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Vorlem Tytis
Biographical Information

New Tython

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

37 ABY

Physical Description





1.7 - 1.8 meters


170 - 185 lbs

Personal Information

Cy Thuron



Chronology & Political Information

Serial Mugger/ Murderer


Warden of Purity Rock


New Dawn

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Vorlem Tytis, formerly known as "The Blue Butcher" was the Warden of Purity Rock. Formerly a serial killer and mugger, he was largely active in areas in and around the city of Menat Ombo in 35 ABY. His alias originated from the statements given by the person who described their finding of his first murder victim, and he continued killing in secret until 37 ABY, when he came out of hiding to join his secret commander - Cy Thuron, the newly crowned King of New Tython.


The Attacks begin

"Blue Bastard!"
―The words shouted as he attacked his first Harakoan, Although it started with only a punch. Lack of repercussion built it into so much more.

The tythonians often disregarded the Harakoans, taking lands without thought for them at all. This quickly led to public unrest as the areas became quickly overcrowded. It lead to the Harakoans becoming the underclass. Robbery, violence and alcohol dependency were commonplace. The problems were accompanied by a steady rise in social tensions.Frequent demonstrations, led to Jedi and Guard intervention eventually causing further public unrest.

The attacks started were simply muggings, the attacker would strike at a Harakoan whilst amongst friends often he would spit on them or shout cursively. After a period of him not receiving any form of punishment. The Butcher set alone, with one thing on his mind, The Harakoan "Problem" he had often attended rallies in the hope to receive hint that his "work" was appreciated. With no recognition the attacks became worse and worse.

Whilst attacking, the Butcher would stand aggressively over the Harakoan so they could only see his silhouette.

Only one witness survived prior to the attack, the only description possible was the silhouette of the attacker. Describing how his hair was worn and his average height. It is both good and bad news. The good being that it is some evidence, the bad - It is the only evidence.

The Murders

The Best Description of the Attacker given at the time of the murders

"The Body has been almost entirely taken apart, Honestly I could not even tell you the gender of the victim, this was the work of a Butcher"
―The Report on the first victim.

The large number of attacks against Harakoans in the capitol during this time adds uncertainty to how many victims were killed by the Butcher.Nine separate murders were due to be investigated. Opinions varied as to whether these murders should be linked to the same culprit or not, it is widely believed that at least three of the murders were surely the work of the one attacker, The Blue Butcher.

The first victim was found in pieces, through investigation it was discovered that the body had been cut into pieces by a sharpened chopping tool, a kin to a Butchers cleaver. However the Harakoan Tu'lau was believed to be missing in conjunction with the body being found, therefore it is believed to be him. Many of the internal organs went missing, investigation has not yielded any results as to the reason for this, but it is not a long shot to assume that the murderer is just a monstrous being.

This led on to a string of attacks in which appendages were removed from Harakoans, none however were as gruesome as the first. It is believed that the first attack was to send a message.


"I urge that you let me investigate this, perhaps my own skin tone will anger the Man into slipping up. I will find him"
Caleb Sal to Drodik on the Blue Butcher

The investigation into the murders has not yet started, there is only debate and theorizing the suspects and the ongoing criminal profiling so that the Criminal can be apprehended before he strikes again.

There are two main theories as of now. The Group theory, and the Theory of one. The group theory consists of the idea that the Butcher is not working alone and that all of his attacks are carefully pre-planned by another, The Butcher himself is essentially the pawn of a greater effort. This theory is the most logical as, surely one man could not evade capture by himself for this long?

The Theory of one is the idea that the killer is alone and this is exactly why he has evaded capture, one man is much harder to find than a large group. The theory of one is often regarded as folly. One man could not out think everyone else. Or so they believe.

The Jedi after recent events within Menat Ombo have not participated in the capture of the Butcher. They rescinded control and will not make any move that could cause the problems in Menat Ombo to become worse and thus it is out of the hands of House Odan-Urr...


During the fall of the Thuron Monarchy, Vorlem Tytis faced his greatest adversary ever. General V'yr Vorsa pursued the infamous murderer through the streets of both the Dac Compound and the city of Tanduran. When she finally caught up and disarmed the Blue Butcher, she withdrew and left his fate up to the Harakoans he hated so much. They drew and quartered him and displayed his severed head on the Iwu Zawag banner which was displayed in Zawag Takohu after the monarchy's fall.