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She's Got It Where It Counts, Kid.
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Rho Ozrei d'Tana
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"You're pathetic...mercy is a weakness that will cost you your life!"
Rho, consumed by the Dark Side after decapitating a member of Clan Scholae Palatinae, who shall remain nameless
Rho d'Tana practicing his Light Saber Forms in Darkness in order to hone his Dark Side abilities

History, Appearance and Biology of the Nagai Race

Tall and exceedingly thin, with straight black hair and pale, almost white skin, the Nagai carry the appearance of handsome but emaciated specters. As a result, some fear them while others make the mistake of assuming them weak and sickly. The Nagai are aware of the effect their unique look has on other Humanoid species and exploit it to the fullest, letting others under-estimate them until the time is right to show their true skills. Those unfortunate enough to under-estimate the Nagai do so only once. Styles vary widely among the Nagai, but many wear their hair long and untied, hiding portions of their face like a half-closed curtain. This adds to their air of mystery, as does the seeming lack of standard uniform among their troops; every Nagai wears their own style of clothing, depending on personal taste and the image they wish to convey to their enemies. Again, this often makes others under-estimate their abilities, while also masking their presence as a military force. They lived on the planet Nagi, beyond the borders of the Old Republic and the Empire.

They have the ability to wield many weapons at once, such as, Blasters, Knives, and Light Sabers. The Nagai were the natural enemies of the Tofs, waging wars against them over a number of years. To aid in their fight against the Tofs, the Nagai allied with a neighboring species, the Maccabree, outfitting them with mechanical limbs for ground fighting. Slowly a pathological hatred and fear of the Tofs developed, intensified by the Tof conquest of their homeworld Nagi. This drove the Nagai and Maccabrees outward into the wider galaxy.

The Nagai attempted to restart the Wookiee slave trade on Kashyyyk. They were originally known to the Alliance as "Knives", due to the Wookiee mispronunciation of an individual Nagai encountered there. As a result, they were encountered by the Alliance of Free Planets in 4 ABY to stop their actions.

After being stopped by Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca, they fell in with Lumiya and her faction of the Imperial Remnant in an attempt to destroy the Rebel Alliance and gain territory to re-establish themselves. After various skirmishes on Kabray, Kinooine, and Mandalore, they attacked Endor. With the aid of an inside agent they learned all the Alliance dogfighting maneuvers and were able to easily outfight them at first. Once the Rebels caught on, the tables turned, but they were still driven off the moon.

The Nagai continued invading a number of other planets with their allies, such as Iskalon. Discovering a Tof force on the planet Trenwyth, they attempted to wipe them out but were defeated there. Launching an attack on Zeltros, the Tofs made themselves known. The Nagai's fear and hatred of the Tofs, enabled them to form an unlikely alliance with the Rebels and Imperials to combat them. Repelling the Tofs from Zeltros, they signed a treaty with the Alliance and later ambushed the Tof crown prince at the planet Saijo and forced the Tofs to surrender, thus ending the Nagai/Tof threat to the galaxy.

After the surrender, the Nagai were given Saijo to settle on. Only a few did so, joining the Alliance, but the others (accompanied by the Mandalorians) went to free Nagai from the Tofs.

Rho's Journey begins - 3 ABY

It all started when he was a very small Nagai boy in the swamps of his home world, Nagi, in the Unknown Regions. Their people had been at war with the Tofs for a very long time. To help with their warring against the Tofs, (as read above) their people allied with a neighboring species, the Maccabree. He remembers when they outfitted them with mechanical limbs for ground fighting. This helped them in their task tremendously. Slowly, their hatred and fear of the Tofs developed even more and it intensified by the Tof conquest of his homeworld, Nagi, which was always kept secret and out of the official history books for reasons that are unknown. This drove the Maccabrees and his people outward into other parts of the galaxy. Rho was 4 years old when this took place, and this is where his story begins.

Rho was down on his knees looking for insects that he could put in a jar because he always enjoyed bringing them home so he could add them to his existing collection. He heard a loud explosion come from over the mountain that was directly in front of him. As he looked up to see what it could have been, he saw one of the largest galaxy Class ships flying over the peak of that mountain with flames pouring out from behind it from whatever it was they had just blown to pieces! He didn't know what to think at this point because he had never seen one from up close before that day. The only time Rho had ever seen them was on the news on the holo-projector at home. Whenever he saw them they were always causing tormenting his people somewhere on Nagi, but never this close to home.

It was as if someone on the ship saw him as they came over the mountain peek. It stopped cold and hovered over the peak of the mountain; smoke billowing from behind it! Rho stood there strembling in fear. "What are they going to do?", he thought. He wasn't sure if he wanted to find out so he began running as fast he could toward his home. His home was underground, so he thought that no one could possibly find it. Rho's parents had a weird fascination with always having a home under the ground. He turned around to see what the ship was doing and saw a large panel the size of four square city blocks open from the bottom of the ship. He hid behind the nearest tree and peaked around to see what was happening. Rho, being a defenceless child was quickly apprehended and kidnapped.

A Tragedy Strikes

When Rho woke up, it looked like he was being stored in what looked like some sort of cargo hold in the belly of a ship. He was no longer 4 years old, but had aged 20 years. Somehow, they had taken 20 years of his life and he couldn't rememeber any of it! "What have they done to me... my family!?"

The last thing he remembered was being attacked by the Tof Soldiers that he saw after peeking around the tree. He had tried to move, but for some reason he couldn't make any of his limbs do anything his brain told them to do. As anyone can imagine, he was petrified! Rho began to hear noises coming from his left which sounded like footsteps at the time. It sounded like they were coming from down the corridor that he could see from the corner of his eye. "OH NO!" What are they going to do to me?!" He screamed to himself. The moment he said that in his mind, he saw two Tof Soldiers carrying what looked like a man between them on a pole which was resting on each of their shoulders followed by what seemed like hundreds more!

The first man that was seen was about Rho's age, and he was awake. He looked like he should be dead, but he was certainly awake because he could see his eyes were wide open and they looked scared. "They did the same thing to him!" He thought again. He just couldn't move either.

They placed him beside Rho on the table. Directly beside him...

At that very moment, they both gasped at the same time. What they saw was unlike anything either of them had ever seen before. First of all, the room they were in was dark and smelled like rotting flesh and the table they were on was so cold they couldn't feel anything that was touching it. "Has this been going on for 20 years?!"

Rho and his new found companion managed to escape to Nagi's highest point in the tallest mountains.

The Continuing Autobiography - 23 ABY - 25 ABY

"Tragedy is a tool for the living to gain wisdom, not a guide by which to live."

Rho's life had changed forever after that fateful event. In ways that were never revealed, the Tof stole 20 years of his life and managed to keep the memories from him. The thought of losing that much time and never seeing his family again enraged him like never before and vowed to get revenge. "I lost my childhood to those monsters... and my family!"

Jedi Experiences

The Nagai that Rho escaped with and himself were discovered by the Jedi order after they escaped to the highest point in the highest mountains of Nagi; their home planet. They somehow sensed their presence in the Force when they flew through the atmosphere of the planet on their way to complete a mission. They sensed the deep sadness and anger flowing through them. The Jedi had heard of the Tof and of the planet Nagi invasions and came to investigate. Since this planet had always been in the unknown regions they never had knowledge of the happenings there until then.

The Jedi followed their presence in the Force and picked them up and took them back to the Jedi learning center. It wasn't until three days later that Jedi Trainee Desann approached me about being able to sense the Force strongly in me. “The Force is strong with you, but I sense great anger and fear within you.” He said. “I know Jedi Desann. You would feel it too if you went through what I went through.” Rho snapped back “All you need is some intense, focused training and I believe you could be a great Jedi Knight. I will speak with the Council about getting some training for you.” He replied.

When Rho first saw Desann, he ran in fear because he is a Chistori, who is a lizard-like Humanoid who is 6 feet 5½ inches tall. Rho had never seen his kind before. Although, there was something about Desann that he just couldn't figure out. The feeling was elusive and like he was hiding something.

The Training Begins - The Seductive Darkness

With a lot of apprehension the Jedi Council decided that it was okay to train him, but to keep a very close eye on his training so that his emotions wouldn't get the best of him and turn him to the Dark Side. The Jedi have had too many of their own betray them for the Dark Side's power that they keep a very tight rein on their Padawan learners and Apprentices. Little did they know they had a betrayer among them already.

Two years had passed and Rho had already become very powerful in the Force. He was able to control it quicker than the Jedi thought he could in this short of time. He loved the power that flowed through him, but he knew that his feelings of wanting more power could only lead me to one place: The dark Side. As much as he wanted more power, he didn't want anything to do with the Dark Side. The Jedi had poisoned his mind against it, but he knew it was speaking to him in a very soft and seductive voice. Rho could almost hear its sweet voice and feel the soft, dark tendrils of the Force beckoning him when he tried to sleep at night. “Give in to the rage within you,” it said, “and you will gain more power than you could ever dream of... then you will be able to get revenge on the ones who hurt you and killed your family...” The voice in Rho's head trailed off into the darkness of his sleep. He wanted nothing more than to avenge himself and his family. He could taste their blood and feel their bones crushing within his grip!

Desann came to him the next day. “I know you can feel the Dark Side.” Desann said in a voice, that, to this day, still makes Rho cringe. “WHAT? What do you mean? I feel no such thing!” Rho became very defensive. He wanted no one to know of his dreams of power and darkness for fear that the Council would take his Apprenticeship away. “Don't play games with me!” Desann shouted back in basic. “You're one of us and you know it. You want the power of the Dark Side so much you can taste it! With the Dark Side you will be able to take revenge on the Tof who took you away from Nagi and took 20 years of your life from you.”

Rho knew he wanted this power he was talking about. He also knew that he could only get it by giving in to the Dark Side of the Force. He let his guard down just long enough to hear what Desann had to say. His emotions of anger and rage and hatred for the Tof rose to the surface and he could feel the power of the Dark Side flowing though him with more intensity than anything else he had ever experienced.

The Dark Side Emerges - The True Journey Begins - 25 ABY - 26 ABY

“How can I gain more power? I want this power you speak of!” Rho came back with fire in his eyes. The tendrils of the Dark Side were swirling in and through him as his hatred and anger got deeper and stronger. Desann began telling Rho about a brotherhood of Dark Jedi who desired this same power and together they would be able to teach him everything he ever wanted to know about the true, dark nature of the Force. Desann told him that he was in the Jedi temple for one reason and one reason only: to deceive the Jedi and seduce more and more of them to the Dark Side. He masqueraded as a Jedi learner when in actuality he was a Dark Jedi himself from that Brotherhood. He knew first hand of their prominence in the realm of Darkness and knew that they were exactly what he needed to gain the power he sought.

The next day, without even telling his own Master, Rho took nothing but his robes and went in search of this Dark Jedi Brotherhood. They were also elusive for they did not want to be found by just anyone. They used the Force to cloak their power, but they did not stay hidden for long. Although, he doesn't believe that he found them with his own strength or power. They summoned him through the Dark swirling powers of the Force. He could sense them in his mind and he could think of nothing else. It took only one year to finally get in touch with them. He was siting in a tavern in the Crimson Corridor on Coruscant when He was approached by Dark Jedi Knight named Malidir d'Tana. He told him that he knew he had been seeking them out because he could feel his Dark energies. He apparently made it very obvious in the Force that he was seeking them out.

Finally, Rho was taken in by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as an Initiate where he would finally gain the power he needed for his revenge!

Life before the Brotherhood

Rho, during his mercenary days

"All mercenary motives to the side, however, I wouldn't have done the project if I didn't think I had something to contribute."

  • Rho worked as a Mercenary / Bounty Hunter before joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Brief Details

Rho went looking for a means of making some credits after being ripped out of his family and life by the Tofs, but had no credits to get started on his own. He began working in ship yards and doing odd jobs just to make enough to live. One evening after working a 24 hour shift, while he was out in his usual bar where he hung out in the Crimson Corridor, he got involved in a braul after being attacked from behind by a stranger. During this attack, Rho showed his superior fighting skills and ultimately destroyed his attacker. Everyone knew it was total self defense so there was never any charges laid. Plus, everyone was used to seeing death in the Crimson Corridor.

As the night went on and the mess was cleaned up, he was approached by a couple of Humans who claimed to be mercenaries who wanted him to work for them. They became friends and eventually gained his trust and Rho eventually began working for them and became one of their best killers.

Soon thereafter, Rho began his own underground mercenary work and eventually transitioned into Bounty Hunting.

Rho as a d'Tana

The d'Tana Family

The d'Tana Family has its roots in Clan Arcona, but has since flourished into multiple Clans across the Brotherhood. Built up in the manner of a criminal organization, the members are those who crave profits, adventure, and generally upsetting the system. Despite all of this, there are few who are as loyal to the Brotherhood as those who bear the name d'Tana. Started by the venerable, and retired, Voranyen d'Tana, the Family has never portrayed itself as particularly 'honorable' or 'trustworthy' in matters that don't involve credits or political gain.

The Tana Consortium

The Tana Consortium uses its extensive criminal network to gain further wealth and power, and to secure various items for the Brotherhood when required. They deal in a multitude of illegal operations, such as establishing widespread racketeering jobs on many worlds; bribery, piracy, and corrupting local military on the different worlds, as well as intimidating individuals who went against the Consortium. One particular means of income was offering military protection to planets that wanted no part in the on-going Wars. The Consortium also made large establishments on various worlds which served as its financial arenas.

His Role in the Family's Consortium

  • Ozrei Destructive Applications Corporation (ODAC)

ODAC is a private army firm, basically. Fielding mercenaries and bounty hunters, ODAC is willing to hire most anyone after Dessrx Services does a background check on them. With very good contracts, most mercenaries sign up for extended periods of time. ODAC is also willing to hire themselves out to almost anyone as security or supplementing military power. They've been hired by pacifist like governments to defend their world from nearby warring factions and pirates. Weapons from Prefect Arms, and ships from Dahl Plating make up most of the armament, along with privately owned weapons that the soldiers bring with them. Discipline is looser then with Maurier, but anyone who can't get the job done is released.

Simply put, there aren't many things the d'Tana Family won't do for the right price. The Family is loyal to the Dark Brotherhood, and will not take up arms against the Clans, Dark Council, or Starchamber, but this doesn't mean they won't sell weapons to those who seek conflict. Primarily speaking, the Family did business mostly with Clan Arcona, but has branched out to the rest of Brotherhood space, being one of the few organizations within the Brotherhood to travel between the Clan systems.

Rho's DJB Facts

d'Tana Family Crest

"The only advice I'll give you for when you're in CSP territory, shoot anything that moves. Then shoot the things that don't move, just to be sure."

The Soulfire Strike Team Crest
Rho's War Banner: Dragon Emblem depicting his True Dark Nature and the d'Tana family crest on the medallion
Rho, while on a Soufire mission to Assassinate CSP leaders

Positions Held

Rho, accompanying his former Master, Sashar, to a Summit meeting
  • Former Quaestor of House Galeres
  • Former Aedile | Rollmaster of House Galeres
  • Former Galeres Rollmaster
  • CEO of Ozrei Destructive Applications Corporation in the Tana Consortium (current)
  • Knight Class Envoy - Clan Arcona SoE Dissolved
  • Soulfire Strike Team: Light Trooper: Sniper/Scout
  • Cabal Cronal Intelligence Team: Executive Officer: Head Operations Officer: Assassin, Cleaner, Thief



A Mark of Rank in Galeres, the Pauldron is worn on the shoulders of the Galeres armor to identify the Galerians that have been given command of a section of the Arcona Military Forces. Dark Blue in color, it immediately differentiates the Commanders from the rank and file.

Current Soulfire Equipment - Sniper/Scout


The scout sniper’s helmet incorporates some highly sophisticated imaging software. It has a telescopic zoom allowing the scout to zoom in and out, and also thermal imaging and low light mode all activated through the datapad attached to the gauntlet; voice controls having been removed to adhere closer to the scout’s covert role. The imaging software used is also able to recognize structures, vehicles and weapons and cross reference the silhouette with its databanks to report what the item is, very useful in collecting intelligence. The helmet also incorporates a recording program so that everything the scout sees is recorded to analysis at a later date. The armor itself is painted matte black and is essentially the same as the rest of the teams except that all extruding items and loose parts have been removed to decrease the noise made.


  • Verpine Projectile Rifle
  • EEP-2 Assault Carbine
  • Silenced SSK-7 Heavy Blaster Pistol
  • VibroCombat Knife


  • Class B Thermal Detonator (1)
  • Fragmentation Grenade (3)


  • Scarab ‘Scout’ Droid (3)
  • Scarab ‘Decoy’ Droid (1)
  • Scarab 'Suicide' Droid (2)
  • Directional Eves Dropper (1)
  • MiniCam (3)

- for Verpine Rifle -

  • Standard Round Clip (5)
  • EM Dust Clip (1)
  • Explosive Round Clip (3)
  • 2-stage Round Clip (1)
  • Smoke Grenade Rounds (3)
  • AP Round Clip (2)

Rho's Cabal Cronal Armor / Equipment - Currently being stored since the disbanding of the team

Rho's Specialized Armor:

Rho's former Master, Sashar spared no expense in creating his Armor as a present for completing his training. To complement Rho’s role in Cabal Cronal, his experience as a sniper and his Nagai heritage, he opted to make the armor itself from a lightweight plasteel alloy plating that covered Rho’s chest, torso, back, shoulders, forearms, crotch, thighs and shins. He also constructed a custom-designed helmet.

As a base for the armor, a Defel was captured and skinned, and the fur was then woven into the matte-black bodysuit to grant added stealth to Rho, even when in motion. A pair of sturdy combat boots were incorporated into the bodysuit so that Rho could move unencumbered. The armor plated were attached to the body suit and treated with a sensor-deflective coating that would fool most low-end security scanners, further aiding Rho’s various stealth roles.

Across the back of the armor, a pair of scabbards were built into the armor itself in a cross pattern, giving the Nagai a place to keep his Tehk’la blades when he wasn’t using them. Furthermore, a set of grooves and clips were carved into the back of the armor so that Rho’s X-45 sniper rifle could be kept ‘hands free’ when not in use.

The Gauntlets were a particular point of pride for Sashar. The left was fitted with a less powerful version of the miniature datapad he had on his own armor and he personally programmed it with a number of generic slicing protocols that would baffle most electronic locking mechanisms, granting Rho further access into locations designed to keep him out. There was also a 50 cm length of garrotte wire fitted into the gauntlet should the Nagai need to silently take out an opponent. Also fitted into the left gauntlet was a retractable 30 cm length of optic cable, giving the user the ability to see under doors, around corners etc.

The right gauntlet seemed to only have a reinforced section to aid in blocks that jutted out under the wrist and continued on along the forearm, however this was in actual fact a storage cylinder for a lightsaber, which was deposited in the wearer’s waiting hands with a specially programmed flick of the wrist, granting the wearer the element of surprise in most fights.

The Helmet was a work of art. Crafted again of a plasteel alloy, the wide visor offered the wearer almost no restriction in vision, as well as being sprayed with a non-reflective surface again to cut down on glare and profiling the Nagai’s head. A fully integrated HUD with blink/tongue/vocal controls was fitted inside allowed Rho access to a myriad of information and a convenient way of interacting with the information provided. Also, Sashar added a sensor to monitor wind speed/direction, atmospheric pressure and even accounted for the Coriolis Effect (used for when Rho utilised projectile rifles). Finally, Sashar also included a 360 degree set of mini cams so that the Nagai could not be crept up on.

The suit was one of the most advanced the Mandalorian had ever worked with and was quite unique – a true demonstration of Sashar’s pride in his former apprentice.


Former Apprentices

The Sith Oath

Peace is a lie
There is only passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free

Rho's Modified Oath

Peace can be true
But for me, there is only Passion
Through passion I gain strength
Through strength I gain power
Through power I gain victory
Through victory my chains are broken
The Force shall set me free