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"Wolves of Kaerls"


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Gülvyr Okami - current

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The Okami Mandalorians are a conservative Mandalorian clan based on the ice moon of Kaerls. They are staunch and unbending in their adherence to the Resol'nare and the Canons of Honor. They are shock troops and mercenaries employed by the Vatali Empire and Clan Odan-Urr.


Roots of the Clan

Okami on the hunt

The Okami are a clan of Mandalorians founded decades ago on the moon of Concord Dawn. In the immediate aftermath of the moon's destruction, the Okami left the Mandalore sector for unknown reasons now lost to memory, and endeavored to find a new home away from home. After the Great Purge they founded a colony on the ice moon of Kaerls in Vatali space and formed a contract with the Vatali Empire. They remain loyal to the Resol'nare and staunchly keep their traditions from Concord Dawn.

Beskar painted symbol

The Okami are extremely conservative in their adherence to the Resol'nare: wearing armor, speaking the language, defending oneself and family, raising your children as Mandalorians, contributing to the clan's welfare, and when called upon by the Mand'alor, rallying to their cause. Additionally, their tradition dictates they try to live as simply as they can in environments other groups would find hostile, believing that a luxurious lifestyle leads to weak warriors. The Clan doesn't reject technology outright however as they use it in training, combat, transportation, construction, and farming.

The leader of the Clan is given the title Patriarch or Matriarch and is elected by the elders until they can no longer serve or are unfit to follow the Mandalorian Canons of Honor. It is rare that a leader should retire, however, as most die in war or are challenged and killed in combat.

They have a special relationship with a local species of Anooba endemic to Kaerls, but spread throughout Kiast and other systems through breeding and trade, the Stroilk. Okami both hunt these animals and keep them as hunting companions, though they make poor pets and are usually left in the wild until needed. A warrior's rite of passage — s type of coming-of-age ritual for young adults — involves hunting one of these creatures with a favored simple melee weapon of choice. The pelt of their kill is worn over their Beskar'gam in an almost reverence, while the bodies of any companions killed during the rite, in keeping with tradition, are burned in the Vestaad township and spread across the Godaark mountains.



Vestaad valley

Clan Okami’s main headquarters is located in the small township of Vestaad in the geothermal valley of the same name on the Kaerls ice moon. The township houses numerous houses and the Grand hall used as the home of the current leader and town center. The houses are made from natural materials, as is the preference of the Okami. Wood, stone and the similar materials dominate, though there are areas that require modern and sophisticated means to keep them operational.

The township's location is off-center to the valley, leaning on one side of the Godaark mountains to the north. Several hangars are kept in operation in the cliffs to the west, for operation and maintenance of Okami starships. The township itself houses strategic supply depots for defense against invaders, as well as storage units for speeders and other equipment used for hunting and war. A large, wooden palisade wall encircles the township to fend off wildlife. The palisade is reinforced with point defense lasers for anti-air and anti-space defense.

Much of the land outside the palisade wall made up of fertile farmland used to feed the population and geothermal vents and lakes. The population enjoy bathing in the ponds and lakes as their temperature is significantly higher than the surrounding tundra.

There are several dozen outposts, hunting grounds, training grounds and several smaller settlements on the same moon littered across its surface, as well as a training facility on the planet of Solyiat in the Tundra Flats.


Unlike native Mandalorians, the Okami clan's isolation has left it in a precarious position of being unable to expand their numbers to an acceptable degree. The solution, while controversial at the time, was allowing outsiders into their home and slowly acclimatizing them to the Manda. Despite protests about how the potential changes and destruction of their tradition if outsiders were let in, the Manda has remained strong within the Okami Clan.

The current population of Okami Mandalorians is around three hundred individuals of all ages. Of those, however, only around sixty are warriors. Many are not fit to wear the Beskar'gam or are physically unable to be soldiers. They have taken up other noble pursuits, such as farming, hunting, mechanic work, etc. Many are children and elderly who maintain the homesteads when the warriors are engaged in war.


An Okami Fang fighter

The Okami have no large fleet as they are a highly specialized force of shock troops. They usually employ half a squadron of Fang fighters. The squadron has no official name, as it is neither part of the Odan-Urr navy nor the Vatali Imperial Navy.

Additionally, for long-haul transport purposes, the Okami utilize two GR-75 Medium Transports. For shorter hauls they utilize several reliable Aka'jor-class Shuttles.

In combat the Okami almost exclusively utilize the Kom'rk-class Fighter for delivering shock troops to the battlefield. One such ship is used to ferry the leader and his escort on diplomatic missions and other endeavors.


Outsiders Joining the Okami

Outsiders joining the Okami is certainly not an unseen occurrence, though it is rare. Many who joined the Okami were and are roaming Mandalorians whose clan or house has been wiped out in rival takeovers or simply eradicated with time. Some were dar'manda, outcasts from their families and homes, but honor-bound to follow the Resol'nare or simply refusing to let go of tradition. Some were honorless and sought redemption, some other yet seek to do so. The Okami have, through the years, adopted and housed many wayward Mandalorians who have come and gone for one reason or another. Not all of them are considered as close as family when they leave, some becoming downright hostile, but the Okami have never turned away a Mandalorian in need.

Non-native Mandalorians joining the clan is also not uncommon as many Quorahi and even some Vatali joined the Okami ranks over the years. Gülvyr Okami joined the Okami Mandalorians as a youth of eighteen years on the planet Lotho Minor and was integrated into the clan, despite being a non-native Kiffar by blood. A similar fate befell Hedda Okami who once hailed by a different name, that of Assarai Anasaye, a cousin of the ruling Empress of the Vatali Empire. Hedda chose a simpler life after her daughter was born and was accepted by the Okami.

Out of Character (OOC) Information

Can I make an Okami character?

Any member of Odan-Urr may create PCs, Alts or NPCs that are Okami Mandalorians. You do not require special permission from the creators to do so. This is a Clan-wide resource created to foster cooperative writing and world-building. You are absolutely free to use the Okami.

Can my existing character become an Okami Mandalorian?

Any character can become an Okami Mandalorian. They were purposefully made to include any species or archetype available in the Dark Brotherhood. If you require help integrating your character, ask the Odan-Urr Summit for help.

If I leave Odan-Urr, can I keep my character?

Of course! They are your character. We would only ask that — though it is absolutely NOT necessary and up to you as the author — you create a compelling story for their leaving the Okami.

Can I edit or change the Okami story and wiki pages on my own?

Please refrain from doing so without permission from the Odan-Urr Summit. if you want or need to change something, discuss it with your leaders first.

Must the Okami always wear their armor, like Din Djarin?

That depends on your character. The Okami are not limited by Din Djarin's or The Tribe's religious views. That said, it is common that Okami Mandalorian always wear their armor when outside their homes or the township for protection and as a symbol of their dedication to the Resol'nare. It is good practice to protect oneself in all situations, your head especially.

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