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Exodus era.New Order era.
Battleteam Knights of Allusis
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Clan Odan-Urr


Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force

  • Overt strike team
  • Defensive and offensive front line ops
  • 10 Members
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House Hoth


Belth Allusis


First to Defend, Last to Fall


Jan 10, 2013


Darro Zhen

Notable commanders:
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"Jedi Master Belth Allusis, seven dozen of the Order's finest Knights, and four thousand of the Republic's strongest soldiers dug in to defend the shield generators…or die trying."
―Jedi Master Gnost-Dural's holodocumentary about the Battle of Bothawui

The Knights of Allusis are a team of Jedi, soldiers, and scoundrels within House Hoth of Clan Odan-Urr. Formed to defend the old House Odan-Urr against deadly threats during the Dark Crusade, they took heavy losses during the Brotherhood Civil War while their surviving members were scattered, reassigned, or fled for more peaceful lives. Under the order of the Quaestor of Hoth, their Knight Commander now seeks to unite powerful individuals from the Jedi, the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, and even the underworld of New Tython for their mission - to defend House, Clan, and the Galaxy.



During the Tenth Great Jedi War, while some Jedi deliberated on pacifism, a group of brave individual rallied a small force of Jedi to battle the oncoming threat. Together with their allies from Clan Ordo, these Jedi who called themselves Knights of Allusis, fought in many skirmishes and won many battles against the Sith. However, it was during the final battle that the Knights fought to their deaths. They died, to the man, protecting their House and order.

It was only after the war, when it was deliberated how the Jedi should counter this ever present threat, that Councillor Drodik Va'lence al'Tor gave Lyze Kiel the job of creating a team that would be at the forefront of House Odan-Urr's defense. Lyze recruited some of the most talented men and women the House had had and created the Knights of Allusis, named after the heroes that died in the War.

Mercenary Crisis and Fall of New Tython

After the death of Councillor Ji at the hands of a suicide bomber, a new crisis arose. A mercenary group attacked the Arca Praxeum in an attempt to steal hidden dark side artifacts from its vault. The Knights fought with the attackers outside the Praxeum, protecting the Halls of the Watchmen, eventually pushing them back with assistance from the K.U.D.F. forces and Jedi from the House.

Not too long after the artifacts were stolen, Cy Thuron began an offensive on Menat Ombo in an attempt to take over the planet. Battles broke out in the city as the Jedi were driven back under the barrage of laser fire from Thuron's mercenary army. Not long after taking Menat Ombo and imprisoning the Council, Thuron made an assault on Ordain Vonoro Spacedock where the Jedi were evacuating what civilians and K.U.D.F. personnel they could. The Knights held the rearguard until the last possible moment, after which they too escaped, leaving only the young Elleron, hero of New Tython, to cover their retreat.

The Dark Crusade

Knowing full well they couldn't retake their planet without greater military support and starships, Councillor Liam Torun made the hard decision to continue the House's war against the Brotherhood. Very soon the knights were deployed on the many battlefields of the Sith Worlds. In an attempt to gather as many artifacts of Dark Side power, the Knights were sent into the hardest missions against the Sith. But even with the help of the K.U.D.F., they managed to do little but annoy the Brotherhood and the One Sith. Still even with they comparably small forces, the Knights, Ooroo and the K.U.D.F managed to liberate enough assets from both sides to bolster their own military strength.

The Varonat Crisis

The Varonat Crisis

It was after the Dark Crusade ended that the Knights, as a whole, were shaken to the core. During a routine mission on the planet Varonat, Jedi Commander V'yr Vorsa and her second-in-command, Kah Manet, were ambushed and taken prisoner by an elite mercenary team called Alpha's Omega. The mercenaries sent out a ransom demand and Councillor Torun commanded the rest of the Knight to rescue their entrapped leaders.

The Knights arrived onto Varonat thinking they were the hunters, when in fact their whole plan was anticipated, and they were being lured into a trap. Seeking information from a local gangster was their first mistake. It was there that they were captured and given to the mercenaries for a healthy sum of credits. A botched escape attempt was planned and while all the knights were freed, they didn't leave the planet. Alpha's Omega once again captured the strike team and carried them off-world, to New Tython.

Tides of Freedom

Liberation: Tides of freedom

Later years saw the Fall of New Tython and the rise of the New Dawn under the Sith Warrior Cy Thuron. Seeking to claim the world for himself, Thuron initiated a succession of relentless assaults which saw Tythonian forces stretched thin. This was soon followed by the capture of Harakoan High Chieftain Whenua as well as the two Harakoan City Council members, Ministers Matiu and Kiri. Entire settlements of Harakoans were slaughtered during a festival, and it proved to be little more than a precursor of what would follow. As political figures were captured, executed or their followers butchered, Thuron was able to drive the Jedi from New Tython and claim the planet for himself as the Thuron Monarchy.

During preparations to reclaim the planet, it became clear that freeing the Harakoans would be an essential part of any plan. The Knights of Allusis were tasked with raiding Purity Rock, a massed concentration camp which was slowly killing its populace with forced labour. Along with Strike-Team Ooroo and the Disciples of Baas, their goal was to completely break the facility and free the prisoners in a single assault. While far from an easy task, there was simply no alternative. As Ooroo and Bass disabled the main security measures and broke armory locks for the prisoners to use, the Knights themselves spearheaded the uprising. Casualties were high on both sides even with these successes and thousands of Harakoans were lost in the battle, but the majority were able to flee into the deserts. Along with the loss of their captives, the Thuronians saw over three-quarters of their number lost in the fighting, with their leader Vorlem Tytis among them. The groups were able to escape through the use of stolen corvettes and the assault teams eventually rendezvoused with the Arthos on the system's edge.

The victory proved to be a turning point, not only freeing a people bound for execution but also shattering a key symbol of the Thuronian monarchy's humanocentric agenda.

Return of the Light

Return of the Light

The Knights of Allusis were part of a major offensive against New Tython. Tasked with invading and liberating the world from the ruling Thuron Monarchy, the Knights themselves played the role of a strike team assisting with the removal of Cy Thuron militia forces and the massed groups of Alpha's Omega units. Rather than engaging the entire government in a pitched battle and risking instability, the Jedi opted to instead systematically dismantle and remove key targets while freeing captive prisoners who might assist with the restructuring of New Tython. Led by [Liam Torun]], the Jedi accomplished a series of rapid victories, reclaiming one territory after another before engaging the Mad King himself. The battle ended with the death of Thuron at the hands of Mirus Hi'ija following a duel against Liam, and with him died the Thuron Monarchy itself. The planet's territories were soon divided between the Tythonian Colonial Alliance, the Harakoans, and other independent colonies. The Governors of the previous order were then soon put to trial and imprisoned for crimes against the people they had once governed.


The role of the Knights of Allusis was eventually retired with the shifting role of House Hoth. The group would remain active for some time, performing notable actions during the Fall of New Tython in which they helped to evacuate a substantial number of civilians from Iron Legion forces by breaking through the orbiting blockade. The gradual restructuring of the survivors required that the Knights' various roles and skills needed to be more broadly distributed among the clan's forces, and the effectiveness of their forces was a greater priority over maintaining old traditions. While the battle team would continue to exist in an unofficial capacity, with its members operating and acting as one group in times of need, it officially shut down shortly following the clan's establishment in the Kiast System.


Belth Allusis

Master Belth Allusis' final stand

Belth Allusis was a Jedi Master who lived and fought against the Sith Empire 3700 years ago, during the Great Galactic War. He is said to have been a courageous and selfless person as well as a prominent member of the Jedi Council at the time.

His defense of Bothawui was a turning point in the Great Galactic War and a disheartening and utterly disastrous victory for the Sith. He and his men were named "The Heroes of Bothawui" for their actions in the defense of the planet which gave hope to the Republic and showed the Sith Empire that Jedi were to be feared and not taken lightly.

Because of this tremendous accomplishment and selfless sacrifice, the Knights of Allusis were named after the legendary hero and their tactics and role in combat reflects the Master's genius.

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  • Founded on Jan 10, 2013


Knight-Commanders of the Knights of Allusis
Knight-Commander Service Dates
Seraphol Ceartas 14 Sep 2014 to 3 Mar 2015
Turel Sorenn 16 Apr 2014 to 09 Sep 2014
V'yr Vorsa 18 Sep 2013 to 16 Apr 2014
Raiju Kang/Lyze Kiel 10 Jan 2013 to 18 Sep 2013
First to Defend, Last to Fall

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