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23 ABY


29 ABY

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Satal Victus is a closed battle team of House Satal Keto in Clan Plagueis. It was, at one time, one of two teams, alongside Keto's Vengeance. It closed down when it's sister team resurfaced in 29 ABY after being closed for a number of years. It's last known leader was Strats Grimm.


Ancient Tradition

The story of Satal Victus is one that spans the eons. Some 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, cousins Satal and Aleema Keto formed a secret Dark Side sect that they called the “Krath”, after demons from their childhood fairy tales. As members of the Tetan royal family and heirs to the throne, Satal and Aleema soon set to work using their power and influence to spread the Krath and to grow their own dark powers.

Satal and Aleema were soon discovered by the spirit of former Dark Lord of the Sith Freedon Nadd and taught the secrets of the Sith, which, combined with their own knowledge as the first Krath made them a force to be reckoned with.

Seeing a need for increased military power to combat the Jedi, Satal created a sizable Krath army and selected from its ranks his finest, most powerful followers to serve as his personal guard. This elite guard, known as Abyssus Victus, or Living Hell. These soldiers, all fiercely loyal to their master, combined the best of Krath illusion and mysticism with the ruthlessness and sheer power of the Sith. No one dared challenge the Dark Lord Keto in the presence of his angels of death.

The Abyssus Victus served Satal loyally for many years, fighting by his side in battle upon battle, and spreading their master’s teachings across the known galaxy and beyond.

Downfall and Betrayal

Despite Satal Keto’s personal power and his infamous body guard unit, his own cousin, co-founder of the Krath, Aleema Keto, proved to be his ultimate undoing. Tricked by Ulic Qel-Droma, Aleema took the supposedly fallen Jedi under her wing and even granted him command of the Krath military arm. Satal, not as easily deceived as his cousin, refused to believe that Qel-Droma had truly left the way of the Jedi behind him, and forced him to prove his loyalties by letting him choose what to do to a captured comrade of his, the Jedi Nomi Sunrider.

Ulic declared that the Jedi should be imprisoned, but secretly sent her a message that he was still on her side and was only biding his time. Satal intercepted this message sentenced both Qel-Droma and Sunrider to death.

Krath Lord Satal Keto

Meanwhile, Abyssus Victus had been dispatched to eliminate known Jedi spies from within the ranks of the Krath Order, leaving only two of the elite guards to defend Satal Keto.

Unfortunately for Satal, Sunrider managed to escape from her imprisonment long enough to call for aid, which quickly arrived in the form of the Jedi Cay Qel-Droma and Tott Doneeta. The two Jedi were engaged single-handedly by one of the two Abyssus Victus guards, who managed to inflict severe wounds on both, but was eventually overcome when the third Jedi, Numi Sunrider, joined the battle. The remaining Victus guard rushed to his master’s aid as Ulic Qel-Droma confronted Satal Keto, but was struck down by the rogue Jedi during the battle. Keto’s death was immediately felt by his dispersed guards, who made haste back to their master’s side.

Dishonor and Rebirth

Unable to defend their Lord until their last, the guards of Abyssus Victus were left in dishonor. For millennia they and their descendants, while ceaselessly loyal to the Sith Lords, remained dishonored and broken. The once proud line of Royal Tetan Guards turned Dark Jedi elite had to redeem itself, and in doing so honor not only themselves but also the master they had failed so many centuries ago.

Abyssus carried on in the shadows until the fateful appearance of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Kane Vader. This powerful Dark Jedi united the scattered clans of the past once more under the banner of a single leader and in doing so he laid the foundations for the Aybssus Victus to reclaim their rightful place in history. Banding together with the other descendants of Satal and Aleema Keto’s followers, the Abyssus slowly began to make a name for themselves once more.

Dark Lord Kane Vader

After several years had passed, the proud clan that had once been Clan Satal Keto had merged with another great clan, Exar Kun, to form the mighty Clan Plagueis, renown across the galaxy as a bastion of dark lore and brutal power. The closure of the Clan of Satal Keto had once again silenced the Abyssus Victus, but only for a short time.

In the midst of a violent Clan Feud – a very fundamental struggle for power within the Brotherhood – a need was once again seen for the ruthless cunning of Abyssus Victus, and the Sith Warrior BubbaX and his powerful ally, Sith Warrior Archangel, both descendants of the original Abyssus Victus, answered the call – this time, however, reborn under a new title that would honor the unit’s immense history and never allow past errors to be repeated: From this day forward, the reborn elite guard of Satal Keto would be known as “Satal Victus”.

Glory until Death

Since the rebirth of Satal Victus in the fiery gauntlet of a bloody Clan Feud, the battle team has made a powerful name for itself. The greatest pilots and strategists of Clan Plagueis swear their allegiance to the mighty guard that serves its new Clan and masters as fiercely as it served its progenitor.

In conflict after bloody conflict the new Victus has rallied to the cry of “Glory until Death!” as they make battle upon their foes, and crush the wills of their enemies. And, despite the incalculable changes in the galaxy since Satal Keto’s reign, the descendants of his feared guard carry on the traditions of their ancestors and will never forget the failure that haunted them for so long – the future of Satal Victus is one of honor and blood; conquest and suffering; glory until death.

The Enemy Within: Great Jedi War

After the Clan Feud, the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was again tossed into turmoil with the coming of the 6th Great Jedi War. Satal Victus found this to be a time of many changes. At first, the Consul of the time, Aristan Dantes di Plagia, ordered BubbaX to lead Victus in concert with Keto's Vengeance, led by Rannik Narius at the time. The mission was a covert mission into Hutt space. However, Bubba resigned as Commander, his place taken by Raken. Raken led the team on the mission, but it was sabotaged when Rannik apparently went renegade and turned on his team. Soon after the conflict, Raken resigned from his post as Commander. It was because of this that Kal Vorrac, BubbaX's own apprentice, took over as leader of the team. He led Victus into the "Selen Incident" and oversaw the destruction of support pillars for the Arcona Citadel, as well as claiming responsibility with glee for the death of many good Arconan pilots. While Kal was a key member of the "Selen Incident" he was not the only member of Satal Victus to aid Plagueis in this battle.

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Soon after the war, Keto's Vengeance was disbanded by Aristan and it's members were merged into Victus. The same thing happened in House Exar Kun, but unlike the Exar's Shadow Commander, Kal was allowed to keep his post. For many years he lead Victus into mission after mission, rallying to their new battlecry of "Sola Vox!"


Kaliidrad fell from his position years later retaining his pride and respect from his many companions within the Battle Team – ready to rise again as Victus under the new leadership of Vexer Thrace. Her elegance was show through her presence and understanding of the Battle Team. Through years of wars, bloodshed and destruction the Battle team fought its way through the missions set by the new Consul: Valerian di Plagia Orzon. The hum of sabers rang through the attuned ears of the Dark Jedi under the leadership of Vexer and her reign until that day.

Clan Plagueis

The battle team was sent upon a routine mission into the uncharted territories of the outer-rim clusters. Upon arrival into the sector they found themselves confronted with a sea of recycled fighters all waiting for their presence, lead by three immaculate S-Wing fighters in the center of the formation. Being charged down at an incredible rate Commander Thrace made the split second decision to back down and avoid the oncoming fire and use evasive moves until the Hyper-drive was fully charged once more. The Victus members did as they were instructed and banked, firing their laser cannons and plummeting vertically. As they fell they were taken in by one of the small planet’s gravity field, pulling them into the atmosphere. The whole battle team fought gallantly to evade the forces of the gravity; however, eventually being overcome they turned to a new plan – Emergency landing. Through the dense forested surface of the planet, the fighters fell helplessly extending their wings and doing everything they could to fight the forces of nature. Through clouds of fog and branches of trees, they fell to the floor. They regrouped unharmed and proceeded out following their locator systems.

Proceeding for days noticing the sun emerging through the branches of the trees as the canopies opened and the golden beams of light penetrating through the crevices in the dense vines overhead, they noticed the humidity lowering. Eventually emerging in an open field they found themselves in no-man’s-land of one of fiercest battles of the colonies that inhabited this mining planet, between the Geonosians and the Vurk. Fierce battle rained upon them as they exited the forest – They were forced to run to cover in a Vurk trench, being taken captive by the Vurk leader Tanshar El’quiem, of the colony of the Vurk miners of the planet.

Over much deliberation the battle team – now captives – were set free by the leader under a pact Arcadian made with the Vurk warriors, being able to speak the language of Vurkanese. Arcadian pledged the allegiance of Satal Victus to the Vurk warriors, who later explained their predicament of the Geonosian colony leaders wanting to mine the precious stones of the Vurkan mine shafts. Little did Victus know that this would be the largest battle they would ever fight in.

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Roll of Commanders

  1. 4/30/2006 to 5/19/2006: Dacien Victae
  2. 5/19/2006 to 6/23/2006: Raken
  3. 6/23/2006 to 12/12/2006: Kal Vorrac
  4. 12/19/2006 to 03/09/2007: Vexer Thrace
  5. 03/10/2007 to 05/27/2007: Wuntila
  6. 05/27/2007 to 10/16/2007: Arcadian
  7. 10/16/2007 to 11/6/2007: Lacey Serina Mortashka Vorrac
  8. 11/6/2007 to 1/13/2007: Te Me Nekaka
  9. 1/14/2007 to Present: Strats

Roll of Executive Commanders

  1. 4/27/2006 to 12/30/2006: Brent "Archangel" Ligur Victae
  2. 08/02/2006 to 08/12/2006: Arcadian
  3. 12/31/2006 to 03/07/2007: Kaliidrad "Kal" Mortashka Vorrac
  4. 03/08/2007 to 04/10/2007: Nariah
  5. 04/11/2007 to 05/01/2007: Arias Vorak
  6. 07/09/2007 to 08/01/2007: Vexer Thrace & Doku Rivendare
  7. 08/01/2007 to 12/12/2007: Vexer Thrace & Strats
  8. 12/13/2007 to 1/14/2008: Strats
  9. 1/14/2008 to 2/11/2008: Vivackus
  10. 2/12/2008 to 6/18/2009: Strats


  1. Commander
  2. Grand Pilot of Victus
  3. Blademaster
  4. Covert Operative
  5. Sniper
  6. Drill Sergeant
  7. Logistics Expert
  8. Demolitions Expert
  9. Slicer
  10. Communcations Expert
  11. Mechanic
  12. Medic


Main weapon: A280 Blaster Rifle Secondary Weapon: S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol CQC Weapon: Vibroshiv Other Weapons: Two Grenades of members choice, approved by the Commander.

Commander (CMDR)

The Commander wields any configuration of weaponry he chooses. He is in command, and so dictates the exact placement of all equipment.

Grand Pilot of Victus (GP)

The Grand Pilot of Victus wields any configuration of weaponry within a certain limit set by the Commander.

Blademaster (BLM)

The Blademaster gets a choice of any single handed long bladed swords in the ACC or a Vibrosword. If the member has attained the rank of Equite or above, they may choose to use a two handed long bladed weapon.

Covert Ops (CO)

The Covert Operative, has the choice of carrying two blasters instead of a blaster and a knife. All blasters must be single handed blaster pistols. The Covert Operative also has the option of carrying two knives instead of a blaster and a knife.These include single handed, short bladed weaponry.

Sniper (SP)

The Sniper is REQUIRED to carry a sniper rifle, the sniper rifle provided is the SoroSuub X-45, but a different Sniper Rifle is allowed as long as it is approved by the Commander. The Sniper is also allowed to carry one pistol of his or her choice.

Drill Sergeant (SRG)

The Drill Sergeant is REQUIRED to carry a shotgun, the shotgun provided is a Blast Cannon, but a different shotgun is allowed as long as it is approved by the Commander. The Drill Sergant is also allowed to carry one knife/short blade, or a pistol, of his or her choice.

Logistics (LG)

The Logisitistics expert is required to carry all standard Victus weaponry.

Demolitions Expert (DE)

The Demolitions expert is required to carry all standard Victus weaponry. The Demolitions expert is also allowed to carry up to four different types of Grenades, and is REQUIRED to carry two different types of mines.

Slicer (SL)

The Slicer expert is required to carry all standard Victus weaponry, and a Slicer Pack, which contains all standard slicer equipment.

Communications Expert (COM)

The Communications Expert is required to carry all standard Victus Weaponry.

Mechanic (Mec)

The Mechanic is required to carry all standard Victus Weaponry, as well as any equipment required for the job.

Medic (MED)

The Medic may substitute a Blaster rifle for an additional blaster and dagger. Has to carry 2 portable Bacca tanks, for emergencies, and all Medic supplies.



Satal Victus members are issued a number of uniforms. Whenever on duty, they are expected to wear the appropriate uniform.

Non-Combat Uniform: The standard uniform for non-combat situations is quite similar to the uniform worn by Imperial Officers at the time of the Galactic Civil War. Standard members wear green uniforms, Flight Leaders wear grey uniforms, and the Commander of the Battleteam wears a black uniform. Satal Victus members are known to display medals that they've earned in service to Victus, and the Brotherhood in general, on their uniforms.

Ground Combat Uniform: Satal Victus members wear uniforms of white plastoid armor, stylized to be identical to that of Phase I Clone Trooper Armor. This serves a dual purpose, as the armor both protects the wearer and instills fear into any who remember the Grand Army of the Republic. Technological enhancements have made the armor more comfortable and efficient than the actual phase I suits. The Commander's suit of armor has crimson color marks, and Flight Leaders have blue marks. The Victus insignia is painted on the right breastplate. UPON EARNING IT FROM THE COMMANDER, a member may customize their armor, so long as the proper colors show. Victus can afford this armor because when a member leaves the team, their armor is recycled to be made into a new suit. In special cases, the Commander may have the armor of a member or of all of the members painted a different color.

Starfighter Combat Uniform: For situations requiring the use of starfighters, Satal Victus members use a set of armor very similar to that of a TIE fighter pilot. These suits have been modified only by placing the insignia of Victus on the helmet, in place of the Imperial insignia. On normal members, this insignia is colored white. A Flight Leader has the insignia colored blue, and the Commander has the insignias colored red. Like all equipment, it is custom-made for each member, and recycled when their service ends.

Custom Uniforms: At certain times, the Commander may design a custom suit of armor to issue to a specific member. These are often rewards for competitions, etc.