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The Peoples New Dawn
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Ozan Miliet

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35 ABY


35 ABY


37 ABY

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Tythonian citizenry


New Tython


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The New Dawn, was the ruling political body of New Tython, ruled by King Cy Thuron. The group formed during the recent civil upheaval in Menat Ombo following the end of the Great War, only to see defeat and retreat into hiding. They re-emerged at the dawn of 37 ABY with an army, scattering the Harakoan tribes onworld and conquering the colonies and capital of the planet within a night. The New Dawn was dissolved following the formation of the Thuron Monarchy.



The People's New Dawn began as a loose affiliation of supporters of the influential New Tythonian citizen Cy Thuron. Vaguely recounted as a hermit living in the foothills north of Menat Ombo, Cy fought in the war with the Tythonian militias during the Great War although not much else is known of his history prior to coming to New Tython in 22 ABY.

Cy Thuron, the "Mad Hermit" and future conqueror of New Tython.

Cy's early followers formed from a loose network of human Tythonians who were seduced by Cy's charismatic proselytizing in the Visulu Market Forum. Preying on the citizens anti-Jedi/anti-government and Pro-speciesist views he was able to spread his message, instilling his charisma into the people through extreme feats of crowd control. Over a relatively short time spanning a couple of months, the confidence of those who favoured Cy's leadership over that of the Jedi paved the way for a Jedi handover of the government to a citizen-run administration. The voice of the people had triumphed in bringing change to Menat Ombo however this was not without its hangups.

The new government as established by the cities top officials consisted of a joint Human Tythonian/Harakoan political entity. The new government would be free from Jedi governing but would now cater to the civil plight of the already disenfranchised urban Harakoans of the city. Trouble erupted with the new government's mandate granting full citizenship and rights to all citizens of Menat Ombo including the (much prejudiced against) Harakoans. Cy's followers being bound by their oaths to uphold and promote a Human-dominant city sparked the first true flames of the civil upheaval that would unfold in the months to come.


At this time the followers of Cy had progressed from lively supporters of the hermit into an empowered group capable of and willing to incite riots and violence against local Harakoans, all in the name of socio-political change. Crimes against Harakoans and violent demonstrations continued to spread, causing the Jedi to be dispatched by the new government to apprehend the leader of the movement. Cy was charged with inciting a critical riot against the oppositional peace movement led by the equally charismatic and influential figure Gideon Varos. During this particular riot, Cy condemned himself after inciting his followers into acts of aggression inadvertently leading to the slaughter of a single Harakoan man; the fallout from this one death left a city plagued with mass hysteria for two days.

Unable to apprehend the crazed hermit, the Jedi managed to end the rioting and brought peace and quiet to the city. In the aftermath Cy's group of followers seemed to have gone underground just as quickly as its leader had. Weeks of peace and further rebuilding returned to the city while Gideon and his peaceful supporters moved to petition the government to subdue the now violently illegal dissident group. An unconfirmed individual, suspected to be a supporter of Thuron, broke the silence by detonating an explosive in the Abbey. This act killed several citizens including the Jedi High Councilor Ji and the Tythonian City Council member Marten.

Reconstruction and Conquest

Sometime later, Cy's dissident group re-emerged from its hibernation as a political movement calling itself The People's New Dawn. The movement's head was identified as a Tythonian from Memit named Ozan Miliet. The New Dawn movement claimed no involvement with the disturbing figure Cy Thuron and further declared plans of secession, en-masse, from the Menat Ombo Municipal government. Despite the illegal nature of the secession, the new heads of government agreed with Jedi counsel from Masters Drodik and Morotheri to allow the secession to proceed for the sake of establishing a much-needed peace.

On the morning following High Councilor Ji's passing into the Force, the New Dawn and dozens of other citizens of Menat Ombo departed from the city for points north. Several were noted as departing the planet and going off-world, while others simply operated off of the grid in the planet's wilds, watching and waiting. While Miliet and his people established a public office in Menat Ombo, operating legally and within the law, his control of the Dawn ebbed away as they were contacted, anew, by Cy Thuron. This loss of power culminated when he was found stabbed to death in a Menat Ombo alleyway.

Thuron, meanwhile, had made contact with his mysterious Master and studied the ways of the Sith. Using his new power, alongside undetermined sources of revenue and capital, he was able to draw his followers together. Hiring mercenaries and military contractors wherever he could find them, he brought together an army and assembled a fleet of pirate and mercenary vessels. With his forces assembled, the New Dawn moved into position on and near New Tython, preparing for the departure of the Jedi forces. Their chance came with the Dark Crusade, allowing the New Dawn to attack New Tython while the Jedi were off at war.

Striking the night side of the planet, the Dawn was able to systematically crush and scatter the local Harakoan tribes using several unscrupulous tactics, including the deployment of incendiary explosives and weaponry of mass destruction. With the main forces defending New Tython in shambles, the New Dawn was able to move against the colonies, locking each down and crushing resistance within Menat Ombo. With the planet well in hand, Cy was crowned New Tython's first King, while the New Dawn took over the government and their new army established order.

Reformation and Expansion

During the months after the Fall of New Tython and the following Talus Incident, the New Dawn's forces had all but dropped that name. New Dawn colors would be adopted as colors of import and office, though Cy Thuron's favorite colors would become those of the new flag and the regal attire, while security forces were consolidated into the Thuronian Royal Forces. Corporations ranging from discreet to corrupt were invited to the world due to their discretion and lack of ethical restrictions, bringing the Dawn an influx of currency and resources to work with in fortifying their base of operations.

Over the following months, each settlement saw a Governor appointed by Thuron from the ranks of the Dawn, while his General, Alek Mirr, continued both consolidating the settlements and leading military operations aimed at capturing indigenous tribals and forcing them into confinement. Vorlem Tytis, the serial killer once called the "Blue Butcher," saw himself embraced by Thuron and given command of Purity Rock, ostensibly a resettlement facility but ultimately an internment camp meant to eradicate the locals. With all resistance shattered and order restored, the New Dawn either dissolved entirely into the Royal Forces or became part of the elitist cadre of the new government. With Cy's official coronation held at the cessation of open resistance, the Thuron Monarchy was born.


Originally a somewhat disorganized separatist and terrorist group, the People's New Dawn would come to form a constitutional monarchy, placing Cy Thuron as their King and several prominent members as the governors of each colony. Their main source of revenue became the taxation of the planet, though they would also establish liaisons with Czerka and other groups to garner deals. This led to a culture of elitism among they and their human supporters, particularly those of wealth and influence.

Each settlement had its own Governor, who oversaw a local garrison of the Thuronian Royal Forces. These garrisons served the role of defence forces, police services, and often even intelligence services. Governors were free to run their settlements however they saw fit, so long as they enforced the new Thuronian laws and saw that local taxes were properly collected. With the freedom to exploit their local populaces, many would tax or even force labour upon non-human residents in their settlements. Deals with defence contractors, pharmaceutical corporations, and other big companies saw an influx of credits with which each Governor was able to both live lavishly and recklessly expand his own settlement.

The Governors would come together in a Council of Advisors, each subservient to King Thuron in Menat Ombo. Rather than playing the role of a Governor, Thuron would leave much of the day-to-day governance of the city to General Mirr, leader of the Forces. This saw the size, reach, and control of the Forces in Menat Ombo violently expand, while marking the beginning of many vast expansion projects in the city. Weaponry emplacements, vehicle pads, and military structures popped up all over the city, while places like the Visulu Market and Memit District were largely pulverized and replaced by the burnished, smooth buildings of rapid expansion.

Altogether, the rule of the New Dawn saw rapid modernization and expansion of the settlements of New Tython, all at the cost of the local populace. An elite sect of citizens emerged that was supportive of the local government, while the masses of poor humans and non-humans suffered under the iron rule of their new King. Harakoans ultimately suffered the worst, being rounded up wherever they were found and forced into the internment camp that would be named Purity Rock. There, they were forced to work laboriously for the purposes of the Thuronian government, often slaving with little respite and poor food and hygiene conditions. Joining them would be any non-human who spoke against the government, or who refused to pay extra taxes for the right to reside on New Tython.


The People's New Dawn, first as a terrorist organization and then as a government, based itself upon ideals of a pure, human-ruled New Tython. They believed that the human occupants of the planet were its conquerors and inheritors, and that they brought the light and knowledge of the Galaxy with them. To this end, they sought to inflame xenophobic attitudes amongst the human settlements while using dangerous attacks and actions to weaken and harry the Jedi, government, and Harakoan tribes. Ultimately, their actions and the fallout therein helped to further their cause, and win them supporters.

However, against their wishes, the New Dawn served a second role in shaping New Tython; by catering to the elite, giving mercenary forces special privileges, and stepping on the poor and disenfranchised, they first stirred up misery and then resentment. Their actions made the people reconsider their opinions on the Harakoans and Jedi, while Purity Rock and the taxation of humanoids united those that the Thuronians repressed. Ultimately, between the internment camp, the treatment of the locals, and their complete disregard for Tythonian tradition over power, the New Dawn morphed from a people's movement and into a dictatorship nearly overnight - and helped to cement calls for freedom, justice, and equality among the planet's masses.