Drodik Va'lence al'Tor

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Drodik Va'lence al'Tor
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170 Lbs







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  • Rampart:4793 Saber3.jpg
    • Crystals: Sapith, Jenruax, Cyan
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  • Merchant/Trader
  • Smuggler
  • Psychonaut

High Councilor of House Odan-Urr

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Sunflash al'Tor

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Born Drod'ik Viin on the planet Nagi, Drodik Va'lence al'Tor is far and beyond a conventional member of the Brotherhood. Raised as a trader/merchant on the planet Nythaspir, Drodik came into his force abilities by chance. Involvement in the Brotherhood has spread this member across Clans Exar Kun, Plagueis, Tarentum, and Arcona. His longstanding and secretive light-sided alignment have caused him to act as a chameleon in the community until the advent of House Odan-Urr Drodik Va'lence al'Tor currently resides with House Odan-Urr serving the Odanites as High Councilor.

Physical Description

Drodik Va'lence al'Tor, stands at 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 170 pounds and is noted as being physically appealing. Like all Nagai. Drodik has white unblemished skin and appears near human and near dead with angular features. The al'Tors hair flows between just above and at his shoulder level.He has an average sized forehead and nose, and a somewhat round, yet very defined jaw and narrow cheeks. Neither thick nor thin eyebrows although given his race they elegantly flow across his brow framing his blue and silver eyes. Drodik's typical outfits consist of short sleeved shirts and black pants with combat boots and a red bandana. Oftentimes he dons his robes, a custom design provided him by the Herald.



In 4 ABY a young woman named Nina Kyssk on trade business from Nythaspir found herself in the middle of the Twelfth Battle of Zeltros. Her objective was to broker a deal to sell wine to various clubs in the capital when chaos broke out. Nina found that she could not leave the planet when the Nagai warships descended from the skies. When the fighting broke out the woman found herself hiding out in a clubs basement with other people caught up in the invasions. They learned from other incoming people that not only had the Nagai forces been dealt a devastating defeat but had rebounded and were driving off the Tof invaders. Over the past couple days as the battles waged outside, the Zeltron locals and other people taking refuge in the basement were indulged in Ninas shipment of Nythaspirian wines; needless to say her business trip was a success as the proprietor of the club ordered a years’ contract of the spirits with a likely renewal after that.

In the aftermath of the battle Nina and the others ventured out into the rubble strewn streets. Few Zeltrons were among the
The Kyssk home in The Republic of Va'lence
casualties but as Nina made her way past the pillaged camp of the Nagai towards the starport did she make a discovery that would change her life. Amidst the corpses of Nagai she heard what she thought was helpless crying. She followed the whimpering until she found the source, a child in the protective arms of a dead Nagian woman. Nina approached the child when the dead woman sprang to life, her bloodied face full with terror. The two made eye contact before the Nagai woman spoke her last words “Nogio Drod’Ik Viin”. With that she pushed the infant over towards Nina. The Nythaspirian woman bent to pick up the baby. She noted that although covered in blood he smiled at her and she saw into his silver and blue eyes. Turning back to the woman Nina only saw the cold face of death on the woman. Nina then made her way towards the spaceport where her vessel was luckily spared from any damage during the battle. With her business complete Nina left Zeltros heading for her husband and home.

The canalled city of Va’lence was a welcoming sight to the traveler. Disembarking from the gondola at her residence, Nina was greeted by her distraught husband Jhoren and immediately told him of everything that happened on Zeltros including the dying mother and child whom she held clasped in her arms. Jhoren was very understanding albeit surprised at the idea of raising the alien child. They named the child Drodik, after the most distinctive word Nina heard the dying woman utter in her final moment. Years passed in Va’lence and the Kyssk family business had grown to a successful small time enterprise. As Drodik grew he became educated in the schools of literature, philosophy, art, music and the sciences. For all intents and purposes the Nagian child was raised a Va’lencian, as a result he was further indoctrinated in various schools of fencing unique to the city-state. Through his natural affinity for swordplay, the Nagai child became adept in the Va’lencian school of dueling known as Tireio as well as the styles of Katranin and Shyarn-Ado.

Discovering Ashla

Drodik, now aged 18 years old took on even more responsibility as second in charge of the trading business. Much like his mothers business trip to Zeltros, Drodik was dispatched by Jhoren to Zeltros on a textile deal. With his business concluded Drodik, along with his friends ventured out into the hedonist capital. He split off from his friends to meet with his usual contact who supplied the men with a small shipment of glitterstim as well as a small box for transport to a special courier in Va’lence. That night all parties convened at a private hangar where the drugs were loaded into secret compartments aboard Drodiks vessel the entrance door blew open before a fray of blaster fire peppered out into the hangar. The men loading the narcotics jumped at their blasters to engage the marauders. In the midst of it all Drodik took cover as he saw his sole contact gunned down before him. With the drugs on board the Nagai sped off to deliver his cargo.

While stowing away the last of the cargo Drodik came upon the blood spattered box whose lid was blasted through. Curious he pulled out the package wrapped in a leather cloth and unfurled the covering. The object he held appeared to be a datapad, an old one. He sat down on the bunk and powered on the old device. He began to navigate the contents stored within finding strange writings along with audio and video logs. From the video files it became clear that the voice and author of the contents was a human man who was aged to around his mid fifties. He continued to apparently be talking to another person but he could not be seen. This man spoke about a mystical energy permeating the galaxy for whose benevolence and malignance were both accessible through those sensitive to its touch. The more he spoke and taught did Drodik find its meaning even more relevant. Already an avid reader of philosophy from childhood everything the man spoke about seemed to hit home. He spoke of things that the Nagai had long felt but hid away. As the trading vessel continued to speed off Drodik voraciously consumed the contents of the datapad.

He found that the man in the datapad spoke about how energy permeates everything and to unify yourself with this energy you can manipulate it. Drodik spent hours contemplating his immediate surroundings while he sat meditating just as the man told him to and quieted his mind. He could feel the coldness of the ship around him and the pure lifelessness of it all while in the center he could see himself sitting cross-legged. He could feel the pile of books in front of himself vibrate as he willed himself to pick them up with his hands. As he opened his eyes he saw that not only did the books fall over, but his hands were clasped together. By the time the vessel arrived in Va’lence Drodik had already completed an exercise on telekinesis.

The Nagais Lightsaber nicknamed Odyssey

The Nagai arrived home to find the house had been ransacked and trashed. In the common area he found his parents under guard by two armed men. After demanding the black box the men grew angry when Drodik produced only the demolished container. Drodik pulled his rapier from its hilt. The men dug their pistols into the temples of Jhoren and Nina while the larger one unsheathed a slim blade and laid out an ultimatum; produce the datapad, or they die a slow death. Panicked, the nagais gaze shifted across the room as he felt his fear turning to anger. His mind escaped him as his thoughts gravitated to tearing apart the men. He could feel a dull vibration and rattling, a sort of cracking. In one instant the glass panels behind the Nagai shattered in a fantastical explosion. Frightened, the men lowered their guard and ran off, jumping into the water of the canal from the balcony behind them. Having no choice, Drodik came clean about the courier duty regarding the black box and the datapad, including his apparent gifts at using the ‘ashla’. At the expense of losing his family, Drodik declares he’ll hand over the datapad.

He spent the previous night unsuccessfully trying to copy files from the pad before meeting with his contacts buyer to deliver both the datapad and the shipment of glitterstim. Some time had passed by slowly for Drodik as he felt a yearning for the lessons in the datapad. Returning home after a shipment to the nearby Republic city of Fiorni, Drodik arrived stunned to find Nina in despair claiming that armed men had broken in and took Jhoren. The nagai set off at once for Zeltros to meet with his contact who supplied him with the datapad. When he met with the man he learned little of who ordered it but the clues given were enough for him to initiate as best an investigation as he could. Drodik followed the trail through a series of nightclubs on Zeltros before having to head back to Nythaspir to pick up the trail again. On Nythaspir he continued his investigation meeting with several other people and stalking others until he came to the city of Ulyris, a kingdom located northeast of Va’lence which had always been in constant strife with each other.

Consequently because of his investigation Drodik was finally led to believe that someone from the Doges manor had ordered the datapad. He infiltrated the city and stalked the Doge after his investigation turned up that it was the Doge himself who had ordered the glitterstim and the datapad. That night Drodik scaled the walls of the manor, and climbed to the topmost floor of the palace bypassing the guards. Upon entering the room Drodik found Jhoren seated in a chair, his hands bound with the Doge pacing around the room. The Doge was questioning Jhoren of what Drodik knew, what power was he capable of. As the nagai climbed over the railing he felt his body being drawn forward before landing face first onto the marble floor. He looked up to see the Doge with his outstretched hand beckoning Drodik to join them.

The Doge pulled a silver pistol from his cummerbund brandishing the muzzle toward Drodik. The Doge asked Drodik a series of questions regarding the datapad. He revealed that during the last years before the fall of the Jedi Order a Mirilukan Jedi Knight named Teris Reyl had documented his force philosophy into his datapad as well as his training sessions with his unnamed padawan. How or if Teris Reyl died is certainly unknown except that at some point the datapad was passed on through private channels and became an item of intense interest on the black market. The Doge referred to himself as an adept of the force. For years he had been intrigued by the Jedi and the miraculous nature of the force. Feeling the desire to learn more he sought after the datapad spending a large sum of money to acquire it. The Doge revealed that he began to realize at a young age that he was sensitive to the cosmic energy known as the force. Ushered into a life of politics the Doge knew that his inherent force ability would be useful in his career. The Doge requested the nagai to join him in studying the force in Ulyri and he would bestow great gifts upon him and his family.

Drodik sensed the Doge was lying, and given his reputation refused the mad-eyed request. Angered, he pulled a small thinly tapered knife from his robe and stabbed into Jhorens chest. Drodik lunged forward cutting the Doges hand whereupon the pistol fell to the ground. Falling back the Doge pulled a rapier of his own and engaged Drodik in a fierce duel. Jhoren meanwhile bleeds out further enraging his son as he fought the crazed Doge. The two dueled exchanging blades for what seemed to be a tiring fifteen minutes. Losing, Drodik saw Jhorens wound seep out pints of blood. He could feel his fear of losing his father boil into a seedy anger. Enraged, he swung his body around and utilized a rapid series of movements tiring out the Doge. The nagai felt that he could somehow anticipate the Doges moves which aided his sense of calculated rage. In one move Drodik both disarmed and plunged his rapier between his opponents ribcage. Seconds later the palace guards burst through the quarters doors demanding Drodik surrender his weapon.

A month passed before Drodiks arrest culminated in a trial. Proven not guilty of murder, the lawyer advocates had determined that the duel was a consensual engagement as evidenced by the Doges strict letter in the folds of his clothes. Ironically Drodiks blade had pierced the note in the last fatal maneuver. As a condition further stated in the note Drodik was not only acquitted of all charges, but the possession of the datapad had even been willed to the successful combatant of the duel for which Drodik became.

The Brotherhood

Some weeks later Drodik was summoned to the palace of the Doge of Va’lence and given the distinction as a nobleman of Va’lence for defending the Republic from the warmongering Doge of Ulyri. Furthermore he was gifted a parcel of land in the country along the banks of the Vindriatic River. As a result of the Kyssk families newfound status the merchant business grew to accommodate increased number of workers and two more trading vessels with crew.Drodik seemingly retired after realizing that his duties in the business were relieved because of his newfound status. The young man took sole interest in pursuing the teachings within the datapad within the confines of Aubur his estate just south of Va’lence.

While traveling off-world Drodik met a merchant on Nar Shadaa. The merchant was a Chiss man named Nito Gor to whom Drodik felt would be an ideal employee. Ready to depart, Nito escorted Drodik onto the landing pad. As they stepped closer to Drodik’s vessel it exploded sending the two men near the edge of the pad. No sooner had they regained their footing on the platform than did a few men approach them with blasters. Drodik could feel his anger inside and his mind swiped at the danger at hand. He called upon his martial background when he stuck his stiletto through the wrist bones of his adversary. The disarmed man rattled off a few shots from his blaster striking a nearby hovercars siding. Nito kept his hands raised at gunpoint while the other man became dumbfounded as Drodik approached with his rapier point staring him down.


The pirates took off at a running sprint. In the wreckage of his vessel Drodik managed to salvage the box he kept the datapad in as well as a small leather wrapping. Nito took Drodik back to his vessel, a YT-160. Once aboard the men found that others were there as well. A sharply dressed man accompanied by a crew of other thugs stared down the two men who found the entrance ramp blocked off by other stronghands. The sharply dressed man spoke to Nito about his debts and the series of failed shipments. Drodik realized these men were from the Black Sun. The man told Nito he had reached the end of the line and drew Drodik’s rapier from the scabbard and stabbed the Chiss in the stomach. The man then turned his attention to Drodik, apologized for destroying his ship and gifted him the YT-1760. The thugs dropped Nitos dead body onto the floor and began to leave before the injured man cussed out Drodik for stabbing him. The leader of the gang took notice and handed him the rapier telling him “a hand for a hand”. Enraged the thug stabbed at the nagai. Drodik felt his own sword puncture his abdomen and come out the other side; the cold blade came out quickly and cleanly. Angered, the man in charge berated the thug for overdoing it. Drodik fell back onto a control panel holding his gut. The man ordered Drodik to leave the planet or else, and departed. The Nagai fumbled the controls of the small freighter as he lifted it off the landing pad and into the space lanes above the planet. His bleeding became more rapid and he could scarcely control himself though he tried. He began to punch in coordinates for Nythaspir before the blood loss got the better of him as he fell to the floor in a dying slump.

He awakened from his injuries finding himself trapped inside of a bacta tank. He felt his wound had begun to heal. Weak as he was Drodik fought himself as he felt his consciousness slipping in and out of focus. The next time he awoke from his treatment he found himself being questioned by two men. They identified themselves as Agents of some government agency. Drodik asked them where he was. They responded by telling him of how he came to this place. A lone freighter slipped into their planets territorial system. Noticing it hadn’t moved in hours upon arrival the ship was boarded where they found the two bodies aboard. They brought Drodik back to the surface and healed him to the present moment. The men then asked him of the body, who it was and why it was dead. Drodik told them of the situation on Nar Shadaa and what he could remember. The men replied that they had no interest in the vessel and that it did not matter to them who it belonged to except that while searching the vessel they came across a datapad with some less than normal contents within it. The Nagai stiffened up as he felt the cold metal of the wall behind him on his neck. His vision blurred and came back into focus. He looked up at the figures looming above him. The last thing he remembers was the men saying to send him to the ‘Academy’.

Drodik awoke to find himself on a transport ship. The shuttle was thin, and his knees nearly touching the person opposite him. The men and women in the shuttle were all staring at Drodik, one of them asked his name to which he falsely responded: Ossus. They told Ossus of the drugs they had all been injected with. To make the journey they were all sedated in order to make it through The Shroud. Curious and still groggy, the Nagai fumbled his words asking for an explanation. One person responded about how he can’t hide what he feels about everyone in the shuttle, that there is an unusual energy inside of them all.

The Shadow Academy

Ossus realized that it was true and the he had the same feeling about every person he’d seen since his interrogation even now. The shuttle rattled and became very still and the lights clicked off birthing a pitch black cabin. Not a one of them breathed until one man stated in an excited tone, “We’re gonne be Jedi!”. Ossus’ eyes shifted to the bottom right corner of his sight as he puzzled the exclamations meaning. No sooner had he begun the thought his fear took hold when a blast of white light flew into the cabin. His pupils slammed into tight dots in order to cope with the awesome brightness before it all came into focus. Voices roared from outside ordering everyone to disembark and form a line. Every soul aboard got up and exited into a hangar bay. The scope of the ceiling was amazingly high and more shuttles placed their bellies down to the left and right. A grizzled man in armor stood before the group. Ossus could see more groups being spoken to by armored men and women, they were obviously drill instructors of some sort. The man told the group in a menacing way a slew of information related to them all being tested and schooled in the ways of the darkside, and their time there on Lyspair was limited and protected although their survival in the clans was dependent on themselves alone. At this point Drodik realized what was happening as the last of the drugs wore off.

The group was then split up and went through a series of checkpoints where they were registered and given identical clothing, a datapad as well as orders and a schedule of classes and dormitory assignment. Ossus spent the next few weeks attending ‘classes’ as he was indoctrinated into the teachings of the place known as the Shadow Academy. Ossus demonstrated a keen understanding of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the orders and was deemed fit to graduate from the initiate program and was assigned back to the Acarr System. Ossus arrived to find the men from the interrogation waiting for him. They greeted him and welcomed him into the Roll of Clan Exar Kun as an official member; his rank was that of an Apprentice.


To say that the Nagai had thrived in his environment would be a perceptive understatement. After joining the roll of apprentices in Clan Exar Kun he soon found himself involved in peculiar situations. Most notable of his early adventures was the ‘Ship Abandoned’ incident in which a vessel of unknown origin appeared in brotherhood space. The team that was sent to investigate included two young Guardian ranked Kunians named Drodik Va’lence and Gaidal Dupar; the two later joined with their former master Sunflash to form the al'Tor family.

Drodik’s involvement with Clan Exar Kun however became very brief. Four short months following his enrollment in the Shadow Academy Drodik stood at the cusp of knighthood. He would however never be knighted a Kunian. In the event that has become known as Dictum of Two Skies, Drodk would be knighted days later by former Grandmaster Chi-Long as the ‘First Knight’ Of Clan Plagueis.

Following knighthood and crafting his first saber, time would pass eerily fast for the Nagai. He quickly became involved with the cutthroat game of politics and leadership. He found his niche by sampling a variety of positions available in the new clan. The first of his positions was Aedile work for House Bane. Upon arriving at the Houses main base of operations, the greenback realized that because of the ‘Dictum’ his post at the base was unnecessary due to the stark absence of all activity. The position soon folded up and the Nagai tried his hand leading several Battleteams in House Exar Kun followed by two posts as Envoy of House Exar Kun and later Clan Envoy of Clan Plagueis. He was promoted at the end of 23 ABY to the rank of Obelisk Templar.

Although he was surrounded and engulfed by dark-sided energies, Drodik remained defiant in his practices even when challenged by peers. However he was not without temptation to fall to the darkside. The Jedi was seduced into chaos and joined a movement seeking to rebel against Clan Plagueis. Before the movement took action Drodik fell out with the clan and began the first of his wanderings.

Leaving Clan Plagueis he traveled back to Nythaspir ashamed of his dark-sided taint. He sought to renew and cleanse himself as he realized when he would always need to find respite on Nythaspir to keep himself from falling ever closer to the dark-side.


Times were tough for the Templar soon after. The Aliens continued to slaughter the galaxy and any planet that came in its sight was completely changed forever. Charged with aiding the recovery efforts and ensuring peace between its citizens, Drodik returned to Nythaspir, leaving Clan Arcona once and for all. It was here he came face to face with Alien warriors for the first time. The war on Nythaspir devastated the planet. Scores of people were killed at once and throughout the ensuing conflict. The three kingdoms of Nythaspir united their armies to kick back the intruders. The fighting was long and malevolent but they proved their worth against the alien species. The Nagai Jedi assisted in recovery efforts and further fortified relations between the people of the Va'lence Kingdom, and the other kingdoms with the Va'lence monarchy.

While still a Clan member of Arcona, Drodik fell out of league with the institution, and began his wanderings. The Jedi traveled first from Nythaspir to Coruscant where on a whim he threw himself from a balcony. Plummeting without a care he landed in a Skycar. Luckily uninjured, the experience hardened the dead feelings he had inside after witnessing the destruction of Nythaspir and other worlds. Again he attempted to end his life but to no avail. He wandered the streets of the city world without the use of the force. Things were no longer colorful, tastes were non-existent, and there was a constant blankness in his heart.

He then left Coruscant after a stint with a deathsticks dealer and entered a period of space drifting. The Epsilon was turned completely off except for the life support systems and the manual lights within. With enough supplies to last over a year, Drodik entered a state of hibernation of sorts. Time and space ceased to be as he and the ship, as one, silently drifted in open space. The quietness and the bitter cold within did not phase the disassociated Jedi from his meditation. There was no desire to continue life for any reason, or any wish to go on. And like the black outside, so too it was inside as lights of all sort shut down and the only sounds, came from the oxygen supplier.

The Dark Traveler

The blackness remained for a years time when the Nagai suddenly opened his eyes. Weak and barely responsive to his environment, he allowed his body to lean forward and he touched his cheek to the carpeted floor. A few hours passed before he became able to stand and walk, after which he returned to the cockpit and found that it had been a year, a complete year since he set himself adrift in space.

A month had passed since he awoke from his slumber, and Drodik had further nursed himself nutritionally. After much internal debate, he set a course for the one place he could trace his mystical origins, back to Clan Plagueis. After visiting the Brotherhood again, Drodik departed from Arcona territory for the last time and entered into Kapsina air space. With open arms, Drodik was welcomed back to Plageuis. The First Knight had returned. Upon returning, it was soon realized that Drodik's potential as a force user had grown exponentially from the three years since his ascension to Obelisk Templar. Inquiry was sent forth and Drodik was to be tested.

Drodiks second saber Rampart

While relatively new to Clan Plagueis again, Drodik took to wandering the Dark Tower on Kapsina, the Clan Plagueis capital in the Jusidah system. It was in the dark recesses of the clan's library, where Drodik's next tale began.

The Halls of the Dark Tower on Kapsina radiated with a coldness that reflected the morality of the tenants. The Nagai jedi began to spend much of his time within the library, it was a quiet and dark place much like his exile in space. An ancient sructure, the library housed an immense collection of knowledge, as well as a labyrinth of complex hallways and dark sections.

While exploring these dark sections of the library, Drodik came upon a mysterious figure. When the figure emerged from the shadows, it proclaimed it's name as Nerius, and attacked the Templar. After subduing Nerius, Drodik learned his attacker had purpose for being in the Dark Tower. Nerius explained that deep within the caverns of the Library, somewhere there was a kind of treasure, a treasure that would prove to be powerful for the one who wielded it.

After agreeing to assist, Drodik and Nerius set out in the library, finding a complex and nearly 100 percent obscured entrance. They climbed through a slit, compact, and deathly tight crack in the bedrock, and squeezed themselves narrowly through the solid rock, and emerged on a ledge, overlooking a city of stone, far off in the gaping chasm. It was there they uncovered an ancient society of beings which dwell within the cavernous bowels under the surface of the planet. This religious society focused around entheogenic enlightenment via an odd spiked fruit called The Emylyanesh,and showed Drodik and Nerius their ways. After a highly specialized ritual involving a psychedelic experience the two were "washed" up on the surface to never see the society beneath the ground ever again.

Drodik's Robes

After the experience in the bowels of Kapsina the lightsided Drodik once again packed up his life and set out on another one of his meditative excursions into space, in his exile the Jedi stopped using the force and relinquished his saber from use. His craft The Epsilon floated once again aimlessly across the stars. Having extracted form of liquid from the Emylyanesh the psychotropic properties he continued his wanderings under the influence of an intensely spiritual journey across the galaxy visiting far flung places of beauty meeting people from all walks of life.


In Drodik's travels he ventured from world to world meeting and establishing various trading leads to further strengthen and sustain his business which he had since reclaimed. While on Zeltros making a wine shipment the Nagai received word from one of his sources of another Nagai in the city. After an exhaustive search for this other Nagai and a chance to learn of his heritage he finally ended the search in success having met a Nagai diplomat named Kynia. Kynia revealed to Drodik that during the Twelfth Battle of Zeltros many Nagai civilian refugee transports were caught in the invasion. There were very few survivors, around 14 in total. After learning this Drodik revealed his own story recounting his mother Nina Kyssk's story of how he came into the families care.

Kynia and Drodik both wishing to verify the claim escorted Nina and Jhoren to Saijo to speak with Nagai elders. Nina told her story to the elders of how she found Drodik on a devastated street on Zeltros. Eventually it was made known that the downed civilian transports had passenger lists on record. Research concluded that not only was Drodik on board the downed transport with his birth mother but so too was his brother of the same age who was also one of the 14 to survive; the family surname was Viin. Hearing this Nina broke down in tears claiming to have ever only seen the one Nagaian child. The elders further claimed that while his father perished in the battle in 4 ABY, his brother was still alive although he was a smuggler/fugitive named Elo Savic Viin.

After the meeting the Nagaians thanked Jhoren and Nina for their kindness and offered them a small residence in the city. The Kyssks accepted the gift and remain on Saijo for a months respite. Meanwhile Drodik immersed himself into the culture he had been separated from. He studied ardently taking up the language, customs and martial arts which he had for too long been unaware of. At long last at a ceremony the Nythaspirian Nagai was presented his own Tehk'la blade. He would later hone down the blades serrated edges to resemble a much more smoother and sharper dagger resembling a Va'lencian style dirk/stilletto hybrid.

While on Saijo Drodik familiarized himself with his long-lost brothers face by way of the wanted ads. It was remarked of several times by the Kyssk's and others of the brothers resemblance to each other. Knowing that his brother was a wanted smuggler he paid off the bounty with interest in a bid to lure the wayward Viin back to Saijo. A year had passed and little if any notice had been given of the smugglers whereabouts but the search continued until Elo materialized in Va'lence at Drodiks estate.

Shocked at the man before him Drodik introduced himself before being cut off by his long lost brother. Elo claimed that he accepted the evidence that Drodik was who he claimed to be his boisterous attitude took over and threatened Drodik to never again pay off his bounties as he was concerned with building his reputation. Puzzled by his brothers request he relented and the two drank the Va'lencian finest.

The House of Light

Having finally found his heritage and sole familial connection Drodik settled in on Saijo with Kynia and established a small outpost to allow for the import of Va'lencian wines, specifically those from his own orchards on Nythaspir. Drodik enjoyed a quiet life for around a years time until Kynia while making repairs to the Epsilon discovered a "hidden" compartment containing the lightsaber Odyssey. Unaware at the devices purpose she accidentally activated the hilt scoring into the floor of the vessel. Unable to hide her discovery she confronted Drodik.

The City Menat Ombo

Reluctant to delve into his past as a Jedi, he dismissed Kynias suspicion until finally coming clean to the woman he trusted. He told her everything of the Brotherhood, even his own failed excursions into Brotherhood political involvement which yielded little results over the years and his acts as a dark jedi. Furthermore he found it amusing that her discovery had coincided with his visit to establish trade routes with a colony on a planet in the Y'hi system.

While on the planet in the city Menat Ombo Drodik discovered the true nature of the cities leaders, a Jedi Council. Furthermore he learned of their satellite status as a house under Brotherhood protection and the looming threat of war from the combined forces of the Brotherhood. Unable to allow himself to become involved yet again with the Brotherhood the Nagai fled the planet for safer waters.

With what he now knew about the dilemma the New Tythonian's faced. Drodik's consciousness compelled him to act out against the Brotherhood, this time by aiding the subversive Jedi. For too many years he had suppressed his inner beliefs about the lightside of the force and lived in secret as a Jedi. With that he concluded to leave Kynia as executor of his business on Saijo and departed for New Tython to join the Jedi.

Eventually Drodik found his way onto the soil of New Tython.

During the initial invasion of New Tython, Drodik invested himself in securing refugee locations with local Harakoan tribes whilst the Evacuation of Menat Ombo went underway. When Brotherhood forces descended he then contributed in the Defense of the city and fought alongside the local militia force. Outnumbered and outmatched, the Odanites defended the city for as long as possible to ensure the urbanized New Tythonians vacated the district to the hills and forests north of the city. The rest of the war he spent providing aid to the refugees and fighting alongside Mando'a units of Clan Ordo. With the help of the Mandalorians the Odanites managed to take back a few temple complexes where they held up until Grandmaster Ashen ended the war.

Following the end of the Great War, Drodik immersed himself into the plight of the New Tythonian/Harakoan populace. A leading proponent of the rebuilding effort, the Nagai headed several construction projects including the renovation of the destroyed marketplace and Odain Vonoro spaceport. During this time also Drodik became an influential figure in House Odan-Urr after his selection as a Councilor second only to the High Councilor Ji

Over the next few months the rebuilding effort continued and the defeated city became a shining gem of its former self. In this time however a dissident rose in popularity amongst the local human Tythonians leading to a mass schism of political and social tensions. In response to the cries of the people, Drodik became the leading voice in the dissolution of Menat Ombo's formal Jedi-run governmental regime. Furthermore, Drodik worked closely alongside the local representatives to establish a formal joint Tythonian/Harakoan ran government free from Jedi control.

The terroristic yellow bannered dissident group eventually transformed into the legitimate Peoples New Dawn separatist movement; this group would later secede from the Menat Ombo municipality. The civil upheaval reached its climax with the inadvertent death of the High Councilor Ji. Drodik himself was not present when the explosion tore through the peace assembly at Ooroo Abbey killing scores of citizens including the High Councilor himself but within moments he found himself in a position resembling steward to the position of High Councilor over the Knights Of Urr.

Within a few weeks word from The Iron Throne descended upon New Tython officiating Drodik as the new High Councilor of the Brotherhoods Jedi Order, the year was 36 ABY.


Although the Jedi in the district stood for a beacon of peace and justice to the peoples of New Tython, an ineffable insecurity remained rampant throughout the land. Reports from farmers and settlers as well as Harakoan tribal emissaries illuminated the burgeoning issue of planetary security in violation. The reports were at first few yet grew in number over a number of weeks with unidentified shuttles landing in the bush north of Menat Ombo

Sending out various parties to search for the source of the activity,K.U.D.F., under the command of Deo Sol failed to bring any circumstantial evidence of what was rumored to be a rogue mercenary invasion. Towards this time period the final capstone to the pillars of Arca Praxeum were placed and the institution was opened to general use by the Jedi and the general public. Some time after its revelation the Jedi District and the Governmental Districts came under direct threat from an incursion by an unknown enemy force; a reputed force user was reported present during the invasion. K.U.D.F. Security managed to repel the invaders with the assistance of the Knights Of Urr, however the all important artifact The Holocron of Antiquities was successfully stolen from a central chamber within the Praxeum; its whereabouts remain elusive to this day.

Some days later an apparent emissary of the mercenary legion was captured by Harakoan tribal peoples east of the Sabine. Jedi Epis Kaira Rohana retrieved the man bringing him to the Halls Of The Watchmen where he was further interrogated by the High Councilor. Whilst the mans interrogation was underway forces of the mercenary legion penetrated the cities defenses. Battle raged throughout the night resulting in the belligerent forces being pushed out of the city.

Once security was established throughout the metropolitan area the next few weeks proved to push the order to its extent. Following several anomalies in the force a virus of progressive reach affected the Jedi Order nearly wiping them of their force sensitivity had a cure not been developed. Under this stark situation Drodik enacted a measure to close off the Jedi District and quarantine the entire Order. Every Jedi on the surface and in orbit was recalled to the District.

Under the guise of necessity the true reasons and details behind the self-prescribed quarantine were never made known to the Menat Presidium or the general public due to the Orders faltering public image. Calls were once again aimed from the responsiveness of the New Dawn that the Jedi Order was powerless and ineffective, a trait the Drodik realized and aimed to counter.

The Dark Crusade

With the cure for the Horizons virus secure the Jedi Order was immediately thrust into an open response as a strike force in House Tarentums incursion to reclaim domain over Yridia II. For the extent of the conflict Drodik remained on New Tython working diligently with the Presidium and the Turicos in the ongoing pandemonium arising from a prophetic harbinger over Harakoan skies; a fortuitous supernova. The Nagai Quaestor rather chose to elect secondary Councillor Morotheri lead a strike team for the conflict whilst he secured the vowed non-aggression pact, provisional measures bringing Tarentae and Tythonian commerce to a union through trade agreements, overseeing final construction phases conducted with Tarentum engineers.

The mission to Yridia II was a success, however new word from the Iron Throne reached the desk of the Jedi Councillor. A Call to Arms had been initiated, the very basis of which was full-scale war against an enemy all too appropriate, the Sith themselves.



  • Drodik was the first member to be knighted after the merger of Clan Satal Keto and Clan Exar Kun, granting him the title First Knight of Plagueis
  • Name created during a non-Star Wars related creative writing exercise a year before joining the DB.
  • Often confused with Dranik
  • Graphically modeled from Nagai agent Den Siva