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Alaris Jinn
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Imperial Center/Coruscant

Date of Birth:

2 ABY (age 43)

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1.62 Meters


60 Kilos



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Ky Terrak di Plagia

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Alaris Jinn: "Peace is a lie."
Darth Plagueis: "Shut up."
―Alaris encountering the ghost of Darth Plagueis on Morroth

Alaris Jinn is a Twi'lek, Rutian of heritage, Dark Jedi. Born Alar'isjin, he lived in prejudice on Imperial Center a mere two years after the Battle of Yavin. For all of his childhood, he was raised there, surviving the liberation by the New Republic. After his parents died, he lived as a Vigilante, ended corruption wherever he could while remaining in the shadows. He was discovered eventually by a Dark Jedi named Ky Terrak who took him to serve as his apprentice. Alaris holds the rank of Augur, serving in Taldryan and is a former member of the honoured di Plagia.

Character History

Childhood (2 ABY - 15 ABY)

"The mind of a child is easy to shape, and easier, still, to destroy."
―Alaris Jinn to his Apprentice, Kaira Rohana

Born two years after the Battle of Yavin, Alar'isjin, being a Twi'lek was thrust into the prejudice that was placed on all non-Humans on Imperial Center. He was raised by his parents in poverty for all of his childhood. They put him before themselves all the way through his early years. Even after the liberation of Coruscant by the New Galactic Republic, the Isjin's remained in poverty. Alar was continuously protected and smothered by his parents, and over time grew to resent them. His childhood ended far before it should have, however.

Alar had few childhood friends, and only one who Alar ever referred to as a friend; a young Human named Yussan Bino. The Bino family was sort of in the same situation as the Isjins but instead of prejudice from the Empire, the Binos would help smuggle information to get to the Rebel Alliance. Instead of kill the family, as the Empire normally would do, the Emperor ordered their assets frozen and then melted into the state, and sent the family into the Works. Alar and Yussan were, at one point, joined at the hip and Alar was heartbroken when Yussan's parents got enough money to leave the Works and live on the far side of the planet. Alar has since considered going to look for him, but decided against it, as Coruscant is under Jedi control.
Alaris Jinn's Homeworld of Imperial Center

By the time Alar was thirteen, the Jinns were able to save up their money in order to send Alar to emigrate to the Twi'lek homeworld of Ryloth. After overhearing this in a conversation between Alar's parents, two Humans followed the Isjins back to their home and attacked and killed the parents. Alar grew ever angry and attacked the two men. Using a sudden and strange burst of speed and strength and stealing the Katana from one of them that had killed his parents, he used the weapon and severed both of his parents' murderers' heads.

The Vigilante (15 ABY - 27 ABY)

"The last thing you will hear is the name of the man who has ended your corruption, Alar'isjin."
―Alar'isjin to his one of his marks

For most of Alar's teen years, he lived as a thief. He had some sense of honor, though, as he only stole from people who were much more fortunate than himself and only just enough to survive. He lived in a small habitat deep within The Works, the former industrial center of Coruscant. He didn't keep any friends as he quickly discovered that friends were more trouble than they were worth. As he grew older, he got more and more bold in his thieving, eventually stealing from upper-class people. It was from here that he discovered the true corruption that existed in the upper and middle classes of the galaxy and he decided to try to end it as well as possible. He was never actually able to get close enough to any of the Senators to end their corruption, but he stopped many of their assassins, bounty hunters and accountants. He found that his Katana was the best means of ending said corruption. While he was forced, on a few occasions, to run from the Coruscant Security Forces, for the most part, he was able to stay in the shadows, hidden.

At twenty-four, he discovered a lot of corruption surrounding the Senator from Pantolomin. He began following him, making notes of his meetings and as many dealings as he could. Alar noticed that the Senator mostly had dealings with merchants in the middle classes. He liked to meet with them in the middle of Coco Town and within the crowds. This made it easy for Alar to stay hidden, which became even easier over time. Over the next year, many people who this Senator had dealings with mysteriously disappeared. The Pantolominian Senator never dared had security look into these disappearances for they could have discovered his own corruption and he would be imprisoned and forcefully resigned. This could have helped Alar become one of the richest Twi'leks on Coruscant, but instead dispersed his 'earnings' among those less fortunate.

In the later months of his twenty-fourth year, someone else began to take great interest in Alar.

The Final Mark (27 ABY)

"Now, get out of the way. You're about to see a fight."
―Ky Terrak to Alar'isjin

Three days after his twenty-fifth birthday, Alar was following the Senator again. It seemed like a normal day to him, but this day would change his life forever. The Senator had a meeting in the middle of Coco Town, and as usual, Alar followed the new mark into an alley and killed him. He was spotted by the CSF though and was forced to go on the run. His unnatural speed kicked in again and Alar'isjin took off down the alley and out the other end into the crowded street. He dodged quickly and nimbly through traffic easily enough, but the CSF was keeping up. Something was different about this time. He had run from the CSF many times before, but something was odd.

They had a Jedi with them.

The chase took Alar down an alleyway, up a ladder and onto the roof of the building. Something told him that he wasn't gaining much ground. He leapt to the next building, a jump that amazed him, and he landed hard on his ankle, which sprained. Just when he thought he would be caught, he was told to stand up from a man in blue armor. At first he was skeptical, but this man demanded it, so he did as he was told.

The man easily dispatched the CSF officers and then ignited a blue lightsaber and fought the other Jedi. Alar could hardly believe what was happening: right before him, a lightsaber duel! He could barely contain himself as the battle raged on. It may have only taken thirty seconds, but to the Twi’lek it went for days. The final blow was a brilliant swing by the armored Dark Jedi to remove the Jedi’s head in a single swipe, sending it rolling to the ground.

This mysterious man was Ky Terrak.

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood - The Journeyman (27 ABY)

"If you do not make it there within twelve days, you will not make it at all."
―Ky Terrak, in his first training session with Alar'isjin
Dark Jedi Brotherhood Logo

At first, Terrak explained the Force to Alar and taught him what he could of the basics of the Dark Side of the Force. He never requested he be called, Master, as he was only pulling what he could from Alar's potential. He then subjected Alar to the same rite of passage he had taken when being raised under the Mandalorians. Ky dropped Alar off on the warzone planet of Gorldine. The locals had been battling each other for decades and the fighting had increased. Alar was to travel to a distant city without being noticed. Alar had gone his whole life without being noticed so he was able to succeed in just under ten days. Ky had waited for him there and then told him that he was to be trained as a Dark Jedi.

Ky took Alar to Antei where the Twi'lek trained in the Shadow Academy. He graduated and received the rank of Apprentice, transferring over to Clan Plagueis in the House of Exar Kun. Understanding the end of his time as a Twi'lek and the beginning of his time as a Dark Jedi, he changed his name to Alaris Jinn, effectively exiling him from Ryl. While in House Exar Kun, Alaris was promoted up to Acolyte.

The Crimson Tide (28 ABY)

Symbol of the Crimson Tide

It was at this time that Dark Jedi Knight Callus Bo'Amar called Alaris Jinn and several other Journeymen within the Clan to a training mission to destroy an installation on Faraspar that would prove to eventually be a staging area for the Crimson Tide. While the mission was a success, Callus was forced to remain behind on the planet to allow Alaris and his teammates to escape. Alaris blamed himself for allowing Callus to remain on the planet as he was the last person to see him alive.

Upon his return, he was awarded with a promotion to Protector. Ky Terrak, now Proconsul in Clan Plagueis, then returned to him and took Alaris under his wing as his apprentice. While under the guidance of the Proconsul, Alaris remained on Kapsina with the Battleteam Blades of Kun training with them. During this time, he received a promotion again to Guardian. He began an intense rivalry with his Sergeant and fellow Guardian Kor VanTil: the two of them in a race against one another to reach Dark Jedi Knight. This rivalry helped them form a strong bond and continued to test each other throughout their time in the Dark Brotherhood. Ultimately, Alaris won this rivalry.

Terrak decided it was time to test Alaris in a new way; his guilt. Feeling continuously guilty for leaving Bo'Amar on Faraspar, Alaris was set a lead a small task force back to the Mid-Rim Planet. He took along Protector Imichua, one of the original task force members, as his Lieutenant. Their mission was to find some hint of where Callus may have been held. They reinfiltrated the complex from before and were able to gain some insight into where Callus was being taken. He was being taken directly to Calliban Crimson. At this, Alaris felt a pang of guilt, but didn't let it overcome him and he retained his ability to lead. They stole as much information as they could from the command post station, destroyed the captured shuttle and returned, under fire, to their own shuttle, barely making off Faraspar and back to Kapsina alive.

When he returned, Ky Terrak and Master At Arms Kraval Novir surprised him with a promotion to Jedi Hunter. Ky expressed that by facing his guilt and anger at himself, he was fit to prepare for his trials. Alaris accepted this promotion willingly and began to go into deep training sessions preparing for his Trials to reach Dark Jedi Knight.

Braecen Kaeth, who replaced Aabsdu Dupar as Consul of Clan Plagueis, saw a lot of potential in the young Twi'lek. The Consul took Alaris on as his personal assistant. He was given the title, Consul's Aide, and Alaris did several odd jobs for Kaeth over a two month period; one of which would change the course of his own personal history.

Alaris at the Battle of Teryfin
When word came in from Intelligence that Callus was, for a short period of time, going to be in the open in a prisoner transfer, Alaris immediately volunteered to lead the assault. He led a group that he referred to as "The Thirteen" to the forest world of Teryfin. Not only was Callus liberated from Tide custody, but three major players in the Crimson Tide were neutralized or captured: Callus killed the man who had tortured him for the whole year prior, Alonzo Bodelle; Galaphile Dupar captured his cousin, Nemo Dupar; and Dismal Dupar slaughtered Nemo's apprentice, Semyon Cain.

Knighthood (29 ABY)

"I have been remade. I am Death."
―Alaris Jinn

After returning to Kapsina he discovered that the position of Aedile was opening up in the other House of Plagueis, House Satal Keto. Alaris immediately applied and Alex d'Tana appointed him as his Aedile. At this same time, Ky Terrak approached the Consul, expressing that Alaris was ready to take the trials. Braecen claimed that two of his trials were complete, with doing all the administrative duties that go along with Consul's Aide, plus leading "The Thirteen" into the Battle of Teryfin, he felt that there was only one trial left: that of building his lightsaber.

Under the oversight of the Proconsul Ky Terrak, Alaris took a shuttle across the galaxy. He hunted desperately for a crystal that would ring true to him. He ended up on the planet, Dantooine, which was under the control of the Yuuzhan Vong. He was able to avoid capture, but he and Ky were forced to defend themselves several times against Vong Patrols.

Alaris demanded the Force tell him where the crystal meant for his blade was hidden, and the Force pulled him to a small cave, less than ten kilometers from the remains of an old Jedi Enclave. Ky stood at the entrance of the cavern and pulled the pieces that Alaris had gathered over the past months in a small case and handed them to his Apprentice. Ky explained that he would have to face the cave alone. "If you are successful, then you will return with the crystal; if you are not, you will not return at all."

Venturing deep into the depths of the dark, the Twi'lek was amazed how strongly the Dark Side existed. There were many who would face this darkness and flee in terror, only to be killed and eaten by any of the dark side creatures that dwelled there, but not Alaris. Alaris let the Dark Side flow through him, he became the very essence of evil itself. He knew it wouldn't last forever, in fact, he knew it would only last until he left. But Alaris felt stronger than he had ever in his entire life in that one moment, and the visions came to him like passing thoughts. He envisioned himself standing before the Throne of Plagueis, ready to assume the position of Consul. He saw himself standing beside the Iron Throne serving the Grand Master as his Master at Arms. He saw thousands of corrupt politicians, businessmen and army deserters falling before his blade. Then he noticed the color, Green.

Alaris wielding his lightsaber

Alaris was pulled from his visions and stood as still as a carbonite prisoner. Slowly his eyes were drawn to one point on the ground. There, surrounded by what appeared to be absolute darkness was a green gem. He could feel the cold of the Dark Side energies flowing from it. He lifted it and let it sit in his hand, letting its power emanate into his hand. He stood like this for nearly an hour before going to work on his new weapon. The initial construction of the hilt itself didn't take very long, but the placing of the crystal itself was bound to take hours if not days.

Ky Terrak waited 49 hours before seeing his Apprentice again. As Alaris emerged from the Darkness, the Prelate noticed the change in him as clear as day. The arrogance of a fledging Journeyman was gone. All that was left was an understanding, wiser Dark Jedi who had felt the absolute power of the Dark Side and had not feared it, but savoured it. They spoke no word, as they both knew that Ky's time as Alaris's Master was at an end. Though the official call didn't come in until Alaris had reassumed his duties as Captain of the VSDII Ballista.

The Reckoner

"No Apprentice of mine will be lost to weakness! Stand Up!"
―Alaris Jinn
Kaira Rohana

Alaris continued to serve as Aedile in House Satal Keto behind the Pontifex Alex d'Tana, learning all he could from the older Krath who had been with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood since the early days of her conception. He learned all the political wordplay and subtlties from his Consul and new mentor, Braecen Kaeth, as well as refining his lightsaber combat skills with him. Satal Keto began to thrive under his leadership and he became a fierce rival of his former House, Exar Kun.

Despite the feelings he held for Exar Kun, he noticed one individual who had a great level of potential. In fact, she reminded Alaris of himself when he was green in the Brotherhood. After some subtle testing in physical, mental, and emotional aspects of her psyche, he took Kaira Rohana on as his own Apprentice.

He was a harsh Master. He was quick to anger and quicker to violence. For arriving late to a combat session, Kara would find herself being beaten within an inch of her life by the angry end of a poda stick, only to go to bed and wake up a few hours later and go through the whole thing over again. It was his intent to make sure she was hardened and lost her kind, approachable demeanor. He found himself, however, blocked, by one individual: Godo Nurok.

Silent Rivalry

Alaris had a great deal of respect for the Aedile of Exar Kun. This was until Godo began his own mentoring sessions with Alaris's Student. At first, he just took it as an Aedile conducting a mentorship program with one of the younger members of his House, but as time went on, Alaris came to realize the truth: Godo Nurok and Kara Rohana were in a relationship. This infuriated the Knight beyond words and all he could do was be even harsher in his training. Ky had been harsh with him, and he was sure that Ky's former Master, Darth Sarin, had been harsh with him, as well.

What angered him more was the day that Syphoc Rilkel Kaeth stepped down as Quaestor giving Nurok the Quaestorship and allowing him to name Ralph Vundu as his Aedile. Now, not only was Nurok fraternizing with his Student, but he had ascended from Outsider to Aedile to Quaestor in less time than Alaris had been Aedile.

Overt Corruption

Jinn still hated Corruption of every sort. His eyes burned when he heard of a corrupt individual exerting control. He continued to hunt down those who were corrupt at heart and slaughter them without mercy. After the cleansing of his one hundredth corrupt soul, Braecen Kaeth, Alex d'Tana, and Ky Terrak all met with him in the Medical Center in the Dark Tower on Kapsina. It was there that Alaris, with their assistance, went through the agonizing and liberating experience of being given a series of black tattoos, signifying his success in the ending of corruption, and his descent in the glory of the Dark Side of the Force.


VSDII Ballista

Alaris was forced to put aside his rivalry with Godo for a short while when word came that the Yuuzhan Vong were attempting another incursion into the Jusadih System. Alaris had faced the Vong in combat only once before and his former master, Ky Terrak, had done most of the fighting, but he knew how they worked.

Being in command of the VSDII Ballista, Alaris was charged with defense of Morroth, the planet in which his House made home. He was forced into combat only once against the Vong. A medium cruiser analog was making an attempt to retrieve survivors of the Eighth Great Jedi War. The Ballista launched its fighters and although heavy losses were sustained, Clan Plagueis came out on top.

He knew that as Aedile of Satal Keto he would be charged with Morroth, but he felt that he would have been of greater use over Kapsina, the Capital. Again, Nurok, in command of the House Exar Kun forces was taking advantage of being in the spotlight.

Ascension (29 ABY - 30 ABY)

"If there is only one thing I learned from Coruscant it's this: be mindful of the future, but never at the expense of the moment. No matter how bright - or dark - the future looks, it's what you do right now that matters more than anything."
―Alaris Jinn

Alaris was awarded for his successful defense of Morroth with a Promotion as well as several Crosses and Crescents for individual battles and achievements. The newly minted Templar was given new robes and the opportunity to construct a new lightsaber. His lightsaber training under Braecen continued and he became stronger with Form II, Makashi, but he continued to eye his Consul's chosen form, Ataru.

Eye of Ascension

No matter where he looked, Alaris found more and more corruption: in the Brotherhood hierarchy; in the Feudal System that controlled Jusadih; even in the lower levels of his own House. This disturbed him beyond belief and he decided that the only way to end corruption was to control all that which cause corruption. He couldn't end it in the upper echelon of the Brotherhood's political overworld, but he could end it in Jusadih and Braecen gave him the perfect opportunity.

Voice of Ascension

"Now you listen to me, you pompous ass. You either calm down or I will wipe your miserable bloodline off the face of the Galaxy. First: you take orders from me. Second: I am not your little lap dog. The only reason you enjoy the benefits you have is because I allow it."
―Alex d'Tana to Marquis Evan Gonchar of Morroth
Morroth, House Satal Keto HQ

Braecen's declaration of the Feudal Days being over and Military Supremacy beginning was met by the people of Jusadih in mixed reviews. Most of the Clan praised this plan, including Alaris. Those who disagreed, left for other Clans. There were many civilians in the Jusadih System who immediately joined the military and applied to Officer Training Programs all over the Star System. Most of those in the upper echelon, as in those who would be losing their holdings opposed him and refused to give up what they believed belonged to them.

This was the opportunity that Alaris was waiting for. He could finally bring Gonchar and the rest of the Feudal Leaders to their knees and force them into his bidding or their death. He would leave the choice to them.

War of Ascension

"Your corruption has fallen, Count. We will rebuild Plagueis on your ashes."
―Alaris Jinn

The War began in a sudden fashion and sides formed quickly. Alaris was given plenty of opportunity to prove himself over and over again. He had a select few of Ketoans who he used for his bidding all the time, plus his own Students, Kara Rohana, and now, Kylath Tynblade a Ketoan who was just beginning to make a name for himself.

The liberation of Morroth was successful because of the large amount of planning that Alaris and Quaestor Alex d'Tana put into retaking the planet. Alaris charged two members of Satal Keto to enter the Marquis's Palace and shut down defenses, which they did without a hitch. The actual invasion itself, and the short space battle above, were extremely one sided. Despite the natives of Morroth being used to the snowy hills and mountains, the Dark Jedi led by Alaris and Alex knew the planet enough and were strong enough to end the careers, and lives, of every last feudal leader on the planet. The rebuilding process began after the death of Marquis Gonchar. The entire planet was flushed of all opposition to Clan Plagueis and House Satal Keto and resistance leaders were brought before Alaris, who dealt with them in the only way that rebels can be, death.



Throughout the beginning of the Jusadih Civil War, what came to be known as the War of Ascension, Alaris remained on Morroth, as requested by Braecen Kaeth. Alex d'Tana had begun to grow weary of his position and had informed Kaeth of this. After some time had passed and Alex d'Tana had disappeared, where or why unbeknownst to anyone but Braecen himself, the Consul began to gauge Alaris's ability to lead a House that was missing its leader and in the rebuild process.

Alaris was finally summoned to the Dark Tower. Leaving some of his advisors in command, Alaris traveled to Kapsina with only a pilot for his Lambda. It was his first time in a while not being either with his House or on board his Star Destroyer. It was there that Braecen Kaeth bestowed upon him the position of Quaestor. Alaris took the new position with pride and vowed to ensure the safety and dominance of House Satal Keto.

Ascendancy Rising

The War had reached a climax. Alaris continue to play his part by eradicating all signs of the Plutocracy on Morroth, but eventually, he found himself quite bored. He began to set up a new governmental system for the icy planet when he received a call from Braecen Kaeth. Apparently, Braecen had been forewarned, by a source that he wouldn't name, about an attack on the planet, Kapsina, in an attempt to cripple the Plagueian Navy. Alaris and the ship under his command, Ballista, were charged to hide behind one of Kapsina's moons until given the call.

When the battle began, the rest of the ships defending Clan Plagueis' Headquarters fell under attack and it wasn't long before The Baron was on the verge of being severely damaged. The signal was given and Jinn ordered Ballista to attack the Crimson Tide Flagship, the ISD Nemesis under the command of Jonah Kraul. The ruse was successful and eventually Nemesis was blown to pieces in orbit over Kapsina. With the JIC/Crimson Tide Navy all but crippled under the might of Plagueis, it was time to begin the end.

Forgone Conclusion

Shintera was the last target. Both the Crimson Tide leader, Calliban Crimson, and the self-proclaimed Archduke of Jusadih, Christopher Tirk, were stationed there; and now, were undefended. Alaris, alongside Braecen Kaeth and Jonaleth Isradia, were responsible for the ground invasion of the planet, leaving their second-in-commands in space to finish the crippled Coalition Navy. Master Isradia took command of the actual troops, while Braecen Kaeth and his assassin, Alaris, covertly made their way toward the massive tower that housed the insurgents. They climbed the side of the building with the assistance of the Force and eventually crashed through the window into the massive chamber that housed the remaining Feudal Lords. After Braecen had sent Vivackus Kavon, a fledging Journeyman, to kill Crimson, he left the rest for Alaris, who did what he did best: eradicated corruption.

The Dark Tower (30 ABY - 33 ABY)

Darth Ashen
With the War of Ascension over, Clan Plagueis began a short era of peace. It was the perfect time for reorganization. Master Isradia spoke with Braecen and began a long Exodus of his own. With this, a void was created at the helm of House Exar Kun. Yzarc, who had been serving as Proconsul offered to step into it in order to quell any possible uprising that could occur on Aerun, despite their military siding with Plagueis. At this time, Alaris was called once again to the Dark Tower on Kapsina. This time, he wouldn't be returning to Morroth. Standing before him at the throne were both Kaeths, Cethgus Kuga, recently appointed Rollmaster, and Muz Ashen Keibatsu, Shadow Hand and Deputy Grand Master of the Brotherhood.

Yzarc officially declared his intent to step down as Proconsul and recommended that Alaris take up the position. Braecen accepted Alaris as his Proconsul and forwarded the request to Darth Ashen. Ashen stared deep into Alaris' eyes, searching for whatever weakness he could find. He found ambition, anger, a desire to become Consul, and the willingness to do anything possible to achieve that goal. The Shadow Hand declared that Alaris was suitable for the job, but needed to test his loyalty.

He announced that Alaris's past had been dug up. His history reviewed and discovered an individual who was close to the Twi'lek. Two Knights brought forward a man from the darkness, wearing a uniform of the Galactic Alliance Military. Muz identified the man as Yussan Bino, Jinn's childhood friend. Alaris knew where this was going. He had overseen this same method of testing loyalty with numerous Knights from Satal Keto, during his tenure there. Muz gave the order to kill Bino, and Alaris only hesitated for a moment as he tried to find a way to kill his old friend. Finally, he extended his arm and through the Force grabbed the GA Officer by the neck. Bino was pulled from the ground into the air and began to suffocate.

A minute late, the man was dead and Muz approached the Templar. He ordered Alaris to bow to him, which the Twi'lek did without hesitation. The Shadow Hand then, by the request of Braecen, promoted Alaris Jinn to Prelate and approved his appointment to Proconsul of Clan Plagueis.


Only just having settled into his office in the Dark Tower, a hydrospanner was thrown into Jinn's plans. Darth Sarin called for the Clans to assist the Eighth Fleet and Dark Council in the task of retaking the homeworld of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, a place Alaris had never been, Antei.

Like everyone else, Alaris was surprised to find no Vong on the planet. Instead, the planet was occupied by a group of Jedi, led by a Master named, Crask, who had slaughtered the Vong using a pathogen.

Alaris spent the beginning of the war above in the Bastilla, which he still used as his flagship despite having been appointed to Lieutenant Supreme Commander of the Plaguian Forces. It wasn't until he received word that his former student, Kaira Rohana had been captured by Crask's Jedi and assumed converted that Alaris went down to the surface, ordered so by his Consul.

The Twi'lek established himself a plan which involved feigning a crash landing on the surface and getting himself captured. He found himself face-to-face with Crask who used his manipulationg of the Force to attempt to convert Alaris to the light, something the Prelate had never known before. He fought it for a while, but it nearly encased him until Crask mentioned Alaris' parents. This pulled him out of the trance and thrown into a cell.

In an attempt to draw him to the light, Kaira and two Jedi Knights went to his cell and brought him around the Dark Hall on Antei, where he was being kept. He waited until a perfect moment, then called one of the Jedi's saber to his hand and cut them both down. He began to stir Kara's hatred of him until eventually all she was focused on was killing Alaris. He ended the fight quickly by knocking the blade from her hand, and she was pulled back into the power of the Dark Side, a Krath once more.

In the final stretch of the relcamation of Antei, Alaris Jinn personally led the capture of the Temple Bellseph in Operation: Bloodfin. Jinn would have preferred a different name for it, as the Bloodfin was a creature used in funeral processions in the Imperial Remnant and he didn't like the idea of this mission being his own funeral procession. He successfully captured the building, but lost several soldiers, both Force-Users and otherwise. Once holding the Temple, he and his team, comprised of Vivackus Kavon, Kaira Rohana, Sanguinius Tsucyra, amongst several others, were pinned down inside. They proved to hold their own, however, and the result was positive for Clan Plagueis' forces and the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

The end of the war came shortly after and Alaris Jinn was given the opportunity to return to Kapsina and continue his plans for the future. With the death of Sarin, the remaining di Plagias voted in favor of granting Alaris the Clan Honourific. This simply fueled the Twi'leks already fired up intentions for the future.


"Surely, you understand the word 'Sith' well enough to know that the phrase 'temporary loyalty' is redundant."
Kal Vorrac
The NSD Ascendancy

The War over, Alaris was given the opportunity to finally put his plans into motion for taking the Throne of Plagueis for himself. Braecen was stuck on Antei giving the Twi'lek leave to run the Jusadih System and Clan Plagueis the way he saw fit. He reallocated much of the military and transferred the flag from The Baron to the newly commissioned NSD Ascendancy. He took on a new Apprentice as Inarya and began to train her with the same rigor with which he had trained Kaira.

He knew that he would easily have the allegiance of Satal Keto, but House Exar Kun would be a trick. He established himself a small team to act as his personal guard. He needed, however, someone to act as his hand, an individual who would be able to accomplish tasks for him. He found this person in Arion Sunrider. Arion traveled around Jusadih, spreading propaganda against Braecen Kaeth and the entire Kaeth domain. Alaris only now needed to make his move against the Consul and his plan would finally go into effect.

He began his move mere months after the Ninth Great Jedi War ended. It began with Cethgus Kuga. He secured the loyalty of Vivackus Kavon by capturing Cethgus with the assistance of Arion. He sent Cethgus to Morroth and then traveled to Shintera, where he was confronted by Kal Vorrac, who apparently had plans of his own. Kal understood that Alaris was setting Vivackus up for failure, and saw to it that he was at Alaris' side for when he would need to appoint a new Quaestor of House Satal Keto.

Vivackus, however, had other plans. He had been ordered by Braecen to feign loyalty to Alaris while only truly maintaining loyalty to the Kaeth Patriarch. When House Exar Kun, commanded by Yzarc Rellik Kaeth and Ralph Vundu, captured Alpha Base on Morroth, Vivackus admitted to his acting as a double-agent, only after being beaten to a bloody pulp by Cethgus, who had been freed.

Alaris, at this point, returned to Kaspina and locked it down. This didn't keep the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis from infiltrating the planet, no matter if they supported Alaris or Braecen. Several young Jedi were killed in the battle, but eventually it drew to a climax in the Throne Room at the apex of the Dark Tower. Braecen, who had returned from Antei with vigor, confronted the Prelate and the two dueled. It seemed as if Braecen would easily destroy Alaris, but Arion stepped into the battle and fought alongside Alaris. The two beat down Braecen, until he was secluded behind the black throne.

Alaris and Arion emerged from the apparent location of the death of Braecen, and immediately demanded loyalty from the Clan. Though half did so grudgingly, eventually the entire Clan bowed to Alaris Jinn di Plagia, the new Consul, and his Proconsul, Arion Sunrider. Braecen's body, however, was never recovered.

The Dark Throne


After about two months, Arion was summoned by Justicar, Kir Katarn to appear on Antei as served as a Hand of Justice and resigned his post as Proconsul. Now that normal activities had resumed and loyalty had been given solely to him, Alaris was able to appoint Vivackus Kavon as his Proconsul as he had proven time and again that he was one of the most cunning Dark Jedi to serve Alaris. He then appointed Kal to Quaestor of House Satal Keto.

Yzarc, however, had proven to be a threat still. Alaris felt the only way to deal with this was to request his resignation, something the Kaeth willingly surrendered. He quickly appointed Cethgus Kuga, in an attempt to prove that Alaris would work alongside his enemies for the benefit of the Clan.

Two years passed and Alaris grew complacent. Though Clan Plagueis continued to operate as it had in the past, several things changed. Alaris was growing bored on the Throne. He had done as he had promised to himself and eliminated the presence of the Dupar and Kaeth families on Kapsina. Discontent began to surround him and the Dark Jedi of Clan Plagueis eventually called for his removal. After threats on his life, however, Kir Katarn offered him a way out. His intention had long been to eradicate corruption in the galaxy and Kir's offer gave him an opportunity to do just that. He left Kapsina and surrendered the Dark Throne of Jusadih to Kal Vorrac.

Justice Be Done (33 ABY - Present)

Serving as Right Hand of Justice proved to be rewarding for the Twi'lek. He acted as the sword of the Justicar. He was never called upon to perform his primary duty of prosecuting a Dark Jedi within the Brotherhood itself, but he was sent on many missions to irradicate corruption. His talents were well drawn on dispensing justice as per his title.

At the end of his term, in 34 ABY, he remained on Antei, serving as a member of the Grand Master's Royal Guard for a short period before being called upon by Tra'an Reith. Jusadih's representative to the Galactic Alliance Senate had died from a heart attack and he needed to be replaced. The Jusadih System called an election and, after some careful electioneering, Alaris Jinn di Plagia was elected as Senator of Jusadih. He dropped the di Plagia title from his name and retook his birth name, Alar'isjin, in an attempt to hide any connection to the Dark Jedi. His duties as Senator kept him off Jusadih for a year before he finally made his return to Brotherhood space.

He was chosen by new Justicar Taigikori Aybara to serve the Chamber of Justice once again, this time as Left Hand of Justice.

Dark Crusade



Death of an Apprentice


Alaris, who spent his teenage years in the abyss of the streets of Coruscant, is hardened. Though it has diminished greatly, he still holds a lot of his arrogance that he had when he was a fledging Journeyman. His arrogance has twisted itself to contempt and hates corruption wherever it exists, hating it to the point that he has dedicated his life to crushing it. Ironically, he is blind to the fact that he himself has been corrupted by the Dark Side and while he once thought of himself as a Vigilante, destroying corruption where he could, he now wants to achieve domination, that he might control all the corruption and bring an end to it.


He has the ability to see potential in young Journeymen and if he doesn't take them on under his tutelage, he recommends that someone else do. Once he has declared himself a Master, he has high standards. Those he feels has the greatest potential, he pushes hard to drive them to hate him. Once they have that hatred flowing into them he feels that they are truly ready to dive into the secrets and power that the Dark Side has for them. He has no doubt that his death will be by the blade of one of his former students.


Alaris, before receiving his tattoos

Standing at just over 1.6 meters, Alaris is one of the shortest members of Taldryan, and definitely one of the shortest Obelisk in the entire Dark Brotherhood. He is very well toned thanks to the vigorous training of Ky Terrak. He is a Rutian, and as such his skin tone is a deep, royal blue. He is also now covered in the black tattoos of the Sith. Though he isn't Sith, he believes that they represent his need for dominance.

Like all Twi'lek, he has two Lekku protruding from the top of his cranium and are nearly identical in length, his left one being longer by half a centimeter. They are each three feet in length, and he usually wraps them about himself, unless he is in combat in which he allows them to flow freely behind his torso.


Alaris always appears in his Dark Jedi robes with a large black cloak covering himself, allowing for a sense of mystery and secrecy about him. He doesn't share his past, and prefers that he not be asked about it. He initially chose the Eradicator robes because he felt they best suit his task as a servant of Justice, however, the freedom of the Blizzard robes allowed for greater movement and freedom, so he has switched to them initially. Now he wears the Secret robes for the same reason he wore the Blizzard.

Positions Held

Preceded by:


Consul's Aide of Plagueis

28 ABY

Succeeded by:

Vivackus Kavon

Preceded by:

Alex d'Tana

Aedile of House Satal Keto

28 ABY - 29 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Alex d'Tana

Quaestor of House Satal Keto

29 ABY - 30 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Yzarc Rellik Kaeth

Proconsul of Clan Plagueis

30 ABY - 31 ABY

Succeeded by:

Arion Sunrider

Preceded by:

Braecen Kaeth

Consul of Clan Plagueis

31 ABY - 33 ABY

Succeeded by:

Position Dissolved

Preceded by:


Quaestor of House Plagueis

33 ABY

Succeeded by:

Kal Vorrac

Preceded by:

Kharon Daragon, Astronicus Aurelius Sadow, and Aabsdu Dupar

Chamber of Justice Appeals Panel

(with Alexander Anderson and Shadow Taldrya)

32 ABY - 34 ABY

Succeeded by:

Korras, Driftan Housan, Taigikori Aybara Dupar

Preceded by:

Angelo Palpatine Dante

Right Hand of Justice

34 ABY

Succeeded by:

Jeric Cyrin

Preceded by:

Etah d'Tana

Left Hand of Justice

35 ABY - 36 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Arion Aquillarum Solnatus

Right Hand of Justice

36 ABY - 37 ABY

Succeeded by:

Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor

Preceded by:


Commanding Officer of Ajunta Pall

36 ABY - 37 ABY

Succeeded by:


Preceded by:

Kenath Zoron

Proconsul of Taldryan

28 ABY

Succeeded by: