Tistito Kingang

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Tisto Kingang
Biographical Information

Nar Shadaa

Date of Birth:

11 ABY (age 28)

Physical Description





1.8 meters


80 kg





Personal Information

Sulcan Kingang


The Knights of Allusis, House Hoth, The Wildcards Ozosi Vym

Lightsaber Color(s):



Lightsaber, Shockboxing gloves

Fighting Style(s):

Corellian Kickboxing

Chronology & Political Information

Swoop Racer (Formerly), Gang Member (Formerly), Gang Leader (Formerly), Pirate (Formerly), Force User, Shockboxer




Knights of Allusis,The Nameless,

Personal Ship:

Recollection, Nameless Vengeance

Known apprentices:

Jack Sewet



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"I have seen to many friends die to loose another"
― Tisto to Bell

Tisto was a Jedi Savant, current member of the Wildcards, and a former member and leader of the Battle Team Knights of Allusis. Born on Nar Shaddaa, Tisto never had a easy life, becoming orphaned at the age of ten and becoming a swoop gang member just to survive. While having the Force helped him live longer than he should have it was a natural talent for swoops that got him noticed. Becoming one of the top members of the Nameless swoop gang, and eventually its leader, Tisto moved the gang to New Tython and joined the Jedi. He would later end up surviving the loss of New Tython and participating in the war of Florrum, though later vanished during the Twelfth Great Jedi War only showing up after the final battle. His actions during the war are currently unknown, though he seems to have collected some gear from the Collective.

Character History

Tisto was born on Nar Shadaa in the year of 11 ABY, born to a psychopathic mother and a Force User father. He doesn't know much about them, but remembers growing up in the slums of Nar Shadaa, living from what seemed like pay check to pay check from what his father had made. His mother had left when he was six, going off to a strange world to join the formation of the New Dawn. It wasn't long after that Tisto and his father were evicted and forced to live on the streets. This was also around the time Tisto began learning how to use the Force from his father, learning to use it for self defense in the form of Telekinesis and as a means to deal with hunger and sleep deprivation. He developed these two skills, and while he began to tap into others over the course of the remaining four years with his father, he rarely had to use them. At the age of ten numerous things happened. First, his father was arrested for killing a police officer, and second, Tisto found himself in a gang.

The Nameless 21 ABY-34 ABY

The Nameless were a small swoop gang in Nar Shaddaa when Tisto first found them. They had a long history of existence, dating back to Republic times, and were a decently known group of racers and criminals. Tisto joined them at the age of ten, and learned many things that still influence his actions today.

Childhood in the Gang 21 ABY- 25 ABY

Tisto found himself in the Nameless at the young age of ten, working for the gang as a messenger. He learned about the dichotomy of the gang quickly, as it was split between kids and adults. While the group of adults were loosely defines, those who were kids had to do smaller jobs and learned how to survive mostly on their own. The kids had their own leadership, though it was not an official one, and set themselves up to go into various positions of the gang, within reason. This is where he met Lucia, the daughter of the gang's leader. The two found an animosity between themselves due to circumstance, and over his entire time with the Nameless Children the two waged a mini war of influence among their peers.

While in the children's group Tisto had many odd jobs, mostly running messages, but also found himself cleaning the gangs fighting location, along with scrubbing weapons to remove all ways to identify them. During this time he found his way into watching the adults fight for various reasons and practiced what he saw whenever he could. This got him to be recognized by one of the better fighters in the gang who decided to train the Kiffar out of a point of pride. Tisto was taught a mix of Shockboxing, Corellian Kickboxing, and Petranaki. His training involved beatings, workouts, and using what ever he could to defend himself from his teacher. This method made sure Tisto would remember every lesson and not make the same mistake twice, but also made sure he was able to think enough on his feet to act unexpectedly. It also lead him to see fighting dirty as the only way to win, as a fair fight gave too many advantages to an opponent.

The years as a Nameless Child were not especially kind to the young Kiffar, but they toughed him. His fights against his teacher made him one of the most skilled members of the Nameless Children, in addition to hardening him to withstand punishment. Being trained by one of the adults made him popular among the other children, and he gathered a following among them. He led his following honestly, and that was enough to establish himself as a future leader in the gang. The more his fellows looked to him, the more children went to him as a leader. However, it filled his time quickly and it was all he could do to continue to train what he knew of the Force.

Official Gang Member 26 ABY-32 ABY

Tisto became an official gang member after five years as a Nameless Child. He was brought into the gang at the same time as Lucia, and was given a simple swoop bike. Like many of the Children he was put to a race to see if he was any good. While he did not know it at the time he was a natural at piloting a swoop bike, and found himself as one of the top racers to come up from the children. Lucia on the other hand was one of the worst, though her mechanical skills were beyond anything Tisto could manage. Their feud continued, and the two began ignoring each other. Tisto relied on lesser mechanics to fix his bike and keep it up to date. His skill piloting continued to grow, and he found himself in more and more gang races, competing for credits. He started a win streak that infuriated other gangs, and it broke out into a gang war.

With one gang, known as the Azure Akuls, declaring war on the Nameless, Tisto found himself in a real fight. The Akul's targeted the younger members of the gang first, plotting to cripple the Nameless by destroying future members. Since some of the people who saw Tisto as a future leader will still among that number he constantly attacked the Akul's to protect them. He survived fights because of the Force and his previous training, but the constant fighting took its tole on him, scars beginning to form because he refused to stop. His fighting stopped when he sacrificed himself for Lucia and a group of Nameless Children. The Kiffar put himself and his Swoop Bike between two thermal detonators and them. He created a barrier with the Force for additional protection. However despite his best efforts he was left bloody and on deaths door. Unable to do much else he used the Force to put himself in a hibernation state just to survive.

Tisto woke up in 27 ABY after several months in a stolen bacta tank. The gang had made sure he survived after his work during the gang war, and ultimately there were only a few battles he had missed. The Nameless had won the war, and had taken the time to recover. Lucia had even made a bike for Tisto as thanks and an apology for their rivalry. The Kiffar used this bike to become one of the top racers in the gang. He won several strange prizes as a result, including two holocrons, one with the instructions on how to build a lightsaber, and the other on the philosophy behind the different lightsaber forms. He and Lucia built his lightsaber together, seeing it as an excuse to spend time with eachother and figure out if the weapon would be useful in gang wars. Despite its value, Tisto never learned how to use it, not having a teacher so he used it as an executioners tool as it was dangerous otherwise.

His racing, combat training, and Force practice went on until it came to a head in 30 ABY with the outbreak of another gang war. The Kiffar's efforts pushed him to the forefront of the gang's hierarchy, with each battle giving him more recognition by the true leaders and more experience. Half a year into the gang war, Lucia was captured and Tisto went after her on his own. While he did manage to save her, the two came back considerably damaged and worn out barely surviving the encounter. The opposing force was defeated halfway through 31 ABY, and Tisto was taken under the wing of the gang leader to be trained as the next leader.

Taking Over 32 ABY-33 ABY

New Tython 33 ABY-34 ABY

Loss 34 ABY-Present

Relationships and Friendships

"I will not abandon anyone, ever. Even you!"
― Tisto to Lucia 26 ABY

While Tisto has held positions of leadership, he rarely gets to know people. Those relationships he does form tend to be unique as a result.


"Get out of here you stupid Kiffar."
― Lucia to Tisto

Lucia was a Twi'lek mechanic, and one of the most influential people in Tisto's life. She was the child of the current gang leader when Tisto found his way into the Nameless at the age of ten. The two did not get a long well, due to Tisto's jealousy of her still having family. She returned his hatred, jealous that the other kids in the gang were viewing him as a possible leader as opposed too her. While her father did not approve of his two best future official members feuding, he was glad to see that the kids in the Nameless were making decisions on their own. Their rivalry would continue for years, both of them maturing to the age of fourteen. At this point Tisto was an official member of the gang, and one of the main racers, showing a natural talent for piloting and learning directly from the gang leader while Lucia was learning advanced mechanics and bike building. However Lucia wouldn't fix Tisto's bike, nor would he ask her too, despite her skill.

During this year the Nameless went to war with a rival swoop gang who had targeted the kids in the gang. Due to being the daughter of the gang leader, Lucia was targeted. In the battle that ensued Tisto flew in, putting himself and his bike between several thermal detonators and Lucia. He had no idea why he did it at the time, and nearly died with the explosion tearing through his bike and his yellow and black chest piece. He was left in a coma for several months, living in a questionably obtained bacta tank. Moved by his sacrifice and hoping to make it up to him, Lucia built him a custom bike for when he got out of the pod as a peace offering. Moved by the offering, and possibly puberty, Tisto accepted the peace offering and made a flustered attempt at friendship.

Over time they developed a strong relationship, working together to win many races. When Tisto won a two holocrons and a scratched Kyber Crystal in a race at the age of seventeen the two hit another moving point. By this point Tisto had already begun developing his Force abilities, resulting in neither of them being shocked by the opening of the holocrons. However what was in them shocked them, as they included instructions for building a lightsaber in one, while the other contained information of a Lightsaber Form known as Balanth. The two build the weapon together, growing closer as they did, ending the building with a kiss. The two would become intimate from there, and later became almost inseparable. This was despite Tisto's races and practice sessions to learn how to use the weapon they built together.

Near the end of 30 ABY marked the beginning of a gang war against a group of slavers whose name was lost in Tisto's memory as well as being lost to history. At one point the Nameless were pushed out of their territory with Tisto in another battlefield when she was taken on to one of the slaving groups ships. Despite being warned not to, Tisto went off on his own to save her, participating in his first out numbered battle with nothing but the Force and his weapon. While he won, their escape was difficult due to neither of them knowing exactly how to pilot the slave carrier, and being shot down. After surviving all of this Lucia took the time too sit with the lightsaber in hand while Tisto slept, using it as a recorder, hoping too leave Tisto last words in case she ever died. She understood his fear of using Psychometry, and hoped that these 'recording' sessions would go unnoticed until either she helped him get over that fear or, in the event of her death, someone else did. The two would go on for several more years until her death on New Tython during the Battle for Tanduran, when she was pulled away from the group that had formed. Tisto has yet too fully recover from her death and has not yet learned about the messages in his lightsaber's past.


"Let's kick their ass for the Void Snakes"
― Bell to Tisto

Bell was a human female former slave and swoop gang member. She first met Tisto during the destruction of New Tython. She had been on a fleeing slaver ship that Tisto found himself on as one of the last to escape the planet. She was beaten several times before the Kiffar had acted, and he made quick work of the slavers, tossing them out of the airlock through the use of Telekinesis. Tisto flew their stolen ship towards his clan, bringing it straight into the war on Florrum. Tisto liberated the slaves from there, and Bell asked to join him, having aggression she wanted to get out of her system. The two of them made it through the war, forging a close friendship and starting a new Swoop Gang, the Void Snakes. However the Void Snakes were not destined to last. During the 12 GJW the group was destroy, all presumed dead, with Bell not returning alongside Tisto.

Jack Sewet

Ozosi Vym

Philosophy and Beliefs



The Force



Physical Description

His redish brown hair marks he is not a pure Kiffar, even though the human in his family was his Great Great grandmother. His qukuuf tattoo is a green crescent running from his left jaw to the top of his nose to his right jaw. He is broad shouldered, yet thin, and carries himself lightly. He has several small scars across his arms and face from several racing accidents. He has hazel green eyes, which are often never seen. Unlike most Kiffar males, he is not muscular, being leaner, and seems more to fit into the role of a artist or racer than the warrior he often is. Unlike his lean built his eyes are harsh and seem to pierce the souls of those he examines. On the rare occasions when he takes off his jacket, one can see two long, but perfectly healed scars, run from his shoulders down his back from an explosion he was in when he was younger.




Hand to Hand