Doon Sulvir

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Doon Sulvir
Biographical Information

Uvena Prime

Date of Birth:

13 ABY (age 28)

Physical Description





1.83 m / 6'0"


115.0 kg / 254 lbs.





Personal Information

Kathka Torgri


Heavy-Blades Fist-Weapons Glove-Weapons Natural-Claws

Fighting Style(s):

Mandalorian Core Teras Kasi Shockboxing

Chronology & Political Information


Known masters:

Commander Sulith Bekett



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Doon Sulvir is a Shistavanen Mercenary from Uvena Prime in the Seswenna sector. Unlike most Shistavanen, Doon was raised among the Hyperlanes and was quick to learn the usefulness of brutality. His skill grew quick amongst various minor security teams before taking on bounties with a small team of fellow Shistavanen. Following the tragic events of a critical job, Doon was injured and alone for a time, eventually finding himself in the good graces of Kathka Torgri who aided him in his recovery and his rebranding as a proper mercenary.

Doon is well-known for his proficiency in Hunting down potential Force users, Jedi and Sith alike. Despite favoring heavy blades, Doon is far more proficient in Hand-to-Hand combat. His skill and resolve allow him to stand toe to toe with trained saber wielding opponents, a fact he stresses when offering his expensive services. His recent path has taken him to House Qel-Droma, part of Clan Arcona, as they were the highest bidders seeking his expertise.

Physical Description

Character History

Early Life

Doon was raised by a travelling band of Shistavanen. They Worked as a pack, guarding various cargo ships and anyone who could pay enough to maintain a group of intimidating predators follow them as personal guard. He learned quickly a snarl was safer than a blank face among the back alleys they usually ended up prowling. As a pup he expressed little interest in technology or piloting, instead he preferred a more feral take on the world. His philosophy led to bloody scuffles with anyone who looked at him wrong or dared treat him like a pet.

This lead to his first mission ending up as a failure. A Togruta that he was charged with protecting saw him as little more than a guard dog that he could order around with menial tasks. When his target was finally attacked, Doon did little to assist in their escape, other than chase the attackers away before any true harm was done. In typical Shistavanen fashion, he was punished with lesser duties and an inferior status. It didn't take him long to prove he was primed for another chance however, and this time it went considerably better than the last.

The Sulvir Family

The Sulvir pack is one of the few Shistavanen families that abandoned the safe territories of the Uvena system to explore the stars. Unsurprisingly, their primary interest was fame and credits, not so much for their personal growth but rather to ensure the safety and prosperity of the pack. Their general attitude towards the galaxy was one of begrudging alliance. They knew that progressing through the stars as one pack would take a lot of work, and outside help.

That help came in the form of a Hutt Kajidic. Loans, payments, and promises flooded the Shistavanen family beyond their comfort zone

Young adult Doon, Prior to his formative work as a mercenary

Life of a Mercenary

The Force Incident