Turel Sorenn

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Turel Sorenn
Biographical Information

Nar Shaddaa

Date of Birth:


Physical Description





1.8m (5'11")


77kg (170lbs)


Black with some gray



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Chronology & Political Information

Clan Odan-Urr

Known masters:

V'yr Vorsa

Known apprentices:

Nicolai "Rod" Rodell

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Turel Sorenn is a Human male Jedi Ranger currently serving as Proconsul of Clan Odan-Urr and a ranking member of the Sentinel Network. Turel grew up on Nar Shaddaa and spent most of his adult life working for the Hutt Cartel and later sought redemption in the Jedi of Odan-Urr.

Character History

Early life {2 ABY - 20 ABY}

Turel was born on Nar Shaddaa as the youngest son of a Hutt Lieutenant and a cantina owner. His family was not wealthy by galactic standards but was relatively well off by Nar Shaddaa standards. Turel was immersed into the underworld at a very young age as he spent a lot of time helping in his mother's cantina. His mother tried to keep him away from his father's unseemly work but as Turel grew into a teenager he grew increasingly curious about the darker side of the family business.

As a teenager Turel began to learn how to fight and shoot from his father. He would try to apply his fighting lessons in the streets of Nar Shaddaa with mixed success.

The 'Family Business' {20 ABY - 32 ABY}

After Turel turned 18 his father felt he was ready to start working in the lower echelons of the Hutt cartel. He started out as extra muscle on simple jobs like protection rackets, spice deals, and smuggling. As he proved himself an effective foot soldier he graduated on to bigger tasks like raids against rival gangs, high value asset security and complex heists.

By 24 ABY Turel had accumulated a voluminous criminal record and thoroughly proven himself to his Hutt superiors. He was elevated to his father's former position as chief enforcer for the Hutt Underboss Vreecha Anjiliac. He excelled in this position as he was the chief of security and de facto commander of the organization's muscle.

Turel continued to work for the Hutts but switched to a more physical security focus after a particular job in 30 ABY had a tragic ending. Vreecha discovered that his longtime bookkeeper, Jonas Nost, had been embezzling funds and providing sensitive information to a rival Hutt clan. Knowing that Turel had once served on the bodyguard detail for Nost, the Hutt boss ordered Turel to assassinate the corrupt book keeper. Turel planted an explosive on Nost's personal speeder set to explode when the speeder door was opened. He observed from a nearby building to ensure the explosive did its job. Turel stood powerless as Nost's five year old daughter, Viera, entered the speeder to retrieve a toy trigger the bomb. Viera's death had a profound impact on Turel and burdened him with crippling guilt that he still wrestles with to this day.

Morgan and Turel evading capture on a mission

In 32 ABY he was secretly approached by his sister Morgan and asked to provide critical information on Hutt security protocols and procedures. Turel provided the data which Morgan used to conduct a successful raid against a Hutt Crime Boss on behalf of a rival syndicate. The Hutts found out that Turel had provided the insider information and quietly ordered his assassination.

The bounty hunter hired to kill Turel opted to use a firebomb in his apartment. The bounty hunter was sloppy as he failed to verify that Turel had actually died in the bombing. Turel narrowly survived, but only because he got a "bad feeling" as a result of his force sensitivity and was on his way out of the apartment when the bomb exploded. Turel lost most of his right arm in the attack and bears heavy scars to this day along the entire right side of his body from the incident.

Turel spent 6 months under an alias recovering from his injuries. He contacted Morgan after his initial stabilization who used her connections to get Turel off-world to Corellia. Turel was grateful for his sister's assistance and for the chance to reconnect with the only real family he had left. Turel said his goodbyes to Morgan and left to pursue his own path in the universe.

The one thing Turel was sure of was his personal need for vengeance against his former employer. Turel returned to Nar Shaddaa and set about locating his former employer Vreecha. It didn't take long for Turel to find Vreecha and to realize that little had changed in the organization during his absence. Using his inside knowledge of the organization security protocols Turel was able to successfully plant a bomb in the Hutt's audience chamber. Turel planted a small, yet sufficient, amount of explosive in Vreecha's throne. The small explosive detonated during Vreecha's morning meeting with his lieutenants. The Hutt's corpulent form absorbed most of the force of the blast thus saving the witnesses from serious injury. Vreecha's massive body exploded covering every inch of the audience chamber and its occupants in Hutt entrails.

The Anjiliac Clan spared no expense in determining the identity of Vreecha’s assassin, hiring an expert slicer to recover an image of Turel planting the bomb from holo footage Turel thought he had deleted. The fact that the assassin was Vreecha’s own former chief enforcer further incensed the clan leaders. The bounty on Turel was reposted for one of the highest amounts ever seen on Nar Shaddaa bounty board.

On the Run {33 ABY - 36 ABY}

"I may have a teeny tiny price on my head"
―Turel Sorenn, explaining the presence of Hutt bounty hunters

Turel began travelling New Republic space as the Corellian citizen “Adrian Summers” in an attempt to distance himself from the wrath of the Hutts. He had taken various odd jobs for a number of months to eventually land himself a position on the Selonian Shipyards toward the end of 33 ABY. The fugitive worked at the shipyards for three months until he was arrested attempting to flee from a passing bounty hunter. Turel had erroneously believed the bounty hunter had identified him and attempted to steal a small freighter to escape the station.

The Selonian authorities denied “Adrian Summers’” request for extradition to Corellia and transferred Turel to Galactic Alliance Detention Center #42 on Solenia with a 6 month sentence for attempted ship theft and resisting arrest. “The Nest,” as the detention center was commonly known as, was a joint project of the Alliance and Solenian governments staffed by Corellian and Solenian guards. During his time at “The Nest” Turel met his future teammate Edgar Drachen.

View from Turel's apartment in Coronet City

After serving his six month sentence, Turel moved to Coronet City and found work as a bouncer in a spaceport Cantina. He lived and worked as Adrian Summers in Coronet City for almost three years. During that period Turel put his prior work experience to good use, rising to general manager of the Cantina. He had also developed a close relationship with the owner of the cantina, a Twi’lek named Tara Prower. For the first time since nearly losing his life on Nar Shaddaa, Turel began to feel happy and at ease.

This period of relative happiness was relatively short lived as a bounty hunter had gone through extraordinary lengths to track Turel to Coronet City. Coronet City was Turel’s mother’s home city and where she settled with Morgan and eventually passed on after she was widowed. In 36 ABY Turel had sent a poorly encoded message to Morgan to meet him their mother’s grave. The bounty hunter observed the meeting and stalked Turel for days afterwards to confirm his identity.

The bounty hunter attacked Turel as he left the Cantina in an attempt to capture him. Turel was narrowly able to kill the bounty hunter, but knew more would soon follow if he did not leave. He said his goodbyes to Tara, who was the only person who knew his true identity, and fled the planet in the dead bounty hunter’s ship. One of the bounty hunter’s droid had sabotaged the ship’s hyperdrive during flight and Turel found himself thrown out of hyperspace in the Haven system with the ship minutes from self-destructing. He barely made it into an escape pod which he had aimed at the only settlement he could find in the system.

The Path of the Guardian {36 ABY - 38 ABY}

"You’re one of the few Odanites I’ve met capable of stringing a sentence together without getting all holier-than-thou. It’d be a wasted experience to kill you."
DA Teroch Erinos Arconae while facing Turel on Begeren

A Harakoan hunting party had found the wreckage of Turel’s escape pod and brought the unconscious fugitive to the Odan-Urr Jedi to figure out what to do with him. When Turel woke up he was alone in a room with Liam Torun, the leader of the Jedi on Haven. Liam sensed Turel’s strong, yet latent, Force sensitivity and after coaxing out most of the fugitive’s story, offered him an alternative to running. Liam offered Turel a chance at a new life as a Jedi in House Odan-Urr.

Turel was apprenticed under the Neti V’yr Vorsa who, recognizing Turel’s aptitude for combat, conducted most of his Force training on missions. Turel joined his master on the Knights of Allusis strike team and served with distinction on Bosthirda, Begeren and the liberation of Purity Rock. Turel and Edgar Drachen played a pivotal role in the liberation of Purity Rock as they infiltrated the prison to break out their teammates.

Following Purity Rock, V’yr Vorsa relinquished command of the strike team to remain behind on New Tython to aid the Harakoan tribes in their resistance against the Thuron Monarchy. For his valor in the Battle of Purity Rock, Turel was knighted and appointed to succeed Vorsa as Knight-Commander of the Knights of Allusis. Turel’s first act as Knight-Commander was to lead the space battle over New Tython in Operation Daybreak. Following the success of Operation Daybreak Turel lead KoA and K.U.D.F. units into battle during the ground campaign to topple the Thuron Monarchy.

A Darker Road {38 ABY}

"I hope you know you’re Arconan already, you have nothing to prove."
Atyiru Caesus Entar during the Nicht Ka Campaign

During the interim period after the liberation of New Tython Turel became frustrated with his quaestor and mentor Liam Torun’s seemingly self destructive desire to sabotage the Brotherhood’s on-going Dark Crusade against the One Sith. He took a controversial pro-Brotherhood stance in summit debates, arguing that Odan-Urr should use the protection of the Iron Throne and the resources available to them to protect New Tython until they were strong enough to stand alone.

Menat Ombo the night of the shuttle crash

Turel’s ‘difference of opinion’ with the Odan-Urr summit came to a head when he accepted a mission from the Aneti Contract Bureau which involved him thwarting a One Sith infiltration of the planet. Despite his ultimate success in exposing and defeating the Sith vanguard force, Turel was chastised and suspended from his leadership duties for disobeying Liam and destabilizing the diplomatic situation on New Tython. While on his involuntary leave of absence from leadership duties, Turel was again approached by Sight Notorshin on behalf of the ACB with a new mission.

This second mission ultimately ended in a shuttle crash in Menat Ombo resulting in property damage and the deaths of eight citizens. While Turel did everything he could to minimize collateral damage, he was unable to steer the shuttle away from the city before having to bail out. He was arrested at the scene of the crash by local authorities while attempting to render aid. The details of the mission and Turel’s clandestine affiliation with Clan Arcona were made public which resulted in a massive outcry for a trial.

Despite being one of the heroes of Purity Rock and the liberation of New Tython, Turel now found himself in the custody of the very people he had fought for, facing trial for manslaughter and treason. Clan Arcona led the Brotherhood in the scourging of New Tython during the Tenth Great Jedi War and the people of New Tython viewed any affiliation with the Shadow Clan as an act of treason. Liam failed to secure Turel’s release into Jedi custody, as the collective governments of New Tython wanted to set an example that the Jedi were not above the law. Turel believed Liam was not doing enough to get him released and felt betrayed.

Lilly Nortor Erinos remained on New Tython following the events of the mission and at her master’s behest broke Turel out of confinement and secured his passage into Clan Arcona territory. Once on Selen, Turel was presented to the Shadow Lord who to his surprise offered him a position as Aedile of House Qel-Droma.

Turel would not have long to settle into his new role as Aedile before he was called into action for the Nicht Ka invasion. While he didn’t rise as one of the chief heroes of the engagement he proved more than capable as a field commander leading House Qel-Droma forces into battle against the One Sith. The former Jedi quickly earned the loyalty of his House and peers on the Arcona summit.

Now a full fledged Obelisk Templar, Turel coordinated the Qel-Droman response to a multifaceted assault on Selen itself. While teams were dispatched from both Houses to deal with incidents across the system, Turel commandeered the BAC Shadow and set off on a hasty rescue mission for the crew of the Nighthawk. The mission was successful at recovering the Nighthawk and most of her crew, but at the cost of Turel’s friend, the Clan Rollmaster, Sight Notorshin, sacrificing himself to buy time for the others to get away.

Turel took Sight’s death hard, feeling that he had personally failed to rescue his friend. Following the attacks on Selen, Turel was appointed to succeed Valtiere as Quaestor of Qel-Droma. His first job as Quaestor was to prepare the House to answer Grand Master Ashen’s call to war in what would be eventually known as the Eleventh Great Jedi War. The Great Jedi War proved to be a pivotal moment for the Guardian turned Obelisk because he would be called on to fight his former Comrades in Odan-Urr on the battlefields on Korriban.

Return to the Light {39 ABY – 40 ABY}

"You swore loyalty to the Shadow Lord, today that makes us enemies.You must do your duty as I must do mine."
V'yr Vorsa to Turel on Korriban
Turel led one of the Arconan strike teams that defended the ruins of the Sith Academy

Two events during the Great Jedi War irrevocably altered Turel’s path as a Jedi: the death of an Odan-Urr Padawan at his hands and confronting his mentor V'yr Vorsa while in rebel custody. The first event occurred when Turel’s strike team was ambushed by an Odan-Urr patrol. During the fighting, Turel was forced to slay an Odanite to protect his own apprentice Nicolai "Rod" Rodell. It was only after his lightsaber had been ran through his opponent’s chest that Turel was able to recognize the man as a Padawan he had previously met on New Tython. The Padawan’s look of shock and betrayal as the life faded from his eyes haunted the Quaestor long after he left Korriban.

During that same strike mission Turel was captured by Odan-Urr forces and interrogated by his old mentor V’yr Vorsa. Both Jedi were clearly pained by being cast as enemies by circumstance, but it was especially somber for Turel. The Quaestor was forced to confront the reality that serving the Shadow Lord meant he would always have blood on his hands. He was deluding himself to believe he could still hold true to his oath as a Guardian.

The war ended and Turel led Qel-Droma back to the Dajorra system where a new Shadow Lady was coronated. Following the ceremony, the Templar took a leave of absence to recover from the war. When he didn’t return for weeks after his leave was supposed to end, Celevon Edraven was dispatched to track him down and return the Quaestor to Selen.

The man who returned to the Dajorra system was not the same one who left. He had relapsed into substance abuse, wracked with guilt and torn between his loyalty to the Clan and his identity as a Jedi Guardian. Once he had recovered physically, Turel decided that he could no longer serve as an Arconan and still keep his sanity. Knowing there was no way he could simply leave the Shadow Clan without being hunted he approached Aytiru. The Shadow Lady reluctantly agreed to allow him to return to New Tython to heal his broken spirit.

Knight of the White Lotus {40 ABY – Present}

"When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."
―Anonymous Jedi Master
Turel and Vorsa at the Glade of Mediation



Physical Appearance

Turel's street clothes

Turel is a human male of average height. He possesses the svelte build and muscle tone of a welterweight fighter. He has taken to keeping his salt and pepper hair in a trendy undercut hair style with a small wolf tail in the back. Turel hates shaving so he usually has stubble or a short cut beard in the same salt and pepper color as his hair. His bright green eyes and cocksure smile convey the confidence of a man who has beaten the odds numerous times and knows it. Despite his outward confidence and initial warmth Turel also has the face of a man for whom the passage of time and countless fights have taken their toll.

Turel’s .48 Enforcer Pistol


Turel prefers function over form when it comes to everyday or mission attire. He typically wears dark colored clothing of a utilitarian, yet stylish, nature. He wears a form-fitting black jacket, gray undershirt, black pants, and boots. He also wears a functional belt containing his lightsaber, and a holster for his pistol.

As a member of the Sentinel Order and leader in the Sentinel Network Turel rarely wears stereotypical Jedi robes or armor. During formal diplomatic or council functions he wears a set of more traditional robes cut in the emerald green of the Jedi Order.


"“Y’know, you’re good in a fight, and I can see why Vorsa’s googly for ya...but goddamn do you whine too much.”"
― Satsi Tameike

Turel is very much a man shaped by his environment. Above all he is a survivor, which is not to say that he is disloyal, only that he is very selective about who he gives his loyalty to. Turel is the type of person one either loves or hates, there is little room for a middle ground. He is direct, almost to a fault, which combined with his mastery of sarcasm makes him initially abrasive to those with delicate sensibilities. His swagger and self-confidence almost reach a level of narcissism, whether it is situationally justified or not.

If one can get past Turel’s bravado and impertinence, he is generally pleasant to be around. He employs his warped sense of humor to try to keep his and his companions’ spirits high. Turel is a valuable friend to have, provided you can earn his loyalty. He tries to keep more allies than enemies though his inner circle of true friends is very small. His non-traditional background makes him far more open-minded and accepting of differences than some of his more traditional Jedi peers.

Prior to joining the Odan-Urr Jedi, Turel struggled with substance abuse, post-traumatic stress and bouts of self-loathing brought on by a series of traumatic events, most notably the death of five year old Viera Nost at his hands. The Jedi order and the new lease on life he gained by joining it has helped him a great deal in keeping his personal demons at bay though he still wrestles with them from time to time. He is extremely private about these struggles and too proud to ever discuss them with anyone else.

Turel regrets many of the terrible things he did during his time in the underworld, specifically the times when he hurt or killed innocents. He did what he had to survive in the world of the Hutt cartel but many jobs took a toll on his psyche. In many ways his journey as a Jedi is a journey of redemption, not so much to any outside entity but to himself.

Philosophical Views

"I dislike the terms 'Dark Side' and 'Light Side.' Sure, the simplicity of it looks nice on a holopad or sounds great in a lecture hall but the universe, the real universe, operates in shades of gray. I can't imagine any all encompassing Force is any different."
―Turel Sorenn, interrupting one of his first lessons as an apprentice

Turel’s views on the Force are almost straight gray and more in line with the new Jedi order than the old. He views the galaxy in shades of grey and views the Force no differently. He dislikes extremes at both ends of the Jedi and Sith spectrum. Traditional Jedi are too restrictive and he’s generally skeptical of Sith teachings as unrestrained passion is often self-destructive. Turel is fascinated by the late philosophies of Revan and teachings of the ancient Je'daii Order that seek balance between Ashla and Bogan or what is now called the Light side and Dark side. Despite his gray philosophical leanings he is very committed to serving the formal Jedi Order reminiscent of Jedi Master Qui Gon Ginn, he believes in what the order stands for, namely standing against tyranny and protecting the innocent, even if he doesn’t fully adhere to the traditional dogmas.


V’yr Vorsa

Turel and Vorsa training together

"I still don’t understand what a goddess like her sees in a sleemo like me."
―Turel about V’yr Vorsa


Morgan Sorenn

Sisterly affection

"He is someone who stayed by my side almost my whole life. The only center I could find in the hardest times. Let’s just say, I love my brother very much and I’d do almost anything for him, should he need me to. Even though he’s a pompous dumbass at times."
―Morgan Sorenn


Celevon Edraven Erinos

He’s cuter under the mask

"You love me, I don't need the Force to see it. Why can't you just say it? Why are you so scared? I'm scared too. You think I chose to be this fraked up ball of emotion and longing? I can't deny how you make me feel and how vulnerable I am around you. It's frustrating and terrifying to have someone just waltz past all the walls you've spent years putting up."
―Turel to Celevon on Oricon


Atyiru Caesura Entar

Shadow Lady and ‘sista’

Atyiru before receiving a moderately consensual hug



Positions Held
Before Position After
V’yr Vorsa Proconsul of Clan Odan-Urr
39 ABY- Present
Arcia Cortel Quaestor of House Galeres
39 ABY- 39 ABY
Bracen Kaeth
Nikola Valtiere Quaestor of House Qel-Droma
38 ABY- 38 ABY
Strategos Thanatos Arconae
Archangel Shadow Academy: Professor of Combat Studies
38 ABY – 38 ABY
Zednich Wolfram
Alaris Jinn Aedile of House Qel-Droma
38 ABY- 38 ABY
Celevon Edraven
V'yr Vorsa Knight-Commander of the Knights of Allusis
38 ABY- 38 ABY
Seraphol Ceartas