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Sentinel Network
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Sky Breach Base

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32 ABY


34 ABY

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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The Sentinel Network (abbreviated as SeNet or "Net") is the clandestine framework of Jedi Sentinels and intelligence operatives currently solely affiliated and working for Clan Odan Urr. Founded from the remnants of the Shadow Company on New Tython and reorganized after the Clan’s move to Kiast, SeNet is an independent intelligence agency modelled on the Bothan Spynet.

The Role of the Network

The core mission of the Sentinel Network is to provide accurate and timely intelligence to the leaders of House Sunrider, the Odanite Expeditionary Force and ultimately the Odan-Urr council itself. The network is responsible for obtaining and analyzing military, diplomatic and economic information and reporting such information to their supported organizations. The agents of SeNet are the eyes and ears of the council, identifying and sometimes neutralizing threats before they can jeopardize the citizens and critical interests of the Clan.

SeNet agents are present anywhere the Clan is operating and maintain liaison agents in Sunrider and O.E.F. command centers. While the Director of SeNet reports directly to the Councilor of War and High Councilor of Odan-Urr they work most closely with the commander of JTF Sunrider.

Current Location

Sky Breach Base on Daleem, location of Sentinel Network Headquarters

The Network HQ has recently been relocated to Sky Breach Base on Daleem following the reorganization of JTF Hoth and JTF Shan into JTF Sunrider. The growing network needed a secure place to base their leadership and analysts and already had a strong presence in the former Shan spaces. While network leadership and analysts work in the HQ, operatives generally operate out of regional cells.

Structure of the Network

Modelling itself on the Bothan Spynet and Alliance Intelligence, the Sentinel Network primarily operates through regional cells, or small independent teams, of agents with senior leadership, trainers and analysts working out of a centralized headquarters. SeNet cells have limited knowledge of other cells or the network as a whole in case a cell is captured or compromised.

SeNet operates agents and bases on many worlds where they maintain "safehouses". These are businesses, homes, and other hideouts that are sites from where their intelligence operations are conducted. The majority of these safehouses were legitimate establishments such as cantinas, factories, shipping concerns and warehouses. From these locations, SeNet cells coordinate various activities that range from infiltrating local criminal organizations for leads to slicing computers of local government or industrial networks.

The members of the Sentinel Network, whether Jedi or not, are generally divided into two career paths: operative and analyst. From within these two larger career paths agents can operate in a variety of specialized roles. Force-using SeNet agents split their training between the Jedi Praxeum and SeNet HQ in Sky Breach Base.

A SeNet safehouse

A typical SeNet cell consists of:

Cell Chief - Usually responsible for a planet or critical region of a planet. The scope of a cell’s area of operations depends on the mission. The Cell Chief coordinates the logistical support for the operatives’ missions as well as prepares the data and intelligence gathered on missions to go up the chain to the larger network. The Cell Chief is the primary caretaker of the cell’s safehouse.

Watcher - Watchers are taken from the SeNet analyst corps and provide direct live support to agents in the field as well as technical expertise. Watchers for smaller cells may double as the cell’s Fixer or vehicle pilot.

Fixer - A slicer or engineer-focused analyst who maintains the droids and gadgets used by the cell. Smaller cells may not have a dedicated Fixer.

Special Agent - Leads a team of field operatives. Special Agents are experienced members of the operative career field who are well versed in fieldcraft. Special Agents work with the Cell Chief to plan operations for the cell to conduct.

Agent - the basic designation for a field operative assigned to a cell. Can work in the field as part of a team under a Special Agent or work independently.

The cell size depends on the mission and location of the cell.

The Role of the Operatives

An Operative in the field receiving information from an informer

The Operatives are the field agents of the Network. They are the infiltrators, sometimes working undercover to get to their designated mission area. They usually slice into terminals and, as a rule of thumb, extract all the information that they can. Others of the team look in particular for the information they have been sent to gather. There are also lookouts, and people are ready to be getaway drivers if need be. Each mission is unique, and the team is picked on their skills and potential.

SeNet operatives are to be thorough, and very stealthy. They need to be undetectable. They need to avoid detection whilst on the job, and also they need to leave no trace of their activities. If the targets do not know that their data has been stolen, then there is no chance of a retaliation attack.

The Role of the Analysts

The Odan-Urr Council makes sure that SeNet analysts are kept with top-of-the-range technology to use.

The Analysts process the data that the Operatives get from their missions and synthesize them into actionable intelligence products. They interpret any ambiguous information, decrypt codes and draw conclusions. The Analysts do the hard work of analysing the intel for enemy weaknesses, potential dangers.

The Analysts have a strong technical ability and are smart enough to crack ciphers, and have the critical thinking to be the detectives. They are able to go into the field as Watchers or Fixers, but lack the training of the Operatives, and so usually assist the Operatives by being nearby and using an encrypted channel to communicate.