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Dajorra-Yhi Concordat
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33 ABY

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The Dajorra-Yhi Concordat is the first official legal document signed between Clans Arcona and Odan-Urr. Signed after the notorious O'reenian conflict in which Clan Arona opted to assist Clan Odan-Urr against their O'reenian adversaries. The Concordat was signed aboard the NSD Invicta, flagship of the Arcona Expeditionary Force


The overall purpose of the Dajorra-Yhi Concordat was to ultimately serve as the overture of a full alliance between the clans Clans Arcona and Odan-Urr. The agreement held a number of stipulations emphasizing mutual support and defense, ranging from military assistance to joint operations and the trade of resources. This allowed for the clans to effectively operate as a single entity when at war, and to field their military forces under a single banner for the benefit of better cohesion. Given the threat that the O'reenian had posed, and the previous conflicts between Odan-Urr and the greater Brotherhood, it was seen as a means for the two largest clans to better defend their holdings.

Yet beyond the fine print, there was a secret purpose behind the Concordat. A verbal agreement between each clan's leaders cited the need to better integrate Odan-Urr into the wider Brotherhood and avoid the needless destruction which had stemmed from past purges. Atyiru Caesura Entar cited how Muz Ashen's war to destroy any impurities within the Brotherhood had a personal desire to see Arcona grow through the benefit of a larger number of light side aligned individuals. In turn, A'lora Kituri spoke of how many Jedi saw little reason to bother supporting the Brotherhood following the deaths of so many comrades, or the wars that inevitably resulted from contact with the Sith. The Concordat was seen as one possible means to avert this and prove that there were some benefits to a long-standing alliance with at least some of its elements.


The existence of the Concordat proved to be a controversial move on both sides. A number of Arconan individuals, with the battle only having been won thanks to their arrival, viewed this as a needless waste of resources and aligning themselves with their lessers. Equally, a number of Dark Jedi, Sith, and their ilk saw any unity with a group of Jedi as being a weakness at best and a fatal mistake at worst. The near-defeat ensured that voices within Odan-Urr were not nearly as vocal, but a number of key members held concerns over the possibility of betrayal by the Arconans. Atryiru's leadership proved to be a major link between the two groups solidifying the alliance and maintaining the Concordat.

The Concordat itself would prove to be a major link between the clans in the months to come, preventing each from being annihilated following Pravus' descent into insanity and the glassing of their homeworlds. Even following multiple attacks by the Iron Navy attempts at outright genocide, both Odan-Urr and Arcona would escape with the bulk of their military during the Fall of New Tython and the attacks on the Dajorra system. It would ultimately serve as the groundwork for the White Lotus Resistance that opposed the Iron Throne.


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