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Xander Drax
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27 BBY

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33 ABY (age 60)

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1.9 meters





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Imperial Officer

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"You are remembered for the rules you break."
Xander Drax

Xander Drax was a former Imperial Admiral and TIE pilot who served the Empire, the Emperor's Hammer, and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He had been in Imperial service for nearly a quarter century before he was forced to leave the Emperor's Hammer under the threat of death. Xander had discovered his Force capability during his days with the Hammer, but he did not choose to develop it until several years after leaving its service. He allegedly committed suicide shortly before the Ninth Great Jedi War in 24 ABY. While presumed dead, he had in fact fled the Brotherhood, eventually aligning himself with the One Sith.

Character History

Early Life - 27 BBY to 11 BBY

Xander was born on the factory world of Fondor in 27 BBY. As his parents were both workers at the orbital shipyards, it was only natural that Xander would end up in the family business as well. By the time he first started working the docks at the age of fourteen, he had already decided to move on to bigger and better things. With the help of several dock pilots, Xander began to train on the yard's shuttle simulators in order to acquire the knowledge needed to apply to the Imperial Academy. For two years, he worked in the dockyards, helping construct many of the Empire's early Star Destroyers.

By his sixteenth birthday, Xander had already submitted his application and was accepted into the Academy. For training as a pilot, he was sent to the Prefsbelt IV Naval Academy. While initially trained as a shuttle pilot, Xander showed sufficient aptitude to be transferred to TIE flight school. Xander graduated in the upper half of his class with both starfighter and shuttle certifications, and he was assigned to the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Allecto.

Imperial Service - 11 BBY to 5 ABY

Drax upon his graduation

Xander was first assigned to shuttle missions upon arriving on the Allecto, but he was put on a list for possible transfer to a starfighter unit. In 5 BBY, Xander would see his first major action as a pilot during the Battle of Bryx. His shuttle group was responsible for delivering ground troops to the surface of the planet following orbital bombardment. Xander led his group of shuttles through the disastrous operation and even scored a kill during the engagements against Governor Carigan's starfighter forces. Following the operation, in response to his proficiency and aptitude, Xander was reassigned to the 136th Imperial Fighter Group aboard the Allecto.

After several tours of duty, Xander was made a flight leader in the 136's 2nd Squadron. The 2/136th was one of the most proficient squadrons aboard the Allecto, having the best fit-reps and combat statistics. Xander would later take part in the Second Battle of Mon Calamari in 1 BBY. The Allecto had been docked in the shipyards above the planet for repairs, but along with many of the other ships at the yards, it was sabotaged before the battle began. However, the fighters of the 136th fought valiantly during the battle, allowing their damaged ship the time to limp from the shipyard and escape.

Once the Allecto had completed repairs at Kuat, she was then assigned to Governor Tarkin's Fleet. As part of her duties during that time, she was tasked to rendezvous with the Grand Moff himself in 0 BBY. During that mission, Tarkin's shuttle and the Allecto came under attack by three squadrons of rebel fighters. It was only by the quick action of the pilots of the 136th that the Grand Moff was saved and the Allecto escaped destruction. Due to his actions during the engagement, Xander was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the 2/136th. He would remain in this position for several years, when he would once again garner recognition for his actions.

The 136th was assigned beside the famed 181st Fighter Group in what would become known as the Battle of Derra IV. Though tasked with a tertiary roll backing up the 181st, Xander hoped before the engagement that there would be enough action for all of them. When they arrived, in system, the Imperials and Xander alike were overjoyed to see that they had underestimated the size of the Rebel convoy.

Battle of Derra IV
During the engagement, Xander and pilots of the 136th were responsible for the destruction of several starfighters and two transport vessels. With the death of the 136th's commander during the battle at the mercy of the X-wing fighters, Xander was promoted to Major and given command of the group. He served throughout the campaigns against the Rebellion.

Upon their return to Coruscant, the 136th was decommissioned as a unit and its few remaining pilots assigned to other squadrons. Xander was assigned to command the 2/54th that was stationed planetside. After years of shipboard and backwater assignments, Xander found his time on Coruscant exhilarating. The large city planet reminded him of his home on Fondor, and he began to see the appeal of the Imperial Center. All of this changed, however, less than two years later.

The final collapse of the Empire at the Battle of Jakku and the Galactic Concordance that finally ended the Galactic Civil War left Drax without the home he had known almost his entire adult life. The Imperial Navy was no more, and he and his squadron mates were ordered to hand over their starfighters and muster out.

Emperor's Hammer - 5 ABY to 15 ABY

The EH Strike Fleet in orbit of Aurora Prime.
Like many officers after the final defeat of the Empire, Xander was unsure of any central Imperial Authority. Having seen how the rival Sector Governors quickly degenerated into squabbling factions even before Jakku, Xander and those under his command were left without purpose.

Several weeks after the fall of the Empire, Xander and those pilots still with him were approached by an officer of the Emperor's Hammer Strike Fleet. The officer explained that there was another of the Emperor's Grand Admirals still alive, and in a position to strike at the heart of the rebellion from his holdings on the edge of the Unknown Regions. After several days of negotiations, Xander brought himself and his pilots into the Hammer's service. Xander would be assigned to Zayin Squadron aboard their flagship, the lead ship of the Sovereign-class. He would serve the squadron for four years in various roles, including that of her commander.

While in Zayin, Xander participated in numerous engagements as the Hammer carved out it's foothold in the Unknown Regions. However, as the Sovereign rarely left Hammer-controlled space and mainly stood in orbit of Aurora Prime, the Hammer's homeworld, these actions were few and far between. In the year 10 ABY, Xander transferred to the Imperial-class Vanguard in order to see more combat. It was also at this time that Xander would serve on detached duty for some months with the Brotherhood in command of Sapphire Squadron in Clan Naga Shadow. Having discovered his Force abilities, the Brotherhood brought him over to help shape their new squadrons, their houses having recently changed organization. While there, Xander lightly developed his Force sense, but his time was more consumed with pilot training then training himself. Shortly thereafter, he returned to the Vanguard.

The Vanguard was primarily assigned to border patrol missions, so she came into contact with raiding forces, be they New Republic, Pirate, or other Imperial factions. After a particularly nasty engagement in the next year, the Vanguard was dry docked for significant repairs. As a result, Xander requested a transfer to the ISD Relentless. This would be a significant action in hindsight, as it would eventually lead to Xander leaving the pilot corps.

After ejecting from a crippled TIE.
Not even two months after being assigned to the Relentless, Xander was shot down in combat against new Republic squadrons and forced to eject from his fighter. He had to stay in space for several hours while the engagement raged around him, and he was finally picked up by a rescue shuttle. He was immediately given severe bacta treatments and barely lived through the ordeal. However, he was stood down from flight status as a result of injuries received during the ejection.

Xander was then assigned as a staff officer under the command of High Admiral Ari, a member of the Command Staff of the Hammer. He would remain under Ari's command for nearly two years, with a short term as a temporary Wing Commander aboard the SSD Avenger in 12 ABY. In the year 13 ABY, Xander would be promoted to the Command Staff himself on the recommendation of Ari. Given the position of Logistics Officer, he was also elevated to the rank of Vice Admiral.

The Logistics Office was not what it would appear to outsiders, as it was not concerned with fleet logistics, which were, in reality, handled by the Flight Office. The Logistics Office was a deceptive name for the office that was in charge of maintaining the Hammer's archives and official records. In this position, Xander had access to an incomplete copy of the Imperial Archives that had been given to Ronin, the Hammer commander, by the Emperor. This, along with a significant amount of information collected from other sources, constituted the charge of the Logistics Office.

In the year 14 ABY, the Hammer's Executive Officer would launch an attack on the Bounty Hunters' Guild headquartered in the Lyarna System. This operation was aimed at removing the leadership of the Guild, whom Astatine had personal issues with regarding actions and authority. Common wisdom at the time was that Astatine feared the Guild breaking with the Empire, much as the Brotherhood had done previously that year. Xander, as a member of the Command Staff. was privy to this information, and as an ardent supporter of the Guild, he passed the information along to their leaders through his contact with the senator then assigned to Ravouin, Dakkon Blackblade. He and Senator Blackblade, along with Blackblade's Senate Guard and several members of the Hammer's Fist Stormtrooper Legion, even journeyed to the Lyarna System during the attack, with Xander personally coordinating the defenses of the moon Cuerno and the surrounding space. The attack was repelled, and Xander's compatriots returned to their duties with the Hammer.

The Battle of Lyarna.
Xander, however, retired from his duties as Logistics Officer directly following the operation. He felt that the leadership of the Hammer was deteriorating and saw retirement as the only option left to him. Before he officially stepped down, however, Xander did copy the entire database under his care for his own personal use. He retired to the world of Kidriff 5, a planet known for its similarities to Coruscant, however less developed it may have been.

A year later, upon the request of the commander of the TIE Corps Battlegroups, Dacien "BubbaX" Victae, Xander returned to the Hammer to command the Star Destroyer Colossus. However, Astatine, now Fleet Commander, finally uncovered evidence that linked Xander to the failure of the Lyarna operation, and the theft of a copy of the Hammer archives. Xander, tipped off by his superior Executive Officer Aristan Dantes (himself fleeing Astatine's tyranny), learned that Astatine had issued a death warrant for Xander as a traitor to the Empire. Xander immediately left the Command Center on Aurora Prime and procured an unmarked craft from the Intel impound yard. Taking a light freighter, the first ship he saw, Xander fled the Hammer Territories mere steps ahead of the Intel agents that had come to arrest him.

Years Without Purpose -15 ABY to 19 ABY

In the year immediately following his escape from Imperial forces on Aurora Prime, Xander was constantly on the move. Using what contacts he had, he was able to stay one step ahead of intelligence agents tasked with his capture, hiding wherever he could. Finally, in order to evade capture, he returned to the former Imperial throne world, Coruscant. As no more than one more former Imperial soldier fallen from power, Xander made entry onto the city planet with ease and spent most of the next twelve standard months inhabiting some of its lowest levels. After a year of this, word finally filtered down to him that he was no longer being actively sought by the Hammer. Apparently, as the Hammer Territories fell farther and farther into disrepair because many Imperial fiefdoms were following the peace treaty with the New Republic, Astatine was devoting more and more resources to maintaining order within his realm. One more "traitor" had fallen beneath his notice.

Xander would spend the better part of the next three years doing mostly nothing. On several occasions he would consult with the Kidriff government in regards to their defense force and other related issues, which was few and far between. The tides of galactic conflict had long ago left Kidriff behind, and the newfound stability of the galaxy as a whole lessened even the threat of pirate raiding. In short, it was a nice, quiet place to retire. However, Xander found himself wanting more, feeling somehow useless. He had no desire to return to what remained of the Remnant, nor did he have any overwhelming want to serve the New Republic. The former was only a shadow of its former self, while the latter had little use for Imperial officers defecting two decades too late. Finally, he thought of one other place he had touched in his duties, one that still could offer him a challenge.

Return to the Brotherhood - 19 ABY to 24 ABY

Xander would find the Brotherhood an entirely different place then the one he had known upon his return. Years free of Imperial influences had lessened the militaristic mindset of its members, and it was now more order then army. This change left him initially rudderless and led to him not finding his place initially within its ranks. He would first join Clan Taldryan, but he knew he did not fit the clan. His first few years with the Brotherhood were marked with changes of house and of order. He would try Clan Plagueis after Taldryan before finally ending up within the ranks of Arcona.

His initial instinct was to join the Sith and focus on his piloting skills, but he went against that. Knowing that he would probably have to relearn much of what he had practiced before within the cockpit, he instead chose to explore the world of more personal conflict and the Obelisk Order. It took him years to finally shed the mindset and mannerisms of a military officer, and many of his first superiors were somewhat annoyed by his constant saluting and his perchance to snap to rigid attention whenever they approached him. But he would eventually become a Dark Jedi, and not merely a simple soldier.

He would finally find his place with the Brotherhood upon the appointment of Mejas Doto as Consul of Arcona. A master who had been a member of the Brotherhood before the Exodus, he was more familiar with the problems that Xander faced. Enabling him to meld the martial nature of his past with the reality of his present, Doto would show the ex-pilot how to find his own direction. Eventually, Master Doto and Xander developed such a strong working relationship that Xander was elevated to the position of Quaestor of House Qel-Droma.

Following his appointment, Xander was captured by enemy forces shortly after the Fall of Antei. During his time in captivity, he would be conditioned to act against the Dark Brotherhood. Upon his return, Drax was put in charge of House Galeres. As the enemy programing and conditioning forced him to work more and more against the interests of his fellows, Xander was thought to have taken his own life just prior to the Ninth Great Jedi War in 24 ABY. He instead, however, fled Brotherhood space after faking his own demise.

The One Sith - 24 ABY to 33 ABY

Yobd Nan, Sith Lord.
Xander wandered the galaxy for several months, hoping to stifle any possible theories from the Brotherhood that he might still be alive. Knowing full well that he could not return to Coruscant, nor having a desire to, he chose to settle on Halmad in the Quelli sector. Known for its black market, production of Halmad Prime, and housing of Victory Base, the trading hub planet was suitable enough for Xander to meditate and take considerable time to recover from his former captors' torture. The process was lengthy and difficult, but ultimately, the man emerged from his ruminations feeling more like himself than ever before.

While in Fellon, one of Halmad's major port cities, Xander became acquainted with various Imperial sympathizers. He kept a relatively low profile around the city during the four years he spent there, choosing to minimize his Force output for the sake of secrecy. However, around 28 ABY, a Duros by the name of Yobd Nan was spotted in Fellon, seemingly scouting for recruits for an unnamed cause. Upon encountering the Duros, Xander felt a great dark aura palpitating from him, and he began to pursue a cautious alliance.

Yobd Nan was an aggressive, yet menacing, Dark Jedi, and once he could trust the older man, he offered tutelage. It was only when they left Halmad together that Nan informed Xander that he was of the One Sith, and he was quickly currying favor from Darth Krayt. They traveled to Korriban, where Xander was indoctrinated into the One Sith and christened Nan's apprentice. Xander would never tell the stories of his years as Nan's acolyte, most likely due to the traumatic and torturous implications that they held. By the time Yobd Nan had been elevated to the rank of Sith Lord, Xander had received recognition from both Krayt and Darth Wyyrlok for his prowess and more militant demeanor. His master's life, however, would be cut short during an operation on Nfolgai, a Sith World that was besieged by the forces of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood in 31 ABY.


"Plagueis. Always a nuisance. Master Nan was foolish to let them overrun him. I know better. I will kill them before they can cut into our ranks again."
Xander Drax on Khar Delba

Xander learned on Korriban that Yobd Nan had been brutally murdered by the forces of Plagueis, thus throwing him into a direct confrontation with his former allies. After Nan's death, Xander was hastily elevated to the rank of Sith Lord and given direct leadership over the incursion and protection of Khar Delba. He established his military base on Khar Shian within the secret citadel of Naga Sadow, with Wyyrlok's orders to deter the Brotherhood fleets and discourage their efforts to take control of Khar Delba.

Xander with his apprentice, Fuuka Ashasti.

The forces of the One Sith were pathetic against the quantities of men and women who were aligned with the Brotherhood, and Xander knew that Khar Delba would eventually fall. While attempting to make Brotherhood efforts to seize the planet more sluggish, he detected that those who had killed Yobd Nan were planetside, as a direct result of Xander's interference with various Brotherhood shuttles' drives. He identified Nan's murderer, Solus Gar, and intended to avenge his master's death by capturing him. Xander ordered his own apprentice, a Togruta by the name of Fuuka Ashasti, to lead troops to Khar Delba in order to ambush Gar's team.

The plan was successful, and Xander took great pleasure in torturing both Gar and his comrade, Ronovi Tavisaen. He was later rebuked by Wyyrlok for becoming "distracted" from his main objective, and he was ordered to fight the Brotherhood on Khar Delba and put aside his personal vendettas. Xander intended to comply, though he planned to continually punish Gar and possibly recruit Tavisaen as his new apprentice, as he believed that Ashasti had reported his actions to Wyyrlok in order to gain support from Krayt. The Sith Lord made his way to his shuttle on Khar Shian before being stopped by Gar and Tavisaen, who had escaped from incarceration and desired to stop his departure.

As the roar of Shadow Droids could be heard, Gar informed Xander that Yobd Nan's brain had been placed inside the main droid of the shadow squadron, claiming that the Duros now served him. In his rage, Xander obliterated a wall of Naga Sadow's citadel, intending to crush Tavisaen beneath the stones and leaving Gar with an ultimatum: Either he stopped Xander, or he saved Tavisaen. Relishing in Gar's weakness as the Aedile of Plagueis chose the latter option, Xander boarded his shuttle and fled Khar Shian.

Aggression and Persuasion

"He's an admiral with decades of experience. I don't know if I can best him."
Solus Gar above Athiss
Xander and Ronovi Tavisaen, circa 31 ABY.

Assailed by both Darth Krayt and Darth Wyyrlok's fury regarding the loss of Khar Delba, Xander submitted to a month of torture to "atone" for his so-called failure on Khar Shian. He emerged from solitary confinement without an apprentice and without shame, eager to prove himself further in the ranks of the One Sith. Willing to give him a second chance, Krayt assigned the Sith Lord to an area of battle that he was most accustomed to - the One Sith's naval fleets. Xander was appointed Admiral and left under the command of Lord Esoteric and Lord Stevan, two Siths who he did not take seriously in terms of authority.

His first assignment as admiral was patrolling Athiss space, and he was thrilled to discover that he would be facing both Naga Sadow and Plagueis fleets. At first, the One Sith appeared to gain the upper hand, eradicating several ships under the vestige of the Dark Council. However, Ronovi Tavisaen, now Dread Lord of the Ascendant Fleet, recklessly ordered a boarding process that ultimately brought several of Xander's ships under Plagueis's control. Further intrigued by Tavisaen's prowess and well aware of the irrationality of furthering the fight, Xander defied the orders of both Esoteric and Stevan and departed from Athiss, attempting and failing to ward off Dark Brotherhood fleets from both Ashas Ree and Svolten.

During Plagueis's campaign on Kalsunor, Xander tried a different tactical approach to toppling the Ascendant Fleet. This time, he directly reached out to and contacted Ronovi Tavisaen, who was susceptible to his words and influence due to her disenchantment with her place in the Brotherhood and her desire for vengeance against Muz Ashen, the Grand Master. Their developing relationship was meant to become beneficial to the One Sith, which Ronovi decided to secretly turn to and assist with implementing strategies to dismantle the Brotherhood and its Crusade from the inside. Unfortunately, the Dread Lord's plans were shortly discovered by Ashen and other Plagueis leaders. Xander was informed, albeit incorrectly, that Ronovi had been killed, which forced him to rethink his maneuvers entirely as Brotherhood fleets approached Ziost.

Character Information

Physical Appearance

Once having the look of a fit military officer of late middle years, his more recent experiences and trials have left him somewhat more weathered. His head is covered with greying hair, the black color he had had during his earlier life overtaken. Gaunt, almost skeletal features highlight his face, his eyes now appearing sunken in dark, shadowed sockets. However, while his appearance has aged, he still maintains the same level of physical fitness that he has held in recent times, as the forces that acted upon him of late had more impact upon his mind then on his body.


Xander most always moves with a purposeful stride, moving from place to place and rarely dawdling. He rarely sits, preferring to stand in a rigid, upright posture. He speaks in the tight, clipped forms common to many Imperial officers, though in recent times his volume and cadence have both softened somewhat. Most of the time his voice lacks much inflection or feeling, leading people to consider him distant and unconcerned.


22T4 holdout blaster

22T4 holdout blaster

The 22T4 was a small blaster pistol specifically manufactured and produced for the Imperial Security Bureau. Agents were assigned a 22T4 after being accepted into the bureau as a personal sidearm. Selling of this blaster to civilians was strictly prohibited by the Empire, and they strictly monitored the production of the weapon by placing a specially coded serial number on all models. This was also done to discourage tampering.

This particular weapon was given to Xander by High Admiral Ari upon the former's elevation to the position of Logistics Officer. The internal workings of the weapon were rebuilt, reinforced, and insulated against shock. Also, the handles were adorned with Krayt Dragon Pearl inlays, upon which the Imperial Seal was engraved. Upon the metal body of the weapon, just above the trigger housing, Xander's name has also been engraved. The weapon has also been specially balanced and fitted with a custom grip, so that the weapon is as perfect as possible for Xander's use. The weapon, first more of a ceremonial sidearm, became a functional part of Xander's life in the years since his escape from Astatine's wrath.