Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos

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Exodus era.New Order era.
Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos
Unit Information

Clan Odan-Urr

  • Army

Special Ops

Part of:

Standard Military

  • T.D.U.C.
  • The Ducks

”Any Time Any Place “

  • Terrain Appropriate
  • Hunter Green
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TDUC Scout Armor

The Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos originated on New Tython prior to the invasion of the Dark Jedi. Originally a ragtag group of humans and Mon Calamarians, it was formed as a Tythonian militia with limited military experience. Loosely organized, poorly equipped and lacking training regimen, these colonists were unprepared for the initial attack of the Dark Brotherhood.

The action that was seen by the Tanduran Dac Unified Commandos was minimal in the grand scope of the invasion. After the action, the need for a standing Special Operations unit was recognized under the leadership of Shar'Nin Lac'Til and Arkols, each veterans present during the Battle of Jakku. Since the Plankowners of the reformed TDUC were Humans from Tanduran and Mon Calamari from Dac it was decided that volunteers would be drawn from each of those colonies. Under the guidance of two decorated commanders, the Ducks, as they called themselves, were recognized as a special operations task force separated into the categorizations of rangers and assault troops.

Fall of New Tython

Following the second Brotherhood attack that ravaged the planet, the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos were among the survivors able to escape the destruction of their homeworld with a number of refugees aboard their transports. Though the task force had suffered numerous casualties, their arrival to Kiast allowed the Ducks to seek newcomers into their ranks. Among these recruits were a number of veterans who had lost their original unit to the Brotherhood's bombardment of the surface. Others were drawn to the cause from across the galaxy, soldiers who wished to fight against the prosecution of Undesirables.

The Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos were restructured into the Odanite Expeditionary Force, forming companies among their numbers specialized in attack armor, drop and air support, as well as a fourth comprised of the most elite individuals able to perform most roles.



  • C.O.: Major Shar'Nin Lac'Til

Assigned Transports

  • Freerunner Platoon (x3)
  • Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier (LAAT/c) Platoon

Special Missions Company


  • C.O.: Major Arkols

Personnel / Equipment

  • 74-Z Speeder Bike Squadron

Led under Master Sergeant Arkols, the TDUC's most elite task force is often seen under assignment in small teams stationed in hostile territories. Though it is able to fill covert roles, the special missions company works alongside the Ducks' other companies to overwhelm a hostile force from all sides. Often referred to as a guerilla unit in reference to the Ducks' former role as guerrilla fighters, the designation does reflect its use of the terrain and associated companies in its operations. The use of 74-Z Speeder Bikes and support from air and drop companies enable this unit to flank or infiltrate hostile forces, softening the resistance for attack armor companies to deal with marked objectives and larger targets.

Air Support Company


  • C.O.: Sergeant Markus Sty

Personnel / Equipment

  • T-47 Airspeeder Squadron

Having commissioned several T-47 Airspeeders since the fall of New Tython, the TDUCs assigned a squadron of pilots under the command of Staff Sergeant Markus Sty to run air support for its missions. Since, the company has been used to defend the Ducks' armor platoons from anti-armor emplacements, as well as to defend the drop companies from anti-air emplacements.

Attack Armor Company


  • C.O.: Sergeant James Centon

Personnel / Equipment

  • T2-B Repulsor Tank Platoon (x3)

Commissioned before the Brotherhood's invasion to augment its assault troops, the three platoons of T2-B Repulsor Tanks destined for New Tython were since rerouted to Kiast. With Sergeant James Centon's expertise on armoured engagements following his success in the Battle of Florrum, the attack armor company forms the bulk of the TDUCs strength.

Drop Company


  • C.O.: Sergeant Jenna Tas

Under the leadership of Jenna Tas, the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos have been able to drop into hostile environments across several engagements, oftentimes alongside the special missions company behind enemy lines. It was created during the Battle of Florrum against Clan Plagueis, in which it proved to be instrumental in securing a foothold among the planet's ridges for surveillance.


Shar'Nin Lac'Til

  • Species: Human
  • Role: Battalion General
  • Equipment: E11 Blaster Rifle, Camo Officer's Uniform, Vibro-dagger
  • Motto: "Just like Jakku"
  • Biography:

Shar'Nin was born during the reign of the Galactic Empire. He was the oldest son of a farmer on Dantooine. Sometime before the Battle of Jakku, he was rescued from being drafted into the Galactic Empire's service when a Rebellion scout documenting the Empire's reconnaissance for the rebel base offered him passage off-world. He then enlisted with the Rebellion and served a pivotal role during the Battle of Jakku alongside Arkols. Following the war's turn in favour of the Rebellion, Shar'Nin resigned himself in order to pursue a life of farming, not unlike his father's, on New Tython.

Given his past experience, it was no shock that when the Dark Jedi attacked, he fought hard. Though he was not in the Militia at the start of the war he was used as a guide based on his knowledge of mapping engagements across large battlefields and using the terrain to his advantage. When the truce was signed between Harakoans and Tythonians, he was given a commission in the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force, and placed in command of the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos.


  • Species: Mon Calamari
  • Role: Company Commander
  • Equipment: E11 Blaster Rifle, Camo Scout Armor, Vibro Blade
  • Motto: "From the deep comes death"
  • Biography:

Born on Dac, Arkols spent time in the Rebellion's special operations forces. During the Battle of Jakku, he served alongside Shar'Nin Lac'Til on a mission to dismantle a large Imperial encampment blocking allied forces from advancing. During the time on the planet, he disabled a line of defenses that allowed Shar'Nin's forces to remove the rest of the resistance. He moved to New Tython with his comrade and a number of Mon Calamari serving alongside him. He joined the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos at its foundations. From that time he was outspoken about the readiness prior to the invasion. Since then he has been instrumental in the training, and formation of the TDUC.

Markus Sty

  • Species: Human
  • Role: Company Commander
  • Equipment: E11 Blaster Rifle, Camo Scout Armor, Vibro-dagger
  • Motto: "When the wind blows the sands, we strike"
  • Biography:

Born on Tatooine Markus is used to the scorching sands. He spent most of his time doing what everyone does on Tatooine, surviving and piloting a rundown T-47 airspeeder. He worked on moister farms, in cantinas, and for the occasional crime lord. Markus was working as muscle for a crime lord when he learned of New Tython. Seeing a chance to start fresh, and make an honest living. So Markus jumped at the chance. During the invasion he aided the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force in running reconnaissance from the skies. At the time, Markus was only member of TDUC that had no prior military experience. After the fall of New Tython, he was given leave to outfit and train a squadron of T-47 craft for air support.

Jenna Tas

  • Species: Human
  • Role: Company Commander
  • Equipment: E11 Blaster Rifle, Camo Scout Armor, Vibro-dagger
  • Motto: "Security is a Blaster in my hand"
  • Biography:

Jenna was born on Coruscant to a low level diplomat. She spent time in the Coruscant Security Force. Later she worked for a couple different mercenary units. She was en route to New Tython when the invasion force landed on New Tython. She was part of a mercenary unit that was hired by a wealthy New Tythonian to assist in the defence. By the time her boots were on the ground, the Treaty had been signed. Rather than return to her mercenary company, she opted to assist in the rebuilding of the planet and became a citizen of Tanduran. Shortly after hearing of the Tanduran and Dac Unity Commandos, she enlisted. With her experiences with urban combat on Coruscant and security-related observation, she was placed in command of the drop company.

James Centon

  • Species: Human
  • Role: Company Commander
  • Equipment: Phase IV Armor, T-6 "Thunder" Heavy Blaster Pistol, DLT-20A Blaster Rifle
  • Motto: "Twenty kilo's of gear, O'dark thirty, and a dot on a map. My kind of morning."
  • Biography:

Born on New Tython, James Centon was a headstrong recruit of the TDUCs that received mentorship under Shar'Nin. During the Dark Jedi invasion he distinguished himself and was given a field commission. During his command of an Infantry Platoon, he learned a lot about commanding heavily armored troops. After the truce, he was given command of the assault troopers of the Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos. Shortly thereafter, James Centon was re-assigned to command the attack armor company of the reformed Tanduran and Dac Unified Commandos.

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