Battle of Florrum

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New Order era.
Previous: Forged Alliances, Fall of New Tython
Battle of Florrum
Conflict: Summer Invasion
Objective: Clan Plagueis launched an assault on the allied forces of Clan Odan-Urr and a large group of remaining undesirables on the planet Florrum.
Location: Florrum

Clan Plagueis & Clan Odan-Urr

Outcome: Odan-Urr forces were routed and forced to retreat. The survivors left behind were enslaved by Plagueis.

Clan Plagueis

Clan Odan-Urr


  • Remnants of the KUDF

  • Brin Khufus
  • Ground forces
  • Tonraq
  • Vorust Traund
  • Ground forces

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The Battle of Florrum (also known as Between Light and Dark) was a conflict between Clan Plagueis and the allied forces of Clan Odan-Urr and various undesirables in 34 ABY.


Darth Pravus, the reigning Grand Master of the Brotherhood, had set forth plans to cleanse its ranks of those deemed 'undesirable'. These were typically aliens that had a distant or almost nonexistent resemblance to more common and traditional humanoids. Arkanian, Verpine, and many more were under threat from the cold and ruthless Grand Master, but none would go down without a fight.

To undertake this monumental task, the Dark Lord turned to Clan Plagueis. Having rebuilt their fleet and grown the numbers of their army, the Ascendant Clan was also known to want to prove their worth to the upper echelons of the Brotherhood leadership. And for the Clan itself, hunting and capturing undesirables was an efficient way of bolstering their enslaved population for other needs.

The first assault was on the outlying world of Athiss, located in the Stygian Caldera. The world had been conquered a few years prior, and since then, few resources or manpower had been diverted to the planet. A scattering of of outposts and makeshift colonies dotted the surface, and considering the few resources available to its inhabitants, posed little threat militarily.

Under the united command of Teylas Ramar, the Ascendant Clan struck Athiss in a swift and brutal fashion. Selika Roh, the Proconsul, led the forces of Clan Plagueis to the surface to kill or capture any who were still alive following an effective orbital bombardment.

An Arkanian maintenance officer by the name of Thrax Kolzaar worked at one of the major installations on the surface. While the majority of the inhabitants and their enemies were focused on dealing with the aftermath of an orbital bombardment, Thrax made his way to a nearby communications terminal. He managed to successfully transmit a message to Clan Odan-Urr, asking for aid and warning them of the Grand Master's plans. The data was sent to the Sentinel Network, run by the hidden Jedi, and the message was quickly received. Thrax, however, was captured by Selika Roh, never to be seen again.

The Battle

A brief but brutal interrogation of Thrax Kolzaar revealed the location of the undesirables to Plagueis. Located on the planet Florrum, a ragtag group of militia made up of undesirables and their sympathizers were attempting to mount a final stand against the Ascendant Clan. This would also be the location of the Odanites, whom were suspected to be assisting the undesirables in combat and a potential evacuation.

Teylas Ramar dispatched Selika Roh and a small advanced force to Florrum as the bulk of the Ascendant Fleet and Ascendant Legion assembled for combat. Selika's task was to conduct reconnaissance and other intelligence gathering operations, hoping to provide Plagueis forces with an accurate and clear picture of the type of resistance that would be faced. This would prove to be invaluable in conducting the attack, with Selika providing accurate numbers and some locations of major installations and positions, including those of the Odan-Urr troops. She even managed to confirm the presence of Turel Sorenn, the maverick Jedi and Odan-Urr Proconsul.

Ramar and his forces waited for Odan-Urr to commit their ships to defending evacuation operations before commencing his own assault. Jumping out of hyperspace near the Jedi fleet, the Odanites were trapped being the planet and the Ascendant Fleet, forcing them into a drawn out, ship-to-ship engagement. Though the Odanites had the benefit of Ion Cannons to deter close range air support on the surface, the Fleets were deadlocked in close combat.

On the surface, the undesirables and Odanite forces fought tooth and nail. Though their positions were only moderately entrenched, their use of the terrain and control of key military installations made the Plagueis advance difficult, at best.

The Plagueians, in turn, mounted a full-scale assault devised with help from Dracaryis Sunstrider. One combat regiment from the Ascendant Legion was organized into four separate strike forces, using every available avenue of advance to their advantage. From the West, infantry and light armour attempted to draw the attention and fire of a majority of enemy positions. From the East, effective artillery positions were established, a small force from the North-Eastern strike group contained the Weequay pirates, while the majority of heavy tanks and heavy infantry advanced on key installations, boxing in Odanite and undesirable troops and effectively ending any hope of further evacuation.


Eventually, Plagueis turned the tide, shattering any remaining resistance and enslaving the undesirables who had not been evacoated. The majority of the Odanite leadership and some undesirables made it to the relative safety of the ships in orbit, which broke off from their engagement with the Plagueian fleet and retreated.

However, Plagueis was left to lick its wounds, having underestimated the tenacity of the light siders and their undesirable allies. But with a large group of new slaves, still more to be found that escaped their grasp, and intelligence as to some escaped undesirables' location, Plagueis quickly began assembling their forces for another foray into the dark.

In the meantime, Odan-Urr was battered, but not knocked out. Their escape from the clutches of Plagueis gave them time to seek out new allies and resources, giving them ample time to prepare for another assault from Darth Pravus and his minions.


Unit Placements

  • First Place - Clan Plagueis, 2,577 points
  • Second Place - Clan Odan-Urr, 2,223 points

Individual Overall Placements