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As leader of the Fiction Society, The Voice of the Brotherhood (VOICE) oversees the development and management of the Brotherhood's fictional systems. They are primarily responsible for administering the day-to-day operations of the Character Sheet system and how it connects to other systems and activities in the club. Together with their staff, they are also responsible for the administration of Fiction container competitions which includes Run-On activity. The Voice works hand in hand with the Combat Master to integrate with the Antei Combat Center, and supports the Regent with technical writing and integration with the Possessions system. They are also often tasked with authoring plot and fiction updates for the clubs overarching storyline in accordance with the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master’s will.

The current Voice is Idris Adenn.


Fictional Development of the Brotherhood

  • Promote participation in writing-based competitions, Antei Combat Centre, and connected Fictional systems throughout the Brotherhood.
  • Oversee the running of club-wide fiction activities for membership.
  • Collaborate with Clans as necessary to support their own individual fictional developments and storylines.
  • Maintain all fictional details of the Council and appropriate systems for the Brotherhood and all its elements.
  • Maintains the Factions and NPCs that participate in the Brotherhood story to facilitate storytelling.
  • Support the growth and integration of Possessions into the fictional activities of the Brotherhood.

Antei Combat Center

  • Work alongside the Combat Master to provide support and integration with Antei Combat Center personnel.
  • Make recommendations to the Grand Master for the improvement and development of the Antei Combat Center as necessary.

Character Sheet Development and Oversight

  • Hire, train and oversee character sheet personnel.
  • Ensure administration maintenance of character sheet materials.
  • Ensure that all character sheets meet the Character Sheet Approval Guidelines prior to approval.
  • Maintain training materials to help members develop their characters and portray them on a character sheet.
  • Enforce and maintain the NPC Character Sheet policy for non-member related character sheets for fictional development.
  • Enforce and maintain the Species Approval Guidelines for membership.

Fiction and Run-On Container Competitions

Cluster of Ice Approvals

  • Process Clusters of Ice for all fiction competitions within the Brotherhood.
  • Work with the Master at Arms to oversee the Cluster of Ice guidelines and awarding policies.

Fiction Society

  • Maintain balance and structure within the Fiction Society (Inquisitorius) to properly reflect contributions by members and encourage activity.
  • Develop and document the fictional story behind the Fiction Society and implication for members.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Work with the Headmaster and the Shadow Academy to create training courses under this purview as necessary. This includes oversight and administration over the Department of Writing, and the Character Sheet 101: Introduction exams.
  • Assist the The Council in the running and grading of Vendetta events relating to writing, ACC, and RPG activities.
  • Plan and coordinate projects for improving the clubs fictional systems through staff and volunteer efforts.
  • Produce regular reports and updates promoting the progress and development of the fiction society.
  • Utilize transparency to keep membership informed of leadership decisions and direction.
  • Reviews Star Wars Canon materials related to the Brotherhood's interests.
  • Review species for use by members for their characters, and maintain a Species policy for adding new species and handling grandfathered tags

Fictional Role

The Voice of the Brotherhood is tasked by the Grand Master with overseeing the Brotherhood's central intelligence and advanced reconnaissance divisions. The Voice is responsible for directing or deflecting attention from the Brotherhood's operations by spreading misinformation, manipulating media and statistics, and other forms of propaganda aimed at keeping the Brotherhood one step ahead of its competitors or enemies. This is done by utilizing an advanced network of agents that serve in various roles between scouting, internal security, and hunting down traitors or threats to the Brotherhood.

The Voice serves as the head of the Inquisitorius, overseeing the assignments and contracts of the Inquisitor’s and their respective rankings. The Voice answers solely to the Grand Master himself in this capacity.

Organizational Chart

Roll of Voices

Voices of the Brotherhood
Name Service Dates
Halcyon Taldrya April 22, 2010 - March 5, 2011
Vodo Biask Taldrya March 27, 2011 - November 25, 2012
Darth Pravus December 8, 2012 - September 5, 2014
Telaris "Mav" Cantor September 5, 2014 - February 23, 2015
Aidan Kincaid February 23, 2015 - June 4, 2015
Evant Taelyan June 4, 2015 - October 1, 2016
Marick Tyris October 1, 2016 - October 16, 2019
Idris Adenn October 16th, 2019 - Present


  • The title of Voice was first used in Star Wars Legends in the Legacy era, as Darth Wyyrlok served as Darth Krayt's voice while he was held in a healing stasis.
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