Meridian Prime space station

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New Order era.
Meridian Prime space station
Production information

Valor-type space station

Technical specifications

3500 m/11500 ft.


3500 m/11500 ft.


2800 m/9200 ft.

Power plant:
  • Single main power generator
  • 8 auxiliaries

Experimental quadruple generators






6 months

  • Star base
  • Trading hub
  • Correctional facility

New Order era

Known owner(s):
  • Capital Enterprises
  • The Collective
Current Status:


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Meridian Prime space station was a trading hub, starport, and a high-security correctional facility owned by Capital Enterprises, and the Collective before 3 ABY. Most recently, however, it has been occupied by Brotherhood forces and is used as a listening post and staging area for incursions into Collective space. Located in the rim-ward regions of the Kessel sector, situated on the edges of Wild Space, it is still one of the primary trading hubs for in the region and a major strategic location for the Brotherhood.


Meridian Prime station was constructed during the Clone Wars as a Republic refueling and resupply station and jump-off point for exploratory missions into Wild Space. Protected from deep space scans by several spatial anomalies in the nearby nebula, it has been and still is, a perfect location for a secluded base. During the years of Imperial rule, the station was mostly used for the same purposes, though largely undermanned due to its lack of strategic value in peacetime. The station was bought from by Capital Enterprises from the rising New Republic a decade after the collapse of the Galactic Empire.

The station itself served as a major hub to bolster Capital Enterprises' presence over the region and to assist with long-range operations. After Capital Enterprises joined Rath Oligard's growing Collective, the station underwent a number of changes in terms of role and layout. Large segments of the facility were quickly given over to a prison complex, while its hangers were made ready to support the rapid arrival and departure of smaller vessels. The station was used as a holding area for prisoners too valuable to kill after a state of open war was declared against the Brotherhood. The station remained largely unknown to the Brotherhood for the first several months of the war but a succession of events, including the rescue of an imprisoned member of the Shadow Academy Society, Vance Kordall, led to its discovery.

A brief alliance between the Brotherhood's warring factions allowed for the station to quickly fall to concentrated assault from a joint fleet. The attack saw the deaths of several important figures to the Collective including Daggo Mouk, the head of the Technocratic Guild. Since then, the station has remained under Brotherhood control.


Public trading hub - Upper levels

Meridian Prime is a civilian space station first and foremost and so incorporates a bustling trade hub with several levels. The Upper levels, also called The Corporate cage by the low-lives on lower levels, is the main trading area where several larger conglomerates trade their goods. Located at the very top of the station, and just several decks below the command deck, it is a massive open space converted and arranged into spiraling terraces where many companies and individuals sell sought-after goods and commodities. It has an elaborate grav-platform system which ferries visitors across terraces. It also houses the Holo-Market where brokers and billionaires make their wealth.

Public trading hub - Lower levels

The lower levels of Meridian Prime are a place not often visited by higher society unless they have an armed escort. The lower levels are a maze of corridors, staircases and room that once served as barracks for the Imperial navy men. These days bit of real estate is occupied by black market dealers or poor souls who never got the chance to leave. Many weapon stores and cantinas dot the lower levels as violence is commonplace.

Correctional facility

The Correctional facility is located between the two trading hubs, serving as a prison and security buffer between the low-lifes ad the higher-ups. A facility of at least several hundred security cells, solitary pods, and interrogation rooms. Many of the Brotherhood’s loyal soldiers, agents and members are kept in the prison, awaiting interrogation or some worse fate.

The prison itself is manned by a Shard custodian controlling a small army of Imperial Sentry droids as guards. Fully automated, the prison is filled with Dioxis gas, apart from the prisoner cells and key areas such as interrogation rooms. Automated defense turrets and ray shields can be found on every major hallway, whereas guard droids patrol the rest of the area.

Power generator

The power generator, located in the lowest levels of the station, is a heavily fortified citadel manned by Collective troops from all three branches. Security measures aren’t as strict as the correctional facility, however, they are compensated by the sheer mass of guards patrolling the area. The main power generator is the only location where a self-destruct may be started should the station need to be destroyed. Should the power generator be turned off, auxiliary generators located on upper levels would take over the majority of the strain.

Shield generators

The three shield generator rooms are located in each of the three arms of the station, creating a near-impenetrable, overlapping field that protects the station. They draw power directly from the power generator and have well-entrenched security should an attack on the station occur. They are also the station’s primary weakness. If one is destroyed, one of the docking sectors loses power.

Command center

The command center is the heart and brain of the station. Protected from outside with experimental shielding and ablative armor, it is accessible only from within. The command center houses the main computer core and all major facility functions. Appropriately defended by both organic and droid troops, the fiercest resistance may be found here.

Archived data

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Rutgar-4, prison warden; DECEASED

Character sheet: Rutgar-4

Rutgar-4 is the chief custodian and interrogator of the Meridian Prime correctional facility. A cunning Shard with centuries of experience, Rutgar-4 exhibits all the calculating nature of his species coupled with a sizable chunk of mania and paranoia. Often found in the facility’s main control room where he interacts directly with the main computer core, he oversees and judges every prisoner that arrives in his facility. As the chief interrogator, he utilizes interrogation droids, poisons, and psychotropic to torture and eventually force prisoners to give him the needed information.

Technocrat Soldiers - security personnel

Technocrat Soldiers have had their individual and defining characteristics flattened into an amorphous amalgamation of the "perfect" human beings. Through cybernetic modification and surgery, each has pale skin, squared noses, and thin lips. They have no hair on their bodies, making it difficult to distinguish their gender. Their limbs are lined with corded muscles and support a strong torso and powerful legs thanks to the modifications.

K6-CE Guard Droid - security enforcers

The KX-series Security droid, also known as an enforcer droid, is a security droid designed for use by the Galactic Empire. It comes fitted with a comm package, recharge port and computer interface arm that allows them to connect to communication frequencies in respective areas they were assigned across the galaxy. It has a tall and versatile humanoid bipedal design that gives it great versatility and provides the ability to operate a multitude of vehicles or assist in a wide range of tasks designed for humanoids.

Imperial Sentry Droids - prison guards

The Imperial Sentry Droid is a combat droid with a powerful built-in blaster rifle designed to function as a protective sentry aboard the Galactic Empire's cargo ships. It can be linked to other Imperial Sentry Droid's and programmed to activate when attacked, powering on an entire group of them. It has a bipedal design with a heavily armored frame and broad shoulders, with a cylindrical head and bright red photoreceptors.