Palioxis Station

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Palioxis Station
Production information

Bengel Shipbuilders


XQ2 Platform


Space station

Possession Item:


Technical specifications

884 meters


1,001 meters


240 meters


Rated 2560 SBD


Rated 1216 RU





Cargo capacity:

100,000 tons

  • Commercial hub
  • Customs station

Vatali Empire

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Palioxis Station is an XQ2 space station that serves as the primary terminus for trips into and out of the Kiast system in the Palioxis nebula. Operated by the Vatali Empire, the station is primarily used for trading with the outside galaxy and as a waypoint along the Perlemian Trade Route.


The Vatali have used similar stations in the same location since the initial colonization of Kiast. The difficulty of moving starships, particularly ships of any significant size, through the nebula and the various asteroid fields that surround the system necessitated a central gateway to accommodate trade traffic and travel into and out of the system. The “Palioxis Station” has served this purpose throughout the thousand-year history of the Kiast system. The current platform is actually the eighth station to bear the name; as technology advances and systems degrade with time, the Vatali have taken to constructing new stations every century or two. The current platform was purchased by Emperor Taselm Anasaye during the age of the Galactic Empire.


Like all XQ2-model platforms, Palioxis station has three platforms surrounding a central hub.

Jedi Quarters and Recreational Area

Palioxos Station is home to many different organizations, and for that reason much of it has been segmented between them. A portion of one of the wings has been designated for use by the Jedi of Odan-Urr and their visiting guests and dignitaries. There is a private meeting room, temporary sleeping quarters, an open recreation area, and a bathroom/shower combination.

Happy Landings

Situated only a short distance from the main hanger’s primary access corridor, the Happy Landings is easily one of the most frequented bars on Palioxis Station. Established only a short time after the station was brought into the Kiast system, the bar is owned by technician Khar Feygor. While hired for his skill with sensor arrays during the station's construction, the Ongree proved to be remarkably adept at laying his hands on every drink known in the galaxy, earning him a tidy profit even before Palioxis was officially opened up to the public. Having expanded his operation since then, the Happy Landings now occupies a two-tier section of the station's central hub.

Officially considered neutral territory even by those with deep-rooted feuds, the environment is decorated with trophies, old photos and even space junk Feygor himself took an interest in. Of note, and often the subject of many conversations, is a Rancor’s skull which hangs over the main tables, suspended from the ceiling by industrial chains. This effort to claim curiosities for himself has even extended to the local bouncers, as a small unit of partially reprogrammed B2 super battle droids stand watch over the main doors. While outfitted with stun blasters in place of their usual armaments, the unit itself retains military grade plating to assist with the removal of unruly patrons.

Despite its popularity, the bar’s name is considered something of a poor joke by most of the crew. While Khar as repeatedly insisted that the name was chosen months in advance, it was only unveiled mere days after a major shuttle crash claimed the lives of several technicians. A point which is hardly helped given the rather flexible morals and the occasionally dark humour of its owner. Several petitions have since been made to alter the name, but this has typically amounted to little more than disorganised grumbling from the local crewmen.

First level

The main entrance is situated along this level, directly opposite the bar itself. Between the two lies a variety of gambling platforms for the likes of sabacc, along with circular tables large enough to seat two individuals opposite one another which were intended for customers to sit and enjoy their beverages. A multitude of supporting struts and pillars is bolted from floor to ceiling, each sporting a multitude of security cameras to observe the nearby tables and coordinate with nearby droids. The main rear storeroom lies directly behind the bar, though a number of inspectors have cited their surprise that such a small area could supply its constant flow of patrons. This has left many to suspect that the bar has other methods of supplying itself which its owner has not revealed to the public.

Second level

Linked by a series of spiral staircases, the second level consists of a ring of broad balconies overlooking the area below. While these are large enough to provide further seating areas, this links to a small arcade of facilities. This has been recently expanded to incorporate several Cheng tables, intended to draw in the Kiast System's new population of Mandalorians. Many suspect that the main vault is stored somewhere on this level, but no one has yet been able to confirm this fact.

Food and Drink

A range of foods and beverages are served at Happy Landings. Most of the food is kept in carbon frozen storage, while drinks themselves were frequently shipped up from Daleem. Feygor also keeps a private stock on site, which included methyl alcohol and Corellian whiskey.

While most of what is kept in storage is intended for the more frequently seen species passing through the system, Feygor maintains facilities on site for more specialised foods. While this typically requires some forewarning, up to several weeks depending on ingredients, it requires an especially taxing demand for a patron to be outright denied their request. This stemmed from one unfortunate situation with a Arkahanian ambassador, the details of which all involved agreed never to divulge ever again.


Despite being officially labelled as a bar, the ​Happy Landings also frequently operates as a casino. This is hardly hidden, as most of the sabacc tables are both bolted to the ground and kept in plain sight, but it has simply become accepted over time. For one reason or another, most have turned a blind eye to this, either due to convenience, or several small loopholes Feygor has exploited to justify their presence. These are maintained by both members of staff and automated dealer droids, notably a number of upgraded RH7 CardSharks, and kept secure thanks to a multitude of retractable force pikes which are hidden away in both the floor and ceiling.

While the main bar hosts a multitude of various games and tables, due to an unfortunate accident and software malfunction within the droids, Pazaak has been outlawed. Supposedly this is only until it can be fully repaired, but after almost a year with no improvements, most have accepted that it will not be returning.


While the bar’s initial staff consisted of little more than other crewmen who could operate its systems during their off-duty hours, this has gradually grown over time. Of note, the bar’s Kaminoan assistant manager Ven Raka manages the administration of the establishment, largely dealing with bookkeeping and incoming shipments while leaving Feygor free to deal with the customers themselves. Besides this, the other members of staff consist of an eclectic mix of humans, Duros, Ithorians, several Ryn and two Verpine. A pair of Lasat and Shistavanen are kept on site during most hours, officially as technicians to assist with maintaining the droids, but also as substitute bouncers should something take them offline.


Khar Feygor

A colourful figure with a checkered history, Feygor is someone who has performed many fleeting roles within his life. Yet, what many people have noticed is that certain details always seem to change every time he tells of a story. Dates contradict themselves, events can play out in a completely different manner, and Feygor can even describe himself playing a different figure within his own story. Whether this is the result of a compulsive desire to lie or simply the joy of being a storyteller none can say, but it does mean that few solid facts can be determined about his past.

Feygor was born on Skustell, spent much of his adolescent life on the world, and departed the planet at the earliest opportunity. He served on board a number of spice freighters, worked on a number of Coruscant’s orbital platforms, and eventually moved onto installing and utilising sensor arrays. This led him to Palioxis Station, where he opened a bar soon afterward. These are the only demonstrably true facts of his life, as anything else quickly becomes uncertain. Seemingly nothing explains both his unnerving knowledge of Imperial and New Republic intelligence agencies, or the multitude of underworld contacts he can call upon. Furthermore, while Feygor is quite content to remain on the station, he has been noted to depart for long periods of time. Often only returning with vague mentions of personal business, meeting relatives, and offering no direct explanations whenever possible.

With an average height, muddy complexion and unusual features, Feygor appears no different from the average Ongree. Most with only a passing familiarity with his species would be unable to effectively pick him out from a crowd of Ongree. Bereft of scars or distinctive tattoos, his ability to change his gait, smell, attire and mannerisms on short notice has left many mistaking that there are more than one of his kind on the station.

When dealing with the patrons, Feygor typically favours rich or brightly coloured clothing to stand out from the crowd. These often maintain a fine line between formality and extravagance, and rarely keep to a single style from day to day. These range from flowing robes to Chandrilan office attire, and typically feature a surprisingly large number of pockets. They also distract from minor gestures while exaggerating major ones.

Loudly theatrical, especially when dealing with the public, Feygor is rarely subtle in anything. Often doing all he can to draw attention to himself and present a welcoming and friendly persona, he be anything from sarcastically servile to proudly irreverent, depending on how best he can control a situation. Such friendliness is rarely feigned but there is an intelligence which lurks behind his antics. He will use it as a weapon to diffuse situations with surlier patrons, or distract from minor actions when required.

While he knows how to manipulate a crowd, and is often subservient in his actions, this belies his calculating nature. Maintaining an odd stoicism, Feygor has proven to be unflappable even when faced with armed thugs, and has never been seen to truly lose his temper.​ ​Typically he reacts to any situation by considering how best to apply one of his skill to it, or turn it in his favour.

Damien Blackadder

Damien Blackadder, formerly known as Thorfinn Mindon, was born and raised on the planet of Eldar in the Dajorra System. Trained as a Wilderness Ranger and later a Demolitions Expert in the AAC (Arcona Army Corps), the quarter-Sephi was given an honorable discharge when he entered into the service of Celevon Edraven Erinos. Rather than becoming a glorified bodyguard to the half-Echani’s daughter as he expected, Thorfinn’s assignment was to help out the homeless on Port Ol’val in an unorthodox manner. Even after being released from his oath, Damien Blackadder continues to serve in this capacity.

Using a deep-cover alias, Damien Blackadder is the leader of a group of thieves that originated in the Dajorra System. The majority of the proceeds from their criminal activities serve toward housing and food for war veterans and those rendered homeless in the chaos of recent events and orphaned. When he was approached by the Herald of the Brotherhood with an opportunity to spread their influence, Damien gleefully signed up and became a member of the Shroud Syndicate. He is currently living on Palioxis Station as a fence of goods, representing both his own Guild and the Shroud Syndicate.

Damien Blackadder towers over many at six foot, three inches tall and bears the physique of a lifelong athlete. Even when covered by a full set of his dark leather armor, it does little to conceal his powerful figure. When not wearing his armor, the quarter-Sephi can be found attired in cargo pants, form-fitted shirts, jacket and leather boots. His dark blonde hair rests in waves at the base of his neck and his goatee is always neatly trimmed. His facial features are clearly nordic in origin, with a strong jaw. Those are usually ignored, as his eyes are a shade of amber that draws attention by appearing to glow. Very little escapes the notice of those eyes, which are keen to the point of almost preternatural attention.

Though he is a soldier at heart, Damien Blackadder has left his life as Thorfinn Mindon behind completely. His remaining family was killed in a biological attack on Eldar, so he feels no guilt at this decision; there’s nothing left for him of that life. He still believes that some measure of honor and fairness should be held in any dealings, though his moral compass to criminal actions has become looser over the past five years.

He has not, however, forgotten how to have fun. Damien Blackadder has been known to enjoy a drink or two, a few games of cards or some other form of entertainment amongst friends. He is also rather polite unless someone cannot take a hint, which is seemingly at odds with his profession. A perfect example would be the amorous advances of a woman who would keep trying despite the polite ‘not interested’, then lose patience and respond with “I would be a lot more interested if you had a certain appendage between your legs; as you don’t, kindly take a Walk”.

In combat, Damien prefers to use his bare hands to settle matters. However, he’s also skilled in the use of knives and slugthrowers, should the situation call for it. Though not a violent person at heart, Damien Blackadder will kill if necessary and feel little remorse afterwards. If he spots someone taking advantage of someone weaker than them or an innocent, all mercy is forgotten.

Thor Fetbro

Thor Fetbro is an average Shistavenen with golden fur and yellow eyes. His fur is well cared for, with a sleek shin and fluffy tail. Years of eating whatever he wants and low levels of exercise have made him slightly rotund around the midsection.

Thor Fetbro has acquired a very particular set of knowledge. While some call it useless facts, he prides himself on his grasp of galactic history. Often, he will tell his friends of events or scenarios that occurred, prefacing them as "Fun facts". While it is meant to bring brevity, it often places Thor at odds with his companions. Thor is very excitable, and enjoys sharing his excitement with others. Because of this, he will often find himself trying to make new friends and contacts for later use, but it at times places him in danger when he tries to share his excitement with the wrong type of people.

Fetbro is constantly hungry, and can often be seen eating some kind of snack. Due to this, he often brings along extra rations and emergency supplies just to be safe. However, his stomach can get the better of him at times, often causing him to require use of the bathroom during the most inconvenient times. Thor Fetbro is not a fighter. He will often try to run away or hide, coming out when the coast is clear and acting as though he had been fighting the whole time. While he knows how to use a blaster, the sound of it's discharge frightens him and will only use it if absolutely necessary, preferring to just beat his opponent with his weapon like a club.