Teroch Erinos Arconae

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Teroch Erinos
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Date of Birth:

18 ABY

Date of Death:


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69 kg





Personal Information

The Erinos Family



Chronology & Political Information



Analyst, Soulfire Strike Team


The Erinos Family

Known masters:

Sashar Erinos, Voden



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Teroch was born during a relatively quiet period of stability following the Galactic Civil War to Rav Kodiak and an unknown human male (however, given Teroch’s complexion, it’s often surmised that his father could’ve been Kiffar; he never cared enough to find out). His mother brought him up in the traditional Mandalorian manner, making sure that, like all Mandalorians, he adhered to the Resol'nare. He was an easygoing youth who never seemed to be in a bad mood. During the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion, Rav stayed back on Dxun to look after a lot of the clan’s children should anything happen to their parents.

While he was growing up, he was used to seeing various additions to the Kodiak Clan being sent for indoctrination, such as Celahir, Voden and Maaks, and like the other youths of the camp and enjoyed the friendship of all of the clan. He became something of a good-luck mascot, as he stayed back after his eighth birthday (usually, when Mandalorian children reached the age of eight, they accompanied their father while he worked out in the wider galaxy, but with Teroch not knowing his father, he opted to stay with his mother). Given that there were no other children his age staying behind at the camp, he learned to be very comfortable in the company of adults.

Unfortunately, that all changed on the day of his thirteenth birthday. Maaks, a former inhabitant of the Kodiak Camp, had become enamoured with a longtime rival of Sashar Erinos, Dash Kuatir. As their war escalated and more casualties fell on both sides, Maaks inadvertently let slip the location of the Kodiak Camp. Dash immediately sent one of his ships to Onderon and orbitally bombarded the camp. Most of the inhabitants were killed, and only those who’re lucky enough to be in the storage unit of the bunker (about thirty meters underground) performing routine maintenance survived. Sashar, Kieran and Juda returned to the camp a few days later after having disrupted Dash’s efforts on Nar Shaddaa and were able to save the trapped Kodiaks. Riddled with guilt, Sashar took them to the Erinos camp on Arconae Primus and, after talking things over with Voden, offered to adopt Teroch. With his mother dead and no home, the youth accepted and, in a typically Mando approach to the situation, didn’t dwell on the death of his mother, knowing that she’d never have wanted him to sit around moping. He accompanied Sashar everywhere, learning from his new father the tricks of the trade, and even when Voden moved to the Jusadih System to join Plagueis, he stuck with Sashar.

Realising that, as Consul, he’d be nothing but a target, and by extension, so would Teroch, Sashar stepped down and instead took up command of his old squad, Soulfire Strike Team.

As Teroch was too young to actively serve in the squad, Sashar instead had him serve as the analyst for Soulfire when they were actively deployed. This allowed him to keep his son safe, but also kept him learning about how to fight. It was discovered when Teroch inadvertently became a member of Soulfire’s Battle Meld that he was Force sensitive. That he had lived so long in close proximity to Sashar and other Force-sensitive mandalorians was attributed to the ‘magnetic factor’ (put simply, Force users were sub-consciously attracted to one anothers’ company, and Sashar exuded a more powerful draw than most, resulting in more force users joining him). However, both he and Voden agreed that Teroch wouldn’t be trained, so that the Brotherhood wouldn’t try to recruit him.

Gradually, as Teroch grew older and served more and more with Soulfire, he was included in active missions and by the time he was fifteen he was considered a full member of the Squad. He made up for his lack of ability in the Force by relying heavily on his training as a child offered to him as a Mandalorian. He’d literally been taught since he could stand how to fight, and it showed. That said, a lot of his squadmates took him under their wing to train him up to Soulfire’s standards in their various fields of specialisation.

It was on one such mission to Drongar where Soulfire had been assigned to intercept a weapons shipment that Teroch and Voden were to meet a trio of highly unusual youths who would go on to play a large role in the Erinos families’ lives. At a crucial point during the op, the temporary command post the squad had set up inside a hulled Corvette was assaulted by a girl of no more than eleven and twin boys who were a few years older. Voden and Teroch were able to fend off the girl and Sashar managed to subdue the twins, but none could bring themselves to lethally dispatch children. After speaking to them, Voden learned that they had been living ferally on Drongar since the Yuuzhan Vong war, and had even managed to kill a fair few Vong on their own (as evinced by several grizzly trophies). Given their ability to survive on their own and kill Vong (who Sashar had a special hatred for), Voden and Sashar agreed to adopt them, calling the girl Mirta and the twin boys Briikase and Trikar.

Teroch, unsure of how to feel about his new siblings (and feeling no small amount of initial jealousy at having to share his parents’ affections) was initially reserved with them, but soon warmed to the additions to his family as they embraced the Mandalorian way of life. He is particularly close to Briikase and Trikar (as Mirta spent a lot of her time with Voden since his departure to House Plagueis).

Unfortunately, Teroch would soon encounter tragedy again, when The Brotherhood invaded New Tython’s capital, Menat Ombo, intent on wiping out the Jedi inhabiting the planet. Arcona was once again thrown into the thick of the combat, and Sashar was one of the spearheads of the offensive into the Capital itself, his job to protect his brother and Consul, Zandro, on the front lines. The Jedi of House Odan Urr had anticipated an attack, however, and had enlisted the services of the fabled Ge’tal Gaan Mandalorian Clan to protect them. The Mercenaries were able to incapacitate both Sashar and Zandro with a well-placed Thermal Detonator, and captured the pair. Naturally, Soulfire Strike Team, along with Teroch, were sent to rescue the pair. They succeeded, however the Arconan offensive, which had all but eliminated the Mandalorian opposition by the time its leader had been recoverd, was brought to a halt by the appearance of a massive reserve force. Left with no alternative due to sensors being jammed, Sashar and Zandro opted to stay behind and guard a holonet relay, which would allow the fleet in orbit to bombard the city despite the interference, whilst the Arconan contingent pulled back to a safe distance. Unawares, Teroch was given ‘temporary’ command by Sashar.

When Wuntila Entar, the Proconsul, ordered the bombardment which ultimately killed Sashar and Zandro, Teroch watched as another of his parents was killed from orbit. Sliding into a fit of depression, he barely noted that Arcona had almost singlehandedly won what would later be known as the Tenth Great Jedi War. Morale within Soulfire was a shambles, and Teroch turned to Talos Erinos to help salve his grief.

After the conclusion of the war, Soulfire were ordered to rotate back to the Dajorra System to recoup losses, and to guard the new Consul, Wuntila. As soon as they arrived, Teroch attempted to assassinate Wuntila in the throne room of the Citadel on Selen and came very, very close to succeeding, only the efforts of Captain Bly, the Commander of the Summit Guard, prevented it. Teroch was ordered to be detained by an enraged Wuntila, however the youth escaped and retreated to one of Sashar’s many safehouses dotted throughout the Citadel. There, he prepared for another attempt, but Celahir managed to track him down before any of Wuntila’s loyalists could. The Kiffar explained to his ‘nephew’ that Sashar wouldn’t have wanted Wuntila dead, and that the new Consul was just carrying out his final wishes. However, in order to save his life, Teroch would need to prove his worth to the Clan, and fast. Celahir provided him with the Holocron which instructed one in the use of Force Wraiths, and with grim resolve, he set to work, hoping to get the youth to master the arcane power in hours, rather than the months of study it usually required.



Teroch is fairly tall for his age, and still has the gangly look of a teenager, not having yet filled his body with muscle. Nevertheless, there is little fat on his form, and his skin is olive in colour, his hair black and messy, his eyes dark. In terms of attire, he prefers low-slung baggy pants made from a durable material with a myriad of pockets, heavy combat boots and a black wife-beater, which covers the main concession he makes to Mandalorian Armour – a mail vest. He also often accompanies this with a nerf-hide coat a few sizes too large for him (given that it belonged to his father, Voden). He is never seen without a small silver pendant about his neck shaped like a vial. In fact, the pendant contains a very small amount of Sashar’s blood. This once allowed Sashar to track him wherever in the galaxy he is through the Arcona Force technique Dathomiri Blood Trail, should the youth have been captured.

Psychological Profile

For the most part, Teroch is rather light-hearted in battle, enjoying the chance to test himself against his peers. Ever eager to live up to his late father’s reputation, the youth enjoys verbally sparring as much as the fighting itself, and lets this show in his fighting. Confident, but not cocky, there is nevertheless an underlying gravitas underneath his cocksure, borderline-arrogant demeanour which speaks of great personal loss, and the desire to see those responsible suffer highly painful and inglorious ends. It is very, very rare for Teroch to let the façade drop and his opponents see the true him: an angry, messed up youth bereft of direction, who’s only compass point is to see Wuntila Zratian Entar die for killing his father.


Teroch is fast. Ridiculously so. Rigorous training and an innate skill with physical augmentation in the Force have rendered him something of a blur when in combat. Whilst he prefers to stay at range and pick off targets with a high-powered rifle, if forced into close quarters, even those skilled in the Force have a very, very tough time pinning him down. It’s this speed and agility which lend itself well both to parkour movements and k’thri’s fighting style, both of which he employs extensively in combat.

The Force

Teroch has little training in the Force, but massive, massive potential. Sashar has stated that, if Teroch were trained properly, he’d outshine him. Nevertheless, Both Voden and Sashar agreed that he was not to undergo formal training, mainly to keep him safe from Brotherhood recruitment. His ability with the Force was been kept quiet until the death of his father.

The Mandalorian has shown a natural talent for augmenting his own physical abilities to levels one would traditionally attribute to an Elder, which, coupled with his own already-spritely physique makes him prohibitively fast and agile. That said, he has shown little ability for telekinesis or any of the other more esoteric Force powers…save for Force Lightning, and (interestingly) Psychometry. Lightning is his main offensive Force power, and strangely comes out as a pure explosion of white, rather than the traditionally purple or blue tones.

Hand-to-Hand Combat

Teroch has learned a myriad of hand to hand techniques, but seems to favour K’thri more than any other. He enjoys the range of movement it offers, however he also has been known to utilise Bacch’nal when the need arises. He also learned Wampa Do simply to teach him how to throw a punch properly, and earned the pride of his fathers for once flooring a weequay with a single blow to the face.

Lightsaber Combat

Teroch only has a passing familiarity with lightsabers; namely, how to stay out of their way, and combat against them using more conventional fare. He prefers using high-yield, wide bore AP rounds to negate their effectiveness.