The Pillars Of Menat

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Exodus era.
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The Pillars Of Menat
Date: 30 ABY
Location: New Tython, Menat Ombo

House Odan-Urr

New Dawn


  • Councillor Ji
  • City Councilor Marten
  • Various civilians

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As the first part of an ongoing series of canonical tales, The Pillars of Menat tells the story of the events on New Tython following the immediate end of the Tenth Great Jedi War leading up into the Bastions Of Knowledge Crisis.


Part 1

After the combined forces of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood withdrew from New Tython and the Yhi System, they left behind a city and people in ashes. The areas surrounding and the city of Menat Ombo (The capital and only metropolitan district) itself were left as near ruins. The city and its people struggled to rebuild in the wake of the violent war. Eventually the city healed itself; and while many remains from the war lingered, the city was renewed and prospered.

In the period during and after the rebuilding a certain Anti-Jedi sentiment swept through the city. The people themselves had lost confidence and trust in their Jedi protectors and the government they had situated themselves upon. The anti-Jedi sentiments quickly coagulated into a full blown rejection of the people willing to be governed by what they saw was a weak and ultimately powerless faction.

At the behest of the people, the Jedi Council led by Ji, Drodik, and Jendan ceded control of the government to a combined civilian cabinet comprising three Human Tythonians, and three native Harakoans.

Part 2

The radical change in political atmosphere angered the speciest Tythonians (many of whom harbor a long standing hatred of the native Harakoan species) and further spurred a hermit known only as Cy to continue to prey on the populace’s anger and fears. A seemingly master manipulator, the ‘Crazed Hermit’ as he became known rallied the cities hateful and dissident citizens into a paramilitary organization over the course of a few months. Quickly attracting citizens and inciting violence across Menat Ombo in the name of Tythonian superiority, anti-Jedi beliefs and what they saw as a puppet government backed by the Jedi further fueled the movements actions.

Following a riot which lasted for days the city calmed. Although Cy was now in hiding and wanted by the K.U.D.F. and Jedi for inciting civil unrest and forming his paramilitary units to be used in acts of aggression; rumors bound that during this period he had fled to the city as he has not been seen since.

Part 3

Conversely at the same time that Cy had rallied the cities followers another local Tythonian by the name of Gideon Varos began an underground movement. He preached a message of peace and unity for a stronger Menat Ombo. Following the devastation of the rioting, Gideons movement gained more ground. At the behest of his followers and his own intentions he was to address the New City Council and the people of his expansive peace movement at Ooroo Abbey. That same day as the March Of Unity an explosive device attached to a man went off killing dozens inside the Abbey including famed High Councilor Ji, who acted to contain and deflect the blast with the force. Among those also killed was City Councilor Marten.

High Councilor Ji died later that night in his quarters surrounded by a handful of Jedi from Odan-Urr. His last act was the passing on of the title of High Councilor to his then secondary Councilor Drodik Va’lence. Moments later he spoke the Gand words of his homeland and surrendered himself to the force.

Part 4

In the aftermath of the terrorist attack, several delegates from the Peoples New Dawn, a socio-political movement comprised of civilians from Cy’s paramilitary group announced to the surviving City Councilors their intentions for secession. With no ties to Cy and the attacks, and the lack of support to subdue the movement, the Peoples New Dawn left Menat Ombo the morning following Ji’s death to points north.

Favored by the people of Menat Ombo and Harakoan tribes, Gideon Varos had been called upon as the voice of the people. Filling the void left behind by the late Marten of the City Council, Gideon in the aftermath acts as the newest appointed Minister.


Presented in the form of a holo recording, a group of journeying hikers stumbled upon an ancient site of stone monoliths, their journey led by a disguised Cy Thuron. Making camp for twelve days, the Dark Side energy radiating from the site had already influenced one of the explorers, who was said to not eat or sleep, instead writing in a small journal. An ancient Harakoan ritual site, the group discover the entrance to a hidden triangular corridor, where they noted the markings witthin the halls. Upon entering the heart of the temple, Cy Thuron reveals his true self, while New Dawn disciples are revealed to be partaking in a ritual. A body forms from the strange liquid within, filling their hearts with a sense of dread. In an attempt to escape, one of the explorers fail to exit the room, and is sacrificed as part of the ritual.


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