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Niman "Visutor" Zor-El
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Shadow Fist, Grappling

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Dark Jedi, Politician


Rebellion Era, Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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Niman Visutor Zor-El was born on the planet of Enriton to King Saudu Visutor. He is half-brother to Dismal, both Princes of Enriton. Ever since they were old enough to read, they were bombarded with lessons on diplomacy, politics, and government. At the age of 15, he was tired with the boring life of politics and royalty, and joined the Zann Consortium with his half-brother. The two were separated during a small New Republic Assault on the headquarters located on Enriton, but met up when they both joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The two retain their friendship even today.




In the year that the Battle of Yavin, the marking point for all galactic time occurred, on the small planet of Enriton, a baby boy was born to King Saudu, and Siala Visutor.

Saudu Visutor was count of the fledging Enriton system, which consisted of only one planet, Enriton. Discovered in the year 50 BBY, it was completely untouched by Humans, just a planet of rolling fields, beautiful crystal clear lakes, and completely natural fauna. The band of exploring Humans, hailing from Naboo, found the planet reminiscent of their homeworld very intriguing. They quickly made a society on the planet. The government was close to Naboo’s, with the exception of the monarch held head of state and head of government. Usually the ruler wouldn’t step in on government affairs unless absolutely necessary, but he still held the auxiliary title. Saudu was by far the best King that Enriton ever had, being a nice, fair and benevolent ruler. He could bring down the hammer when necessary, however. This baby would be Prince of Enriton, and Saudu Visutor was thrilled when he learned he had a baby boy.

Siala Visutor, the baby’s mother, died only minutes after childbirth. She had been frail and sickly for the past two months, and Saudu knew in the back of his mind his wife could not stand the strain of childbirth. The day after, an extensive funeral was held in the Royal Cemetery, in the field behind the Royal Palace. After feeling the emotion, the King decided to name his son Dismal.

Sage Ellison


In January of 2 ABY, a beautiful young woman named Sage Ellison left her home planet of Sulon, due to a recent Imperial attack. Her husband, Tulon Ellison, had been a defender of Sulon as part of the local militia, and perished in the violence. Sage was left a widow. She searched the galaxy, stealing one of the Sulon Militia’s starfighters.

In February, the young widow stumbled upon the planet of Enriton. She landed there, in hopes of finding a decent job in one of the towns. What she did not expect, was to marry the King of Enriton.

It happened so fast. At a public fair, King Saudu was the guest of honor. Sage and Saudu met eyes, and fell in love that moment, if not lust. It could have been a false love; each had just suffered the loss of a loved one in the past year.

Saudu took the gorgeous woman back to Castle Jorda, or the Royal Palace, to have a snack of ale and pastries. The two conversed, and in a short amount of time had intercourse. The days went by, and Sage Ellison’s stomach got large.

Niman Visutor

2 ABY – 16 ABY

In November, Sage, now married to Saudu and Queen of Enriton, gave birth to a boy. She named him Niman Visutor.

The Zann Consortium

17 ABY

Niman's Robes

Niman and Dismal had made friends quickly. Ever since Niman had learned to talk, actually. They had had schooling together, at the same time from the same hired home-teacher.

As royalty, the two boys lived a rather sheltered life. They had to friends other than each other. Those peasants aren’t worthy of knowing you, Saudu or Sage would say when they asked to go to the nearest town and make some friends. Most times, they would just play in one of the many courtyards. As they got older, too old to be amused by running and playing in the yards, the pair had the same routine every day. Eat breakfast, go collect taxes, take home school classes on politics, then go to a family outing. When they heard word flying around that a criminal organization, the Zann Consortium, was building a center of operations in this backwater planet in the Outer Rim, it perked the bored youths’ interest.

One day, Niman and Dismal, while collecting taxes from the farmers, they caught a glimpse of a warehouse which they had never seen before. They decided to take a look.

What they found was the rumor. A docking bay and outpost for the Zann Consortium. The boys ran over to the building, and started ransacking inside, for anything they could find for their family, as well as the burning curiosity that ripped through their minds.

As the two Princes were looting, a security guard spotted them. They immediately ran off the premises, but their interests stayed put.

The boys grew more and more tired of their fixed schedule, and the boring diplomatic work of royalty. So, two weeks later, the pair went and signed up for the military branch of the Zann Consortium. Without Saudu or Sage’s permission.

Imperial Bombardment

18 ABY

The boys rapidly rose through the ranks of the Consortium’s navy. Dismal became Commander of a squadron of 7 GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats, Niman Commander of a smaller squadron of 5 StarViper attack platforms. The two boys reached this position of command by January of 18 ABY. Obviously from all those years of Military Command and Tactics classes. Playing HoloStrat helped as well.

In March of 18 ABY, the New Republic Intelligence Division found out that the Zann Consortium had a base on the planet of Enriton, and send a small corvette with three squadrons of X-Wings to take out the base, and injure minimal civilians. The infantry did just that, and destroyed the Consortium’s outpost.

Commander Dismal and Niman left with their squadrons, along with the TZ-86 Transport stationed there at the time. This was the first time Dismal and Niman Visutor were separated for more than a week.

Consortium/GenoHaradan Life

18 ABY – 25 ABY

Niman quickly made a reputation for being a strong Commander and overall leader. He did many missions critical to the success and eventual fall of the Consortium.

In 10 ABY Niman was promoted to Captain of the Dauntlis and carved himself an even deeper niche in the navy. He even infiltrated the GenoHaradan's dealings on NarShadda and without anyones knowledge joined them.

He was a man of great cunning, and people began to mistrust him because of it. In 24 ABY the Consortium found out about Niman's dealings with the GenoHaradan and they fired him from his command. He couldn't find or get support from Dismal, and he slipped into the shadows of NarShadda.

Niman stuck with the GenoHaradan and after killing a Jedi for a bounty realized his true potential. He searched for a way to harness the "Force" he had heard about time after time. He knew the Jedi were not for him, and after following rumor after rumor was led to the Antei System.

His shuttle was captured and he passed out in the fighting, and when he woke up he was on a Shuttle to the Shadow Academy.

The Shadow Academy

Niman trained hard and smart, and quickly excelled through the seemingly rudimentary training. It took him a month until he was ready for his final test....


25 ABY

One day, when having a drink in one of Mos Eisley’s many slummy cantinas, a cloaked Niman Visutor approached his half brother. Niman quickly lost his hood, and revealed himself.

The two got to talking; you have a lot to catch up with in seven years. Niman confided in his brother that he joined a brotherhood of Dark Jedi in the Antei system, and that Dismal could join as well. It would help him achieve the ultimate power.

Dismal of course was seduced by power, which he had lost by leaving Enriton in the first place. He agreed to come to Antei, and off they went.

Brotherhood Life


Professional conquests include being Aedile of House Satal Keto, earning the title of Prodigy of Plagueis and being a Vidame of Khurr.

But he has also a strong personal life. Niman has made friends with many people within his Clan and even a few from without. Some of them include Rayne, Lacey Serina Mortashka Vorrac, (who both claim to be his sister), Wuntila, Kal and many many more.

But far more importantly, Niman found the love of his life in Kara "Khrysthalia" Zor-El and now they're happily married. They adopted two children, Jade and Khrystal, as well as a baby on the way from Kara.


Niman received a Genoharadan Poison-Blade as a reward during his service to the guild. Also, he received a Stealth Field Generator as an award. He also received a special sound dampening armor that was taken from him when he entered the Shadow Academy. The Headmaster said it gave him an unfair advantage to the rest of the students.

Not entirely an item, but an important trait of Niman is his eye. It changes based on his emotions, but they remain yellow unless a strong emotion is felt. They are as such:

Yellow = Normal (no strong emotion)

Red = Anger or Hatred

Black = Fear

Blue = Sadness

Purple = Compassion or Mercy

Pink = Love or Lust

Green = Happiness

Positions and Afflitions

Niman is currently a Dark Jedi Knight of the Dark Path. He is afflicted with Clan Plagueis andViad House Satal Keto. He is the Vidame of Khurr. Niman is also a Learner in the Antei Combat Center. He is a Aedile of the House Satal Keto. Finally, he is a Prodigy of Plagueis


  • Married to Kara "Khrysthalia" Zor-El
  • The Aedile of House Satal Keto
  • Prodigy of Plagueis
  • Master of Jedi Hunter Jagan
  • Afflicted to House Satal Keto of Clan Plagueis
  • The former student of Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar al'Tor