedi had succeeded in retaking the land of New Tython, however, one threat remained, Cy Thuron. Consular Cleric Liam Torun, with the remaining Jedi, met Cy at the throne room of the Palace of Thuron where he had retreated. After Liam had severely weakened the Mad King, the death of Cy Thuron came from the boot of Jedi Mirus Hi’ija. Thus, the reign and the tyranny of the Mad King, Cy Thuron, ended.

Physical Description

Standing at five feet, ten inches, and weighing 160 lbs, Cy Thuron is a lean man of average height. Life as a hermit, and then as a guerrilla terrorist and eventually Sith Warrior, saw him to physical fitness and athleticism with ease. His face bore some signs of age, though most of that can be seen in his graying brown hair. His eyes, also brown, were often bloodshot with lack of sleep or Dark Side usage. While once he was unkempt, he has taken to short, combed hair and a clean goatee. His skin showed the weathering of a life outdoors, though care procedures began to be used following his self-appointment. He originally wore unkempt robes and/or tactical garments, but would take to well-made but practical Sith garments to befit his new station.

Powers and Abilities

Cy Thuron's mysterious origins don't explain how or when he learned combat, but from his first appearances he was capable enough to carry out terrorist actions against the government of New Tython. After his initiation as a Sith, he was quickly trained in basic physical techniques, and he became proficient in the physically-capable Djem So Form of saber combat. In addition to these, he showed great skill but little refinement in the telekinetic aspects of the Dark Side, and was also quite good at temporarily enhancing his physical prowess. Aside from Sith skills, he was quite proficient with blaster weaponry and improvised explosives.


Cy was never mentally stable; though he could feign sanity and act calmly when in control, he would quickly resort to rudeness, sarcasm, and even outright rage when outdone or upset. He was quite arrogant, and refused to share power with more than a few outside influences; in particular, he developed a complex about hiding the existence of his Master from his citizens and lieutenants. Finally, he was a believer in extremist measures, often employing radical tactics against any who opposed him and using such actions to make a point. His rule, fraught with instability and discomfort among the masses, would reflect this.