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Dante Armand 'Sunflash' al'Tor
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Sunflash al'Tor, as he is commonly known, is a kind and yet brutal Dark Jedi. Unlike many others, he does not kill without purpose and only does so when necessary. He aspires to be as great as he can be and sets no limits upon himself, thus he will never stop growing and learning. He is a mentor and confident in which any can trust.



Born of a diplomat to the neighboring system of Rothana, Sunflash, as he is commonly known, was already an influential part of Kaminoan society. Throughout most of his youth he served as a protege to his father as the next in line for the title of diplomat. Nearly all weapons and material for the Kamino way of life were procured from the neighboring star system, this his job was not only improtant but vital. His youth was mostly mundane however and most of his time was devoted towards study in all ways of life. From combat to history, Sunflash excelled.

Finally after many years of service Sunflash was allowed to inherit his intended position. As a diplomat he traveled back and forth between star systems. He became enamored with not only other species, but also with combat. Each planet he stopped had new styles of martial comabat along with improvements over old ones. He quickly began to learn as much as he could, hiring the best professionals in each area to teach him. What he lacked in strength he easily made up in his agility and eagerness. He quickly became an expert in everything he studied, attracting attention from his superiors.

Rise of Power

Twenty years into his life Sunflash found himself wanting for more, thus he strove to find new opportunities to rise within his caste. Approaching his superiors proved more fruitful than he had imagined. His father and others had noticed an affinity towards combat that most of his species lacked, thus they had began to keep a close watch on the budding Kaminoan. Finally, when Sunflash had began to slack in his duties as a diplomat and began to press forth into the world of war, they had began to train a replacement, unbeknownst to Sunflash. It proved a wise move, however, and Sunflash was placed into a new role, trainer and team leader for an elite group of clone troopers, otherwise known as ARC Troopers. At first he had tried to refuse the job, thinking he had to train the seemingly lifeless clone troopers. However, his elite squad proved to be much more entertaining than the usual bunch.

After several years of training, his superiors tried to send his squad off to join the Republic's fight against the separatists; however, Sunflash would not have it. He had formed a bond with his men, an unusual occurrence for a Kaminoan. With great reluctance Sunflash was allowed to go with his elite group. His ARC Troopers, or Death's Scythe as they began to call themselves, quickly took on each and every mission it could. It had a reputation for being efficient and deadly while still retaining an honorable reputation among its enemies. During several missions Death's Scythe served with Jedi, even once with Mace Windu and Yoda. Sunflash was amazed by not only their unique abilities but also their completely deifferent styles of combat. Mace Windu used a comlex and unpredictable series of thrusts and parries while Yoda used simple sweeps and acrobatic tricks. Both Jedi were so powerful and yet so different. Sunflash, during his time of service, tried to discover as much about the Jedi as he could. He purchased everything from simple stories to artifacts, some real but most fake, but neither yeilded the secret to such power. The young Kaminoan did not give up forever, for he felt a strong connection to the Jedi.

Finally, near the end of the clone wars, Sunflash mistakenly 'pulled' a blaster from its owner's hand after the owner shot and killed his first casualty. Without second thought, Sunflash turned the weapon back towards its owner and watched as it blew the man's face inwards. He felt no remorse as he watched the man's lifeless form strike the ground. He could not believe what he had done! He had finally accomplished his goal. For the next several months he tried to replicate the maneuver but he could not manage it. However, the Kaminoan repeatedly had dreams of his own men turning upon his heroes, the Jedi. He tried to ignore the visions, thinking delusions of granduer, but the foreboding still nagged at his mind. Finally, in fear of these visions, Sunflash fled with his men to unknown space.

Descent Into Madness

Sunflash and his men had headed into the Deep Core, hoping to avoid the conflict which still raged throughout the galaxy. For several years the small band made home on a planet with a relatively moderate temperature. They stayed as secluded as possible for several years until finally the battle of Hoth. After coming out of seclusion the band of warriors began to sell itself as mercenaries, quickly building a reputation similar to the one it had obtained during the clone wars. In between missions Sunflash struggled to find more information on the Jedi and what had happened to his former heroes. One day a rumor surfaced of a group of Dark Jedi, powerful and yet hidden. Sunflash immediately set out to find this so called dark sect. Within days Sunflash found his destination and what he would come to know as a second home, Clan Exar Kun.

Clan Plagueis

His ARC soldiers, back on their home planet, continued to prosper in the mercenary business. During his training Sunflash sometimes came back to visit his men and sometimes to perform missions. He was content with his time in the Dark Brotherhood, obtaining the rank of Dark Jedi Knight within a month and a half. During this time he left battleteams and finally led his House of Ziost. He went through four masters but his most influential were Talon Jade and Grand Master Chi Long. Both taught him how to serve his clan above oneself.

After obtaining the coveted rank of Dark Jedi Knight, Sunflash set off to train his own students and eventually started a Family. His first student was Drodik Va'lence, later adding the surname al'Tor as became tradition after each student progressed from student to master themselves. The al'Tor remained a small but successful family, holding some of the most powerful members in the Clan that was Plagueis. There Sunflash still resides, attempting to bring it back to glory.

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  • Most male Kaminoans have a fin atop their heads and robust faces compared to their female counterparts; however, Sunflash is missing his fin and has a slender face due to genetic manipulation ordered by his father.
  • Adoptive father of two Force adept, Human children whom he found through Force visions. Sunflash has been grooming the two females, Mia and Leila, to follow his own Force philosophy. Both have also been genetically manipulated to live long lives. They tend to serve as bodyguards and confidants to Sunflash and he considers them his most trusted friends.
  • Sunflash used the Force and occupied the still developing body of a Miraluka clone, thus becoming Armand al'Tor.