Dajorra Defense Force

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Dajorra Defense Force
Organizational information
Led by:

General Lauraugina

Parent organization:

Arcona Armed Forces


aprox. 20,000

Chronological and political information

27 ABY

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The Dajorra Defense Force (DDF) is the “last line of defense” for Arcona and the Dajorra System; ostensibly as any enemy that has made it to Dajorra has either bypassed or defeated the more offensively oriented AEF. While a military agency, it also performs policing of the system for greater threats than local police can handle, including smuggling and piracy. With multiple planets to protect and garrison, they contain a greater percentage of the AAF’s ground forces than their AEF counterparts. Because of this, DDF command falls to the senior ranking member of the AAC.


The DDF was conceived as a police and defense force for the Dajorra system following the debacle at the Battle of Antei in 27 ABY. The opening salvos of the Twelfth Great Jedi War in 35 ABY, however, would see further restructuring, as almost the entire military was thrown into upheaval over the course of a series of surprise attacks by the Collective. Arcona was forced to reconstitute its forces under Consul Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae, now a fraction of its former size, but no less formidable. Due to the nature of the plague that was ravaging the Dajorra system at the time, however, those forces assigned to Eldar were withdrawn to stations on Selen.

The DDF ships lost in the Collective’s ambush of Arconan forces included:

The DDF has since gone on to fight admirably multiple actions against the Collective, their counterattack following the failed Collective defense of Nancora, controlling the bread-and-labor riots in Estle City, and combatting ancient domestic foes that began resurfacing in 38 ABY on the island of Atolli. By 39 ABY, with the plague of the mid-decade cured or died-out, the DDF alongside Galerian counterparts began reoccupying Eldar in an effort to return the Dajorra System to a semblance of normalcy.


The DDF is loosely organised into two groups: planetary defense forces and space forces. The planetary defense contingents are made up almost exclusively of ground troops, supported by a number of starfighter squadrons and troop-carrier transports and gunships of the Starfighter Corps. The space force is, as the name might imply, designed to handle the day-to-day patrolling of Dajorran space, and intra-system space combat.

The DDF is run on a day-to-day basis by its many subordinate Legion, regimental, and lower-echelon commanders. At the organization’s head is a senior ranking General of the Arcona Army Corps, who dictates policies, directs major troop movements, informs the incumbent Consul of Arcona of the DDF’s activities, and relays the Consul’s own directives to the force at large when necessary.

Dajorra Defense Force Order of Battle

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2nd “Selen” Legion

Starfighter Corps

  • 2x LAAT/c Platoons - Naruba City, in support of the 4th Regiment
  • 4x LAAT/i Platoons - 1 Plt. in support of the 2nd Regt.; 1 Plt. in support of the 4th Regt.; 2 Plts. in support of the 5th Regt.


As of 39 ABY, the primary military presence on Eldar are the Discretionary Forces of House Galeres. Permanent DDF garrisons are in transition to the planet.

Arconae Primus

3rd “Primus” Legion

Starfighter Corps

Navy & Starfighter Corps

Dusk Station - in orbit of Selen

MC75 Cruiser Wrath of the Dawn

2x Carrack-class Light Cruisers (unnamed)

The following independent squadrons and flights are stationed throughout Selen and Dajorra. While some have names that indicate their general home base area, these are always subject to change as the system’s security dictates.

T-70 X-Wing Squadrons

VT-49 Decimator Flights

Firespray-31 Interceptor Flights

Kom’rk-class Fighter Flights

Clan Arcona
Units Clan: Clan ArconaHouses: House Galeres & House Qel-DromaBattleteams: Dajorran Marshals, Voidbreaker & Selen Training Corps

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Galeres Summit:

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