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Strike-Team Ooroo
Unit Information

Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force


Covert Strike Team

  • Law Enforcement
  • Intelligence

10 Jedi


"Agents", "Ooroo Agents"



  • "Observe. Enforce. Protect"*
  • Top Black Line- the Public
  • Center Blue Line- to honor fallen Agents
  • Bottom Black Line- the Criminals

"Ooroo's Honor"





Notable commanders:
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"Odan-Urr, you would be content to spend your entire life in the company of scrolls and documents… but a Jedi Knight has other responsibilities, other duties."
―Ooroo, speaking to Odan-Urr.

Founded in the wake of the Dark Crusade, Strike-Team Ooroo was a strike team of Clan Odan-Urr dedicated to preventing the oppression of the Sith - those of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, those of the One Sith, and even any non-Sith or non-Dark Sider oppressors. Their goal was to directly fight for freedom, justice, and peace in the galaxy, and to help stabilize and secure those that they free from further oppression. Though currently dissolved, it is rumored that small groups of Agents still roam the galaxy carrying out their mission looking to once again be called to serve COU and its allies.


Founded in 36 ABY after the battle for Khar Delba, Ooroo was the brainchild of Quaestor Drodik and the aged Jedi Liam Torun. Following such events as the Horizon Crisis, recent assaults against New Tython by Sith Forces, and the Brotherhood's pursuit of conquest for the old Sith worlds and their resources and artifacts, Drodik realized that he had to act now to help stem the tide and fight back corruption before it was too late. Torun, a Clone War survivor and an advocate of acting for the people, rather than for their leaders, was tasked with organizing the Jedi of the House into a new unit. Named after Ooroo, the teacher of Odan-Urr, the new Battleteam would work on the field to directly hinder the Sith's desire to conquer.

Fading Light


As the galaxy recovered from the Dark Crusade, the Dark Brotherhood's struggles didn't stop. On the planet of Bosthirda it was claimed that Revelation, the lost sword of Ferran, had been found. Many elite teams of Jedi - Dark and Light - were sent in search of this precious artifact. Strike-Team Ooroo joined in this conquest also, and managed to field a varied team. Through stealth, strategy and guile, they were able to battle through Imperial and One Sith forces alike. They managed to make it to the site of the Sword, but alas, they were too late. The Sword had already been recovered by a team from Clan Taldryan.


Several more Sith relics had been purported to have been found on the planet of Begeren, and the Brotherhood was sent to find it, ahead of the One Sith. Resources were strained, and so instead of teams of Jedi, individuals volunteered to go. Several members of Ooroo fought against other Brotherhood members, trying to stop them getting the relics. Mighty duels were fought that day, but the Agents of Ooroo were unsuccessful.

Nicht Ka

In another bidding of the Grand Master, Muz Ashen, the Brotherhood journeyed to the One Sith world of Nicht Ka. Ooroo journeyed with the rest of Odan Urr with a mission with two enemies. They had to fight the One Sith, whilst also beating the other Clans to the relics. It was a hard fought battle, and one that Odan-Urr did their best in. They were unsuccessful in beating the Clans, but they did succeed in dealing a blow to both the One Sith, and some of the other Clans.

Tides of Freedom

Purity Rock

After nearly two years of exile, the Jedi of Strike-Team Ooroo set foot on New Tython again. They striked at the heart of the oppression, at the infamous prison camp known as Purity Rock. They freed their comrades, the Knights of Allusis and many other prisoners escaped also. It wasn’t an easy battle, however. Once the attack started, they lost the element of surprise and thousands of guards were called upon to defend the camp. The prisoners and the Jedi fled into the nearby mining tunnels. Another battle occurred at the other end of the tunnels, but resulted in the capture of two Assassin-Class Corvettes and their escape from the planet. They now prepare for a full invasion.

Return of the Light

Menat Ombo

The Jedi of Odan-Urr began their invasion by targeting the Dac Compound. This was the central area for reinforcements. Strike-Team Ooroo played a vital role in destroying the enemy from within. They also deactivated any automated defenses and were vital for the success of the attack.

In the second phase of the invasion, two more settlements were attacked: Vard Mislu and the Tanduran Settlement. Strike-Team Ooroo successfully accompanied Rollmaster Kah and Solari and infiltrated the Tanduran Settlement. The town was protected by a shield generator, which Ooroo successfully destroyed. This allowed for air support and the advancement of the infantry troops. The settlement was taken quickly after the generator was destroyed.

In the third and final phase of the invasion, a significant amount of Cy Thuron’s forces were drawn out to fight an army of one million Harakoans. This was a trick and the remaining forces converged on the capital city of Menat Ombo. Strike-Team Ooroo was one part of this force. They worked covertly, using tactics like hijacking anti-air guns and taking down enemy fighters. The battle was long and difficult, with many deaths and a considerable amount of wounded. But in the end, they were triumphant. The enemy soldiers were either captured or killed. Cy Thuron was defeated by Liam, but he was killed by the Titan, Mirus.

Many celebrations occurred after this event - after all, they had reclaimed New Tython. They had returned to their home.

Great Jedi War XI

Tensions ran high in the Brotherhood, resulting in a full scale war on the surface of Korriban, as well as in the sky. Ooroo took their place alongside Odan-Urr in this battle.

After the war, there were many differences. New leadership, new clan structure and more had the potential to mess things up. But Ooroo stayed strong, and has helped to implement these improvements.


After the destruction of New Tython, the members of Strike Team Ooroo have become somewhat of a myth. Though their legacy lives on through their past accomplishments, they have since succumb to the will of the Force. There still are members who hold their values. Most of the Agents have become members of other units and many have scattered but remain enforcers of the Light side and of Odan-Urr. It has been rumored that they still may rise up and reclaim the role in the galaxy that they once held.



Main - Ooroo

"Kirrek defenders, stand back. Get to shelter. Let me deal with these invaders!"
―Ooroo, during the Battle of Kirrek

Jedi Master Ooroo was a Celegian of ancient times and the instructor of the Jedi Odan-Urr, who wrote down and explored the formalized and often-studied version of today's Jedi Code. He was an advocate of wisdom, but also of action; he rightly believed that a Jedi could not simply be a warrior, but neither could he be an introvert or a scholar. Jedi have a duty to the galaxy; he knew this above all, and his duty, tenacity, and loyalty to the Order were seen when he sacrificed himself at the Battle of Kirrek to save those under his protection. Because of these qualities, he was chosen as the patron for the new team.

Tactics and Operations

"How do we fight against any enemy? With the Force, to the best of our abilities."
―Ooroo, reassuring his young apprentice.

Their roles included, but were not limited to...

  • Information and Reconnaissance- Agents on the ground observed and reported on foreign or criminal activity. Communications were intercepted and monitored. Responsible for ensuring Clan Odan-Urr communications were maintained at all times.
  • Counter-Terrorism- Analyzed and suppressed any effort to undermine Clan Odan-Urr or COU assets both foreign and domestic.
  • Law Enforcement- Aided local law enforcement agencies on large cases. Had, at times, acted as the sole Police agency in unstable territories. Often trained local inhabitants in law enforcement and investigation.
  • Hostage Negotiation/Personnel Recovery/Assassination- Assembled and deployed quickly to Rescue/Recover valuable Assets/Target's of COU and quickly eliminated any persons viewed as a threat to the security of Clan Odan-Urr or COU assets.

Strike-Team Ooroo was the premier intelligence and law enforcement agency currently at the disposal of Clan Odan-Urr. Often employed as the investigators of the house, StO agents operated both locally and on other systems to bring justice and security to COU territories. With their vast networks of contacts and technology, StO could just about find anyone at any time in any place.

In times of conflict, StO could operate as a small strike force to aid the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force in operations as well as establish battlefield communications and provide reconnaissance. They worked closely with the Knights of Allusis and the Disciples of Baas to provide information and manipulate events behind the scenes.

When facing a crime syndicate, such as one run by the Hutts or other organizations, they'd weaken and destroy the financial and materiel support for such groups while training and strengthening local law enforcement. When faced directly with a Sith invasion or a Dark Side threat, they'd operate using guerrilla tactics to hit the enemy where it hurts - supply chains, unit morale, and chain of command are obvious targets. In addition, as their forces are stripped of support and their supplies dwindle, Dark Siders would be converted away from Sith ideals and toward the Jedi.

The main tools of an Ooroo Agent was their mind, body and the Force. All Jedi agents carried their personal lightsaber but it is also recommend they carry a service blaster of their choice. Though they were expected to be versatile and adaptive - many shown skill in common weapons, such as slugthrowers or knives, and many of them could pilot to some degree. When infiltrating a 'group', they would study local customs, practices, and culture to better fit in, and would adapt local styles in fashion and behavior; this gave them an eclectic and varied flavor as people, and some Jedi would no doubt carry what they learned here with them throughout their lives afterward.

Finally, if discovering Force sensitives not yet found by the Brotherhood, the forces of Ooroo sought to bring them into the fold and get them fighting the good fight.


These "professions" are the specialization each Jedi may choose to align themselves with. These are not official positions that can be held, but more unofficial roles that the Jedi use to hone their skills. They may specialize in one or more if they so choose.


These agents work in the field, gathering evidence and information. Agents can be send undercover to assess situations or to uncover backroom dealings with criminals. Most of the time they preform non-violently, pulling out their weapons only when they need to. These are the spies of StO.


Working either in the field or at a Field Office, Jedi who excel in slicing are masters of manipulation technology. They are often tasked with collecting, decrypting and analyzing data, breaking into secure terminals and the reprogramming of droids and other equipment. They also work to secure COU networks and prevent unauthorized access.


"Everyone is a recruiter." Oftentimes on missions, agents will come across an individual who is Force sensitive. It then always becomes part of their mission to guide him/her towards COU and ensure a steady stream of new recruits.

Special Protection, Extraction, Assassination and Rescue (SPEAR)

They are the muscle of Ooroo. Able to be activated in a moments notice, the SPEAR team handles all covert operations for COU. They preform everything from assassinations and rescues to local area stability and small scale assaults. Also can go under cover as security personnel for high ranking diplomats and other public figures.

These are the current members of SPEAR who have been acting as mercenaries of good faith since their disbandment

Lt. Colbren Lipscle

Race: Chiss

Sex: Male

Height: 1.8 meters

Specialty: Tactics

Sgt. Rilalex Pillan

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Height: 1.85 meters

Specialty: Electronics

Sgt. Chadav Carshi

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height:1.75 meters

Specialty: Recon

Cpl. Nasqui Weabroo

Race: Weequay

Sex: Male

Height: 1.65 meters

Specialty: Marksman

Cpl. Dunrog Shapnye

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Height: 1.9 meters

Specialty: Heavy Weapons

Cpl. Serat Strilev

Race: Mirialan

Sex: Female

Height: 1.7 meters

Specialty: Medical

Unsanctioned Missions Since Disbandment

Ryloth: Helped to defend a small settlement in the caverns beneath the Bright Lands region. The inhabitants, mostly Twi'lek, had been living underground for some time until their mining activities disturbed a hive of Lylek. SPEAR had been living amongst them for sometime giving little indication of their military past. When the hive began attacking civilians, SPEAR mobilized and fought off the attacks. The hive later recessed further underground leaving the settlement unharmed even still.

Corellia: Stopped the local Drall population from being targeted by a Human cult sworn to rid the planet of “vermin.” “Cortect,” a portmanteau of the words “Corellia” and “Protect,” sought to eradicate the Drall and “cleanse” the population. Rumored to be once high ranking members of the old Galactic Empire who returned to their homeworld to live out the rest of their days. However, seeing that the population had shifted from being mostly Human to a mixture containing many races, their indoctrination and desire to feel unity drove them to begin plotting to abduct the Drall specifically. They had taken anywhere from 150 to 300 lives before SPEAR was able to track them down and put an end to the slaughter. It was rumored that the Coronet security forces had contracted with them to aid in local policing but this is unsubstantiated. SPEAR did however manage to eliminate all known members without it making headlines either due to their subterfuge or Coronet security’s control of media and dislike of embarrassment.

Real-Life Role

Our real life role in the House is to train the leaders of tomorrow. Our projects focus on improving House infrastructure. One example is we are given the task of investigating planets, bases, criminal organizations and designing Wiki pages based on our submissions. We will soon be getting into event planning and other administrative work that is the driving force of this Club.


Commander of the Watch: UNKNOWN
Sergeant: UNKNOWN
Corporal: UNKNOWN

The Commander of the Watch is responsible for the team as a whole. From an external viewpoint, they manage the team and its activities. In reality, the Watch Commander is one of the first friends you can have. They are the leader which you will have most contact with.

The Sergeant is the second in command. They support the Watch Commander in their duties, and also are close to the team. They work to make sure the activities are things that the team wants and needs. Additionally they work closely with the Corporal on maintaining StO assets.

The Corporal is the third in command. They have the role of Chronicler, which means that they have the duty to update and maintain the team's wiki. They also serve as support for both the Watch Commander and the Sergeant. The position of Corporal acts as a training position for Sergeant. In the event the Watch Commander resigns, the Corporal would help run StO with the Sergeant until COU Summit chooses a replacement. Should the position for Sergeant becomes vacant, the Watch Commander will look to the Corporal first to fill the position.

Ethics and Values

"Master Ooroo, I have been very busy here with my tasks as a Jedi Knight…I certainly miss the days of my peaceful tutelage."
"Yes, but a Jedi must learn action as well as knowledge…"
―Jedi Knight Odan-Urr and his Master, Ooroo

Strike-Team Ooroo has first and foremost been a united group of Jedi. They are always striving for truth and justice in everything that they do. They seek out and destroy corruption and evil. They will always stand to protect the weak and defend against injustice. Initially, they were created to hinder the Sith in their desire to conquer. Since then, it has increased its range of opponents. They now act against any oppression.

They also value knowledge, and the advantage that this brings. They seek to learn new things, in order for them to develop and continue to grow as an individual and as a group. This idea is very important to them. They will all work to improve and develop as a team, and they will also help each other improve as individuals, for the good of the galaxy. Popular representations of this concept are 'United and Strong' and 'All for one and one for all.'

Knowledge can also be used to strike harmful blows against enemies. Strike-Team Ooroo knows this and often will use cunning and wit, combined with raw power, to complete a mission.

These are the things that Strike-Team Ooroo values:

  • Desire for truth and justice
  • Willingness to defend the innocent
  • Enthusiasm for learning
  • Teamwork


Other than the Rank Requirement set by the House, the only special requirement is that any member MUST have an up-to-date Character Sheet accompanied by a beginning draft of your Character Page.

Strike-Team Ooroo has a few simple, casual policies. Rather than hard deadlines and limitations, one must show activity, be responsive on the House channels of communication, and work to better themselves and their team. Members will be expected to operate Jedi characters, and though their trials with the Dark Side might offer drama in future events, they are to be primarily and decidedly light-focused.

Activity is important. Replying to Battleteam emails, submitting to Battleteam competitions or taking Shadow Academy exams are all ways to remain active. Those not active after two report cycles (approximately two months) will be removed from the ranks. If you want to remain on the team but real life is happening, email the Battleteam Leader or your Master (if under the rank of Jedi Knight) to extend your activity for another month.

Members of Ooroo will not call down or criticize other members; they will operate in multiple House and Clan channels; they will seek to befriend and improve others within and outside of the House, and to learn from those above them with humility and dedication. Interpersonal problems will be brought to the attention of the Commander and/or Executive Officer who will work with both parties to resolve the issue. If a settlement cannot be made, the issue will be taken to the Aedile and then to the Quaestor for a ruling.

The requirements of an active Battleteam are small, and easily sated - this will be the minimum benchmark for membership in the team.

Roll of Leaders

Battleteam Leaders of Strike-Team Ooroo
Battleteam Leader Service Dates
Liam Torun 14 Mar '13 - 29 Apr '13
Sight Nortorshin 4 May '13 - 7 Jul '13
Kaayn Salis 10 Jul '13 - 19 Sep '13
Revak Kur 19 Sep '13 - 03 Mar '15
JScumm 3 Mar '15 - Present
Observe. Enforce. Protect

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