Purity Rock

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Purity Rock Internment Facility
General information

37 ABY


Hunonum Desert


New Dawn

Physical specifications



300 Acres


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Thuron Monarchy

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Built in 37 ABY, Purity Rock was an internment facility located in the Hunonum Desert of New Tython. Built to house, exploit, and eventually dispose of Harakoan natives and dissidents who defied the Thuron Monarchy and its King, the facility was the site of brutal atrocities committed by the Monarchy. Forced labour, prisoner abuse, and mass graves all occurred, as the peoples of New Tython were told it was a "resettlement facility". After the capture and subsequent breakout of the Knights of Allusis by Ooroo and the Disciples of Baas, it saw a mass escape of Harakoans and now stands deserted, ravaged by the elements.


Purity Rock layout

As the first stage of the Fall of New Tython, the New Dawn and their mercenary army attacked Harakoan tribes during planetary night. The mercenary forces were known to have slaughtered Harakoans with extreme prejudice, successfully scattering any native resistance that may have held the mercenary forces back. Once the colonies and capital city of Menat Ombo were firmly in hand, the mercenaries - reorganized by Alek Mirr into the Thuronian Royal Forces - were tasked with establishing order, cataloguing the populations of each colony, and capturing any and all Harakoans that they could find. Soon, their success in razing the landscape and gathering the locals could be seen, in that they were forced to temporarily inter them inside cities and colonies. It was at this time that Vorlem Tytis, the Blue Butcher, came out of hiding and swore his allegiance to the King.

Tytis contracted shady, Outer Rim construction companies to help construct what at the time was billed as an "open-air prison" for the natives. Constructed over thirty acres of land, and with high fences, guard towers, and a thick and secure outer wall, the facility was quickly ready to begin accepting interred Harakoans. With a garrison of the Royal Forces present, called the Guardsman Corps, they were able to set up basic defenses within a few weeks and advanced defenses over the following months. In that time, millions of Harakoans and other dissidents, particularly non-humans, were rounded up and imprisoned.

Conditions at the prison would only worsen as the population swelled; even with arbitrary executions, desert conditions, and brutal forced labour, the Harakoans could not die fast enough to empty the camp. This pleased Tytis, and as a few thousand died every day, he began ordering the mass burials and burnings of Harakoan bodies at dump points throughout the desert. At its height, the camp held millions of Harakoan men, women, and children, cramped to the point of mass expansion.

Breakout and Desertion

In 37 ABY, the Knights of Allusis were imprisoned within the prison, only to be rescued by the efforts of Strike Team Ooroo and the Disciples of Baas. As the latter two teams disabled security and opened the armories of the prison to those within, the Knights led the prisoners in a massive uprising, leading to the defeat of the Thuronians, the escape of the Harakoan people, and the defeat and death of Vorlem Tytis. The Jedi would then escape the world by hijacking two corvettes from the Thuronians, escaping and rendezvousing with the Arthos. The prison now stands empty and ruined, swept by desert storms and rusting from lack of maintenance.


Purity Rock was built as part of the Thuronian monarchy's humanocentric agenda; it would be claimed that it was a resettlement facility, designed to take Harakoans off-world and move them somewhere else. This would enable the colonists, who New Dawn rhetoric painted as the destined rulers of New Tython, to spread out and claim the planet's natural wealth for themselves. In truth, it was Cy Thuron's twisted means of eradicating all Harakoans from the planet, one dead body at a time, until his rule became unchallenged.